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      United States Maps Alphabetically
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1T & T AirportIndianaAirport
2T - Bar DairyCaliforniaLocale
3T 4 RanchArizonaLocale
4T 4 SpringsArizonaSpring
5T 7 RanchWyomingLocale
6T A ButtesWyomingSummit
7T A Cow CampWyomingLocale
8T A CreekMontanaStream
9T A Dugger Junior High SchoolTennesseeSchool
10T A Edison Environmental Science AcademyTexasSchool
11T A HillsWyomingRange
12T A Howard Middle SchoolTexasSchool
13T A Lemaster Pond DamMississippiDam
14T A Lowery Elementary SchoolWest VirginiaSchool
15T A RanchWyomingLocale
16T A Sims Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
17T A Smith Lake DamArkansasDam
18T Anchor RanchArizonaLocale
19T And A Mills DamMaineDam
20T And A MineMontanaMine
21T And C GreenhouseMarylandBuilding
22T And L WindmillTexasLocale
23T And M Companies HeliportMichiganAirport
24T And M Mobile Home ParkLouisianaPopulated Place
25T And N Inn Lodging And CampgroundMinnesotaLocale
26T And P HospitalTexasHospital
27T And P LakeTexasLake
28T And P LakeTexasLake
29T And P LakeTexasReservoir
30T And P Railroad Lake DamTexasDam
31T And P WellTexasWell
32T And S Stock Company Number 3 DamMontanaDam
33T And S Stock Company Number 4 DamMontanaDam
34T And S Stock Company Number 5 DamMontanaDam
35T BMarylandPopulated Place
36T B And M Shopping CenterWashingtonLocale
37T B CreekWyomingStream
38T B FlatWyomingFlat
39T B FlatsWyomingFlat
40T B HospitalLouisianaHospital
41T B L CanyonNew MexicoValley
42T B Mcpherson Recreation ComplexFloridaPark
43T B Pickens DamTexasDam
44T B Pickens LakeTexasLake
45T B Pierce Pond Dam D-3389South CarolinaDam
46T B RanchWyomingLocale
47T B School (historical)MarylandSchool
48T B Scott Free LibraryWisconsinBuilding
49T Baker RanchTexasLocale
50T Baldwin Demarest Elementary SchoolNew JerseySchool
51T Bar CanyonNew MexicoValley
52T Bar CanyonTexasValley
53T Bar Duck TankNew MexicoReservoir
54T Bar P Lake DamMississippiDam
55T Bar P Lake DamMississippiDam
56T Bar RanchTexasLocale
57T Bar RidgeNew MexicoRidge
58T Bar T CampNew MexicoLocale
59T Bar T Ranch AirportOklahomaAirport
60T Bar TankNew MexicoLake
61T Bar Y TankArizonaLake
62T BayouLouisianaStream
63T Benton Gayle Middle SchoolVirginiaSchool
64T Bone RanchColoradoLocale
65T Bone RanchNew MexicoLocale
66T Bone Spring CampgroundColoradoLocale
67T Bone TankArizonaLake
68T Bowl Shopping CenterNew JerseyLocale
69T Bridge CornerWashingtonPopulated Place
70T Briggs LakeNebraskaLake
71T Brite RanchTexasLocale
72T C Almon Recreation CenterAlabamaBuilding
73T C Ayers ParkTexasPark
74T C Drop Dam ReservoirMontanaLake
75T C Fambro DamTexasDam
76T C Fambro ReservoirTexasReservoir
77T C Holbrook Elementary SchoolMichiganSchool
78T C I Lake DamAlabamaDam
79T C Jester ParkTexasPark
80T C Jester TrailTexasTrail
81T C Knapp Elementary SchoolOhioSchool
82T C Martin Elementary SchoolMarylandSchool
83T C Miller Elementary SchoolVirginiaSchool
84T C Morris RanchMontanaLocale
85T C Moss PondSouth CarolinaLake
86T C Null DamAlabamaDam
87T C Null LakeAlabamaReservoir
88T C Passois Elementary SchoolMassachusettsSchool
89T C RanchFloridaLocale
90T C Steele Junior High SchoolIndianaSchool
91T C Stricklin LakeTexasReservoir
92T C Stricklin Lake DamTexasDam
93T C Wilemon Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
94T C Williams High SchoolVirginiaSchool
95T C Winkle ProspectArkansasMine
96T Caffey Robertson Lake DamMississippiDam
97T Caffey Robertson Pond DamMississippiDam
98T CanalOregonCanal
99T CanalOregonCanal
100T Carl Buice SchoolGeorgiaSchool
101T ClaimNew MexicoMine
102T ClaimsNew MexicoMine
103T ColemanTexasLocale
104T Cook Pond DamMississippiDam
105T CreekMontanaStream
106T CreekNevadaStream
107T Cribb PondSouth CarolinaLake
108T Cribb Pond Dam D-2175South CarolinaDam
109T Cross K RanchCaliforniaLocale
110T Cross RanchColoradoLocale
111T Cross RanchWyomingLocale
112T Cross Springs (historical)TexasSpring
113T Cross T RanchWyomingLocale
114T D Buford Pond DamMississippiDam
115T D Buras Store Historic SiteNew MexicoBuilding
116T D Holden StadiumMississippiPark
117T D Marshall Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
118T D Southwest DrawWyomingValley
119T D TankArizonaLake
120T Dam 7TexasDam
121T Dewitt Taylor Middle/high SchoolFloridaSchool
122T Diamond RanchTexasLocale
123T DockPalauLocale
124T Doland Ranch (historical)South DakotaLocale
125T DrainCaliforniaCanal
126T DrawColoradoValley
127T E Baxter Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
128T E C DamWyomingDam
129T E C ReservoirWyomingReservoir
130T E Culbertson Elementary SchoolIllinoisSchool
131T E Mabry Junior High SchoolSouth CarolinaSchool
132T E RanchWyomingLocale
133T E Stogner CemeteryMississippiCemetery
134T E Tanner Pond DamMississippiDam
135T E Wannamaker Pond Number Two Dam D-3717South CarolinaDam
136T Ed Garrison Livestock ArenaSouth CarolinaBuilding
137T Edward Stimpson DamVirginiaDam
138T Edward Stimpson PondVirginiaLake
139T Emery RanchOregonLocale
140T Eschenko RanchNorth DakotaLocale
141T Eugene Crocker Primary SchoolGeorgiaSchool
142T F Birmingham Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
143T F Clark State ParkIowaPark
144T F DrawTexasArroyo
145T F Green BuildingRhode IslandBuilding
146T F HollowTexasValley
147T Fields DamNorth CarolinaDam
148T Fields LakeNorth CarolinaReservoir
149T Fortyone CanyonTexasValley
150T Franklin Soles HallPennsylvaniaBuilding
151T G And Y Family CenterKansasBuilding
152T G Barr SchoolArizonaSchool
153T G Clay PondNorth CarolinaLake
154T G Clay Pond Dam Number ThreeNorth CarolinaDam
155T G Clay Pond Dam Number TwoNorth CarolinaDam
156T G Clay Pond Number ThreeNorth CarolinaLake
157T G CreekMontanaStream
158T G Mccord Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
159T G Scott Elementary SchoolGeorgiaSchool
160T G Slimes Pond Dam Number OneNorth CarolinaDam
161T G Slimes Pond Number OneNorth CarolinaLake
162T G Terry Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
163T GulchColoradoValley
164T H CanyonNew MexicoValley
165T H Cattle Company DamTexasDam
166T H Cattle Company LakeTexasLake
167T H Harris Middle SchoolLouisianaSchool
168T H Jenkins Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
169T H Jenkins SchoolTexasSchool
170T H Johnson Athletic ParkMinnesotaPark
171T H Johnson Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
172T H Mandy Shopping CenterIllinoisLocale
173T H Mathis HouseTexasBuilding
174T H Mcdonald Junior High SchoolTexasSchool
175T H ReservoirWyomingLake
176T H Rogers Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
177T H Spree Eight Feet DamAlabamaDam
178T H Spree Fourteen Feet DamAlabamaDam
179T H SpringNew MexicoSpring
180T H Stone Memorial Saint Joseph Peninsula State ParkFloridaPark
181T H Tank Number 2New MexicoReservoir
182T H Watkins Elementary SchoolLouisianaSchool
183T Hackley Number 1 DamMontanaDam
184T Half Circle RanchTexasLocale
185T Hamp And Beulah Birdwell HouseTexasBuilding
186T Herd Lake DamMississippiDam
187T HillWyomingSummit
188T Hinton RanchArizonaLocale
189T Holt Haywood DamNorth CarolinaDam
190T Holzwarth DamSouth DakotaDam
191T I Company HeliportTexasAirport
192T I Cow CampColoradoLocale
193T Industries LakeTennesseeLake
194T Industries Lake DamTennesseeDam
195T IslandCaliforniaIsland
196T IslandNorth CarolinaRidge
197T J Austin Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
198T J Barrier Lake DamMississippiDam
199T J Bell CemeteryKentuckyCemetery
200T J Brown LandingLouisianaLocale
201T J Bullard HouseTexasBuilding
202T J Elder Middle SchoolGeorgiaSchool
203T J F DrawTexasValley
204T J House ReservoirArkansasLake
205T J Jackson MonumentVirginiaPark
206T J LakeCaliforniaLake
207T J LakeColoradoLake
208T J LandingArkansasLocale
209T J Majors BuildingNebraskaBuilding
210T J Martin ParkCaliforniaPark
211T J Maupin Number 1 DamWyomingDam
212T J Maupin Number 1 ReservoirWyomingLake
213T J Maxx PlazaIdahoLocale
214T J RuinsNew MexicoLocale
215T J Samson Community HospitalKentuckyHospital
216T J SpringOregonSpring
217T J Stewart LakeAlabamaLake
218T J Wilson LakeNorth CarolinaLake
219T J WindmillTexasLocale
220T Jennings DamSouth DakotaDam
221T K Armstrong Catfish Ponds DamMississippiDam
222T K Bar RanchArizonaLocale
223T K Gorman Catholic School Baseball FieldTexasPark
224T K Gorman Catholic School Football FieldTexasPark
225T K Hog FarmIndianaLocale
226T K Rushing PondGeorgiaLake
227T K Rushing Pond DamGeorgiaDam
228T K TankArizonaReservoir
229T K Wilson CemeteryTexasCemetery
230T Kellogg RanchNorth DakotaLocale
231T Kemp RanchNebraskaLocale
232T L Club HouseMissouriBuilding
233T L Cow CampWyomingLocale
234T L CreekMontanaStream
235T L DamWyomingDam
236T L FarmsTennesseeLocale
237T L Faulkner Trade SchoolAlabamaSchool
238T L GapMontanaGap
239T L Harris Lake DamMississippiDam
240T L James ParkFloridaPark
241T L James Pond DamLouisianaDam
242T L Johnson Number 1 DamMontanaDam
243T L Johnson Number 5 DamMontanaDam
244T L Pink Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
245T L RanchWyomingLocale
246T L ReservoirWyomingReservoir
247T L Rodes Elementary SchoolLouisianaSchool
248T L ShaftNevadaMine
249T L SpringIdahoSpring
250T L Whitehead Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
251T LakeArkansasLake
252T LakeIndianaLake
253T LakeIndianaLake
254T LakeMinnesotaLake
255T LakeNew YorkLake
256T LakeAlaskaLake
257T LakeAlaskaLake
258T LakeWashingtonLake
259T LakeWisconsinLake
260T LakeWyomingLake
261T LakeMichiganLake
262T LakeIllinoisLake
263T Lake FallsNew YorkFalls
264T Lake MountainNew YorkSummit
265T Latham RanchNew MexicoLocale
266T Lazy S FarmNevadaLocale
267T Lazy T ReservoirColoradoLake
268T Lee Todd ParkMinnesotaPark
269T Line CanalNevadaCanal
270T Links RanchArizonaLocale
271T Louis BayouMissouriStream
272T M Moore Pond DamMississippiDam
273T M Rogers High SchoolAlabamaSchool
274T M Tate MineArkansasMine
275T M Tillman LakeGeorgiaLake
276T Mahaffey DamSouth DakotaDam
277T Mason DamSouth DakotaDam
278T N T MineCaliforniaMine
279T N T MineNevadaMine
280T N Ward AirportPennsylvaniaAirport
281T N Y SpringColoradoSpring
282T Nammacker DamMinnesotaDam
283T Nelson Ranch (historical)NevadaLocale
284T O Bar RanchMontanaLocale
285T O RanchNew MexicoLocale
286T O TankArizonaReservoir
287T O WellTexasWell
288T P And L DamTexasDam
289T P And L LakeTexasReservoir
290T P Cannon LakeTexasLake
291T P Cannon Lake DamTexasDam
292T P CreekIdahoStream
293T P LakeTexasLake
294T P LakeTexasLake
295T P LakeTexasReservoir
296T P LakeTexasLake
297T P Mc Campbell AirportTexasAirport
298T P SpringOregonSpring
299T P TankTexasLake
300T P WellTexasWell
301T P WindmillTexasLocale
302T ParkTexasPark
303T Pendleton RanchNew MexicoLocale
304T PoolMichiganLake
305T Potts Dam Number OneVirginiaDam
306T Potts Dam Number ThreeVirginiaDam
307T Potts Dam Number TwoVirginiaDam
308T Price Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
309T Price Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
310T R Baker DamSouth DakotaDam
311T R BenchWyomingBench
312T R Kuykendall LakeTexasReservoir
313T R Kuykendall Lake DamTexasDam
314T R Miller High SchoolAlabamaSchool
315T R MountainNew YorkSummit
316T R Simmons Elementary SchoolAlabamaSchool
317T R Smedgerg Middle SchoolCaliforniaSchool
318T R Wickline BridgeWest VirginiaBridge
319T Ragan Pond DamSouth CarolinaReservoir
320T Ragan Pond Dam D-3316South CarolinaDam
321T Rain Structure DamMinnesotaDam
322T Raymond Nutley SquareNew YorkPark
323T Reiser RanchNebraskaLocale
324T ReservoirOregonLake
325T Roosevelt High SchoolHawaiiSchool
326T Ryland Sanford Elementary SchoolVirginiaSchool
327T S Clements DamTexasDam
328T S Clements LakeTexasReservoir
329T S Cooley Elementary Magnet SchoolLouisianaSchool
330T S Cooper Elementary SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
331T S Ellot HousePennsylvaniaBuilding
332T S Grantham Middle SchoolTexasSchool
333T S Hancock Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
334T S Hunsaker CemeteryIllinoisCemetery
335T S Rowland Lake DamMississippiDam
336T S Stewart DamNorth CarolinaDam
337T S TankNew MexicoReservoir
338T S Turnipseed DamAlabamaDam
339T S Turnipseed LakeAlabamaReservoir
340T Scholzen-glen Schillingstad DamSouth DakotaDam
341T SpringOregonSpring
342T Stell Newman Visitor CenterGuamBuilding
343T Steppe Pond Dam D-3299South CarolinaDam
344T Sternard DamSouth DakotaDam
345T Stevenson DamMontanaDam
346T Strasburger RanchNebraskaLocale
347T Street Station Post OfficeDistrict of ColumbiaPost Office
348T T Minor Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool
349T T Tank Number OneArizonaLake
350T T Tank Number ThreeArizonaLake
351T T Tank Number TwoArizonaLake
352T T WellArizonaWell
353T Tarnavsky RanchNorth DakotaLocale
354T Trappel RanchNebraskaLocale
355T Trent Number 1 DamSouth DakotaDam
356T U BenchMontanaBench
357T U Kelly Number 1 DamAlabamaDam
358T U Kelly Number 2 DamAlabamaDam
359T U RanchMontanaLocale
360T U ReservoirMontanaLake
361T U School (historical)MontanaSchool
362T U Taylor HallTexasBuilding
363T V ButteOregonSummit
364T V HillArizonaSummit
365T V HillColoradoSummit
366T V RidgeOregonRidge
367T W Andrews High SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
368T W Aust PondsMississippiDam
369T W Aust Ponds DamMississippiDam
370T W Browne Middle SchoolTexasSchool
371T W Hunter Middle SchoolTennesseeSchool
372T W Josey High SchoolGeorgiaSchool
373T W Lyman DamSouth DakotaDam
374T W Ogg Elementary SchoolTexasSchool
375T W Spear Memorial AirportAlabamaAirport
376T W StolportOhioAirport
377T W Toumey NurseryMichiganLocale
378T Wayne Lake DamMississippiDam
379T WycheTexasLocale
380T X Detention Dike Number 1New MexicoDam
381T X Diversion Dam Number ThreeNew MexicoDam
382T X L Oil FieldTexasOilfield
383T X MountainNew MexicoSummit
384T X RanchNew MexicoLocale
385T X RanchNew MexicoLocale
386T Y C Sheffield CampusTexasSchool
387T Y Fleming Elementary SchoolMississippiSchool

Source: U.S. Board on Geographic Names | geonames.usgs.gov

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