List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of South-West Oxford, Ontario
#Street Name
15 Points Line
2Airport Road
3Airport Road
4Airport Road
5Airport Road
6Amanda Avenue
7Barrett Street
8Beachville Road
9Beachville Road
10Beachville Road
11Beaconsfield Road
12Briana Avenue
13Brownsville Road
14Brownsville Road
15Brownsville Road
16Budd Line
17Cathy Street
18Cedar Line
19Chapel Street
20Chele Mark Drive
21Church Line
22Church Street
23Clarke Road
24Clarke Road
25Cranberry Line
26Culloden Line
27Culloden Line
28Curry Road
29Curry Road
30Curry Road
31Cuthbert Road
32Cuthbert Road
33Cynthia Avenue
34Daniel Road
35Daniel Road
36Daniel Road
37Dereham Line
38Dereham Line
39Dodge Line
40Dodge Line
41Domtar Line
42Dougall Street
43Duffy Line
44Durham Street
45East Hill Line
46Ebenezer Road
47Ebenezer Road
48Ebenezer Road
49Elm Street
50Embro Street
51Foldens Line
52Foldens Line
53Front Street
54Galloway Line
55George Street
56Glenn Avenue North
57Glenn Avenue South
58Glover Street East
59Glover Street West
60Graydon Drive
61Hagels Line
62Hamilton Road
63Harris Line
64Hawkins Road
65Hawkins Road
66Hawkins Road
67Highway 401
68Highway 401
69Highway 401
70Highway 401
71Highway 401
72Hincks Street North
73Hincks Street South
74Hook Street
75Innes Line
76Jordan Line
77Karn Road
78Karn Road
79Kellett Road
80Kent Street
81Keswick Road
82Keswick Road
83Keswick Road
84Keswick Road
85Kevin Street
86King Street
87Lisas Drive
88Loweville Road
89Lowrie Line
90Lynn Crescent
91Maple Street
92Marian Street
93Mark Crescent
94Mcbeth Road
95Mcbeth Road
96Mcbeth Road
97Meatherall Line
98Mill Line
99Millard Street
100Mount Elgin Road
101Mount Elgin Road
102Mount Elgin Road
103Mount Elgin Road
104Napier Street
108Oak Lane
109Oak Street
110Old Stage Road
111Ostrander Road
112Ostrander Road
113Ostrander Road
114Ostrander Road
115Oxford Street West
116Park Street
117Peebles Line
118Peggy Avenue
119Pigram Line
120Plank Line
121Plank Line
122Plank Line
123Pressey Road
124Pressey Road
125Pressey Road
126Princess Street
127Prouse Road
128Prouse Road
129Prouse Road
130Prouse Road
131Quarter Line
132Queen Street East
133Queen Street West
134Quinn Drive
135Raglan Street
139Richmond Street
140Rivers Road
141Rivers Road
142Robin Street
143Robinson Road
144Rolph Street North
145Rolph Street South
146Ross Street
147Rossland Line
148Salford Road
149Salford Road
150Salford Road
151Salford Road
152Sophia Street
153Spruce Road
154Spruce Street
155Sweaburg Road
156Sweaburg Road
157Terry Avenue
158Thomas Road
159Trillium Line
160Trillium Line
161Union Road
162Union Road
163Union Road
164Vine Street
165Wallace Line
166Water Street
167West Hill Line
168Wilkins Drive
169William Street
170Wilson Road
171Wood Street East
172Wood Street West
173Young Street
174Zenda Line
175Zenda Line
176Zorra Line

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)