List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Township of the Archipelago, Ontario
#Street Name
1Aga Ming Road
2Agaming Road
3Armstrong Jacklin Road
4Bah Sah Gim Road
5Blackstone Crane Lake Road
6Blackstone Lake Road
7Blue Heron Trail
8Channel Drive
9Cline Drive
10Crane Country Lane
11Crane Lake Road
12Crane Walker Road
13Desmasdons Road
14Dumont Road
15Earls Road
16Flicker Trail
17Fox Back Road
18Gardner Lane
19Ginn Beach Drive
20Granite Road
21Grants Trail
22Grisdales Road
23Healy Lake Lodge Road
24Healy Lake Road
25Healy Lake Road
26Healy Lake Road
27Healy Lake Road
28Hemlock Drive
29Highway 529
30Highway 529
31Highway 529a
32Highway 612
33Highway 644
34Highway 69
35Highway 69
36Highway 69
37Highway 69
38Highway 69
39Highway 69
40Joe Koran Road
41Joyce Lane
42Kapikog Dam Road
43Kapikog Lake Road
44Kapikog North Road
45Kapikog South Road
46King Black Christie
47Lagoon Drive
48Leaside Drive
49Lookout Lane
50Moonlight Court
51Munro Drive
52Muskrat Bay Road
53Muskrat Trail
54Nares Inlet Road
65North Fork Road
66North Shore Road
67Old Baldy Road
68Pattison Lane
69Penn Road
70Porcupine Spur Road
71Rabys Road
72Railroad Lane
73Ramsey Johnston Road
74Rattlebear Drive
75Richwood Drive
76Rock Island Lake Road
77Rose Point Road
78Shawanaga Landing Road
79Shebeshekong Road
80Site 9 Road
81Skerryvore Community Road
82Skerryvore Community Road
83Skerryvore Road
84South Crane Lake Road
85South Fork Road
86South Shore Road
87Stewart King Road
88Sunset Point Road
89Tamarack Drive
90Teal Trail
91Tolpts Road
92Tolpts Road Complex
93Windcliffe Drive
94Wood Duck Trail
95Woods Bay Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)