List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
#Street Name
11 And A Half Avenue West
21 Avenue East
31 Avenue Northwest
41 Avenue West
51 Street East
610 Avenue East
710 Avenue West
810 Street East
910 Street Northwest
1010 Street West
1111 Avenue East
1211 Avenue West
1311 Street East
1411 Street Northwest
1511 Street West
1612 Avenue East
1712 Avenue West
1812 Street East
1912 Street Northwest
2012 Street West
2113 Avenue East
2213 Avenue West
2313 Street East
2413 Street Northeast
2513 Street West
2613 Street West
2714 Avenue East
2814 Avenue West
2914 Street East
3014 Street West
3115 Avenue East
3215 Avenue West
3315 Street East
3415 Street East
3515 Street Northeast
3615 Street Northwest
3715 Street Northwest
3815 Street West
3915 Street West
4016 Avenue Northwest
4116 Avenue West
4216 Street West
4316 Street West
4417 Avenue East
4517 Avenue West
4617 Street East
4717 Street West
4817 Street West
4918 Avenue West
5018 Street East
5118 Street West
5219 Avenue West
5319 Street East
5419 Street West
552 Avenue East
562 Avenue Northwest
572 Avenue West
582 Street East
5920 Avenue West
6020 Street East
6120 Street West
6221 Street East
6321 Street West
6422 Street East
6522 Street West
6623 Street East
6723 Street West
6824 Street East
6924 Street West
7025 Street East
7125 Street West
7226 Street East
7326 Street West
7427 Street East
7527 Street West
7628 Street East
7728 Street West
7829 Street East
7929 Street West
803 Avenue East
813 Avenue Northwest
823 Avenue West
833 Street East
8430 Street East
8530 Street West
8631 Street East
8731 Street West
8832 Street West
8934 Street West
9036 Street West
9138 Street East
924 Avenue
934 Avenue East
944 Avenue Northwest
954 Avenue West
964 Street East
9740 Street East
9841 Street East
9942 Street East
10042 Street West
10148 Street East
10248 Street East
1035 Avenue East
1045 Avenue Northwest
1055 Avenue West
1065 Street East
1075a Avenue East
1085a Avenue West
1096 Avenue East
1106 Avenue Northeast
1116 Avenue Northwest
1126 Avenue West
1136 Street East
1146a Avenue West
1157 Avenue East
1167 Avenue Northwest
1177 Avenue West
1187 Mile Road
1197 Street East
1208 Avenue East
1218 Avenue Northwest
1228 Avenue West
1238 Street East
1249 Avenue East
1259 Avenue West
1269 Mile Road
1279 Street East
128Aaron Drive
129Adanac Gate
130Agnew Street
131Airport Road
132Albert Street
133Allbright Crescent
134Amos Place
135Attree Bay
136Bain Street
137Baker Place
138Barsky Place
139Barton Drive
140Basaraba Place
141Bauer Bay
142Bennett Drive
143Berezowsky Drive
144Betz Place
145Birch Lane
146Bishop Mclean Crescent
147Bishop Pascal Place
148Blackwood Drive
149Bliss Crescent
150Borrowman Place
151Boulevard Drive
152Bowerman Crescent
153Bradbury Drive
154Bradshaw Place
155Branion Drive
156Brock Place
157Buchanan Drive
158Cambridge Street Northwest
159Carment Place
160Carpenter Bear Lane
161Carr Place
162Casey Road
163Central Avenue
164Central Avenue North
165Chester Place
166Chief David Knight Road
167Chura Court
168Church View Road
169Clarke Place
170Clouston Road
171Clover Dale Road
172Conroy Place
173Cook Drive
174Coombe Drive
175Coster Road
176Cowan Drive
177Crossroad Way
178Cuelenaere Street
179Daisley Road
180Damour Terrace
181Davis Street
182Deer Park Road
183Deer Park Road
184Dent Avenue
185Dent Crescent
186Dier Road
187Dmyterko Bay
188Dominion Street
189Donaldson Street
190Dowling Road
191Dr Hjertaas Drive
192Duncan Road
193Dunn Drive
194Eagle Crescent
195Eagle Street
196Elevator Road
197Elmwood Avenue
198Elmwood Place
199Erickson Crescent
200Evergreen Road
201Exhibition Drive
202Fonyo Road
203Fraser Place
204Gange Road
205Gary Anderson Way
206Gerrond Road
207Gerrond Road
208Gerrond Road
209Gillingham Crescent
210Gilmor Crescent
211Gisi Road
212Glass Drive
213Glen Howard Way
214Goshen Place
215Grey Owl Avenue
216Grey Owl Crescent
217Gurney Crescent
218Guy Drive
219Hadley Road
220Hazelwood Road
221Helme Crescent
222Heritage Court
223Heritage Place Drive
224Hinz Place
225Hogeweide Drive
226Holmes Road
227Hrynuik Road
228Hughes Place
229Jack Matheson Crescent
230Jaeger Bay
231Jaspar Place
232Jenic Road
233John Hicks Place
234Johnson Crescent
235Jordan Drive
236Kemp Crescent
237Kernaghan Crescent
238King Place
239Knowles Place
240Knox Place
241Kwasnica Place
242Lacroix Crescent
243Lacroix Street
244Lambs Lane
245Lamont Crescent
246Landegger Drive
247Laurier Drive
248Linner Lane
249Little Red River Park Road
250Logue Lane
251Longpre Crescent
252Longworth Place
253Macarthur Drive
254Macdowall Crescent
255Mahon Drive
256Manville Bay
257Marquis Road
258Marquis Road
259Mattes Avenue
260Mccraney Crescent
261Mcdonald Avenue
262Mcintosh Drive
263Mckay Drive
264Mckeen Drive
265Mcknight Drive
266Mclellan Crescent
267Mcleod Avenue
268Meagher Place
269Miller Drive
270Mooney Place
271Morton Road
272Muir Drive
273Musk Road
274Muzzy Drive
275Namebody Namebody2 Road East
276Namebody Namebody2 Road East
277Namebody Namebody2 Road East
278Namebody Namebody2 Road West
279North Industrial Drive
280O Grady Lane
281O Sullivan Way
282Olive Diefenbaker Drive
283Oliver Way
284Osborn Road
285Osborn Road
286Osborn Road
287Park Avenue
288Patrick Drive
289Pearson Court
290Pederson Drive
291Pereverzoff Place
292Peterson Place
293Phelps Drive
294Pickering Crescent
295Plaxton Place
296Raider Bay
297Red Deer Hill Road
298Red Deer Hill Road
299Red Deer Hill Road
300Red Deer Hill Road
301Red Deer Hill Road
302Reed Bay
303Reid Road
304River Road
305River Road
306River Road
307River Road
308River Road
309River Road South
310River Road Way
311River Street East
312River Street West
313Riverside Drive
314Road G
315Royal Road
316Russ Stan Road
317Russ Stan Road
318Russ Stan Road
319Rybka Road
320Sanderson Crescent
321School House Road
322Senator Bear Lane
323Sherman Drive
324Sibbald Crescent
325Silver Willow Road
326South Hill Road
327South Industrial Drive
328Southwood Drive
329Spence Street
330Spencer Drive
331Steele Bay
332Steuart Avenue
333Stull Place
334Sylvan Road
335Telfer Bay
336Terry Simpson Lane
337Thompson Bay
338Tower Road
339Tower Road
340Tower Road
341Turner Place
342Valley View Drive
343Weir Road
344Woodman Crescent
345Wyllie Crescent
346Wyllie Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)