List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
#Street Name
1Adit Lane
2Aishihik Road
3Alaska Highway
4Alaska Highway
5Alaska Highway
6Alaska Highway
7Alaska Highway
8Alaska Highway
9Alaska Highway
10Alder Place
11Alder Street
12Alexander Street
13Almond Place
14Alsek Road
15Alusru Way
16Amethyst Trail
17Antwerp Street
18Aquamarine Place
19Arctic Chief Place
20Arkell Place
21Arleux Place
22Arnhem Road
23Askin Place
24Aspen Place
25Aster Place
26Azure Road
27Balsam Crescent
28Bamboo Crescent
29Barkley-grow Crescent
30Basswood Street
31Bates Crescent
32Baxter Street
33Beech Street
34Bell Crescent
35Bennett Road
36Beringia Interpretive Centre
37Beryl Place
38Birch Road
39Birch Street
40Black Bear Lane
41Black Street
42Blaker Place
43Blanchard Road
44Bluebell Place
45Bluejay Way
46Bonanza Place
47Booth Road
48Boss Road
49Boswell Crescent
50Boulder Road
51Bowen Crescent
52Boxwood Crescent
53Boyd Crescent
54Bryde Place
55Burns Road
56Buttercup Place
57Cache Place
58Calcite Road
59Cambrai Place
60Canyon Crescent
61Caribou Road
62Carlisle Place
63Carnelian Court
64Carpiquet Road
65Cassino Street
66Castle Drive
67Cedar Crescent
68Centennial Street
69Chadburn Crescent
70Chadburn Lake Road
71Chadburn Lake Road
72Chalet Crescent
73Chestnut Place
74Chilkoot Way
75Chinook Lane
76Chum Place
77Cirque Place
78Clifton Road
79Cloudberry Lane
80Coho Trail
81College Drive
82Collins Lane
83Columbine Place
84Condor Road
85Cook Street
86Copper Haul Road
87Copper Road
88Couch Road
89Cousins Airfield Road
90Crag Road
91Cranberry Place
92Crevasse Court
93Crocus Place
94Cronkhite Road
95Crow Street
96Dalton Trail
97Dawson Road
98Denver Road
99Denver Road
100Dezadeash Road
101Diamond Way
102Dieppe Drive
103Dogwood Street
104Dolly Varden Drive
105Donjek Road
106Drift Drive
107Drumlin Crescent
108Drury Street
109Duke Road
110Eagle Place
111Ear Lake Road
112East View Place
113Ebony Place
114Eighth Avenue
115Electra Crescent
116Eleventh Avenue East
117Elliott Street
118Elm Street
119Emerald Trail
120Engelman Drive
121Esker Drive
122Evergreen Crescent
123Fairchild Place
124Falaise Place
125Falaise Road
126Falcon Drive
127Fifteenth Avenue West
128Fifth Avenue
129Finch Crescent
130Fir Street
131Fireweed Drive
132First Avenue
133Firth Road
134Fish Lake Road
135Fish Lake Road
136Fourteenth Avenue East
137Fourth Avenue
138Fox Farm Road
139Fraser Road
140Galena Road
141Garden Road
142Garnet Crescent
143Gem Place
144Gibbons Place
145Gillis Place
146Glacier Road
147Gold Road
148Goldeneye Place
149Goldeneye Street
150Grafter Place
151Granite Road
152Grayling Place
153Green Crescent
154Grey Mountain Road
155Grey Mountain Road
156Grey Mountain Road
157Grizzly Circle
158Grouse Crescent
159Grove Street
160Gypsum Road
161Haeckel Tower Road
162Haldane Place
163Hamilton Boulevard
164Hamilton Boulevard
165Hanna Crescent
166Hanson Street
167Harbottle Road
168Hart Crescent
169Harvey Place
170Harvey Road
171Hawkins Street
172Hayes Crescent
173Hayes Place
174Heiland Road
175Hemlock Street
176Heron Drive
177Hickory Street
178Hillcrest Drive
179Hoge Street
180Holly Street
181Hospital Road
182Hyland Crescent
183Ibex Street
184Ice Lake Road
185Industrial Road
186Iris Place
187Iron Horse Drive
188Jade Road
189Jarvis Street
190Jasper Road
191Jeckell Street
192Johnston Road
193Juniper Drive
194Kalzas Place
195Kame Court
196Kathleen Road
197Keele Place
198Keewenaw Drive
199Keish Street
200Kettle Lake Place
201Ketza Road
202Kingbird Road
203Klondike Highway
204Klondike Road
205Kluane Crescent
206Kluhini Crescent
207Klukshu Avenue
208Kodiak Place
209Koidern Avenue
210Kokanee Place
211Kusawa Road
212Laberge Road
213Lambert Street
214Land Fill Access Road
215Landsdowne Road
216Langholz Road
217Larch Road
218Larkspur Place
219Lazulite Drive
220Levich Drive
221Lewes Boulevard
222Liard Road
223Light Crescent
224Lindeman Road
225Lobird Road
226Locust Place
227Lodestar Lane
228Logan Road
229Loganberry Lane
230Long Lake Road
231Long Lake Road
232Long Lake Road
233Loon Road
234Lorne Road
235Lowe Street
236Lupin Place
237Macaulay Road
238Macdonald Road
239Macpherson Road
240Magpie Road
241Main Street
242Mallard Way
243Maple Street
244Marigold Place
245Marion Crescent
246Mayo Road
247Mccandless Crescent
248Mcclennanan Road
249Mcclimon Crescent
250Mccrimmon Crescent
251Mcfadden Way
252Mcintyre Drive
253Mclean Lake Quarry Road
254Mcquesten Road
255Metropolit Lane
256Miles Canyon Road
257Minto Road
258Moonstone Lane
259Moraine Drive
260Moraine Drive
261Morley Road
262Mossberry Lane
263Mount Sima Road
264Mountain View Drive
265Mountain View Place North
266Mountain View Place South
267Mulberry Place
268Murphy Road
269Nansen Drive
270Nijmegan Road
271Ninth Avenue East
272Nisutlin Drive
280Normandy Road
281Norseman Road
282North Star Drive
283Nunatak Place
284Nuthatch Place
285O'brien Place
286O'brien Road
287Oak Street
288Ogilvie Street
289Old Alaska Highway
290Olivine Place
291Orchid Place
292Ortona Road
293Otter Road
294Parent Lane
295Park Lane
296Peel Road
297Pelly Road
298Phelps Place
299Pike Place
300Pilgrim Place
301Pine Street
302Pingo Place
303Pintail Place
304Pintail Street
305Platinum Road
306Ponderosa Drive
307Poplar Road
308Primrose Road
309Pringle Crescent
310Prospector Road
311Ptarmigan Place
312Pueblo Court
313Pueblo Crescent
314Quartz Road
315Rainbow Road
316Range Road
317Ray Street
318Redwood Street
319Rhine Way
320River Ridge Lane
321Robert Service Way
322Roderick Place
323Rogers Street
324Rosewood Place
325Ross Road
326Rotary Park
327Roundel Road
328Ruby Lane
329Ryder Place
330Sage Place
331Salmon Trail
332Salter Place
333Sandpiper Drive
334Sapphire Lane
335Second Avenue
336Seine Square
337Selkirk Street
338Serac Court
339Seventeenth Avenue East
340Seventeenth Avenue West
341Seventh Avenue
342Silver Road
343Sitka Crescent
344Sixth Avenue
345Skookum Drive
346Soapberry Lane
347Sockeye Place
348Spinel Place
349Spruce Street
350Squanga Avenue
351Squatter's Row
352Steele Street
353Stewart Road
354Stope Way
355Strawberry Lane
356Strickland Street
357Sumanik Drive
358Summit Road
359Sunset Drive North
360Sunset Drive South
361Swan Drive
362Sycamore Street
363Tabor Crescent
364Tagish Road
365Tahltan Road
366Takhini Avenue
367Talus Drive
368Tamarack Drive
369Tarn Court
370Tatchun Road
371Tay Street
372Taylor Street
373Teak Avenue
374Tenth Avenue East
375Teslin Road
376Third Avenue
377Thirteenth Avenue East
378Thompson Road
379Tigereye Crescent
380Timothy Place
381Tlingit Street
382Tombstone Place
383Topaz Crescent
384Trimotor Way
385Tungsten Road
386Turner Crescent
387Tutshi Road
388Twelfth Avenue East
389Two Mile Hill Road
390Valerie Crescent
391Valley View Drive
392Valleyview Crescent
393Van Gorda Place
394Versluce Place
395Vimy Place
396Vista View Place
397Walnut Crescent
398Wann Road
399War Eagle Way
400Warbler Way
401Waterfront Place
402West View Place
403Wheeler Street
404Whitehorse Airport Public Parking
405Wickstrom Road
406Williams Place
407Williams Road
408Willow Crescent
409Wilson Drive
410Winze Lane
411Winze Place
412Wood Street
413Wren Place
414Yew Place
415Zircon Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)