List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Yorkton, Saskatchewan
#Street Name
11 Avenue
22 Avenue North
32 Avenue South
43 Avenue North
53 Avenue South
64 Avenue North
74 Avenue South
85 Avenue North
95 Avenue South
106 Avenue North
117 Avenue North
127 Avenue South
138 Avenue
148 Avenue North
15Addison Street
16Agricultural Avenue
17Alexandra Avenue
18Allan Bay
19Allanbrooke Drive
20Anderson Drive
21Appleton Drive
22Argyle Street
23Ashwood Place
24Aspen Place
25Assiniboia Avenue
26Bailey Drive
27Ball Road
28Ball Road East
29Balmoral Street
30Barbour Avenue
31Beck Avenue
32Betts Avenue
33Biggs Crescent
34Blackwell Crescent
35Booth Street
36Borden Street
37Bradbrooke Drive
38Broadway Street East
39Broadway Street East
40Broadway Street West
41Brodie Avenue
42Bull Crescent
43Burke Street
44Calder Place
45Caldwell Drive
46Calwood Crescent
47Cameron Street
48Canwood Crescent
49Cardinal Bay
50Catherine Street
51Cedarwood Crescent
52Centennial Drive
53Charleswood Crescent
54Circlebrooke Drive
55Clarewood Crescent
56Clarke Avenue
57Collacott Drive
58Collacott Street East
59Collacott Street West
60Collingwood Crescent
61Crescent Avenue
62Crestwood Crescent
63Dalebrooke Drive
64Dalewood Crescent
65Darlington Street East
66Darlington Street West
67Deerwood Crescent
68Delaere Drive
69Dogwood Crescent
70Dominion Avenue
71Douglas Avenue
72Dracup Avenue
73Drake Bay
74Driftwood Crescent
75Drummond Avenue
76Duncan Street East
77Duncan Street West
78Dunlop Street East
79Dunlop Street West
80Dunning Bay
81Elizabeth Avenue
82Elmwood Place
83Erichsen Place
84Exhibition Street
85Fenson Crescent
86Fietz Street
87Foster Street
88Frank Avenue
89Franklin Avenue
90Franklin Drive
91Franko Drive
92Garry Place
93George Avenue
94Gibson Bay
95Gladstone Avenue North
96Gladstone Avenue Northeast
97Gladstone Avenue South
98Glenbrooke Drive
99Good Spirit Crescent
100Gordon Avenue
101Gordon Avenue
102Green Street
103Hamilton Road
104Harris Street
105Haultain Avenue
106Henderson Drive
107Henderson Street East
108Henderson Street West
109Henry Avenue
110High Street
111Hillbrooke Drive
112Imperial Street
113Independent Street
114Industrial Avenue
115Irwin Avenue
116James Avenue
117Johnston Bay
118Jubilee Crescent
119Kelsey Bay
120Kelvin Street
121Kelwood Place
122Kilborn Bay
123King Street East
124King Street West
125Kipling Street
126Kittel Avenue
127Laird Bay
128Lakeview Road
129Langrill Drive
130Larmour Bay
131Laurier Avenue
132Lawrence Avenue
133Lincoln Avenue
134Livingstone Street
135Logan Crescent East
136Logan Crescent West
137Macfarline Avenue
138Mackenzie Drive
139Madge Way
140Magrath Street
141Manitoba Avenue
142Maple Avenue
143Marquis Crescent North
144Marquis Crescent South
145Matheson Crescent
146Mayfair Avenue
147Mayhew Avenue
148Mcburney Drive
149Mcleod Drive
150Mcneil Crescent
151Melrose Avenue
152Melville Avenue
153Milne Bay
154Milton Street
155Moritz Bay
156Morris Bay
157Morrison Drive
158Mossfield Place
159Mountview Road
160Much Avenue
161Myrtle Avenue
162Newfield Place
163North Street
164Northfield Bay
165Northview Road
166Ontario Avenue
167Palliser Way
168Park Road
169Park Street
170Parklane Drive
171Parkview Road
172Parkwood Road
173Peaker Avenue
174Peter Pond Road
175Pinkerton Bay
176Pleasant Avenue
177Poplar Bay
178Poplar Gate
179Potoski Street
180Queen Street
181Rae Avenue
182Reaman Avenue
183Redfield Bay
184Redwood Drive
185Regent Bay
186Riverside Drive
187Riverside Terrace
188Riverview Bay
189Riverview Road
190Rosefield Drive
191Roslyn Avenue
192Ross Drive
193Russell Drive
194Simpson Street
195Smith Street East
196Smith Street West
197South Front South
198South Front Street
199Spice Drive
200Steele Bay
201Stewart Crescent
202Stillwater Bay
203Sunset Drive North
204Sunset Drive South
205Sunset Gate
206Switzer Bay
207Tamarack Cove
208Thompson Avenue
209Tupper Avenue
210Victor Place
211Victoria Avenue
212Wallace Avenue
213Waterloo Road
214Wellington Avenue
215Wellington Park Road
216Whitesand Drive
217Whitewater Place
218William Street
219Willow Crescent
220Wilson Crescent
221Winchester Street
222Windfield Place
223Wynn Place
224York Road East
225York Road West

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)