List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Tay, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
55th Avenue
66th Avenue
77th Avenue
88th Avenue
99th Avenue
10Acorn Lane
11Albert Street
12Albert Street
13Alberta Street
14Albin Road
15Alcove Drive
16Algoma Avenue
17Amanda Street
18Anderson Crescent
19Ann Street
20Arbour Trail
21Armstrong Street
22Arpin Street
23Arthur Avenue
24Ash Street
25Assiniboia Street
26Athabaska Street
27Balsam Street
28Bannister Street
29Barnes Avenue
30Bass Bay Drive
31Bay Street
32Bayside Avenue
33Bayview Avenue
34Bayway Road
35Beach Drive
36Beacon Street
37Bell Street
38Bergie Crescent
39Bernard Avenue
40Bluff Point Road
41Booth Road
42Bourgeois Beach Road
43Bourrie Avenue
44Broderick Street
45Browns Line
46Cadeau Place
47Calvert Street
48Camilla Street
49Carroll Lane
50Caswell Road
51Cherry Street
52Chestnut Street
53Christie Drive
54Coldwater Road
55Comber Place
56Connors Court
57County Road 16
58County Road 27
59Crescent Drive
60Crooke Road
61Crossingview Lane
62Dalton Court
63Darby Road
64David Avenue
65Davidson Street
66Davis Drive
67Dawlish Avenue
68Delta Drive
69Dignard Avenue
70Dodge Drive
71Donahue Street
72Duck Bay Road
73Duckworth Street
74Duffy Drive
75Earldom Boulevard
76Easton Avenue
77Elizabeth Street
78Ellen Street
79Elm Street
80Evergreen Avenue
81Fallowfield Lane
82Finlayson Street
83Florence Street
84Forest Harbour Parkway
85Forest Lane
86Forgets Road
87Fowler Lane
88Fowlie Street
89Franklin Drive
90Frazer Lane
91French Road
92Galko Crescent
93George Street
94Georgian Lane
95Georgias Walk
96Gerhardt Road
97Gervais Road
98Glacier Trail
99Gloucester Grove
100Gouett Street
101Government Dock Road
102Grandview Beach Lane
103Grandview Road
104Gratrix Road
105Grigg Avenue
106Grove Street
107Hayes Street
108Hazel Street
109Hearthstone Drive
110Helen Duncan Street
111Hemlock Avenue
112Henry Street
113Highway 12
114Highway 12
115Highway 12
116Highway 400
117Highway 400
118Highway 93
119Hilltop Drive
120Hogg Valley Road
121Hogg Valley Road
122Hoyt Avenue
123Industrial Road
124Ivy Lane
125Jephson Street
126John Dillingno Street
127John Street
128Jones Court
129Juneau Road
130K Street
131Keewatin Avenue
132King Road
133King Street
134Kingfisher Avenue
135Lawson Lane
136Lighthouse Crescent
137Lily Street
138Limestone Road
139Lions Court
140Long Point Road
141Lovejoy Street
142Lumber Road
143Lumsden Avenue
144Mackenzie Crescent
145Manitoba Street
146Maple Street
147Margaret Street
148Martha Street
149Mary Street
150Maskinonge Road
151Mcdermitt Trail
152Mcdowell Street
153Mcmulkin Lane
154Mcnicoll Street
155Mcphee Boulevard
156Meadows Avenue
157Midland Avenue
158Mill Road
159Mitchells Beach Road
160Montgomery Drive
161Moore Avenue
162Mountain Avenue
163Neekaunis Road
164Newton Street
165Newton Street
166Ney Avenue
167Nielsen Road
171Nottingham Street
172Oak Road
173Ogdens Beach Road
174Ohara Lane
175Old Coach Road
176Old Cottage Lane
177Old Fort Road
178Old Fort Road
179Old Penetanguishene Road
180Oleary Lane
181Oriole Street
182Osborne Street
183Ouida Street
184Palmer Street
185Paradise Avenue
186Park Street
187Patterson Boulevard
188Percy Street
189Pine Street
190Playfair Drive
191Poplar Avenue
192Port Severn Road
193Quarry Road
194Queen Street
195Rainbow Lane
197Rangelight Road
198Reeves Road
199Reeves Road
200Richard Street
201Robb Court
202Robins Point Road
203Ron Jones Road
204Rope Boulevard
205Rosemount Road
206Rosemount Road
207Rumney Road
208Rumney Road
209Ruta Road
210Saint Mary Crescent
211Sallows Drive
212Sandhill Road
213Scarlett Line
214Schooner Lane
215Severn Trail Lane
216Sideroad Becketts
217Sideroad Ebenezer
218Sideroad Elliott
219Sideroad Fesserton
220Sideroad Granny White
221Sideroad Mcmann
222Silver Birch Crescent
223Simcoe Avenue
224Spruce Street
225Sturgeon Bay Road
226Sunset Court
227Sunview Lane
228Talbot Street
229Tanners Road
230Thiffault Street
231Thorpe Avenue
232Todd Lane
233Trestle Road
234Trillium Street
235Triple Bay Road
236Truax Lane
237Tucker Lane
238Tumber Lane
239Vasey Road
240Vasey Road
241Vasey Road
242Vents Beach Road
243Veterans Lane
244Victoria Street
245Waldie Avenue
246Walnut Street
247Wardell Street
248Waterside Drive
249West Service Road
250West Street
251Wickert Way
252Wilcox Road
253William Street
254Willow Street
255Windermere Circle
256Winfield Drive
257Wood Road
258Wood Road
259Woodlands Avenue
260Wycliffe Cove
261Yeoger Drive
262Young Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)