List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of East Zorra-Tavistock, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line
210th Line
310th Line
411th Line
511th Line
613th Line
713th Line
814th Line
914th Line
1014th Street
1115th Line
1215th Line
1316th Line
1416th Line
1517th Line
1617th Line Road
1718th Line
1818th Line
1919th Line
20Adam Street
21Aldergrange Avenue
22Alma Street
23Baechler Avenue
24Balsam Street
25Bauer Street
26Bender Avenue
27Blandford Street
28Braemar Sideroad
29Braemar Sideroad
30Braemar Sideroad
31Braemar Sideroad
32Briar Drive
33Burton Street
34Cassel Sideroad
35Cassel Sideroad
36Cassel Sideroad
37Centennial Drive
38Coleman Street
39Currah Lane
40Day Street
41Decew Street East
42Decew Street West
43Dietrich Road
44Elizabeth Street
45Frederick Court
46Fuhr Street
47George Street
48Hendershot Street
49Henry Street
50Henry Vogt Avenue
51Highway 2
52Highway 59
53Highway 59
54Holley Avenue
55Homewood Avenue East
56Homewood Avenue West
57Hope Street East
58Hope Street West
59Jacob Street East
60Jacob Street West
61James Street
62Jane Street
63Janelle Drive
64John Street
65King Crescent
66King Street
67Liebler Street
68Loveys Street East
69Loveys Street West
70Lunor Court
71Main Street
72Malcolm Street
73Maplewood Sideroad
74Maplewood Sideroad
75Maplewood Sideroad
76Maplewood Sideroad
77Maria Street
78Mill Street
79Minerva Street
80Mogk Street
83Northwood Drive
84Oakridge Avenue
85Oxford Road 17
86Oxford Road 17
87Oxford Road 17
88Oxford Road 33
89Oxford Road 33
90Oxford Road 33
91Oxford Road 34
92Oxford Road 4
93Oxford Road 5
94Oxford Road 8
95Oxford Road 8
96Oxford Road 8
97Oxford Street
98Park Avenue
99Punkeydoodles Avenue
100Queen Street
101Queen Street
102Raglan Street
103Roth Street
104Rudy Avenue
105Scott Court
106Scott Street
107Station Street
108Stewart Street
109Stonegate Road
110Stratford Street
111Strathallan Road
112Thames Avenue
113Thompson Place
114Valleyfield Drive
115Victoria Court
116Victoria Street
117Vincent Street
118Wellington Street
119Westwood Avenue
120Wettlaufer Street
121William Street
122William Street North
123William Street South
124Wilmot Easthope Road
125Wilton Street
126Woodstock Street North
127Woodstock Street South
128Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)