List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Crescent
32nd Street
4Aberarder Line
5Aberarder Line
6Aberarder Line
7Ann Street
8Aspen Valley Lane
9Augusta Street
10Baldwin Avenue
11Beverly Glen
12Blue Heron Road
13Blue Point Bay Path
14Blue Point Bay Trail
15Bluepoint Drive
16Bonnie Doone Road
17Broadway Street
18Brooke Street
19Brush Road
20Cairns Boulevard
21California Avenue
22Camlachie Road
23Canada Drive
24Cardinal Lane
25Centennial Street
26Chruchill Line
27Churchill Line
28Churchill Line
29Churchill Line
30Clarence Street
31Co Op Street
32Collingwood Street
33Commodore Drive
34Confederation Line
35Confederation Line
36Confederation Line
37Confederation Line
38Craigmere Lea
39Creekside Drive
40Cullen Drive
41Dalrymple Street
42Dana Street
43Delmage Avenue
44Devonshire Road
45Donaldson Avenue
46Douglas Line
47Douglas Line
48Douglas Line
49Douglas Street
50Dunbar Lane
51Dunbar Walkway
52Edith Lane
53Egremont Road
54Egremont Road
55Egremont Road
56Egremont Road
57Eleanor Street
58Elevator Street
59Elizabeth Way
60Elm Street
61Elmsley Road
62Erie Street
63Eton Court
64Evergreen Lane
65Fairweather Road
66Ferne Avenue
67Fisher Beach Road
68Fisher Beach Walkway
69Fisher Line
70Fisher Line
71Fisher Line
72Fleming Road
73Forest Road
74Forsyth Trail
75Francis Street
76Franklin Avenue
77Front Street
78Gallie Street
79George Street
80Glen Abbey Gate
81Gordon Road
82Harris Point Drive
83Highway 402
84Highway 402
85Highway 402
86Highway 402
87Hillcrest Road
88Hillsboro Road
89Hubbard Line
90Hubbard Line
91Hummingbird Lane
92Huron Street
93Hyde Street
94Hyslop Line
95Hyslop Line
96Isabella Street
97Ivy Lane
98Jane Street
99Ken Street
100Kerrigan Road
101King Street
102Lake View Avenue
103Lakeshore Road
104Lakeshore Road
105Lakeshore Road
106Lakeshore Road
107Lakeside Street
108Lambton Lane
109Leyton Street
110London Line
111London Line
112London Line
113London Line
114London Street
115Macfarlane Road
116Mack Avenue
117Main Street
118Maitland Street
119Maple Street
120Marg Avenue
121Mary Street
122Michigan Line
123Michigan Line
124Michigan Line
125Michigan Line
126Michigan Line
127Minielly Road
128Mockingbird Lane
129Mutual Street
130Niagara Street
134Norma Avenue
135Norman Street
136O'banwell Street
137O'brien Road
138Oil Heritage Road
139Old Mill Road
140Ontario Street
141Park Street
142Pepperhill Drive
143Pheasant Lane
144Plowing Match Road
145Plympton Street
146Point View Drive
147Pond Trail
148Queen Street
153Rear Street
154Ross Street
155Sandpiper Trail
156Santa Monica Boulevard
157Sarnia Street
158Schram Drive
159Scott Avenue
160Shirley Lane
161South Plympton Road
162Spruce Street
163St Andrews Circle
164Stewardson Road
165Sunset Drive
166Sycamore Crescent
167Thames Street
168The Moorings Circle
169Thomas Street
170Toronto Street
171Townsend Line
172Townsend Line
173Turnberry Lane
174Uttoxeter Road
175Victoria Street
176Wanstead Road
177Warehouse Street
178Wellington Beach 1
179Wellington Beach 2
180William Street
181Windcliff Lane
182Woodford Street
183Wright Line
184Zone Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)