List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Regina, Saskatchewan
#Street Name
11 Avenue
21 Avenue
31 Avenue North
41 Avenue North
51 Avenue North
610 Avenue
710 Avenue
811 Avenue
911 Avenue
1011 Avenue
1112 Avenue
1212 Avenue
1312 Avenue North
1413 Avenue
1513 Avenue
1613 Avenue
1714 Avenue
1814 Avenue
1914 Avenue
2015 Avenue
2115 Avenue
2217 Avenue
2317 Avenue
2418 Avenue
2518 Avenue
2619 Avenue
2719 Avenue
282 Avenue
292 Avenue
302 Avenue North
312 Avenue North
3220 Avenue
3320 Avenue
3421 Avenue
3522 Avenue
3623 Avenue
3724 Avenue
3825 Avenue
3926 Avenue
4028 Avenue
4129 Avenue
423 Avenue
433 Avenue
443 Avenue
453 Avenue North
463 Avenue North
4731 Avenue
484 Avenue
494 Avenue
504 Avenue North
515 Avenue
525 Avenue
535 Avenue
545 Avenue North
556 Avenue
566 Avenue
576 Avenue
586 Avenue North
596 Street
607 Avenue
617 Avenue
627 Avenue
637 Avenue North
647 Avenue North
658 Avenue
668 Avenue
678 Avenue
688 Avenue North
699 Avenue
709 Avenue
719 Avenue North
729 Avenue North
739 Avenue North
749 Avenue North
75Abbott Road
76Abbott Street
77Abel Street
78Aberdeen Crescent
79Aberdeen Street
80Academy Park Road
81Academy Road
82Acadia Bay
83Acadia Drive
84Acaster Street
85Adams Street
86Adcock Place
87Airport Loop
88Airport Road
89Aitken Crescent
90Albert Street
91Alcove Place
92Alexandra Street
93Alfred Crescent
94Allen Avenue
95Almond Grove
96Alport Crescent
97Anderson Avenue
98Andre Avenue
99Andrews Crescent
100Andreychuk Place
101Andros Bay
102Angley Court
103Angus Crescent
104Angus Road
105Angus Street
106Anson Street
107Anticknap Bay
108Apple Grove
109Arbor Drive
110Arcola Avenue
111Arcola Avenue
112Arens Road
113Argan Drive
114Argyle Road
115Argyle Street
116Argyle Street North
117Arlington Street
118Armour Street
119Armstrong Bay
120Arnason Street
121Arnheim Street
122Arnica Place
123Arthur Street
124Ascot Road
125Asgar Walk
126Ash Place
127Ashley Place
128Aspen Place
129Assiniboine Avenue
130Assiniboine Avenue
131Aster Crescent
132Atchison Crescent
133Athlone Court
134Athlone Drive
135Athol Street
136Atkinson Street
137Audette Bay
138Auld Bay
139Avenue A
140Avenue B
141Avenue C
142Avon Drive
143Avonhurst Drive
144Bagshaw Place
145Baird Street
146Baker Avenue
147Baldwin Bay
148Balfour Drive
149Balgonie Bay
150Ball Road
151Ballantine Court
152Balmoral Gate
153Balsam Grove
154Baneberry Drive
155Bannister Avenue
156Bannister Bay
157Barber Street
158Bard Crescent
159Barlow Street
160Barr Street
161Barton Place
162Basin Crescent
163Basswood Grove
164Bastedo Crescent
165Batoche Street
166Battel Street
167Bauermeister Bay
168Bauermeister Street
169Bayda Crescent
170Beamish Drive
171Beckett Place
172Bedford Avenue
173Bedford Crescent
174Beechwood Place
175Beke Bay
176Bell Street
177Benjamin Crescent
178Bennett Bay
179Bennett Drive
180Benson Bay
181Bently Drive
182Bercovich Crescent
183Berenson Avenue
184Bergamot Bay
185Berthiaume Bay
186Bessborough Place
187Betker Place
188Big Bear Boulevard
189Bigelow Bay
190Birch Crescent
191Birchwood Crescent
192Birchwood Road
193Bird Bay
194Bishop Crescent
195Bishop Place
196Bissett Place
197Black Drive
198Blackfoot Drive
199Blackman Place
200Blackwood Street
201Blair Bay
202Blakeney Drive
203Blanchfield Street
204Bligh Bay
205Bloore Bay
206Bluebird Crescent
207Bobolink Bay
208Boehm Bay
209Bole Place
210Bolen Bay
211Bond Crescent
212Bond Street
213Bonneau Place
214Bonner Drive
215Bookhalter Crescent
216Borden Street
217Borlase Crescent
218Boswell Crescent
219Bothwell Crescent
220Boucher Crescent
221Bourne Street
222Bow Bay
223Bower Crescent
224Bowman Avenue
225Boyce Street
226Boyd Street
227Boyle Street
228Brachman Bay
229Bradley Avenue
230Brandon Street
231Brandy Drive
232Brass Crescent
233Braun Bay
234Bremner Bay
235Brett Bay
236Briarwood Place
237Bright Bay
238Britennia Place
239Brittan Bay
240Broad Street
242Broadway Avenue
243Broadway Place
244Brockelbank Crescent
245Broder Street
246Broderick Road
247Brodie Bay
248Brook Bay
249Brookshire Lane
250Brookview Drive
251Brotherton Avenue
252Brouillette Bay
253Brown Street
254Brunskill Place
255Bruton Place
256Bryant Street
257Bryden Bay
258Buckingham Drive
259Buffalo Trail
260Burgess Street
261Burns Road
262Burrow Street
263Burton Place
264Busch Place
265Butler Bay
266Butterfield Crescent
267Button Bay
268Byars Bay
269C Avenue
270Caen Avenue
271Calder Crescent
272Calla Bay
273Callander Crescent
274Camas Bay
275Cambridge Avenue
276Cameron Avenue
277Cameron Crescent
278Cameron Street
279Campbell Street
280Cannington Mews
281Cannon Street
282Canterbury Place
283Canvasback Lane
284Capitol Road
285Cardinal Crescent
286Carey Street
287Caribou Street
288Carlton Street
289Carmichael Bay
290Carmichael Road
291Carnegie Place
292Carnegie Street
293Carrick Crescent
294Carson Road
295Carss Place
296Carter Crescent
297Castle Bay
298Castle Place
299Castle Road
300Cathedral Drive
301Catherwood Crescent
302Catley Bay
303Cattail Place
304Cattail Way
305Cavendish Street
306Cecil Crescent
307Cedar Drive
308Centennial Street
309Central Street
310Century Crescent
311Century Drive
312Chalmers Street
313Champ Crescent
314Champlain Drive
315Charles Crescent
316Charlton Place
317Chase Crescent
318Chatwin Crescent
319Chelsey Drive
320Cherry Bay
321Cherry Drive
322Chester Place
323Child Avenue
324Chinook Road
325Chipmunk Drive
326Chisholm Road
327Chuka Boulevard
328Church Drive
329Cityview Crescent
330Clarke Street
331Clayton Street
332Cleland Street
333Clermont Crescent
334Clipsham Avenue
335Clive Bay
336Clover Place
337Cochrane Bay
338Cohen Bay
339Coldwell Road
340Cole Crescent
341Cole Street
342Colebrook Place
343Coleman Crescent
344College Avenue
345College Avenue
346Collins Bay
347Colony Place
348Compton Road
349Connaught Crescent
350Connaught Street
351Cook Crescent
352Cooksley Bay
353Cooper Crescent
354Coralroot Place
355Corbett Road
356Corkery Bay
357Cormeer Lane
358Cormorant Drive
359Cornwall Street
360Coronation Street
361Cottonwood Bay
362Coughlin Bay
363Courtney Street
364Coventry Crescent
365Coventry Road
366Cowan Crescent
367Cowburn Crescent
368Cowie Road
369Craigie Bay
370Cranbourne Crescent
371Creekside Road
372Creekside Way
373Crerar Street
374Crestview Bay
375Cribbs Bay
376Crittenden Place
377Crocus Drive
378Cross Place
379Crossley Bay
380Crowe Bay
381Cruikshank Street
382Cudmore Crescent
383Culliton Crescent
384Cullum Place
385Cumberland Road
386Cunning Crescent
387Cunningham Drive
388Currie Bay
389Cushing Crescent
390Cypress Way
391D Avenue
392Daffodil Crescent
393Dale Crescent
394Dalgliesh Drive
395Dalhousie Place
396Dalhousie Way
397Daniels Crescent
398Darke Crescent
399Darke Street
400Davey Bay
401Davidson Court
402Davidson Crescent
403Davin Crescent
404Davis Place
405Dawson Crescent
406Dayburgh Crescent
407Deergrove Crescent
408Degelman Drive
409Deis Bay
410Deiter Bay
411Demarco Drive
412Dempsey Avenue
413Denny Crescent
414Derby Street
415Deutsch Drive
416Devonshire Drive
417Dewar Bay
418Dewberry Way
419Dewdney Avenue
420Dewdney Avenue
421Dewdney Avenue
422Dewdney Avenue
423Dewdney Avenue
424Dewdney Bay
425Diamond Street
426Dickinson Crescent
427Diefenbaker Drive
428Discovery Road
429Ditter Lane
430Dixon Crescent
431Doan Drive
432Doerr Place
433Dogwood Place
434Doiron Road
435Dojack Place
436Dolan Street
437Dolphin Bay
438Dominion Road
439Donahue Avenue
440Donald Street
441Donison Drive
442Donnelley Crescent
443Dorothy Street
444Dorsey Place
445Douglas Avenue
446Douglas Crescent
447Douglas Park Crescent
448Douglas Road
449Dove Road
450Dover Avenue
451Dowie Bay
452Downey Crescent
453Drope Street
454Dufferin Road
455Duktowski Crescent
456Duncan Crescent
457Dunlop Place
458Dunn Place
459Dunning Crescent
460Dunnison Crescent
461Dunsmore Drive
462Durham Drive
463Dutton Crescent
464Eagle Place
465East Bay
466Eastgate Bay
467Eastgate Drive
468Eastview Avenue
469Ebbels Place
470Eddy Street
471Eden Avenue
472Edenwold Crescent
473Edgar Street
474Edgewater Bay
475Edinburgh Drive
476Edinburgh Place
477Edward Street
478Ehman Bay
479Ehrle Crescent
480Elder Grove
481Elderkin Drive
482Elgin Road
483Elizabeth Crescent
484Ellard Court
485Ellard Way
486Ellice Street
487Elliott Street
488Ellison Crescent
489Elmview Road
490Elmwood Place
491Elphinstone Street
492Embury Street
493Emerald Park Road
494Emmet Hall Road
495Empress Drive
496Empress Street
497Engel Drive
498England Road
499Enick Bay
500Erb Bay
501Essex Crescent
502Estey Place
503Everett Crescent
504Ewart Place
505Fahlman Crescent
506Fairley Bay
507Fairview Road
508Fairway Road
509Fairways West Drive
510Falcon Bay
512Farr Street
513Farrell Bay
514Faul Bay
515Faunt Bay
516Fenwick Crescent
517Ferguson Crescent
518Ferris Lane
519Fines Drive
520Firehall Road
521Fisher Street
522Flamingo Crescent
523Flanigan Crescent
524Fleet Street
525Fletcher Place
526Fleury Street
527Flexman Crescent
528Flicker Bay
529Fonyo Bay
530Forbes Place
531Ford Street
532Forest Place
533Forestview Bay
534Forget Street
535Forgie Bay
536Forman Bay
537Forsyth Bay
538Forsyth Crescent
539Fort Street
540Foster Bay
541Fowler Street
542Foxglove Crescent
543Foxtail Street
544Francis Street
545Franklin Street
546Fraser Place
547Freeman Road
548French Crescent
549Frontenac Drive
550Froom Crescent
551Fry Bay
552Fuhrmann Crescent
553Fuller Place
554Fulton Drive
555Fyfe Street
556G Avenue
557Gale Street
558Gardiner Avenue
559Gardiner Place
560Garner Avenue
561Garnet Street
562Garrett Avenue
563Garry Street
564Garuik Crescent
565Gelsinger Place
566Genereux Drive
567Gesman Avenue
568Ghandi Bay
569Gibson Street
570Gilhooly Street
571Gillmore Drive
572Glamis Place
573Glasgow Street
574Glasser Bay
575Glencairn Road
576Gloucester Bay
577Goetz Bay
578Goff Place
579Goldfinch Way
580Goldie Street
581Goldman Crescent
582Goodfellow Road
583Goodmurphy Bay
584Gordon Road
585Gordon Road
586Gordon Staseson Boulevard
587Gosse Place
588Gould Bay
589Goulet Place
590Grace Street
591Graham Court
592Graham Road
593Grainger Place
594Grant Drive
595Grant Road
596Grassick Avenue
597Green Meadow Road
598Greencrest Bay
599Greenfield Drive
600Greensboro Drive
601Greensboro Place
602Greensmith Bay
603Greenwood Crescent
604Greenwood Street
605Grey Street
606Griffin Bay
607Groome Avenue
608Grosvenor Street
609Gryphons Walk
610Gudereit Way
611Gull Road
612Gusway Street
613Habkirk Drive
614Habkirk Gate
615Hague Crescent
616Hahn Crescent
617Halifax Street
618Hall Avenue
619Halleran Crescent
620Halleran Place
621Hames Bay
622Hames Crescent
623Hamilton Street
624Hammond Road
625Hammstrom Way
626Hampshire Place
627Hampton Place
628Hanbidge Crescent
629Hancock Bay
630Hanley Crescent
631Hanna Bay
632Hannon Bay
633Hanover Crescent
634Hansen Drive
635Harbour Landing Drive
636Harding Street
637Harlton Bay
638Harrington Mews
639Harrison Way
640Hartman Crescent
641Harvard Way
642Harvest Street
643Harvey Street
644Hastings Crescent
645Hatton Crescent
646Haughton Road
647Haultain Crescent
648Hawkes Avenue
649Hawkes Bay
650Hawthorne Crescent
651Hayden Park Road
652Hayes Crescent
653Haynee Street
654Hayworth Crescent
655Hazel Grove
656Hearne Bay
657Hector Crescent
658Heffernan Drive
659Helmer Place
660Helmsing Street
661Henderson Drive
662Hendry Place
663Herchmer Street
664Heritage Place
665Heron Bay
666Heseltine Gate
667Heseltine Road
668Hesse Place
669Hewitt Place
670Hicke Bay
671Higgins Bay
672Highgrove Court
673Highgrove Road
674Highland Green
675Highland Mews
676Highland Way
677Hill Avenue
678Hill Avenue
679Hill Boulevard
680Hillsdale Street
681Hind Street
682Hird Court
683Hird Crescent
684Hleck Place
685Hoag Bay
686Hockin Avenue
687Hodges Bay
688Hodges Crescent
689Hodgins Crescent
690Hodsman Road
691Hoffer Drive
692Hogarth Place
693Holash Way
694Holland Avenue
695Hooper Bay
696Hopkins Crescent
697Horace Street
698Hosie Place
699Houston Road
700Howe Place
701Howell Drive
702Howson Street
703Hudsons Drive
704Huget Place
705Hughes Street
706Hunt Crescent
707Hunter Place
708Huntington Place
709Hutchinson Crescent
710Hyde Avenue
711Hyland Crescent
712Hyland Street
713Ingersoll Crescent
714Inglis Bay
715Inver Crescent
716Irvin Crescent
717Irvin Street
718Jackson Bay
719Jacobs Bay
720James Crescent
721Jameson Crescent
722Janzen Crescent
723Jaques Place
724Jenkins Drive
725Jim Cairns Boulevard
726Johnstone Street
727Jolly Place
728Jordan Bay
729Joyce Crescent
730Jubilee Avenue
731Juniper Drive
732Junor Drive
733Junor Place
734Jupp Place
735Kangles Street
736Kanuka Place
737Kartusch Place
738Keehr Place
739Keffner Bay
740Kelly Avenue
741Kelsey Street
742Kenderdine Drive
743Kendrick Place
744Kennedy Crescent
745Kensington Avenue
746Kensington Crescent
747Kent Street
748Keohan Crescent
749Kerley Bay
750Kerr Place
751Kestral Drive
752Kew Place
753Kiev Bay
754Killarney Way
755Killdeer Place
756King Boulevard
757King Street
758Kings Road
759Klein Place
760Kleisinger Crescent
761Kliman Crescent
762Knight Crescent
763Knowles Crescent
764Knowles Street
765Knox Place
766Koester Road
767Kohlruss Bay
768Korchinsky Street
769Kowalchuk Crescent
770Kramer Boulevard
771Krauss Street
772Kress Street
773Krivel Crescent
774Kumar Lane
775Kutarna Crescent
776Kyle Street
777Labelle Place
778Lacombe Crescent
779Lacon Street
780Laird Crescent
781Lake Street
782Lakeridge Drive
783Lakeridge Road
784Lakeshore Drive
785Lakeview Avenue
786Lakeview Place
787Lakewood Court
788Lakewood Crescent
789Lakewood Drive
790Lamont Crescent
791Lancaster Place
792Lane Bay
793Lang Avenue
794Langdale Bay
795Langley Street
796Lanigan Drive
797Lansdowne Drive
798Lapchuk Crescent
799Larche Crescent
800Lark Bay
801Larocque Bay
802Latta Street
803Laubach Avenue
804Laubach Crescent
805Laurier Bay
806Laurier Crescent
807Laval Drive
808Laverendrye Way
809Lawrence Drive
810Lawrie Bay
811Lawson Street
812Lax Street
813Laycock Bay
814Le Jeune Place
815Lee Grayson Court
816Lee Grayson Crescent
817Lee Place
818Leger Bay
819Legislative Drive
820Leibel Crescent
821Leonard Street
822Leopold Crescent
823Lepine Road
824Leslie Place
825Levene Crescent
826Lewvan Drive
827Lexier Place
828Liggett Bay
829Lilac Place
830Lincoln Drive
831Linden Grove
832Lindsay Street
833Links Way
834Linner Bay
835Linner Way
836Lipton Place
837Little Bay
838Litzenberger Crescent
839Livingstone Bay
840Lloyd Bay
841Lloyd Crescent
842Lochhead Bay
843Lockwood Road
844Logan Crescent
845Longman Crescent
846Longworthy Bay
847Lorimer Crescent
848Lorimer Place
849Lorne Place
850Lorne Street
851Lorwry Place
852Lothian Mews
853Louise Crescent
854Low Place
855Lowry Place
856Lynn Bay
857Lyons Street
858Macbeth Place
859Mackay Street
860Mackenzie Crescent
861Mackenzie Mews
862Mackenzie Way
863Maclachlan Crescent
864Maclean Street
865Macoun Bay
866Macpherson Avenue
867Macrae Bay
868Macrae Drive
869Magee Crescent
870Mahon Bay
871Mahony Crescent
872Maier Bay
873Malcolm Drive
874Malone Crescent
875Manor Road
876Maple Cove
877Maple Garden Road
878Maple Glen Court
879Maple Hill Crescent
880Maple Place
881Maple Valley Crescent
882Maple View Crescent
883Maple Vista Drive
884Maple Way
885Maplebrook Crescent
886Maplecrest Place
887Mapleford Gate
888Maplegrove Crescent
889Mapleleaf Crescent
890Mapleridge Drive
891Mapleton Bay
892Mapletree Bay
893Maplewood Crescent
894Margaret Place
895Margaret Road
896Marigold Drive
897Markwell Drive
898Marquis Crescent
899Marsh Crescent
900Marshall Crescent
901Martin Crescent
902Martin Street
903Martinac Crescent
904Mason Avenue
905Massey Road
906Massig Bay
907Matheson Crescent
908Mathieu Crescent
909Mawson Avenue
910Mawson Bay
911Maxwell Crescent
912Mayer Place
913Mayfair Crescent
914Mayfield Road
915Mazinke Crescent
916Mcara Street
917Mccallum Avenue
918Mccannel Street
919Mccarthy Boulevard
920Mccaul Crescent
921Mccormick Crescent
922Mccourt Bay
923Mccready Bay
924Mccusker Avenue
925Mcdermid Bay
926Mcdonald Street
927Mcdonald Street
928Mcdougall Crescent
929Mcdougall Road
930Mcgill Place
931Mcgillivray Crescent
932Mcgregor Place
933Mcinnis Crescent
934Mcintosh Street
935Mcintyre Street
936Mckay Street
937Mckee Crescent
938Mckell Bay
939Mckeown Place
940Mckinley Avenue
941Mckinley Avenue
942Mcleod Street
943Mclurg Crescent
944Mcmanus Street
945Mcmaster Place
946Mcmillan Drive
947Mcmurchy Avenue
948Mcnab Crescent
949Mcnall Place
950Mcnaughton Avenue
951Mcneill Crescent
952Mcniven Avenue
953Mcniven Place
954Mcphail Avenue
955Mcread Place
956Mcsherry Crescent
957Mctavish Street
958Mcveety Drive
959Meadow Lane
960Meadow Park Crescent
961Meadow Way
962Meadowsweet Lane
963Melrose Place
964Melville Avenue
965Menzies Place
966Merlin Crescent
967Merritt Crescent
968Metcalfe Road
969Michener Drive
970Middleton Crescent
971Middleton Place
972Mikkelson Bay
973Mikkelson Drive
974Milford Crescent
975Mill Bay
976Millar Crescent
977Milliken Bay
978Milne Street
979Minot Drive
980Minot Place
981Minto Street
982Mitchell Crescent
983Moffat Bay
984Mollard Crescent
985Molloy Road
986Montague Street
987Montgomery Road
988Montreal Crescent
989Montreal Street
990Moore Bay
991More Crescent
992Moriarty Road
993Morris Crescent
994Morton Bay
995Mossing Bay
996Motherwell Crescent
997Mount Royal Place
998Mountbatten Crescent
999Mowat Place
1000Mullin Avenue
1001Munroe Place
1002Murphy Crescent
1003Murray Avenue
1004Murray Place
1005Nagel Crescent
1006Nathan Street
1007Navy Way
1008Neal Bay
1009Neatby Avenue
1010Neff Road
1011Neill Place
1012Neilson Crescent
1013Nelles Street
1014Newis Bay
1015Newlands Street
1016Newport Road
1017Newstead Avenue
1018Newton Crescent
1019Nicol Place
1020Nicurity Drive
1021Nighthawk Place
1022Nollet Avenue
1023Noonan Road
1024Norman Mackenzie Road
1025Normandy Avenue
1026Norris Road
1027North Railway Street
1028North West Boulevard West
1029Norwood Crescent
1030Nottingham Crescent
1031Oakview Bay
1032Oakview Drive
1033Obrien Bay
1034Oddie Street
1035Odin Walk
1036Old Broad Street
1037Olive Grove
1038Oliver Crescent
1039Olson Place
1040Oneill Street
1041Orchard Crescent
1042Orchard Drive
1043Orchard Road
1044Orchid Way
1045Oriole Place
1046Orr Bay
1047Ortman Bay
1048Osborne Crescent
1049Osgoode Circle
1050Osler Place
1051Osler Street
1052Ottawa Place
1053Ottawa Street
1054Otter Lane
1055Oxbow Crescent
1056Oxford Bay
1057Oxford Street
1058Palliser Street
1059Pappas Crescent
1060Par Place
1061Park Avenue
1062Park Street
1063Parker Avenue
1064Parkland Drive
1065Parkwood Road
1066Parliament Avenue
1067Parsons Bay
1068Partridge Crescent
1069Pasqua Gate
1070Pasqua Gate East
1071Pasqua Gate West
1072Pasqua Street
1073Patricia Avenue
1074Patterson Drive
1075Patton Street
1076Pawson Street
1077Paynter Crescent
1078Pearlman Bay
1079Pearson Place
1080Peart Crescent
1081Pederson Crescent
1082Pederson Street
1083Pelican Place
1084Pells Drive
1085Penfold Place
1086Pense Bay
1087Pepper Drive
1088Peregrine Place
1089Perry Avenue
1090Petersmeyer Street
1091Pettigrew Avenue
1092Pettingell Street
1093Peyson Bay
1094Phaneuf Crescent
1095Philip Road
1096Piapot Bay
1097Pickard Street
1098Pierlet Avenue
1099Pike Avenue
1100Pincherry Place
1101Pine Place
1102Pinewood Road
1103Pinkie Road
1104Pioneer Drive
1105Plainsview Drive
1106Plant Crescent
1107Pleasant Place
1108Pleasantview Bay
1109Plentywood Bay
1110Pollard Avenue
1111Pond Place
1112Poplar Place
1113Porteous Street
1114Portland Crescent
1115Portnall Avenue
1116Potts Crescent
1117Powell Place
1118Powerhouse Drive
1119Powers Bay
1120Prairie Bay
1121Prairie View Drive
1122Preston Crescent
1123Price Crescent
1124Primrose Lane
1125Prince Of Wales Drive
1126Princess Drive
1127Princess Place
1128Princess Street
1129Probe Street
1130Procter Place
1131Prospect Place
1132Quance Gate
1133Quance Street
1134Quappelle Drive
1135Quebec Street
1136Queen Street
1137Queens Gate
1138Quincy Drive
1139Quinn Drive
1140Radisson Bay
1141Radway Street
1142Rae Street
1143Ramsey Drive
1144Randall Road
1145Rankin Drive
1146Ratner Crescent
1147Rawlinson Bay
1148Rawlinson Crescent
1149Rawlinson Place
1150Read Avenue
1151Reed Place
1152Regency Square
1153Regent Street
1154Regina Avenue
1155Reibling Bay
1156Reilly Avenue
1157Rendek Avenue
1158Rendek Crescent
1159Renfrew Crescent
1160Research Drive
1161Retallack Street
1162Rever Drive
1163Reves Place
1164Reves Road
1165Reynolds Street
1166Rhodeniser Avenue
1167Richardson Crescent
1168Richmond Place
1169Riddel Crescent
1170Rideout Bay
1171Rimmer Bay
1172Ring Road
1173Ring Road
1174Ring Road
1175Rink Avenue
1176Ritchie Crescent
1177Ritter Avenue
1178Riverbend Crescent
1179Riverbend Place
1180Roberts Place
1181Robertson Bay
1182Robin Place
1183Robinson Crescent
1184Robinson Street
1185Rochdale Boulevard
1186Rodenbush Drive
1187Rogers Place
1188Rogers Road
1189Rooke Place
1190Rootman Avenue
1191Rose Street
1192Rosemont Crescent
1193Rosen Crescent
1194Rosewood Place
1195Ross Avenue
1196Ross Avenue
1197Rossie Drive
1198Rothesay Crescent
1199Rothwell Crescent
1200Rothwell Street
1201Roulston Bay
1202Roulston Street
1203Rousseau Crescent
1204Rowell Crescent
1205Roy Street
1206Royal Street
1207Runciman Crescent
1208Rupert Place
1209Rupert Street
1210Rush Place
1211Russell Place
1212Rutley Street
1213Ryan Road
1214Sagebrush Crescent
1215Salemka Crescent
1216Salterio Crescent
1217Salverson Bay
1218Sampson Place
1219Samuels Crescent
1220Sandison Crescent
1221Sandpiper Crescent
1222Sandra Shmirler Road
1223Sandringham Crescent
1224Sandringham Road
1225Sangster Boulevard
1226Saskatchewan Drive
1227Saskatchewan Drive
1228Saskatchewan Road
1229Scarth Street
1230Schemmer Bay
1231Schiller Bay
1232Schmidt Place
1233Schneider Crescent
1234Schwann Place
1235Schwartz Way
1236Schwarzfeld Place
1237Schweitzer Drive
1238Scott Street
1239Scrivener Crescent
1240Searle Bay
1241Secord Place
1242Selby Crescent
1243Selby Place
1244Selinger Crescent
1245Selkirk Crescent
1246Selo Place
1247Semple Bay
1248Seymour Crescent
1249Shannon Road
1250Shattuck Bay
1251Shaw Street
1252Shaw Street
1253Sheffield Place
1254Sheppard Street
1255Shera Bay
1256Sherlock Bay
1257Sherlock Drive
1258Sherman Road
1259Sherwood Drive
1260Sherwood Drive
1261Shooter Drive
1262Shore Bay
1263Shortgrass Bay
1264Shumiatcher Crescent
1265Sibbald Crescent
1266Sidler Drive
1267Sidney Street
1268Sihvon Bay
1269Silverman Bay
1270Simpson Road
1271Sinclair Street
1272Singer Court
1273Singer Crescent
1274Sinton Avenue
1275Sioux Drive
1276Slinn Bay
1277Smishek Drive
1278Smith Street
1279Sneath Crescent
1280Sneddon Street
1281Snowberry Way
1282Solie Crescent
1283Solomon Drive
1284Sommerfeld Drive
1285Sommerville Road
1286South Railway Street
1287South Railway Street
1288Southam Street
1289Southeast Leisure Centre Lane
1290Southwood Lane
1291Sparrow Street
1292Spence Street
1293Spicer Place
1294Spiess Bay
1295Spooner Drive
1296Springstien Avenue
1297Spruceview Road
1298St Andrews Road
1299St Chads Crescent
1300St Gibbings Bay
1301St James Bay
1302St James Crescent
1303St James Road
1304St John Place
1305St John Street
1306Staff Crescent
1307Stanley Crescent
1308Stapleford Crescent
1309Staples Bay
1310Starlite Street
1311Steele Crescent
1312Steer Avenue
1313Stephens Bay
1314Sterling Bay
1315Stern Bay
1316Stewart Avenue
1317Stice Crescent
1318Stinson Avenue
1319Stock Road
1320Stockton Street
1321Stockton Stret
1322Stoney Lane
1323Storey Crescent
1324Strathmore Place
1325Straub Crescent
1326Straub Street
1327Struthers Crescent
1328Sturby Place
1329Sturdy Street
1330Styles Crescent
1331Sunninghill Crescent
1332Sunset Drive
1333Sures Bay
1334Sussex Crescent
1335Swain Place
1336Swainson Street
1337Swan Place
1338Swayze Crescent
1339Sweeney Street
1340Symons Place
1341Taggart Place
1342Tamarack Grove
1343Tanager Crescent
1344Tate Street
1345Taylor Court
1346Taylor Crescent
1347Tell Place
1348Thacker Bay
1349Thames Crescent
1350Thames Road
1351Thatcher Road
1352Thistle Bay
1353Thomas Bay
1354Thomson Avenue
1355Thorn Crescent
1356Thornicroft Bay
1357Thornton Avenue
1358Thrush Street
1359Thurton Crescent
1360Tibbits Road
1361Tiger Moth Lane
1362Todd Bay
1363Toothill Street
1364Toronto Street
1365Tregarva Drive
1366Tremaine Avenue
1367Trifunov Bay
1368Trifunov Crescent
1369Trudeau Bay
1370Truedelle Crescent
1371Truesdale Drive
1372Tudor Place
1373Tufts Bay
1374Turgeon Crescent
1375Turnbull Place
1376Turner Crescent
1377Turvey Road
1378Tutor Drive
1379Tweedsmuir Bay
1380Tyvan Avenue
1381Uhrich Avenue
1382Underhill Crescent
1383University Drive
1384University Drive East
1385University Drive North
1386University Drive South
1387University Drive West
1388University Park Drive
1389Upland Drive
1390Usher Street
1391Usher Street
1392Van Egmond Place
1393Van Horne Avenue
1394Vanier Drive
1395Vaughan Street
1396Vennels Street
1397Venture Road
1398Vernon Crescent
1399Victoria Avenue
1400Victoria Avenue
1401Victoria Avenue
1402Victory Crescent
1403Violet Crescent
1404Waddell Crescent
1405Wadey Drive
1406Wadge Street
1407Wagman Drive
1408Wakefield Crescent
1409Walden Crescent
1410Walker Crescent
1411Walker Street
1412Wallace Drive
1413Wallace Street
1414Walter Crescent
1415Warner Bay
1416Warwick Drive
1417Wascana Circle
1418Wascana Court
1419Wascana Court Bay
1420Wascana Court Crescent
1421Wascana Court Place
1422Wascana Cove Drive
1423Wascana Cove Place
1424Wascana Cove Way
1425Wascana Drive
1426Wascana Estate
1427Wascana Estates
1428Wascana Gardens Bay
1429Wascana Gardens Crescent
1430Wascana Gardens Drive
1431Wascana Gardens Lane
1432Wascana Gardens Place
1433Wascana Gardens Point
1434Wascana Gardens Road
1435Wascana Gardens Way
1436Wascana Gate East
1437Wascana Gate North
1438Wascana Glen
1439Wascana Green
1440Wascana Heights
1441Wascana Highlands
1442Wascana Meadow
1443Wascana Meadows
1444Wascana Mews
1445Wascana Parkway
1446Wascana Ridge
1447Wascana Street
1448Wascana View Drive
1449Wascana Villa Road
1450Wascana Vista
1451Watts Bay
1452Waxwing Place
1453Weaver Street
1454Webster Crescent
1455Wedgewood Way
1456Weekes Bay
1457Weicker Bay
1458Weisbrot Place
1459Well Street
1460Wellband Drive
1461Wellington Place
1462Wells Bay
1463Wesley Road
1464Wessel Bay
1465Wesson Bay
1466Westbrook Court
1467Westfair Road
1468Westfield Drive
1469Westgate Avenue
1470Westminster Road
1471Wetmore Crescent
1472Wheatley Bay
1473Wheaton Crescent
1474Wheeler Crescent
1475Whelan Drive
1476White Bay
1477Whitmore Avenue
1478Wigert Drive
1479Wilde Lane
1480Wilkie Road
1481Wilkinson Avenue
1482Wilkinson Crescent
1483Williams Crescent
1484Williams Street
1485Willingdon Bay
1486Williston Drive
1487Willoughby Crescent
1488Willow Road
1489Willowview Street
1490Wilson Crescent
1491Wimbledon Bay
1492Wimbledon Drive
1493Wimbledon Place
1494Winchester Road
1495Windfield Gate
1496Windfield Road
1497Windsor Park Bay
1498Windsor Park Crescent
1499Windsor Park Place
1500Windsor Park Road
1501Windsor Place
1502Winnipeg Street
1503Winslow Bay
1504Wintergreen Bay
1505Wolfe Place
1506Wood Crescent
1507Woodhams Drive
1508Woodland Drive
1509Woodland Gate
1510Woodlawn Place
1511Woods Bay
1512Woodsworth Crescent
1513Woodward Avenue
1514Worobetz Crescent
1515Yarnton Crescent
1516Yingst Bay
1517York Street
1518Young Crescent
1519Youngson Place
1520Zaran Crescent
1521Zech Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)