List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Loyalist, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Concession Road
32nd Street
43rd Concession Road
5Aaron Place
6Abbey Dawn Drive
7Absalom Road
8Academy Street
9Achievement Place
10Addington Street
11Amherst Drive
12Amy Lynn Drive
13Art Mcginns Road
14Asbury Road
15Bakers Lane
16Bath Road
17Bath Road
18Bath Road
19Bath Road
20Battery Street
21Bayshore Drive
22Bayview Drive
23Benjamin Court
24Big Creek Road
25Brandon Road
26Brandon Road
27Bridge Street
28Briscoe Street
29Britannia Crescent
30Brooklands Park Avenue
31Bulch Avenue
32Burleigh Court
33Cambridge Crescent
34Caton Road
35Caton Road
36Centre Street
37Chatterson Road
38Chesterfield Drive
39Chipmunk Ridge Road
40Church Street
41Clairton Place
42Clarke Road
43Clifford Street
44Compton Court
45Cornell Avenue
46Coronation Boulevard
47Country Club Drive
48County Road 19
49County Road 2
50County Road 2
51County Road 2
52County Road 2
53County Road 20
54County Road 22
55County Road 22
56County Road 4
57County Road 4
58County Road 5
59County Road 6
60County Road 6
61County Road 6
62County Road 7
63Creekside Drive
64Creighton Drive
65Cross Street
66Davey Crescent
67Davy Street
68Deerfield Street
69Doyle Road
70Durham Street
71Edgewood Road
72Elgin Street
73Emerald 40 Foot Road
74Emma Street
75Empey Road
76Empire Court
77Factory Lane
78Factory Street
79Fairbanks Street
80Fairfield Boulevard
81Fairfield Street
82Fisk Road
83Florida Road
84Fralick Road
85Fred Brown Road
86Fred Brown Road
87Frink Avenue
88Front Road
89Front Road
90Front Road
91Gift Road
92Glenora Drive
93Gore Street
94Green Drive
95Ham Road
96Harcourt Place
97Harrow Court
98Harvard Place
99Havergal Avenue
100Hawley Court
101Hegadorn Road
102Henry Crescent
103Henzy Street
104Heritage Drive
105Highway 401
106Highway 401
107Highway 401
108Highway 401
109Highway 401
110Howes Road
111Huff Avenue
112Hyland Court
113Irish Road
114Islandview Drive
115Jim Snow Drive
116John Street
117Keitha Drive
118Kerr Point Road
119Kidd Drive
120Kildare Avenue
121Kings Court
122Lakeview Road
123Lennox Place
124Link Road
125Littlefield Road
126Lodge Street
127Love Road
128Lower 40 Foot Road
129Loyalist Avenue
130Loyalist Boulevard
131Lucas Road
132Lucas Road
133Macdougall Drive
134Main Street
135Main Street
136Main Street Odessa
137Manitou Crescent East
138Manitou Crescent West
139Manor Road
140Maple Road
141Mcconnell Road
142Mcdonalds Lane
143Mcdonough Crescent
144Mcintyre Road
145Mcintyre Road
146Mckeown Crescent
147Mill Street
148Miller Place
149Millhaven Road
150Morden Crescent
151Mortensen Drive
152Morven Crescent
153Mott Street
154Mud Lake Road
155Murray Place
156Nathan Court
157Neil Road
158Newburgh Road
159Nicholson Crescent
160Nicholson Point Road
165North Street
166Odessa Main Street
167Old Wilton Road
168Oxford Crescent
169Park Crescent
170Parrotts Bay Lane
171Penny Lane
172Peters Road
173Pittsfield Street
174Potter Drive
175Princeton Place
176Pruyn Crescent
177Purdy Road
178Queen Street
179Quinte Avenue
180Raglan Street
185Raycraft Drive
186Rees Road
187Rogers Lane
188Rose Road
189Rothwell Avenue
190Scotland Road
191Shane Street
192Sharpe Road
193Sharpe Road
194Sherwood Avenue
195Shibley Road
196Simmons Road
197Simmons Road
198Simmons Road
199Sir John Johnson Drive
200Somerset Drive
201South Shore Road
202South Street
203Speers Boulevard
204Stella 40 Foot Road
205Switzerville Road
206Switzerville Road
207Tareyton Road
208Taylor Kidd Boulevard
209Taylor Kidd Boulevard
210Thorpe Road
211Townline Road
212Upper Park Road
213Vent Road
214Victoria Street
215Violet Road
216Wedgewood Road
217West Street
218Westbury Avenue
219Westfield Drive
220Westran Road
221William Street
222Wilson Road
223Wing Road
224Withers Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)