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      United States Maps Alphabetically
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1S & S Avion Ranch AirportFloridaAirport
2S & S Landing Strip AirportGeorgiaAirport
3S & S Ranch AirportNew MexicoAirport
4S & S Ranch AirportWisconsinAirport
5S 2 CanalNevadaCanal
6S 5 A DrainNevadaCanal
7S 5 CanalNevadaCanal
8S 7 CanalNevadaCanal
9S A Barrett DamAlabamaDam
10S A CanyonOregonValley
11S A CreekNew MexicoStream
12S A D 70 Elementary SchoolMaineSchool
13S A Easley HouseTexasBuilding
14S A Heyward Career CenterSouth CarolinaSchool
15S A HillArizonaSummit
16S A Hodge Senior BridgeGeorgiaBridge
17S A Hull Elementary SchoolFloridaSchool
18S A Lee Number 1 DamMontanaDam
19S A Moffett Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
20S A Ross BuildingNew YorkBuilding
21S A TankArizonaReservoir
22S Allison RanchTexasLocale
23S And A FeedlotNebraskaLocale
24S And B FarmsIllinoisLocale
25S And C 8th And Market HelistopPennsylvaniaAirport
26S And C ColoniaTexasPopulated Place
27S And C Distribution Center HeliportPennsylvaniaAirport
28S And C Echelon HeliportNew JerseyAirport
29S And DUtahPopulated Place
30S And D MineColoradoMine
31S And D Mobile Home ParkTennesseePopulated Place
32S And E Farms Independence AirstripOregonAirport
33S And E JunctionFloridaLocale
34S And E TankArizonaLake
35S And G CanyonSouth DakotaValley
36S And G Poultry FarmIndianaLocale
37S And G Ranch (historical)South DakotaLocale
38S And G SaddleMontanaGap
39S And H Farms DamNebraskaDam
40S And H Farms ReservoirNebraskaReservoir
41S And H MineMontanaMine
42S And H Mobile Home ParkLouisianaPopulated Place
43S And J Estates Mobile Home ParkKansasPopulated Place
44S And K Mobile Home ParkFloridaPopulated Place
45S And L Mobile Home ParkKansasPopulated Place
46S And M CanalColoradoCanal
47S And R Egg RanchCaliforniaLocale
48S And R Mobile Home ParkLouisianaPopulated Place
49S And S Consolidated Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
50S And S Consolidated High SchoolTexasSchool
51S And S Consolidated Middle SchoolTexasSchool
52S And S DairyCaliforniaLocale
53S And S Field AirportOhioAirport
54S And S Flying Service AirportGeorgiaAirport
55S And S Kurth Number 1 DamMontanaDam
56S And S Landing StripLouisianaAirport
57S And S MarinaTexasLocale
58S And S MineMontanaMine
59S And S NurseriesAlabamaBuilding
60S And S Oil FieldKansasOilfield
61S And S Pond DamAlabamaDam
62S And S Swine FarmOhioLocale
63S And W Cattle CompanyNew MexicoLocale
64S And W DairyVirginiaLocale
65S B Boone SchoolTexasSchool
66S B Butler Elementary SchoolConnecticutSchool
67S B Elliott State ParkPennsylvaniaPark
68S B Harrelson Pond DamLouisianaDam
69S B Junior MineMontanaMine
70S B LakeNebraskaLake
71S B MountainArizonaSummit
72S B PointArizonaCliff
73S B RidgeUtahRidge
74S B SpringOregonSpring
75S B Strang Ralston Creek Pegmatite MineColoradoMine
76S B Thorton Lake DamMississippiDam
77S Baker RanchNevadaLocale
78S Baker RanchTexasLocale
79S Baker RanchTexasLocale
80S Bar RanchNebraskaLocale
81S Bar W Ranch PondGeorgiaReservoir
82S Bar W Ranch Pond DamGeorgiaDam
83S Baxter Number 1 DamSouth DakotaDam
84S BendTexasBend
85S Big Burro Mountains Euxenite DepositNew MexicoMine
86S Bluff ParkTexasPark
87S BridgeIdahoMine
88S BridgeOhioBridge
89S Bryan Jennings Elementary SchoolFloridaSchool
90S C Dennis Elementary SchoolOhioSchool
91S C Glade Ski TrailMichiganTrail
92S C Lee Junior High SchoolTexasSchool
93S C M Waste Treatment PondAlabamaLake
94S C M Waste Treatment Pond DamAlabamaDam
95S C Pickins DamTexasDam
96S C Pickins LakeTexasLake
97S C Pryor Number 1 DamWyomingDam
98S C Pryor Number 1 ReservoirWyomingReservoir
99S C S TankNew MexicoReservoir
100S C Taylor Elementary SchoolMarylandSchool
101S C Townhouse Mobile Home EstatesArizonaPopulated Place
102S C Tucker Elementary SchoolArkansasSchool
103S C Tucker Elementary SchoolArkansasSchool
104S C York Lumber Company Spur (historical)OregonLocale
105S CanalIdahoCanal
106S CanalMontanaCanal
107S CanalMontanaCanal
108S CanalMontanaCanal
109S CanalMontanaCanal
110S CanalOregonCanal
111S CanyonArizonaValley
112S CanyonArizonaValley
113S Canyon Water WellNew MexicoWell
114S Christa Macauliffe Elementary SchoolMassachusettsSchool
115S Christa Mcauliffe Elementary SchoolMarylandSchool
116S Connell RanchNorth DakotaLocale
117S Cooper Lake DamMississippiDam
118S CotullaTexasLocale
119S CoveNevadaBay
120S CreekNew JerseyGut
121S CrossingColoradoLocale
122S D A CemeteryCaliforniaCemetery
123S D Copeland Elementary SchoolGeorgiaSchool
124S D Harris RanchOregonLocale
125S D Ingram Pond OneFloridaLake
126S D Ingram Pond TwoFloridaLake
127S D Walker Nursery FarmsAlabamaLocale
128S David Ramsey LakeTexasReservoir
129S David Ramsey Lake DamTexasDam
130S DrainCaliforniaCanal
131S E Erickson Pit Number TwoWyomingMine
132S E Lackey Memorial HospitalMississippiHospital
133S E Lee DamTexasDam
134S E Lee LakeTexasLake
135S E Miller SubdivisionTennesseePopulated Place
136S E ReservoirOregonLake
137S E Ryals DamAlabamaDam
138S E Terrell CemeteryTexasCemetery
139S East Bald Peak DrainNebraskaStream
140S Ellen Jones Elementary SchoolIndianaSchool
141S F B Morse Botanical ReserveCaliforniaPark
142S G DrainWyomingCanal
143S G Powell LakeMissouriLake
144S Garland High SchoolTexasSchool
145S Garrard DitchIndianaCanal
146S Gerig RanchCaliforniaLocale
147S GlacierWashingtonGlacier
148S Gordon Stewart Middle SchoolVirginiaSchool
149S Grantier RanchNorth DakotaLocale
150S GulchWyomingValley
151S H And N Mill (historical)NevadaLocale
152S H Clark AcademyVirginiaSchool
153S H DitchMontanaCanal
154S H Fox HouseTexasBuilding
155S H Kress BuildingNew MexicoLocale
156S H LakeGeorgiaLake
157S H Lake DamGeorgiaDam
158S H MesaArizonaSummit
159S H PeakArizonaSummit
160S H RanchArizonaLocale
161S H SchoolMontanaSchool
162S Hanna RanchNebraskaLocale
163S HillTennesseeSummit
164S Hobbs Memorial SchoolMassachusettsSchool
165S Hudell DamMinnesotaDam
166S Huffman Pond Dam D-2834South CarolinaDam
167S I C ReservoirOregonLake
168S I Edwards Memorial Sabbath Apostolic ChurchVirginiaChurch
169S I Ott HouseTexasBuilding
170S J 27-5 1 Water WellNew MexicoWell
171S J Bowen School (historical)District of ColumbiaSchool
172S J Field ParkCaliforniaPark
173S J Gier Elementary SchoolMichiganSchool
174S J Montgomery Elementary SchoolLouisianaSchool
175S J RanchNevadaLocale
176S J RanchTexasLocale
177S J Welsh Middle SchoolLouisianaSchool
178S Jones LakeMissouriReservoir
179S Jones Lake DamMissouriDam
180S Judson Dunaway CenterMaineBuilding
181S Julius Lichtenstein HouseTexasBuilding
182S K Johnson LakeTennesseeLake
183S K Johnson Lake DamTennesseeDam
184S L CreekMontanaStream
185S L Griffith Memorial LibraryVermontBuilding
186S L Henderson HouseTexasBuilding
187S L Industrial ParkAlabamaLocale
188S L Lewis Elementary SchoolGeorgiaSchool
189S L Mason SchoolGeorgiaSchool
190S L RanchNevadaLocale
191S L Reed Lake DamMississippiDam
192S L Reed Lake DamMississippiDam
193S L Reed Lake DamMississippiDam
194S L Robbins Junior Estate (historical)New YorkLocale
195S LakeOregonLake
196S LakeAlaskaLake
197S LateralCaliforniaCanal
198S Lazy U ReservoirsColoradoLake
199S Lees Saw MillsNorth CarolinaLocale
200S Line CanalNevadaCanal
201S Line DamNevadaDam
202S Line ReservoirNevadaReservoir
203S Lodge Pole Number 1 DamWyomingDam
204S Lodge Pole Number 1 ReservoirWyomingReservoir
205S M Heller Memorial HospitalOhioHospital
206S M Rissler Elementary SchoolMissouriSchool
207S M S Dam Number 1OregonDam
208S M S Reservoir Number OneOregonReservoir
209S M Seabourn Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
210S M Vauclain Fire StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
211S Main DrainIdahoCanal
212S Mark Taper Foundation Imaging CenterCaliforniaBuilding
213S McknightTexasLocale
214S Messersmith RanchNebraskaLocale
215S MountainArizonaSummit
216S MowaiHawaiiArea
217S N JunctionTexasPopulated Place
218S N Pickard CommonsWisconsinBuilding
219S N Smith GrantFloridaCivil
220S Nicholas RanchSouth DakotaLocale
221S O B CanyonArizonaValley
222S O B RapidsUtahRapids
223S O B Water WellNew MexicoWell
224S O J Schoolhouse (historical)MaineSchool
225S O RanchNew MexicoLocale
226S P And S Crossing (historical)OregonLocale
227S P Arnett Middle SchoolLouisianaSchool
228S P BassettMontanaMine
229S P Cabin (historical)CaliforniaBuilding
230S P CraterArizonaCrater
231S P DamWyomingDam
232S P GulchOregonValley
233S P HillArizonaSummit
234S P LakesCaliforniaReservoir
235S P LookoutCaliforniaLocale
236S P MineColoradoMine
237S P Mobile Home ParkFloridaPopulated Place
238S P Morton Intermediate SchoolVirginiaSchool
239S P MountainArizonaSummit
240S P ReservoirWyomingReservoir
241S P Smith MineColoradoMine
242S P Snyder ParkFloridaPark
243S P TankArizonaLake
244S P TankArizonaLake
245S Petty GrantFloridaCivil
246S Pino 2 Water WellNew MexicoWell
247S Presa Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
248S Prestley Blake Law CenterMassachusettsBuilding
249S Price RanchSouth DakotaLocale
250S R Butler High SchoolAlabamaSchool
251S R CreekWyomingStream
252S R Crown HallIllinoisBuilding
253S R Martin College Preparatory SchoolCaliforniaSchool
254S R P Tolleson Center HeliportArizonaAirport
255S R P Trick TankArizonaLake
256S R Smith MineSouth DakotaMine
257S R SpringsWyomingSpring
258S R Zellers Elementary SchoolOhioSchool
259S Ray Lowder Elementary SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
260S ReservoirOregonReservoir
261S Rex Green Historical MarkerMinnesotaPark
262S Ring RanchWashingtonLocale
263S S BasinNew MexicoBasin
264S S CanyonNew MexicoValley
265S S Conner Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
266S S Dillow Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
267S S Divine Lake DamMississippiDam
268S S Dixon Elementary SchoolFloridaSchool
269S S DrawWyomingValley
270S S Emido MemorialCaliforniaPark
271S S Mobile ParkFloridaPopulated Place
272S S North Fire Company Number 1New YorkBuilding
273S S Peter And Paul CemeteryNebraskaCemetery
274S S Peter And Paul High SchoolIllinoisSchool
275S S SpringOregonSpring
276S S SpringOregonSpring
277S S Tunnel MineColoradoMine
278S S WellNew MexicoWell
279S Schroder DamSouth DakotaDam
280S Seven DitchMontanaCanal
281S Simon DamSouth DakotaDam
282S Smith Landing One Hundred SeventeenCaliforniaLocale
283S Spring Creek Lake DamWyomingDam
284S Spring Creek ReservoirWyomingReservoir
285S Stafford CemeteryLouisianaCemetery
286S Star TankTexasReservoir
287S Strozzi RanchNew MexicoLocale
288S Thomas Burnett Dam Number TwoTennesseeDam
289S Thomas Burnett Lake Number TwoTennesseeLake
290S Thomas RanchNevadaLocale
291S Tidball DamSouth DakotaDam
292S Tree CampgroundKentuckyLocale
293S Tree Lookout TowerKentuckyTower
294S Truman Phelps ColoniaTexasPopulated Place
295S U CanyonNew MexicoValley
296S U KnollsArizonaSummit
297S U Ranch TankNew MexicoLake
298S U SpringNew MexicoSpring
299S U TankNew MexicoLake
300S U Tank Number TwoNew MexicoLake
301S V DrawWyomingValley
302S V ReservoirOregonLake
303S V White CollieryPennsylvaniaBuilding
304S W Burnett Number 1 DamMontanaDam
305S W George MineArkansasMine
306S W Henderson-bridges HouseTexasBuilding
307S W Johnson Engine Company Number 2New YorkBuilding
308S W Kevin Gas FieldMontanaOilfield
309S W Mudd HallNew YorkBuilding
310S W N Henderson DitchIndianaCanal
311S W ParkIllinoisPark
312S W Quinney Law LibraryUtahBuilding
313S W Seabrook Catfish Ponds DamMississippiDam
314S W Seabrook Catfish Ponds DamMississippiDam
315S W Snowden Elementary SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
316S W TankArizonaLake
317S White Dickinson Memorial LibraryMassachusettsBuilding
318S X 112 DamCaliforniaDam
319S X RanchArizonaLocale
320S Y Jackson Elementary SchoolNew MexicoSchool
321S Y SchoolMontanaSchool

Source: U.S. Board on Geographic Names | geonames.usgs.gov

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