List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Nipawin, Saskatchewan
#Street Name
11 Avenue East
21 Avenue West
31 Street East
41 Street West
510 Avenue West
610 Street North
710 Street West
811 Avenue West
912 Avenue West
102 Avenue East
112 Avenue West
122 Street East
132 Street West
142a Street West
153 Avenue East
163 Avenue West
173 Street North
183 Street West
193a Street East
204 Avenue East
214 Avenue West
224 Street East
234 Street North
244 Street West
254a Street East
265 Street North
275 Street West
286 Avenue East
296 Avenue West
306 Street East
316 Street North
326 Street West
337 Avenue East
347 Avenue West
357 Street West
368 Avenue East
378 Avenue West
388 Street West
399 Avenue East
409 Avenue West
419 Street West
42Alfred Street
43Canawindra Cove
44Cartha Drive
45Central Boulevard
46Centre Street
47Cheri Drive
48Connel Street
49Coventry Crescent
50Denton Street
51Elm Avenue
52Evergreen Drive
53Finlay Place
54Gordon Street
55Guloien Avenue
56Jackson Place
57Kelsey Place
58Kingsway Drive
59Lawrence Street
60Lucille Crescent
61Lynn Street
62Macdonald Street
63Maple Road East
64Maple Road West
65Maywood Place
66Montgomery Drive
67Moose Plain Road
68Neufeld Avenue
69Nipawin Road East
70Nipawin Road East
71Nipawin Road West
72Norman Street
73Oak Avenue
74Park Drive
75Peters Avenue
76Peters Avenue
77Pine Avenue
78Pine Avenue
79Pleasant Street
80Poplar Avenue
81Princess Street
82Queens Drive
83Radloff Place
84Railway Avenue East
85Railway Avenue West
86Seymour Street
87Shults Road
88Shults Road
89Spruce Avenue
90Tamarac Avenue
91Tamarac Avenue
92Timber Drive
93Tindall Avenue
94Triumph Street
95Tyndal Avenue
96Watson Crescent
97West Spruce Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)