List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre and Clyde, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Nation Road
2Acorn Trail
3Adeline Trail
4Africa Trail
5Allen Lake Drive
6Amaleen Drive
7Amik Trail
8Angel Road
9Ann Road
10Another Chance Lane
11Apex Lane
12Apricot Court
13Arabus Lane
14Argillite Road
15Arnott Lane
16Art Barton Lane
17Artisan Lane
18Ash Lane
19Ashmont Lane
20Atomic Drive
21Autumn Lane
22Azilda Lane
23Aztec Trail
24Ba Lane
25Backwoods Lane
26Bad Habit Trail
27Badger Lane
28Baffin Trail
29Baileys Road
30Barbara Road
31Barnes Court
32Barnum Lake Drive
33Barry Line Road
34Basshaunt Lake Road
35Basswood Lane
36Baybreeze Lane
37Bayshore Road
38Bear Lake Road
39Bear Paw Road
40Before Long Lane
41Benoir Lake Road
42Bensons Cove Lane
43Bernies Road
44Betty Road
45Betula Crescent
46Bill Mclaren Trail
47Binscarth Trail
48Birch Narrows Road
49Birchy Lake Drive
50Bishop Court
51Bishop Road
52Bitter Lake Road
53Black Lake Trail
54Blossom Lane
55Blue Hawk Lake Trail
56Blue Heron Road
57Blueberry Trail
58Bluffs Break Court
59Bobwhite Lane
60Boice Bradley Drive
61Boice Bradley Drive
62Bolender By The Lake Drive
63Bonnyville Road
64Boomerang Road
65Boughner Road
66Bovenizer Trail
67Bowen Drive South
68Bowen Road
69Boxstove Point Trail
70Boyne Lake Trail
71Breckles Drive
72Brimstone Drive
73Brohm Drive
74Broken Paddle Road
75Bruins Trail
76Bullfrog Bay Drive
77Bumpyroad Lane
78Bunting Lane
79Burdock Lake Drive
80Burkes Road
81Burleigh Road
82Burleigh Road
83Bushwolf Lake Road
84Buxton Road
85Cabin Fever Drive
86Caboodle Lane
87Cadillac Trail
88Calgary Drive
89Calico Road
90Camp Kakeka Trail
91Camp Towhee Road
92Camp White Pine Court
93Cane Lane
94Canoe Road
95Canyon Road
96Cardiff Lake Road
97Cardinal Lane
98Carnation Lane
99Carnegie Lane
100Carroll Road
101Cascade Trail
102Caterpillar Court
103Cathedral Forest Trail
104Catherine Drive
105Cattail Road
106Cedar Avenue
107Chairlift Road
108Chalet Road
109Champion Trail
110Champlain Road
111Chandler Drive
112Charcoal Road
113Charlie George Lake Drive
114Charlotte Lane
115Cheerful Lane
116Chester Crescent
117Chickadee Lane
118Chicory Drive
119Christine Road
120Clarion Trail
121Clarke Road
122Clees On The Rocks Lane
123Clematis Trail
124Clipper Lane
125Clubhouse Court
126Coal Pit Narrows Lane
127Coaldale Drive
128Cobbler Court
129Cohosh Lane
130Coleman Lake Road
131College Drive
132Colonization Trail
133Comano Hill Crescent
134Combine Drive
135Constance Road
136Corylus Lane
137Cosmic Lane
138County Road 21
139County Road 21
140County Road 21
141Cowan Road
142Crabbe Lane
143Cranberry Lake Road
144Crocodile Lane
145Crossbill Lane
146Crosswind Court
147Cruiser Lake Road
148Cummings Court
149Curlew Lane
150Curry Road
151Cypress Road
152Dardanelles Road
153Darlingford Drive
154Dart Drive
155Dean Court
156Delaney Road
157Delphine Road
158Depot Bay Lane
159Dewdrops Lane
160Dianalan Lane
161Dignan Road
162Dome Street
163Doreens Lane
164Douglas Lane
165Dovers Hill Road
166Dow Trail
167Drag Court
168Drake Lane
169Dreamboat Lane
170Dryden Drive
171Dudley Road
172Dunn Road
173Dynamite Hill Drive
174Dysart Avenue
175Eagle Lake Road
176Eagle Lake Road
177Eashores Road
178Eastern Avenue
179Eastview Road
180Edmonton Trail
181Elephant Lake Road
182Elk Drive
183Ella Court
184Elmhurst Lane
185Emiles Road
186Emmerson Court
187Epic Road
188Ernchen Lane
189Eves Road
190Falcon Lane
191Fallen Twig Trail
192Falling Leaf Lane
193Far Enough Lane
194Farmcrest Avenue
195Farquhar Lake Drive
196Fishermans Trail
197Fishtail Lake Road
198Flicker Lane
199Forget Me Not Lane
200Fort Irwin Road
201Foxhollow Drive
202Fred Jones Road
203Fred Jones Road
204Freedom 55 Drive
205Freshwater Trail
206Frobisher Lane
207Galt Trail
208Gardner Road
209Garnish Lane
210Gates Road
211Gelert Road
212Gentle Breeze Lane
213George Street
214Gibraltar Bay Lane
215Glamorgan Road
216Glebe Road
217Glen Lake Court
218Goldfinch Lane
219Goshawk Crescent
220Gould Crossing Road
221Gracas Trail
222Grace River Road
223Grass Lake Road
224Graydon Lane
225Green Lake Road
226Gregory Lane
227Grosbeak Drive
228Grove Avenue
229Growler Lake Drive
230Guest Trail
231Guilford Street
232Halbiem Crescent
233Haliburton Lake Road
234Haliburton Lake Road
235Haliburton Lake Road
236Halifax Drive
237Hanover Lane
238Harburn Road
239Harburn Road
240Harburn Road
241Harcourt Road
242Hard Wood Lane
243Harmony Road
244Harrier Road
245Hasley Pass Road
246Hawthorne Drive
247Hay Creek Road
248Hedgerow Lane
249Higgins Court
250Highland Street
251Highway 118
252Highway 118
253Highway 118
254Highway 118
255Highway 118
256Highway 118
257Highway 118
258Highway 35
259Highway 35
260Hilltop Road
261Hipkiss Drive
262Hodgson Road
263Honeysuckle Drive
264Hops Drive
265Horseshoe Lake Road
266Hough Lane
267Huckleberry Road
268Humber Avenue
269Hummingbird Road
270Hurricane Lake Drive
271Hutchings Road
272Illman Road
273Independence Street
274Indian Point Road
275Indigo Lane
276Industrial Park Road
277Inkinen Trail
278Invader Lane
279Irish Line Road
280Jasmine Road
281Javelin Trail
282Jennings Lane
283Jim Beef Lake Road
284Johnson Bay Road
285Junco Lane
286Juniper Court
287Kantor Drive
288Kashagawigamog Lake Road
289Kawagama Lake Road
290Keefer Street
291Kennaway Road
292Kennaway Road
293Kennaway Road
294Kennisis Lake Road
295Kennisis Lake Road
296Kennisis Lake Road
297Kensington Road
298Kestrel Lane
299Kettle Trail
300Killarney Trail
301Killdeer Lane
302Kingscote Road
303Kipps Lane
304Klondike Road
305Kona Trail
306Koshlong Lake Road
307Labyrinth Lane
308Ladybug Trail
309Laferle Court
310Lake Avenue
311Lakeview Street
312Land Road
313Larix Lane
314Larmouth Lane
315Lazy Bay Lane
316Leafield Lake Drive
317Leave It To Beaver Lane
318Leblanc Trail
319Legend Lane
320Len Crawford Drive
321Leons Lane
322Liftover Lane
323Lilac Avenue
324Linkert Road
325Linsmore Lane
326Lipton Drive
327Liswood Road
328Little Straggle Lake Drive
329Lobelia Lane
330Lockport Lane
331Log Cabin Lane
332Logan Drive
333Long Lake Road
334Longspur Lane
335Lookout Road
336Loon Lake Road
337Loop Road
338Lorne Lane
339Lotus Lane
340Lymburner Drive
341Lynn Court
342Macdonald Road
343Major Trail
344Mallard Road
345Malva Lane
346Manitou Road
347Mansfield Drive
348Maple Avenue
349Marigold Road
350Marquis Drive
351Meadowview Road
352Merganser Trail
353Merlin Lane
354Mermik Drive
355Mervyn Beatty Lane
356Miami Drive
357Michael Road
358Midway Street
359Mink Road
360Minnicock Lake Road
361Minnicock Lake Road
362Minnow Drive
363Miskwabi Lake Road
364Mobii Court
365Moccasin Trail
366Monshel Lane
367Montague Drive
368Moose Lake Road
369Morris Lane
370Mountain Street
371Mulholland Drive
372Mural Lane
373Murrays Road
374Museum Road
375Muskie Lane
376Nassau Drive
377Negaunee Road
378Neighbours Lane
379Neptune Drive
380Niddries Lane
381Nila Road
382Nimigon Lane
383Noble Lane
384Noel Lane
385Nomad Road
394Norman Road
395Norseman Court
396North Drive
397North Lake Road
398Northstar Trail
399Nostalgic Drive
400Ocean Lane
401Odessa Trail
402Old Browns Camp Lane
403Old County Road 8
404Old Donald Road
405Olympia Drive
406Omega Road
407Oneida Drive
408Orchard Avenue
409Oriole Lane
410Osborne Lane
411Outlet Bay Road
412Outram Road
413Owl Bay Trail
414Packard Road
415Paddys Court
416Page Road
417Paint Box Drive
418Palace Drive
419Paradise Cove Road
420Parish Line Road
421Park Street
422Parsons Road
423Pat Waddell Lane
424Patrick Road
425Pavilion Lane
426Peekaboo Bay Lane
427Pegg Drive
428Pelaw Trail
429Pelican Lane
430Peninsula Road
431Penny Lane Road
432Peppermint Road
433Percy Lake Road
434Perry Lane
435Phoebe Crescent
436Picadilly Bay Lane
437Pike Lane
438Pine Avenue
439Pine Lake Road
440Pine Point Road
441Pivot Lake Lane
442Platinum Bay Road
443Ploughshare Court
444Plover Lane
445Pluto Trail
446Poinsettia Crescent
447Ponderosa Trail
448Portage Road
449Porter Road
450Preachers Lane
451Precipice Road
452Prestige Court
453Propeller Drive
454Provost Road
455Quinte Trail
456Rainbow Drive
457Range Lane
458Rattlesnake Road
459Redkenn Road
460Redkenn Road
461Redstone Lake Road
462Regency Drive
463Regs Trail
464Reindeer Lane
465Remembrance Lane
466Rest A While Drive
467Retirement Road
468Rhubarb Lane
469Ribbon Drive
470Ridge View Road
471Riverside Drive
472Rodney Drive
473Rolland Drive
474Ross Lake Road
475Ross Road
476Rough Stone Trail
477Ryans Lane
478Saffron Drive
479Sagamore Trail
480Sahara Trail
481Salem Lane
482Salvatori Trail
483Sancayne Street
484Sand Point Road
485Sandford Court
486Schwandt Crescent
487Scout Trail
488Seagull Lane
489Select Trail
490Serendipity Trail
491Shamba Trail
492Shamrock Lane
493Shanes Close
494Shelter Harbour Trail
495Shirleys Road
496Shooting Star Drive
497Shuttle Lane
498Siesta Lane
499Sims Road
500Sir Sams Road
501Siskin Drive
502Sisu Lane
503Ski Ridge Trail
504Skyline Park Road
505Slipper Lake Drive
506Small Road
507Smith Lane
508Smokeys Trail
509Snowflake Trail
510Snowshoe Road
511Soap Pond Road
512South Algonquin Road
513South Street
514Sovereign Lane
515Soyers Lake Road
516Spadix Lane
517Spartina Lane
518Spectrum Trail
519Spinnaker Lane
520Sproats Drive
521Spruce Lake Trail
522St Andrews Court
523Stags Leap Trail
524Stills Road
525Stirrup Drive
526Stockholm Drive
527Stonegate Court
528Stoney Creek Road
529Straggle Lake Drive
530Stratheden Drive
531Strickland Road
532Suburban Court
533Suggie Trail
534Sullivan Road
535Sumcot Road
536Sumcot Road
537Sunnyside Street
538Sunset Court
539Sussex Lane
540Sydney Drive
541Tadmore Trail
542Tailfeather Road
543Tanager Lane
544Tanamakoon Lane
545Tarpaper Trail
546Tartan Lane
547Tattersal Road
548The Loop Road
549Thornbury Trail
550Timothy Road
551Toad Rush Lane
552Tobermory Trail
553Tom Bolton Road
554Tracy Drive
555Trafalgar Lane
556Trapline Trail
557Trappers Trail Road
558Treasure Drive
559Trillium Trail
560Trishas Trail
561True North Road
562Trunk Trail
563Tudor Trail
564Turret Lane
565Turtle Rock Lane
566Tusk Trail
567Unicorn Road
568Universal Road
569Velvet Drive
570Vernon Drive
571Veronica Lane
572Victor Neimi Lane
573Victoria Street
574Violet Lane
575Virtue Trail
576Wallings Road
577Wampum Road
578Wanakita Road
579Watts Road
580Waxwing Drive
581Wellington Drive
582Wenona Lake Road
583West Lane
584West Settlement Road
585West Shore Road
586Whippletree Lane
587Wicksteed Road
588Wigamog Road
589Wilcox Trail
590Wilkes Moeser Lane
591Wilkinson Road
592Wilson Heights Trail
593Windstar Trail
594Winkler Road
595Wintergreen Lane
596Wiseton Drive
597Wobbler Lane
598Wonderland Road
599Woods Road
600York Street
601Youngs Road
602Zinnia Trail

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)