List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Athens, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line Road
28th Line Road
3Addison Road
4Barclay Place
5Beales Mills Road
6Big Waters Lane
7Brookview Crescent
8Cedar Park Lane
9Cedar Park Road
10Central Street
11Charleston Road
12Charleston School Road
13Church Street
14County Park Road
15County Road 29
16County Road 40
17County Road 40
18County Road 42 East
19County Road 42 East
20County Road 42 West
21County Road 42 West
22County Road 5
23County Road 5
24County Road 5
25Deir Road
26Derbyshire Point Lane
27Derbyshire Point Lane
28Dixie Road
29Elbe Road
30Elgin Street North
31Elgin Street South
32Elma Street
33Feenstra Road
34Fortune Lane
35Foster Bay Lane
36George Street
37Hard Island Road
38Heffernan Road
39Henry Street
40Hill Lane
41Isaac Street
42Johnston Road
43Joseph Street
44Kerr Street
45Kimberley Crescent
46King Street
47King Street
48Lake Eloida Road
49Layng Drive
50Little Bay Lane
51Long Point Lane
52Lower Oak Leaf Road
53Lower Oak Leaf Road
54Lumber Bay Lane
55Main Street East
56Main Street West
57Mcavoy Road
58Mill Street
59Montgomery Road
60Moonshadow Lane
62Osborne Road
63Park Lane
64Parkside Lane
65Pearl Street
66Peggys Lane
67Prince Street
68Queen Street
69Redford Road
70Reid Street
71Sarah Street North
72Sarah Street South
73Scott Road
74Shaw Road
75Sheatown Road
76Sheep Lane
77Slack Road
78Spence Lane
79Spring Street
80Sunset Lane
81Temperance Lake Road
82Upper Oak Leaf Road
83Upper Oakleaf Road
84Upper Oakleaf Road
85Victoria Street
86Water Street
87Wellington Street East
88Wellington Street West
89Wiltse Street East
90Wiltse Street West
91Wiltsetown Road
92Woodridge Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)