List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Centre Wellington, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
21st Line
31st Line
41st Line West
51st Line West
62nd Avenue
72nd Line
82nd Line
92nd Line East
102nd Line East
113rd Line
123rd Line
133rd Line
143rd Line West
153rd Line West
164th Line
174th Line
184th Line
194th Line East
204th Line East
215th Line
225th Line
235th Line
246th Line
256th Line
266th Line
276th Line East
287th Line
297th Line
307th Line
318th Line
328th Line East
338th Line West
348th Line West
35Albert Street West
36Alice Street
37Allan Drive
38Allen Street
39Amalia Crescent
40Anderson Street North
41Anderson Street South
42Angelica Street
43Angus Street
44Ann Street
45Annandale Lane
46Apple Alley
47Aqua Street
48Argyll Street
49Atchison Lane
50Athol Street
51Avruskin Street
52Barker Street
53Barnett Crescent
54Baseline Road Jones
55Baseline Road Jones
56Baseline Road Jones
57Basswood Drive
58Beach Road
59Beatty Line
60Beatty Line
61Beirnes Court
62Bellamy Crescent
63Belsyde Avenue
64Belwood Road
65Bergin Avenue
66Black Street
67Blair Street
68Bon Accord Street
69Braeside Road
70Breadalbane Street
71Bridge Street
72Bridge Street
73Bristlecone Court
74Brock Street
75Bruder Court
76Bryden Inverhaugh Court
77Burnett Court
78Burnside Street
79Cameron Street
80Campbell Avenue
81Campbell Road
82Canrobert Street
83Carlton Place
84Cedar Crescent
85Cedarside Drive
86Chalmers Street
87Chambers Crescent
88Cherry Hill Place
89Church Square
90Church Street East
91Church Street West
92Churchill Crescent
93Clarke Street
94Clyde Street
95Colborne Street
96Colquhoun Street
97Conservation Trail
98County Road 18
99County Road 21
100Craighead Drive
101Cummings Crescent
102Cuthbert Street
103Cutting Drive
104Darroch Way
105David Street East
106David Street West
107Davison Place
108Denny Gate
109Dianne Crescent
110Dickinson Court
111Dickson Drive
112Douglas Crescent
113Edinburgh Avenue
114Elgin Street
115Elizabeth Crescent
116Elizabeth Street
117Elm Place
118Elmslie Place
119Elora Road
120Elora Street
121Elrin Court
122Emily Street
123Erb Street
124Ferrier Street
125Fir Place East
126Fir Place West
127Fisher Street
128Fladd Court
129Flannery Drive
130Footes Crescent
131Forfar Street East
132Forfar Street West
133Frances Place
134Franklin Drive
135Friendly Boulevard
136Garafraxa Street East
137Garafraxa Street West
138Garlan Street
139Gartshore Street
140Geddes Street
141George Street
142George Street
143Gerrie Road
144Gerrie Road
145Gibbons Drive
146Gilkison Road
147Glenbarry Crescent
148Glencoe Avenue
149Glengarry Crescent
150Gold Street
151Gordon Street
152Gourlay Road
153Gow Street
154Gowrie Street North
155Gowrie Street South
156Graham Street
157Grand Place Drive
158Grandview Avenue
159Green Valley Road
160Guelph Road
161Gzowski Street
162Halls Drive
163Hamilton Street
164Harper Crescent
165Harvey Street
166Harvey Street
167Havsumfun Road
168Henderson Street
169Herrick Street North
170High Street
171Highland Road
172Highway 6
173Highway 6
174Hill Street
175Hill Street East
176Hill Street West
177Hillside Street
178Holman Crescent
179Inverhaugh Road
180Irvine Street
181Irvine Street South
182James Street
183James Street
184Joanne Crescent
185John Street
186John Street
187Johnston Street North
188Johnston Street South
189Keating Drive
190Kelsowood Lane
191Kertland Street
192Kitchener Avenue
193Lace Bark Lane
194Lamond Street
195Lane Street
196Macdonald Square
197Macqueen Boulevard
198Maiden Lane
199Maple Lane
200Maple Street
201Margaret Street
202Mary Street
203Mathieson Street
204Mcallister Street
205Mcdonald Street
206Mcnab Street East
207Mcnab Street West
208Mcqueen Boulevard
209Mctavish Street
210Meadow Lane
211Melville Street
212Menzies Lane
213Metcalfe Street
214Middlebrook Road
215Middlebrook Road
216Mill Creek Street
217Mill Street
218Mill Street East
219Mill Street West
220Millage Line
221Millburn Boulevard
222Millford Crescent
223Milligan Street
224Millridge Estates
225Moir Street
226Murray Drive
227Nelson Street
228Nichol Street West
235North Broadway Street
236North Queen Street
237North Street
238Oak Crescent
239Omar Street
240Orangeville Road
241Park Avenue
242Park Road
243Parkside Drive East
244Parkside Drive West
245Patrick Boulevard
246Pattison Place
247Peel Street
248Peglar Crescent
249Perry Street
250Perth Street
251Phillip Court
252Pine Passage
253Pine Ridge Road
254Poplar Place
255Price Street
256Princes Street
257Princess Street
258Princess Street
259Provost Lane
260Queen Street
261Queen Street
262Queen Street East
263Queen Street West
264Raglan Street
265Rennie Boulevard
266Revell Drive
267Richardson Court
268River Street
269Robertson Street
270Ronald Street
271Ross Street
272Sargent Boulevard
273Scotland Street
274Scott Street
275Shoreline Street
276Shortreed Avenue
277Sideroad 10
278Sideroad 10
279Sideroad 10
280Sideroad 10
281Sideroad 11
282Sideroad 11
283Sideroad 12
284Sideroad 13
285Sideroad 14
286Sideroad 15
287Sideroad 15
288Sideroad 18
289Sideroad 19
290Sideroad 20
291Sideroad 20
292Sideroad 25
293Sideroad 25
294Sideroad 30
295Sideroad 30
296Sideroad 4
297Sideroad 5
298Sideroad 5
299Sideroad 5 West
300Sideroad 6 North
301Sideroad 6 North
302Sideroad 9
303Skeen Street
304Smith Street
305Smith Street
306Sophia Street
307South River Road
308South Street
309Speers Road
310Spruce Street
311St Andrew Street East
312St Andrew Street West
313St Arnaud Street
314St David Street North
315St David Street South
316St George Street East
317St George Street West
318St Patrick Lane
319St Patrick Street East
320St Patrick Street West
321Stanley Crescent
322Stephens Court
323Steven Way
324Stornoway Drive
325Strathallan Street
326Sumac Street
327Sunnybrae Crescent
328Tait Crescent
329Tamarack Trail
330Teak Trail
331Thistle Street
332Thomas Boulevard
333Tom Street
334Torrance Lane
335Tower Street North
336Tower Street South
337Townline East West Garafraxa
338Townline East West Garafraxa
339Townline Eramosa Garafraxa
340Townline Eramosa Garafraxa
341Townline Erin Garafraxa
342Union Street
343Union Street East
344Union Street West
345Victoria Crescent
346Victoria Crescent
347Victoria Street
348Victoria Terrace
349Walker Street
350Walser Street
351Washington Street
352Water Street
353Water Street East
354Water Street West
355Waterloo Street
356Watt Street
357Wellesley Street
358Wellington 16 Road
359Wellington 16 Road
360Wellington 17 Road
361Wellington 17 Road
362Wellington 18 Road
363Wellington 18 Road
364Wellington 18 Road
365Wellington 18 Road
366Wellington 19 Road
367Wellington 19 Road
368Wellington 21 Road
369Wellington 22 Road
370Wellington 22 Road
371Wellington 26 Road
372Wellington 26 Road
373Wellington 26 Road
374Wellington 29 Road
375Wellington 29 Road
376Wellington 7 Road
377Wellington 7 Road
378Wellington 7 Road
379Wellington Drive
380Wellington Street
381Wellington Street
382White Bark Way
383William Street
384Willow Way
385Wilson Crescent
386Wissler Street
387Woodhill Drive
388Woodside Street
389Woolwich Street East
390Woolwich Street West
391York Street East
392York Street West

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)