List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of Wellesley, Ontario
#Street Name
1Adelaide Street
2Alfred Street
3Alice Street
4Ament Line
5Ament Line
6Ament Line
7Ament Line
8Anita Drive
9Arthur Road
10Ayrshire Lane
11Beechwood Lane
12Bell Street
13Berdux Place
14Boomer Line
15Boomer Line
16Boyde Lane
17Bricker School Line
18Broadway Street
19Brown Street
20Buehler Line
21Buehler Line
22Campbell Place
23Catherine Street
24Cedar Grove Road
25Cedarwood Lane
26Chalmers Forrest Road
27Chalmers Forrest Road
28Chalmers Forrest Road
29Chapel Street
30Charles Street
31Church Street
32David Street
33Deborah Glaister Line
34Deborah Glaister Line
35Diefenbacher Street
36Doering Street
37Edgewood Court
38Empey Road
39Evelyn Drive
40Expo Drive
41Ferris Drive
42Firella Place
43Friedmann Street
44Geddes Street
45George Street
46Gerber Meadows Drive
47Gerber Road
48Gerber Road
49Gordon Hain Street
50Green Street
51Greenwood Hill Road
52Hackbart Road
53Hawk Street
54Henry Street
55Herrgott Road
56Hessen Strasse
57Hessen Strasse
58Hessen Strasse
59Hilltop Court
60Hutchison Road
61Hutchison Road
62Industrial Crescent
63Industrial Place
64Isabella Street
65James Court
66Jane Street
67John Place
68Kenneth Street
69Knarr Street
70Kressler Road
71Lavery Road
72Lawrence Street
73Lawson Line
74Lichty Road
75Lichty Road
76Lin Dunn Lane
77Lin Pine Lane
78Line 86
79Line 86
80Line 86
81Listowel Road
82Lobsinger Line
83Lobsinger Line
84Lobsinger Line
85Lorraine Drive
86Louis Street
87Mair Court
88Mallott Road
89Manser Road
90Manser Road
91Maple Leaf Street
92Maple Street
93Maplewood Road
94Martha Street
95Mary Street
96Meadowview Court
97Molesworth Street
98Moser Young Road
99Nafziger Road
100Nithbank Road
102Orville Court
103Ottawa Avenue
104Park Street
105Parkview Drive
106Peter Street
107Pine Street
108Pinewood Lane
109Pond View Drive
110Posey Line
111Powell Road
112Queens Bush Road
113Reiner Crescent
114Ridgewood Place
115Rosewood Place
116Schummer Line
117Schummer Line
118Schweitzer Crescent
119Shadywood Court
120Shantz Place
121Siegner Lane
122Silverbirch Lane
123Sloman Lane
124Steffler Road
125Streicher Line
126Streicher Line
127Streicher Line
128Sunset Drive
129Temperance Road
130Village Place
131Village Road
132Voisin Court
133Voisin Crescent
134Water Street
135Wayne Street
136Weimar Line
137Weimar Line
138Weimar Line
139Welwood Avenue
140Wilker Way
141William Hastings Line
142William Hastings Line
143Willow Way Road
144Zinkann Crescent
145Zoeger Court

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)