List of UK Local Authorities

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NameLocalityLocal AuthorityAdministrative area
Ehen AvenueHarbourCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen Court RoadEgremontCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen GarthEnnerdale and KinnisideCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen Hall GardensCleator MoorCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen PlaceCleator MoorCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen RoadSt. John BeckermetCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehen RoadCleator MoorCopeland District (B)Cumbria County
Ehlinger AvenueSt. CharlesHigh Peak District (B)Derbyshire County
Ehringshausen WayHaverhillSt. Edmundsbury District (B)Suffolk County

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