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List of Street Maps in Township of Central Manitoulin, Ontario
#Street Name
1Anglin Street
2Bastien Road
3Bay Street
4Belle Baie Lane
5Big Lake Dam Road
6Big Lake Dump Road
7Birch Way
8Blue Road
9Blue Road
10Britainville Road
11Burke Street
12Campbell Line Road
13Cannards Lane
14Carters Bay Road
15Case Road
16Case Road
17Cedar Crescent
18Coventry Road
19Cranston Road
20Cress Road
21Deer Foot Trail
22Dial Road
23Digbys Sideroad
24Dominion Bay Road
25Douglas Drive
26Drydens Lane
27Duke Street
28Earls Road
29East Road
30Eliza Jane Street
31Elliot Road
32Evergreen Drive
33Fire Hall Road
34Forest Street
35Fox Run
36Franks Road
37Franks Road East
38Franks Road West
39Frawleys Lane
40Freds Camp Road
41Garland Street
42Gibraltar Road
43Gilchrist Sideroad
44Government Road
45Government Road
46Government Road
47Government Road
48Grimesthorpe Road
49Hares Lane
50Hartley Sideroad
51Highway 542
52Highway 542
53Highway 542
54Highway 542
55Highway 542
56Highway 542
57Highway 542
58Highway 542
59Highway 542
60Highway 542
61Highway 542
62Highway 551
63Highway 551
64Hill Road
65Holmes Street
66Homestead Road
67Idyll Glenn Road
68Island View Trail
69Johnston Road
70Kamp Kagawong Road
71Ketchankookem Trail
72Lake Huron Drive
73Lakeshore Road
74Lanktree Sideroad
75Laurier Lane
76Learmont Road
77Learmont Road
78Limberlost Lane
79Lois Lane
80Lyons Lane
81Manitou Lane
82Manitou Road
83Maple Lane
84Maple Row
85Margaret Street
86Mary Jane Street
87Mcallister Road
88Mcdermid Street
89Mcnevin Street
90Mill Road
91Mira Street
92Monkhouse Road
93Monument Road
94Moodys Lane
95Morrow Road
96Muchmor Street
97Munro Street
98Mutchmor Street
99Myles Sideroad
100Nighswander Road
101Nixon Street
111North Oakcliff Drive
112Oak Lane
113Old Highway 551
114Old Mill Road
115Oriole Park Road
116Pangborn Lane
117Pauls Point Lane
118Perivale Road East
119Perivale Road West
120Perivale Road West
121Perry Street
122Pleasant View Terrace
123Point Simcoe Road
124Rainbow Trail
125River Road
126River Street
127Roberts Lane
128Rockville Road
129Rockville Road
130Silver Bay Road
131Silver Bay Road
132Silver Bay Road
133South Oakcliff Drive
134Square Bay Road
135Stapleton Road
136Stewarts Road
137The Beaver Road
138The Beaver Road
139The Sand Road
140Thorne Street
141Townline Road East
142Tracy Road
143Trails End Road
144Trillium Trail
145Union Road
146Waggs Lane
147Walnut Lane
148Watson Bay Road
149White Church Road
150White Lake Road
151Will O Wisp Way
152Yonge Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)