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      United States Maps Alphabetically
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1P & R AirportNebraskaAirport
2P 16 Water WellNew MexicoWell
3P A CanyonNew MexicoValley
4P A LateralIdahoCanal
5P A LateralIdahoCanal
6P A MountainNew MexicoSummit
7P A Nehring Forest PreserveIllinoisPark
8P A Smith HotelTexasBuilding
9P A Walsh Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
10P And A Deptford HeliportNew JerseyAirport
11P And D Farm And NurseryNew YorkLocale
12P And E JunctionArizonaPopulated Place
13P And E RidgeWashingtonRidge
14P And E Tunnel MineColoradoMine
15P And G ClaimsNew MexicoMine
16P And H Mobile Home CourtIowaPopulated Place
17P And J Modern Trailer CourtMinnesotaPopulated Place
18P And M Bank Club LakeTexasLake
19P And M Bank Club Lake DamTexasDam
20P And M DairyCaliforniaLocale
21P And M EstatesOhioPopulated Place
22P And N Gerig RanchCaliforniaLocale
23P And P SpringOregonSpring
24P And R Mobile Home ParkOhioPopulated Place
25P And W PatchPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
26P B CreekArizonaStream
27P B CreekWyomingStream
28P B Dickens Catfish Ponds DamMississippiDam
29P B Dye Golf ClubMarylandLocale
30P B RanchArizonaLocale
31P B Ritch Elementary SchoolGeorgiaSchool
32P B S S P South CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
33P B Smith Elementary SchoolVirginiaSchool
34P B SpringArizonaSpring
35P B SpringWyomingSpring
36P Bachman DamSouth DakotaDam
37P Baker RanchTexasLocale
38P Bar CampArizonaLocale
39P Bar LakeArizonaLake
40P Brent Trottier SchoolMassachusettsSchool
41P C Crawford RanchCaliforniaLocale
42P C Jantz Elementary/odessa High SchoolWashingtonSchool
43P C LymanNew MexicoMine
44P C MineWyomingMine
45P C Rapid Transit YardNew YorkLocale
46P C SpringArizonaSpring
47P CanalIdahoCanal
48P CanalMontanaCanal
49P Claim MineWyomingMine
50P Coleman Pond DamMississippiDam
51P Collins StatueMassachusettsPark
52P Coyne RanchOregonLocale
53P Cross RanchNebraskaLocale
54P D Brown Memorial Branch Charles County LibraryMarylandBuilding
55P D C CampColoradoLocale
56P D Chatterton Middle SchoolMichiganSchool
57P D CreekMissouriStream
58P D FlatArkansasFlat
59P D Flat ChurchArkansasChurch
60P D HelisportArizonaAirport
61P D Pitts DamVirginiaDam
62P DebonnerTexasLocale
63P DrainCaliforniaCanal
64P E And E Crossing (historical)OregonLocale
65P E And E Crossing (historical)OregonLocale
66P E Grubb LakeOhioLake
67P E Grubb Lake DamOhioDam
68P E Moore Pond DamMississippiDam
69P E Shotwell CenterTexasPark
70P E Sixteen Point Four WastewayWashingtonCanal
71P Elia RanchNevadaLocale
72P F Cogswell Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
73P F Stewart Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
74P Fister DamWyomingDam
75P Fister ReservoirWyomingReservoir
76P Flores LakeTexasReservoir
77P Flores Lake DamTexasDam
78P G Palmer ParkMichiganPark
79P G T Beauregard Middle School (historical)LouisianaSchool
80P Garr DamSouth DakotaDam
81P Gay MountainNew YorkSummit
82P Gerig RanchCaliforniaLocale
83P Goicoechea RanchNevadaLocale
84P Goodwin RanchNebraskaLocale
85P Guest RanchNevadaLocale
86P Gurule SpringNew MexicoSpring
87P H D Oil FieldTexasOilfield
88P H Glatfelter Company AmbulanceOhioBuilding
89P H Greene Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
90P H Greene Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
91P H Hoeft State ParkMichiganPark
92P H I HeliportLouisianaAirport
93P H Kuyper GymnasiumIowaBuilding
94P H Miller Elementary SchoolIllinoisSchool
95P H Tischhauser LakeTexasLake
96P H Tischhauser Lake DamTexasDam
97P Hart RanchOregonLocale
98P HillOregonRidge
99P HillUtahSummit
100P J Bass LakeMissouriLake
101P J Bass Lake DamMissouriDam
102P J Family CampgroundMichiganLocale
103P J Hoffmaster State ParkMichiganPark
104P J Jacobs Junior High SchoolWisconsinSchool
105P K AirparkNorth CarolinaAirport
106P K Cow CampWyomingLocale
107P K CreekMontanaStream
108P K DitchWyomingCanal
109P K DrawWyomingValley
110P K PassIdahoGap
111P K RanchCaliforniaLocale
112P K RanchMontanaLocale
113P K RanchWyomingLocale
114P K School (historical)MontanaSchool
115P K SpringMontanaSpring
116P Kelly RanchTexasLocale
117P L Bolin Elementary SchoolIllinoisSchool
118P L Post Office (historical)IowaPost Office
119P L Ranch (historical)CaliforniaLocale
120P LateralCaliforniaCanal
121P Lorang Grazing Association DamSouth DakotaDam
122P M Akin Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
123P M And B QuarryIndianaMine
124P M Delaubenfelds DamOregonDam
125P M Delaubenfelds ReservoirOregonLake
126P M Johnston Dam Number OneAlabamaDam
127P M Johnston Dam Number TwoAlabamaDam
128P M Johnston Lake Number OneAlabamaLake
129P M Johnston Lake Number TwoAlabamaLake
130P M LateralTexasCanal
131P M Miller DamOklahomaDam
132P M Miller ReservoirOklahomaLake
133P M Norwood DamAlabamaDam
134P M RanchArizonaLocale
135P Measells Lake DamMississippiDam
136P Meike RanchWyomingLocale
137P MineIllinoisMine
138P Munson RanchNebraskaLocale
139P N Ranch School (historical)MontanaSchool
140P NeffTexasLocale
141P Nelson RanchNorth DakotaLocale
142P Nygard RanchNorth DakotaLocale
143P O CreekOregonStream
144P O Dawson RampHawaiiLocale
145P O L RanchNew MexicoLocale
146P O LateralTexasCanal
147P O RanchWyomingLocale
148P O SaddleOregonGap
149P O Saddle Recreation SiteOregonLocale
150P P & L CanalOregonCanal
151P P H HeliportTexasAirport
152P Plummers GrantFloridaCivil
153P R D 449 DamCaliforniaDam
154P R DamWyomingDam
155P R L And P Crossing (historical)OregonLocale
156P R Leyva Junior High SchoolNew MexicoSchool
157P R Olgiati BridgeTennesseeBridge
158P R Prunty RanchNevadaLocale
159P R Rankin DamNorth CarolinaDam
160P R ReservoirWyomingReservoir
161P R SpringUtahSpring
162P RanchArizonaLocale
163P RanchOregonLocale
164P Ranch CanyonArizonaValley
165P ReservoirOregonLake
166P S Academy Of Martial ArtsIllinoisSchool
167P S ConnellTexasLocale
168P S Jones Junior High SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
169P S KnollArizonaSummit
170P S Knoll Forest CampArizonaLocale
171P S Knoll Lookout TowerArizonaTower
172P S O LakeOklahomaLake
173P S O Lake DamOklahomaDam
174P S RanchArizonaLocale
175P S Spring TankArizonaLake
176P Simmons PlaceNew MexicoPopulated Place
177P Six RanchArizonaLocale
178P Stradinger Number 2 DamSouth DakotaDam
179P Strasburger RanchNebraskaLocale
180P Street BridgeDistrict of ColumbiaBridge
181P T Barnum MuseumConnecticutBuilding
182P T Barnum SquareConnecticutPark
183P T Coe Elementary SchoolArizonaSchool
184P T Shaft MineColoradoMine
185P TankArizonaLake
186P Ulibarri RanchNew MexicoLocale
187P W And S Junction StationPennsylvaniaLocale
188P W Engvall Middle SchoolCaliforniaSchool
189P W FlatsMontanaFlat
190P W Hyde RanchOregonLocale
191P W Johnson Memorial AirportWest VirginiaAirport
192P W RidgeMontanaRidge
193P Wright And G Wright RanchNorth DakotaLocale
194P Wright RanchNorth DakotaLocale
195P X CanyonCaliforniaValley
196P X FlatTexasFlat
197P X RanchUtahLocale
198P Z Cervantes ParkCaliforniaPark

Source: U.S. Board on Geographic Names | geonames.usgs.gov

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