List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Smiths Falls, Ontario
#Street Name
1Abbott Street North
2Abbott Street South
3Abel Street
4Aberdeen Avenue
5Air Care Drive
6Albert Street
7Alexander Street
8Alfred Street
9Allan Street
10Anderson Street
11Andrews Avenue
12Anne Street
13Armstrong Drive
14Bay Street North
15Bay Street South
16Beckwith Street North
17Beckwith Street South
18Beech Street
19Bell Avenue
20Bond Street
21Boulton Street
22Bourke Street
23Broadview Avenue East
24Broadview Avenue West
25Brockville Street
26Cameron Street
27Carol Crescent
28Carss Avenue
29Catherine Street
30Cedar Road
31Centre Street
32Chambers Street
33Church Street East
34Church Street West
35Churchill Crescent
36Colonel By Crescent
37Condie Street
38Confederation Drive
39Cornelia Street East
40Cornelia Street West
41Cowan Street
42Daniel Street
43Davidson Street East
44Davidson Street West
45Davis Drive
46Elgin Street
47Ella Street
48Elm Street East
49Elm Street West
50Elmridge Place
51Elmsley Street North
52Elmsley Street South
53Empress Avenue
54Fergusson Drive
55Ferrara Drive
56Florence Street
57Foster Street
58Franklin Street
59Frost Street
60George Street North
61George Street South
62Gile Street
63Gilroy Street
64Gladstone Avenue
65Glen Avenue
66Gould Street
67Greig Street
68Grovenor Street
69Helen Street
70Hershey Drive
71Hershey Drive
72Highway 15
73Highway 43
74Highway 43
75Hogan Avenue
76Isabella Street
77James Street
78Jasper Avenue
79Jasper Road
80Jessie Street
81John Street
82Johnston Street
83Jones Street
84Kensington Avenue
85Kent Street
86King Street
87Lanark Street
88Lansdowne Street
89Lavinia Street
90Leeds Street
91Lombard Street
92Lorne Street
93Lorne Street
94Main Street East
95Main Street West
96Maitland Street
97Maple Avenue
98Marguerite Street
99Market Street North
100Market Street South
101Marsha Drive
102Mary Street North
103Mary Street South
104Mazie Street
105Mccann Street
106Mcdonald Street
107Mcewen Avenue
108Mcgill Street North
109Mcgill Street South
110Mckenzie Avenue
111Merrick Street
112Montague Street
113Montgomery Place
114Moore Street
115Mylne Street
116Nellie Street
118Oak Street
119Oakridge Crescent
120Ogden Avenue
121Old Mill Road
122Old Slys Road
123Ontario Street
124Orchard Street
125Pacific Street
126Park Avenue
127Parkland Court
128Pearl Street
129Percy Street
130Philip Street
131Pine Street
132Queen Street
133Rideau Avenue North
134River Street
135Riverdale Avenue
136Robina Avenue
137Robinson Avenue
138Roosevelt Drive
139Ross Street
140Running Avenue
141Russell Street East
142Russell Street West
143Ryan Street
144Simpson Street
145Smiths Falls Avenue
146Soper Drive
147St Lawrence Street
148Stephen Street
149Strathcona Street
150Sussex Street
151Thomas Street
152Thurber Street
153Toulon Street
154Union Street
155Van Horne Street
156Victoria Avenue
157Vincent Street
158William Street East
159William Street West
160Winnifred Street North
161Winnifred Street South
162Wood Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)