List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Tyendinaga, Ontario
#Street Name
1Airport Parkway
2Airport Road
3Atsia Court
4Beach Road
5Belleville Road
6Beurling Crescent
7Blessington Road
8Blessington Road
9Blessington Road
10Blessington Road
11Brant Street
12Bridge Street
13Brock Street
14Callaghan Road
15Callaghan Road
16Cannery Road
17Casey Road
18Catherine Street
19Craig Road
20Cross Road
21Cross Road
22Daley Road
23Deseronto Road
24Deseronto Road
25Enright Road
26Enright Road
27Farrell Lane
28Goodfellow Lane
29Gore Street
30Harmony Road
31Harmony Road
32Harmony Road
33Highway 401
34Highway 401
35Highway 401
36Highway 401
37Highway 49
38Hinchey Road
39Howard Street
40James Street
41Jane Street
42John Street
43Kennelly Road
44Kimmerly Road
45Lazier Road
46Lazier Road
47Lower Slash Road
48Lumber Street
49Main Street
50Maple Sugar Road
51Marysville Road
52Marysville Road
53Mcalpine Road
54Mccauley Road
55Mccullough Road
56Mcfarlane Road
57Melrose Road
58Melrose Road
59Melrose Road
60Milligan Drive
61Milltown Road
62Moneymore Road
63Mowbray Road
64Murphy Road
65Naphan Road
66Naphan Road
68Old Highway 2
69Old Highway 2
70Old Highway 2
71Parker Lane
72Phillips Road
73Plumb Road
74Pope Crescent
75Power Road
76Princess Street
77Queen Street
78Raglan Road
82Read Road
83Read Road
84Rock Street
85Salmon River Road
86Scuttlehole Road
87Shannon Road
88Shannon Road
89Shannon Road
90Shannon Road
91Shannonville Road
92Shannonville Road
93Shannonville Road
94Shelly Road
95South River Road
96Thrasher Road
97Toms Road
98Tracey Road
99Tucker Road
100Upper Slash Road
101Waddingham Road
102Water Street
103Weese Road
104Whalen Road
105Wicklam Road
106Woody Woodward Lane
107Wyman Road
108York Road
109Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)