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      United States Maps Alphabetically
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1Up And Down LakeFloridaLake
2Up And Down SculptureKansasPark
3Up CemeteryOhioCemetery
4Up North MallMinnesotaLocale
5Up River CemeteryNorth CarolinaCemetery
6Up River ChurchNorth CarolinaChurch
7Up River ParkwayMichiganPark
8Up Rock PointArizonaCliff
9Up RunOhioStream
10Up SpringWyomingSpring
11Up The Grove BeachFloridaPopulated Place
12Up Up CreekMontanaStream
13Up Up MountainMontanaSummit
14Up Yonder AirportMinnesotaAirport
15Up-1 Water WellNew MexicoWell
16Up-2 Water WellNew MexicoWell
17Up-river Elementary-junior High SchoolIdahoSchool
18Up-to-date MineColoradoMine
19UpalcoUtahPopulated Place
20Upalco CemeteryUtahCemetery
21UpalikaMissouriPopulated Place
22Upalika PondMissouriLake
23Upalika PondMissouriLocale
24Upapak PointAlaskaCape
25UpatoiGeorgiaPopulated Place
26Upatoi ChurchGeorgiaChurch
27Upatoi CreekGeorgiaStream
28Upattinas SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
29UpchurchKentuckyPopulated Place
30UpchurchNorth CarolinaPopulated Place
31UpchurchTennesseePopulated Place
32Upchurch Boy Scout CampNorth CarolinaLocale
33Upchurch BranchKentuckyStream
34Upchurch CemeteryArkansasCemetery
35Upchurch CemeteryArkansasCemetery
36Upchurch CemeteryKansasCemetery
37Upchurch CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
38Upchurch CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
39Upchurch CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
40Upchurch CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
41Upchurch CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
42Upchurch CemeteryTexasCemetery
43Upchurch ChurchTennesseeChurch
44Upchurch ChurchTennesseeChurch
45Upchurch HallAlabamaBuilding
46Upchurch HollowKentuckyValley
47Upchurch HouseTexasBuilding
48Upchurch Lake DamAlabamaDam
49Upchurch PondFloridaLake
50Upchurch Post Office (historical)TennesseePost Office
51Upchurch Post Office (historical)KentuckyPost Office
52Upchurch SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
53Upchurch School (historical)KentuckySchool
54Upchurches PondNorth CarolinaLake
55Upchurches Pond DamNorth CarolinaDam
56UpcoLouisianaPopulated Place
57Upco ParkNebraskaPark
58Upcounty Mobile Home ParkDelawarePopulated Place
59UpdegraffIowaPopulated Place
60Updegraff Post Office (historical)IowaPost Office
61Updegraff Post Office (historical)OhioPost Office
62Updegraff RidgeCaliforniaRidge
63Updegraffs Post Office (historical)OhioPost Office
64Updegrave DamOregonDam
65Updegrave ReservoirOregonLake
66Updegrove LakeGeorgiaLake
67UpdikeMississippiPopulated Place
68Updike Landing StripIllinoisAirport
69Updike MineNevadaMine
70Updike RunPennsylvaniaStream
71Updike SchoolSouth DakotaSchool
72Updike School (historical)OhioSchool
73Updraft ArchUtahArch
74UpdykeMichiganPopulated Place
75Updyke AdditionOhioPopulated Place
76Updyke School (historical)OhioSchool
77Updyke's Willow Ridge Quality Care FacilityNew YorkBuilding
78Upeart ParkArizonaPark
79Upendo Baptist ChurchTexasChurch
80Uper Ox Frame Gulch MineMontanaMine
81Upetco MineWyomingMine
82UphamNew MexicoPopulated Place
83UphamNorth DakotaPopulated Place
85Upham BrookVirginiaStream
86Upham CemeteryConnecticutCemetery
87Upham CemeteryCaliforniaCemetery
88Upham CreekMontanaStream
89Upham CreekMontanaStream
90Upham GulchColoradoValley
91Upham HallOhioBuilding
92Upham HallWisconsinBuilding
93Upham HallOhioBuilding
94Upham HeliportTexasAirport
95Upham HillsNew MexicoRange
96Upham Memorial LibraryIowaBuilding
97Upham Rural Fire StationNorth DakotaBuilding
98Upham School (historical)WisconsinSchool
99Upham-aldrich CemeteryVermontCemetery
100Uphams CornerMassachusettsPopulated Place
101Uphams Corner Charter SchoolMassachusettsSchool
102Uphams Corner Post OfficeMassachusettsPost Office
103Uphams Corner StationMassachusettsLocale
104Uphans ReservoirMontanaLake
105Uphapee CreekAlabamaStream
106Uphaus DitchIndianaCanal
107Uphaus HallKansasBuilding
108Uphaus RanchMontanaLocale
109Uphaus Residence HallKansasBuilding
110Upheaval BottomUtahBend
111Upheaval CanyonUtahValley
112Upheaval DomeUtahSummit
113Upheaval Dome TrailUtahTrail
114Uphill AirportPennsylvaniaAirport
115Uphill CreekMontanaStream
116Uphill CreekMontanaStream
117Uphill CreekOklahomaStream
118Uphill Falls BrookNew YorkStream
119Uphill RunIndianaStream
120Uphill Water HoleIdahoSpring
121Uphilly Bowers TrailOklahomaTrail
122Upi (historical)GuamPopulated Place
123Upi Elementary SchoolGuamSchool
124Upike CemeteryIllinoisCemetery
125Upjohn Company Historical MarkerMichiganPark
126Upjohn ParkCaliforniaPark
127Upjohn PlaygroundMichiganPark
128Upjohn PondMichiganLake
129Upjohn SchoolMichiganSchool
130Upkuarok CreekAlaskaStream
132UplandIndianaPopulated Place
133UplandKansasPopulated Place
134UplandKansasPopulated Place
135UplandLouisianaPopulated Place
136UplandNebraskaPopulated Place
137UplandPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
138UplandPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
140UplandUtahPopulated Place
141UplandWest VirginiaPopulated Place
142UplandWest VirginiaPopulated Place
143UplandCaliforniaPopulated Place
145Upland (historical)KansasLocale
146Upland (historical)OhioPopulated Place
147Upland And Home Ditch Number 1ColoradoCanal
148Upland Bible ChurchNevadaChurch
149Upland Borough HallPennsylvaniaBuilding
150Upland BranchTennesseeStream
151Upland CanalCaliforniaCanal
152Upland CemeteryIowaCemetery
153Upland CemeteryNebraskaCemetery
154Upland Christian SchoolCaliforniaSchool
155Upland ChurchArkansasChurch
156Upland ChurchKentuckyChurch
157Upland ChurchWest VirginiaChurch
158Upland Church Of ChristCaliforniaChurch
159Upland City HallCaliforniaBuilding
160Upland CollegeCaliforniaSchool
161Upland Community Foursquare Gospel ChurchCaliforniaChurch
162Upland Convalescent HospitalCaliforniaHospital
163Upland Country Day SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
164Upland Country Village Shopping CenterCaliforniaLocale
165Upland DitchMontanaCanal
166Upland DrainIndianaStream
167Upland Elementary And Middle SchoolIndianaSchool
168Upland Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
169Upland EstatesGeorgiaPopulated Place
170Upland Fire Department Station 161CaliforniaBuilding
171Upland Fire Department Station 162CaliforniaBuilding
172Upland Fire Department Station 163CaliforniaBuilding
173Upland Fire Department Station 164CaliforniaBuilding
174Upland Fire StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
175Upland Game Hunting AreaCaliforniaPark
176Upland Health South Surgery CenterCaliforniaHospital
177Upland HeightsOhioPopulated Place
178Upland Heights CemeteryOhioCemetery
179Upland High SchoolCaliforniaSchool
180Upland Hills SchoolMichiganSchool
181Upland Island WildernessTexasReserve
182Upland Junior High SchoolCaliforniaSchool
183Upland LakeMinnesotaLake
184Upland LakeTennesseeLake
185Upland Memorial ParkCaliforniaPark
186Upland OrchardOhioLocale
187Upland ParkNebraskaPark
188Upland Plain Of MissouriMissouriPlain
189Upland Post OfficeCaliforniaPost Office
190Upland Post OfficeNebraskaPost Office
191Upland Post Office (historical)ArkansasPost Office
192Upland Post Office (historical)West VirginiaPost Office
193Upland Post Office (historical)IowaPost Office
194Upland Post Office (historical)OhioPost Office
195Upland Public LibraryCaliforniaBuilding
196Upland Rehabilitation And Care CenterCaliforniaHospital
197Upland SchoolNebraskaSchool
198Upland School (historical)NebraskaSchool
199Upland Shopping CenterCaliforniaLocale
200Upland Square Shopping CenterCaliforniaLocale
201Upland State Game Bird HabitatWashingtonPark
202Upland State Game RefugeNorth DakotaPark
203Upland StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
204Upland Terrace SchoolUtahSchool
205Upland ThorofareNew JerseyChannel
206Upland TrailDistrict of ColumbiaTrail
207Upland TrailTexasTrail
208Upland Village Shopping CenterCaliforniaLocale
209Upland Village Square Shopping CenterCaliforniaLocale
210Upland Volunteer Fire DepartmentNebraskaBuilding
211Upland Volunteer Fire DepartmentIndianaBuilding
212UplandsDistrict of ColumbiaBuilding
213Uplands Elementary SchoolOregonSchool
214Uplands General Hospital (historical)TennesseeHospital
215Uplands Holding Golf CourseMarylandLocale
216Uplands ParkMissouriPopulated Place
217Uplands ParkMarylandPark
218Uplands Post Office (historical)New HampshirePost Office
219Uplifters Ranch (historical)CaliforniaLocale
220Upmc Braddock Medical CenterPennsylvaniaHospital
221Upmc Mckeesport HospitalPennsylvaniaHospital
222Upmc Montefiore HospitalPennsylvaniaHospital
223Upmc Passavant HospitalPennsylvaniaHospital
224Upmc Rehabilitation HospitalPennsylvaniaHospital
225Upmc Saint Margaret HospitalPennsylvaniaHospital
226Upnuk LakeAlaskaLake
227UpolaKansasPopulated Place
228Upola CemeteryKansasCemetery
229Upole CemeteryMarylandCemetery
230Upolu AirportHawaiiAirport
231Upolu PointHawaiiCape
232Upolu Point Loran Station Coast Guard ReservationHawaiiLocale
233Upon This Rock ChurchMarylandChurch
234Upop (historical)CaliforniaPopulated Place
235UppCaliforniaPopulated Place
236Upp CreekCaliforniaStream
237Upp School (historical)MissouriSchool
238Upper (or Yellow Medicine) Sioux Agency Historical MarkerMinnesotaPark
239Upper 4 S 842 DamCaliforniaDam
240Upper 4a MountainColoradoSummit
241Upper AbbotMainePopulated Place
242Upper Abner Branch SchoolKentuckySchool
243Upper Abrevadero TankNew MexicoLake
244Upper Addis School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
245Upper Addison BayFloridaBay
246Upper Adobe SpringNevadaSpring
247Upper Aero LakeMontanaLake
248Upper Aetna LakeNew JerseyReservoir
249Upper Aetna Lake DamNew JerseyDam
250Upper Agular SpringNew MexicoSpring
251Upper Aimer LakeWisconsinLake
252Upper Alamo TankArizonaLake
253Upper Albany Historic DistrictConnecticutPark
254Upper Albert LakeCaliforniaLake
255Upper Alder Creek Picnic AreaCaliforniaLocale
256Upper Alder Creek SpringArizonaSpring
257Upper Alder Gulch MineMontanaMine
258Upper Alexander CanyonNew MexicoValley
259Upper Alexander LakeGeorgiaLake
260Upper Alexander Lake DamGeorgiaDam
261Upper Alford PondPennsylvaniaLake
262Upper Alice E MineMontanaMine
263Upper Allen BranchKentuckyStream
264Upper Allen Elementary SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
265Upper Allen PondMaineLake
266Upper Allen TankNew MexicoLake
267Upper Alpha BranchKentuckyStream
268Upper AltonIllinoisPopulated Place
269Upper Alton Baptist ChurchIllinoisChurch
270Upper Alton Post OfficeIllinoisPost Office
271Upper Amazon-dixie MineMontanaMine
272Upper American Canyon SpringNew MexicoSpring
273Upper American Legion Lake DamMississippiDam
274Upper Ammonoosuc DamNew HampshireDam
275Upper Ammonoosuc RiverNew HampshireStream
276Upper Ammonoosuc River ReservoirNew HampshireReservoir
277Upper Ammonoosuc River ReservoirNew HampshireReservoir
278Upper Ammonoosuc TrailNew HampshireTrail
279Upper Amonoosuc River ReservoirNew HampshireReservoir
280Upper Anahola DitchHawaiiCanal
281Upper And Lower Buckatabon 14 RerservoirWisconsinReservoir
282Upper And Lower DamsPennsylvaniaDam
283Upper And Lower Louviers (historical)DelawareBuilding
284Upper Anderson BranchTennesseeStream
285Upper Anderson MeadowsMontanaSwamp
286Upper Angel LakeNorth CarolinaReservoir
287Upper Angel Lake DamNorth CarolinaDam
288Upper Ansonia ReservoirConnecticutReservoir
289Upper Ansonia Reservoir DamConnecticutDam
290Upper AntelopeArizonaSummit
291Upper Antelope ReservoirIdahoReservoir
292Upper Anton ChicoNew MexicoPopulated Place
293Upper Appleton DamWisconsinDam
294Upper Araujo SpringCaliforniaSpring
295Upper Arcadia ReservoirIdahoLake
296Upper ArlingtonOhioPopulated Place
297Upper ArlingtonOhioPopulated Place
298Upper Arlington Church Of ChristOhioChurch
299Upper Arlington City HallOhioBuilding
300Upper Arlington Fire Division Station 71OhioBuilding
301Upper Arlington Fire Division Station 72OhioBuilding
302Upper Arlington Fire Division Station 73OhioBuilding
303Upper Arlington High SchoolOhioSchool
304Upper Arlington Historic DistrictOhioPark
305Upper Arlington Lutheran ChurchOhioChurch
306Upper Arlington Music AcademyOhioSchool
307Upper Arlington Public LibraryOhioBuilding
308Upper Arm Cabin CoveAlaskaBay
309Upper Arm Recreation SiteOregonLocale
310Upper Arm School (historical)IllinoisSchool
311Upper Armstrong BridgeNorth CarolinaBridge
312Upper Arnold Creek School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
313Upper Arnold Fork SchoolKentuckySchool
314Upper Arsnicker KeysFloridaIsland
315Upper Artichoke ReservoirMassachusettsReservoir
316Upper Ash Creek TankArizonaLake
317Upper Ash SpringArizonaSpring
318Upper Ash SpringNevadaSpring
319Upper Ashland LandingLouisianaLocale
320Upper Ashmore LakeGeorgiaReservoir
321Upper Ashmore Lake DamGeorgiaDam
322Upper Astoria Post Office (historical)OregonPost Office
323Upper Athens School (historical)MontanaSchool
324Upper Athletic FieldsNew YorkPark
325Upper Aubrey LakeGeorgiaLake
326Upper Aubrey Lake DamGeorgiaDam
327Upper Augusta Access AreaIowaLocale
328Upper Ausable LakeNew YorkLake
329Upper Avenue A Historic DistrictGeorgiaPark
330Upper Avilas TankNew MexicoLake
331Upper ‘Ōla‘a Forest ReserveHawaiiForest
332Upper BackwaterWisconsinBay
333Upper Bad CreekKentuckyStream
334Upper Bad CreekKentuckyStream
335Upper Badger CreekMinnesotaStream
336Upper Baer LakeWyomingLake
337Upper Bailey DamUtahDam
338Upper Bailey ReservoirUtahLake
339Upper Bailey SpringUtahSpring
340Upper Baisley-elkhorn MineOregonMine
341Upper Baker DamMontanaDam
342Upper Baker DamWashingtonDam
343Upper Baker Lake ViewpointWashingtonLocale
344Upper Baker PondNew HampshireLake
345Upper Bald HillConnecticutSummit
346Upper Bald HillsMassachusettsRidge
347Upper Bald Mountain TankArizonaReservoir
348Upper Baldy LakeMontanaLake
349Upper Ballard CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
350Upper Balsam Lake Wp92 DamWisconsinDam
351Upper Balsam ReservoirUtahLake
352Upper Baltic ShaftColoradoMine
353Upper Bambury CemeteryMarylandCemetery
354Upper Bane School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
355Upper Banjo PondMassachusettsLake
356Upper Banjo Pond DamMassachusettsDam
357Upper Bankhead DamUtahDam
358Upper Bankhead ReservoirUtahLake
359Upper Bannock Shoals RunWest VirginiaStream
360Upper BarAlabamaBar
361Upper BarAlabamaBar
362Upper BarAlabamaBar
363Upper BarTennesseeBar
364Upper Bar Neck PointMarylandCape
365Upper Baraga LakeMichiganLake
366Upper Baraga Lake TrailMichiganTrail
367Upper Barbero TankNew MexicoReservoir
368Upper Barbero TankNew MexicoWell
369Upper BarbourvilleNew YorkPopulated Place
370Upper Barlow TankNew MexicoLake
371Upper Barn Meadow MarshMaineReservoir
372Upper Barnes Creek DamTexasDam
373Upper Barnhart LakeMichiganLake
374Upper Baron LakeIdahoLake
375Upper Barreras TankNew MexicoLake
376Upper Barton CampColoradoLocale
377Upper Barton CreekNorth CarolinaStream
378Upper Barton SpringTexasSpring
379Upper BasinArizonaBasin
380Upper BasinCaliforniaBasin
381Upper BasinIdahoBasin
382Upper BasinIndianaLake
383Upper BasinAlaskaBasin
384Upper BasinUtahBasin
385Upper Basin 0.34 ReservoirWisconsinReservoir
386Upper Basin SpringArizonaSpring
387Upper Basin TankArizonaLake
388Upper Basket LedgeMaineBar
389Upper Bass LakeMinnesotaLake
390Upper Bass Landing (historical)AlabamaLocale
391Upper Bassett LandingAlabamaLocale
392Upper Bassi RanchCaliforniaLocale
393Upper Bassie Canyon SpringNevadaSpring
394Upper Bastian SpringNevadaSpring
395Upper Battle Creek CrossingIdahoLocale
396Upper BayMaineLake
397Upper BayMaineBay
398Upper BayNew JerseyBay
399Upper Bay ChannelOhioCanal
400Upper Bay District SchoolMaineSchool
401Upper Bay MuseumMarylandBuilding
402Upper Bayou Nezpique Number Seven DamLouisianaDam
403Upper Bayou Nezpique Number Six DamLouisianaDam
404Upper Bayou Nezpique Number Three DamLouisianaDam
405Upper Bayou Site 10 DamOklahomaDam
406Upper Bayou Site 10 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
407Upper Bayou Site 17 DamOklahomaDam
408Upper Bayou Site 17 ReservoirOklahomaLake
409Upper Bayou Site 18 DamOklahomaDam
410Upper Bayou Site 18 ReservoirOklahomaLake
411Upper Bayou Site 6 DamOklahomaDam
412Upper Bayou Site 6 ReservoirOklahomaLake
413Upper Bayou Site 8 DamOklahomaDam
414Upper Bayou Site 8 ReservoirOklahomaLake
415Upper Bayou Site Number 22 DamOklahomaDam
416Upper Bayou Site Number 22 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
417Upper Bayou Site Number 5 DamOklahomaDam
418Upper Bayou Site Number 5 ReservoirOklahomaLake
419Upper Bayview CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
420Upper BeachNew YorkBeach
421Upper BeachCaliforniaBeach
422Upper Bean Creek SchoolMissouriSchool
423Upper Bear Butte TankArizonaLake
424Upper Bear CanyonUtahValley
425Upper Bear Canyon SeepArizonaSpring
426Upper Bear Canyon Water Storage TankNew MexicoReservoir
427Upper Bear CreekKentuckyStream
428Upper Bear Creek Census Designated PlaceColoradoCensus
429Upper Bear Creek DamAlabamaDam
430Upper Bear Creek DitchColoradoCanal
431Upper Bear Creek MeadowsCaliforniaFlat
432Upper Bear Creek ReservoirAlabamaReservoir
433Upper Bear Creek SchoolColoradoSchool
434Upper Bear Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
435Upper Bear Gulch MeadowsMontanaFlat
436Upper Bear IslandPennsylvaniaIsland
437Upper Bear LakeIdahoLake
438Upper Bear LakeOhioLake
439Upper Bear Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
440Upper Bear SpringArizonaSpring
441Upper Bear SpringArizonaSpring
442Upper Bear SpringUtahSpring
443Upper Bear SpringsUtahSpring
444Upper Bear SwampNew JerseySwamp
445Upper Bear TankNew MexicoLake
446Upper Bear Trail CampCaliforniaLocale
447Upper Bear ValleyUtahBasin
448Upper Bearpen BranchKentuckyStream
449Upper Beaver 1857c412 DamWisconsinDam
450Upper Beaver CemeteryColoradoCemetery
451Upper Beaver County Christian SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
452Upper Beaver Creek CampgroundColoradoLocale
453Upper Beaver Creek ChurchWisconsinChurch
454Upper Beaver Creek SchoolWyomingSchool
455Upper Beaver MeadowColoradoFlat
456Upper Beaver Pond DamVirginiaDam
457Upper Beaver ReservoirColoradoLake
458Upper Beaver SchoolColoradoSchool
459Upper Beaver SchoolKentuckySchool
460Upper Beaver SpringArizonaSpring
461Upper Beaverdam BranchKentuckyStream
462Upper Beaverdam CreekNorth CarolinaStream
463Upper Beck SpringCaliforniaSpring
464Upper Beech Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
465Upper Beech Hill BrookNew YorkStream
466Upper Beech PondNew HampshireLake
467Upper Beech Ridge PondNew YorkLake
468Upper Beecher WellArizonaWell
469Upper BeechwoodNew YorkPopulated Place
470Upper Beef Pasture WindmillTexasLocale
471Upper Belcher BranchWest VirginiaStream
472Upper Belen Riverside DrainNew MexicoCanal
473Upper Bell ChurchGeorgiaChurch
474Upper Bell CreekGeorgiaStream
475Upper Bell School (historical)GeorgiaSchool
476Upper Bell TankArizonaReservoir
477Upper Bell Town School (historical)South CarolinaSchool
478Upper Bells Canyon ReservoirUtahReservoir
479Upper Belmont WellArizonaWell
480Upper Bemis Pond DamMassachusettsDam
481Upper BenchOregonRidge
482Upper Bench TrailColoradoTrail
483Upper BendNorth CarolinaBend
484Upper Bend Big Antelope CreekOregonBend
485Upper Bennett DamOregonDam
486Upper Bennett SpringOregonSpring
487Upper BensonNew YorkPopulated Place
488Upper Bent BranchKentuckyStream
489Upper Benton SpringNevadaSpring
490Upper BenwoodWest VirginiaPopulated Place
491Upper Berley LakeOregonLake
492Upper Bern Elementary SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
493Upper Bernard Creek RapidsIdahoRapids
494Upper Bernard Creek RapidsIdahoRapids
495Upper Bernard IslandVirginiaIsland
496Upper Berry CemeteryIllinoisCemetery
497Upper BethlehemVirgin IslandsPopulated Place
498Upper Beverlin Fork School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
499Upper Biddy Mccarthy MineCaliforniaMine
500Upper Big Battle School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
501Upper Big BayNew YorkBay
502Upper Big Bethel DamVirginiaDam
503Upper Big Bigby Division (historical)TennesseeCensus
504Upper Big Blue River Structure Number 15IndianaDam
505Upper Big Blue Structure Number 14IndianaDam
506Upper Big BottomTennesseeBend
507Upper Big BranchWest VirginiaStream
508Upper Big CreekWisconsinStream
509Upper Big Creek CampgroundMontanaLocale
510Upper Big Creek SchoolWisconsinSchool
511Upper Big Dry Creek ProspectsNew MexicoMine
512Upper Big Dry TankArizonaLake
513Upper Big Flat WindmillNew MexicoLocale
514Upper Big GulchWyomingValley
515Upper Big Lake DamMissouriDam
516Upper Big Nemaha Dam 13-aNebraskaDam
517Upper Big Nemaha Dam 14-cNebraskaDam
518Upper Big Nemaha Dam 15-aNebraskaDam
519Upper Big Nemaha Dam 15-bNebraskaDam
520Upper Big Nemaha Dam 15-dNebraskaDam
521Upper Big Nemaha Dam 15-eNebraskaDam
522Upper Big Nemaha Dam 18-aNebraskaDam
523Upper Big Nemaha Dam 2-aNebraskaDam
524Upper Big Nemaha Dam 20-bNebraskaDam
525Upper Big Nemaha Dam 21-bNebraskaDam
526Upper Big Nemaha Dam 25-cNebraskaDam
527Upper Big Nemaha Dam 6-aNebraskaDam
528Upper Big Nemaha Dam 7-aNebraskaDam
529Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-12NebraskaDam
530Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-13NebraskaDam
531Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-18aNebraskaDam
532Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-19NebraskaDam
533Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-2NebraskaDam
534Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-20NebraskaDam
535Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-25NebraskaDam
536Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-31NebraskaDam
537Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-35NebraskaDam
538Upper Big Nemaha Dam G-37NebraskaDam
539Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-12aNebraskaDam
540Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-15aNebraskaDam
541Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-28NebraskaDam
542Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-34NebraskaDam
543Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-37NebraskaDam
544Upper Big Nemaha Dam J-42NebraskaDam
545Upper Big Nemaha Dam L-10NebraskaDam
546Upper Big Nemaha Dam L-15NebraskaDam
547Upper Big Nemaha Dam L-17NebraskaDam
548Upper Big Nemaha Dam L-5NebraskaDam
549Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 13-aNebraskaLake
550Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 14-cNebraskaReservoir
551Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 15-aNebraskaReservoir
552Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 15-bNebraskaReservoir
553Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 15-dNebraskaReservoir
554Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 15-eNebraskaLake
555Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 18-aNebraskaReservoir
556Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 2-aNebraskaLake
557Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 20-bNebraskaLake
558Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 21-bNebraskaReservoir
559Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 25-cNebraskaReservoir
560Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 6-aNebraskaLake
561Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir 7-aNebraskaLake
562Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-12NebraskaLake
563Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-13NebraskaReservoir
564Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-18aNebraskaLake
565Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-19NebraskaLake
566Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-2NebraskaReservoir
567Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-20NebraskaLake
568Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-25NebraskaReservoir
569Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-31NebraskaReservoir
570Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-35NebraskaLake
571Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir G-37NebraskaLake
572Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-12aNebraskaLake
573Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-15aNebraskaLake
574Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-28NebraskaLake
575Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-34NebraskaReservoir
576Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-37NebraskaReservoir
577Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir J-42NebraskaReservoir
578Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir L-10NebraskaReservoir
579Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir L-15NebraskaReservoir
580Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir L-17NebraskaLake
581Upper Big Nemaha Reservoir L-5NebraskaReservoir
582Upper Big Pine SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
583Upper Big RunWest VirginiaStream
584Upper Big RunWest VirginiaStream
585Upper Big RunWest VirginiaStream
586Upper Big RunWest VirginiaStream
587Upper Big Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
588Upper Big Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
589Upper Big Snowy MineMontanaMine
590Upper Big Timber FallsMontanaFalls
591Upper Big Tom Hollow SpringUtahSpring
592Upper Big Tujunga CanyonCaliforniaValley
593Upper Birch Creek BarMontanaBar
594Upper Birch Creek School (historical)MontanaSchool
595Upper Birch IslandMaineIsland
596Upper Birch LakeMinnesotaLake
597Upper Birch SpringIdahoSpring
598Upper Birdwood School (historical)NebraskaSchool
599Upper Bitney GulchMontanaValley
600Upper Bitney GulchMontanaValley
601Upper Bitter Creek WellArizonaWell
602Upper Black Bar FallsOregonFalls
603Upper Black BayouLouisianaLake
604Upper Black Bear Creek Site 10 DamOklahomaDam
605Upper Black Bear Creek Site 10 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
606Upper Black Bear Creek Site 11 DamOklahomaDam
607Upper Black Bear Creek Site 11 ReservoirOklahomaLake
608Upper Black Bear Creek Site 12 DamOklahomaDam
609Upper Black Bear Creek Site 12 ReservoirOklahomaLake
610Upper Black Bear Creek Site 13 DamOklahomaDam
611Upper Black Bear Creek Site 13 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
612Upper Black Bear Creek Site 14 DamOklahomaDam
613Upper Black Bear Creek Site 14 ReservoirOklahomaLake
614Upper Black Bear Creek Site 15 DamOklahomaDam
615Upper Black Bear Creek Site 15 ReservoirOklahomaLake
616Upper Black Bear Creek Site 16 DamOklahomaDam
617Upper Black Bear Creek Site 16 ReservoirOklahomaLake
618Upper Black Bear Creek Site 17 DamOklahomaDam
619Upper Black Bear Creek Site 17 ReservoirOklahomaLake
620Upper Black Bear Creek Site 2 DamOklahomaDam
621Upper Black Bear Creek Site 2 ReservoirOklahomaLake
622Upper Black Bear Creek Site 20 DamOklahomaDam
623Upper Black Bear Creek Site 20 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
624Upper Black Bear Creek Site 21 DamOklahomaDam
625Upper Black Bear Creek Site 21 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
626Upper Black Bear Creek Site 22 DamOklahomaDam
627Upper Black Bear Creek Site 22 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
628Upper Black Bear Creek Site 23 DamOklahomaDam
629Upper Black Bear Creek Site 23 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
630Upper Black Bear Creek Site 24 DamOklahomaDam
631Upper Black Bear Creek Site 24 ReservoirOklahomaLake
632Upper Black Bear Creek Site 25 DamOklahomaDam
633Upper Black Bear Creek Site 25 ReservoirOklahomaLake
634Upper Black Bear Creek Site 26 DamOklahomaDam
635Upper Black Bear Creek Site 26 ReservoirOklahomaLake
636Upper Black Bear Creek Site 27 DamOklahomaDam
637Upper Black Bear Creek Site 27 ReservoirOklahomaLake
638Upper Black Bear Creek Site 28 DamOklahomaDam
639Upper Black Bear Creek Site 28 ReservoirOklahomaLake
640Upper Black Bear Creek Site 29 DamOklahomaDam
641Upper Black Bear Creek Site 29 ReservoirOklahomaLake
642Upper Black Bear Creek Site 30 DamOklahomaDam
643Upper Black Bear Creek Site 30 ReservoirOklahomaLake
644Upper Black Bear Creek Site 31 DamOklahomaDam
645Upper Black Bear Creek Site 31 ReservoirOklahomaLake
646Upper Black Bear Creek Site 32 DamOklahomaDam
647Upper Black Bear Creek Site 32 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
648Upper Black Bear Creek Site 34 DamOklahomaDam
649Upper Black Bear Creek Site 34 ReservoirOklahomaLake
650Upper Black Bear Creek Site 35 DamOklahomaDam
651Upper Black Bear Creek Site 35 ReservoirOklahomaLake
652Upper Black Bear Creek Site 36 DamOklahomaDam
653Upper Black Bear Creek Site 36 ReservoirOklahomaLake
654Upper Black Bear Creek Site 37 DamOklahomaDam
655Upper Black Bear Creek Site 37 ReservoirOklahomaLake
656Upper Black Bear Creek Site 38 DamOklahomaDam
657Upper Black Bear Creek Site 38 ReservoirOklahomaLake
658Upper Black Bear Creek Site 39 DamOklahomaDam
659Upper Black Bear Creek Site 39 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
660Upper Black Bear Creek Site 40 DamOklahomaDam
661Upper Black Bear Creek Site 40 ReservoirOklahomaLake
662Upper Black Bear Creek Site 41 DamOklahomaDam
663Upper Black Bear Creek Site 41 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
664Upper Black Bear Creek Site 42 DamOklahomaDam
665Upper Black Bear Creek Site 42 ReservoirOklahomaLake
666Upper Black Bear Creek Site 43 DamOklahomaDam
667Upper Black Bear Creek Site 43 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
668Upper Black Bear Creek Site 44 DamOklahomaDam
669Upper Black Bear Creek Site 44 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
670Upper Black Bear Creek Site 45 DamOklahomaDam
671Upper Black Bear Creek Site 45 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
672Upper Black Bear Creek Site 46 DamOklahomaDam
673Upper Black Bear Creek Site 46 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
674Upper Black Bear Creek Site 47 DamOklahomaDam
675Upper Black Bear Creek Site 47 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
676Upper Black Bear Creek Site 48 DamOklahomaDam
677Upper Black Bear Creek Site 48 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
678Upper Black Bear Creek Site 49 DamOklahomaDam
679Upper Black Bear Creek Site 49 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
680Upper Black Bear Creek Site 5 DamOklahomaDam
681Upper Black Bear Creek Site 5 ReservoirOklahomaLake
682Upper Black Bear Creek Site 50 DamOklahomaDam
683Upper Black Bear Creek Site 50 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
684Upper Black Bear Creek Site 51 DamOklahomaDam
685Upper Black Bear Creek Site 51 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
686Upper Black Bear Creek Site 53 DamOklahomaDam
687Upper Black Bear Creek Site 53 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
688Upper Black Bear Creek Site 54 DamOklahomaDam
689Upper Black Bear Creek Site 54 ReservoirOklahomaLake
690Upper Black Bear Creek Site 55 DamOklahomaDam
691Upper Black Bear Creek Site 55 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
692Upper Black Bear Creek Site 56 DamOklahomaDam
693Upper Black Bear Creek Site 56 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
694Upper Black Bear Creek Site 57 DamOklahomaDam
695Upper Black Bear Creek Site 57 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
696Upper Black Bear Creek Site 58 DamOklahomaDam
697Upper Black Bear Creek Site 58 ReservoirOklahomaLake
698Upper Black Bear Creek Site 59 DamOklahomaDam
699Upper Black Bear Creek Site 59 ReservoirOklahomaLake
700Upper Black Bear Creek Site 6 DamOklahomaDam
701Upper Black Bear Creek Site 6 ReservoirOklahomaLake
702Upper Black Bear Creek Site 60 DamOklahomaDam
703Upper Black Bear Creek Site 60 ReservoirOklahomaLake
704Upper Black Bear Creek Site 61a DamOklahomaDam
705Upper Black Bear Creek Site 62 DamOklahomaDam
706Upper Black Bear Creek Site 63 DamOklahomaDam
707Upper Black Bear Creek Site 63 ReservoirOklahomaLake
708Upper Black Bear Creek Site 64 DamOklahomaDam
709Upper Black Bear Creek Site 64 ReservoirOklahomaLake
710Upper Black Bear Creek Site 65 DamOklahomaDam
711Upper Black Bear Creek Site 65 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
712Upper Black Bear Creek Site 66 DamOklahomaDam
713Upper Black Bear Creek Site 66 ReservoirOklahomaLake
714Upper Black Bear Creek Site 67 DamOklahomaDam
715Upper Black Bear Creek Site 67 ReservoirOklahomaLake
716Upper Black Bear Creek Site 68 DamOklahomaDam
717Upper Black Bear Creek Site 68 ReservoirOklahomaLake
718Upper Black Bear Creek Site 69 DamOklahomaDam
719Upper Black Bear Creek Site 69 ReservoirOklahomaLake
720Upper Black Bear Creek Site 7 DamOklahomaDam
721Upper Black Bear Creek Site 7 ReservoirOklahomaLake
722Upper Black Bear Creek Site 70 DamOklahomaDam
723Upper Black Bear Creek Site 70 ReservoirOklahomaLake
724Upper Black Bear Creek Site 71 DamOklahomaDam
725Upper Black Bear Creek Site 71 ReservoirOklahomaLake
726Upper Black Bear Creek Site 71a DamOklahomaDam
727Upper Black Bear Creek Site 71a ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
728Upper Black Bear Creek Site 72 DamOklahomaDam
729Upper Black Bear Creek Site 72 ReservoirOklahomaLake
730Upper Black Bear Creek Site 73 DamOklahomaDam
731Upper Black Bear Creek Site 73 ReservoirOklahomaLake
732Upper Black Bear Creek Site 74 DamOklahomaDam
733Upper Black Bear Creek Site 74 ReservoirOklahomaLake
734Upper Black Bear Creek Site 75 DamOklahomaDam
735Upper Black Bear Creek Site 75 ReservoirOklahomaLake
736Upper Black Bear Creek Site 8 DamOklahomaDam
737Upper Black Bear Creek Site 8 ReservoirOklahomaLake
738Upper Black Bear Creek Site 9 DamOklahomaDam
739Upper Black Bear Creek Site 9 ReservoirOklahomaLake
740Upper Black Canyon CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
741Upper Black Canyon Dam Site (historical)NevadaLocale
742Upper Black Canyon SpringNevadaSpring
743Upper Black CreekGeorgiaStream
744Upper Black CreekMichiganStream
745Upper Black Creek ChurchGeorgiaChurch
746Upper Black Creek ChurchNorth CarolinaChurch
747Upper Black EddyPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
748Upper Black LakeMichiganLake
749Upper Black Lake SchoolNew MexicoSchool
750Upper Black PondMaineLake
751Upper Black Top Mesa PassArizonaGap
752Upper Black Warrior MineMontanaMine
753Upper Blackfoot Historical Society MuseumMontanaBuilding
754Upper Blackwater ChurchKentuckyChurch
755Upper Blaine Trace SchoolKentuckySchool
756Upper Blair Picnic AreaWyomingLocale
757Upper Blakey WindmillTexasLocale
758Upper Blauvelt LakeNew JerseyLake
759Upper Blaylock Canyon SpringOregonSpring
760Upper Blenheim Gilboa ReservoirNew YorkReservoir
761Upper Blind SpringNevadaSpring
762Upper Blue BasinTennesseeLake
763Upper Blue CampgroundArizonaLocale
764Upper Blue Canyon CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
765Upper Blue Cloud MineMontanaMine
766Upper Blue Creek 97-070 DamCaliforniaDam
767Upper Blue Creek TabernacleOhioChurch
768Upper Blue DamColoradoDam
769Upper Blue HillsUtahRange
770Upper Blue Hole SchoolKentuckySchool
771Upper Blue LakeCaliforniaLake
772Upper Blue Lake CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
773Upper Blue LicksKentuckyPopulated Place
774Upper Blue Mountain LakeNew JerseyReservoir
775Upper Blue Mountain Lake DamNew JerseyDam
776Upper Blue Point CemeteryIowaCemetery
777Upper Blue ReservoirColoradoReservoir
778Upper Blue River IslandKentuckyIsland
779Upper Blue SpringArizonaSpring
780Upper Bluff Historic DistrictIllinoisPark
781Upper Bluff LakeIllinoisLake
782Upper Bluff SpringOregonSpring
783Upper Bluffer PondMaineLake
784Upper Bluffton Bridge (historical)IowaBridge
785Upper Boardman CanalCaliforniaCanal
786Upper Boardmen CanalCaliforniaCanal
787Upper BogueMississippiStream
788Upper Bohn 3410 DamCaliforniaDam
789Upper Bohn LakeCaliforniaLake
790Upper Bolton LakeConnecticutReservoir
791Upper Bolton Lake DamConnecticutDam
792Upper Bonnie LakeAlaskaLake
793Upper Bosco LandingLouisianaLocale
794Upper Bostwick ParkColoradoFlat
795Upper Boswell LakeGeorgiaReservoir
796Upper Boswell Lake DamGeorgiaDam
797Upper Bottle LakeMinnesotaLake
798Upper Bottom CanyonUtahValley
799Upper Bottom SchoolMissouriSchool
800Upper Boulder BasinWyomingBasin
801Upper Boulder CreekAlaskaStream
802Upper Boulder Detention DamNew MexicoDam
803Upper Boulder LakeCaliforniaLake
804Upper Boulder LakeMontanaLake
805Upper Boulder Lake MineMontanaMine
806Upper Bouse WashArizonaStream
807Upper Bowens Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
808Upper Bowman CampsiteWashingtonLocale
809Upper Bowman CanalCaliforniaCanal
810Upper Bowman LakeMontanaLake
811Upper Bowman RunWest VirginiaStream
812Upper Bowman School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
813Upper BoxCaliforniaBasin
814Upper Box Canyon LakeIdahoLake
815Upper Box Creek DamUtahDam
816Upper Box Creek ReservoirUtahLake
817Upper Box Elder SchoolNebraskaSchool
818Upper Boy Scout LakeCaliforniaLake
819Upper Brace LakeMichiganLake
820Upper Bradford WindmillTexasLocale
821Upper Bradley PlaceGeorgiaPopulated Place
822Upper Bradleys LandingGeorgiaLocale
823Upper Brady TankArizonaLake
824Upper Brambley (historical)MarylandPopulated Place
825Upper Bramlet LakeMontanaLake
826Upper BranchKansasStream
827Upper BranchKentuckyStream
828Upper BranchMichiganGut
829Upper Branch Bridge AccessMichiganLocale
830Upper Branch Canyon SpringCaliforniaSpring
831Upper Branch Clesson BrookMassachusettsStream
832Upper Branch North Fork Little RiverKentuckyStream
833Upper Branch Yellow CreekIowaStream
834Upper BrandonVirginiaPopulated Place
835Upper Brandon Farms WharfVirginiaLocale
836Upper Branham DamMontanaDam
837Upper Branham LakeMontanaLake
838Upper Branigan LakeCaliforniaLake
839Upper BreakDelawareGut
840Upper Brehedo WindmillNew MexicoLocale
841Upper Brennan LakeMichiganLake
842Upper Brentwood LakeAlaskaLake
843Upper Brian SpringMontanaSpring
844Upper BridgeKentuckyBridge
845Upper BridgeTennesseeBridge
846Upper Bridge Creek Draw ReservoirOregonLake
847Upper Bridge Gulch MineMontanaMine
848Upper Bridge Historical MarkerMichiganPark
849Upper Bridge ParkMichiganPark
850Upper Bridgeport DamPennsylvaniaDam
851Upper Bridgeport ReservoirPennsylvaniaLake
852Upper Bridger (historical)MontanaPopulated Place
853Upper Bridger School (historical)MontanaSchool
854Upper Bridle TunnelNorth CarolinaTunnel
855Upper Brier RidgeKentuckyChurch
856Upper Brixey SchoolMissouriSchool
857Upper Brixey School (historical)MissouriSchool
858Upper Broad CreekNorth CarolinaStream
859Upper Broadway ParkTexasPark
860Upper Broadway Ski TrailNew MexicoTrail
861Upper Brock Creeek CampgroundArkansasLocale
862Upper Bronco ReservoirOregonLake
863Upper Brooks LakesWyomingLake
864Upper BrookvilleNew YorkPopulated Place
865Upper Brother BarAlabamaBar
866Upper Brothers CreekNew JerseyStream
867Upper Brothers CreekNew JerseyStream
868Upper Brown CanyonIdahoValley
869Upper Brown LakeIowaLake
870Upper Browns Gulch SpringMontanaSpring
871Upper BrownvillePennsylvaniaPopulated Place
872Upper BruceKentuckyPopulated Place
873Upper Bruce Post Office (historical)KentuckyPost Office
874Upper Brunet 2 Wp 400 DamWisconsinDam
875Upper Bruno TankArizonaLake
876Upper Brunswick RangeNorth CarolinaChannel
877Upper Brush CreekKentuckyStream
878Upper Brush CreekWisconsinStream
879Upper Brush Creek Neighborhood ParkCaliforniaPark
880Upper Brush Creek SchoolTennesseeSchool
881Upper Brush Creek School (historical)OhioSchool
882Upper Brushy GapVirginiaGap
883Upper Brushy WindmillTexasLocale
884Upper Brushy WindmillTexasLocale
885Upper Bryant Canyon TankArizonaLake
886Upper Bucheit School (historical)PennsylvaniaSchool
887Upper Buck Creek Recreation SiteOregonLocale
888Upper Buck Horn TankNew MexicoLake
889Upper Buck LandingNorth CarolinaLocale
890Upper Buck MountainMaineSummit
891Upper Buck Mountain DamPennsylvaniaDam
892Upper Buck SpringArizonaSpring
893Upper Buckatabon LakeWisconsinLake
894Upper Buckbrush ReservoirOregonLake
895Upper Buckeye School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
896Upper Buckeye School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
897Upper Buckhorn GapTennesseeGap
898Upper Bucks Christ ChurchPennsylvaniaChurch
899Upper Bucks Christian SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
900Upper Bucks County Area Vocational Technical SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
901Upper Buffalo Corral ReservoirCaliforniaLake
902Upper Buffalo Creek Structure Number 22 DamWest VirginiaDam
903Upper Buffalo Creek Structure Number 39 DamWest VirginiaDam
904Upper Buffalo Creek Structure Number Two DamWest VirginiaDam
905Upper Buffalo WildernessArkansasReserve
906Upper Bug LakeMinnesotaLake
907Upper BulgeGeorgiaSwamp
908Upper Bull Canyon TankArizonaLake
909Upper Bull Creek FlatCaliforniaFlat
910Upper Bull Creek Ranger StationCaliforniaLocale
911Upper Bull PondArizonaLake
912Upper Bull TankNew MexicoLake
913Upper Bullerton RevetmentArkansasLevee
914Upper Bungee LakeConnecticutLake
915Upper Bungee Lake DamConnecticutDam
916Upper Burke WindmillColoradoLocale
917Upper Burks Branch School (historical)KentuckySchool
918Upper Burning CreekWest VirginiaStream
919Upper Burns School (historical)WisconsinSchool
920Upper Burns ValleyWisconsinValley
921Upper Burnt Canyon SpringNevadaSpring
922Upper Burnt Creek ReservoirIdahoLake
923Upper Burrell Township Fire CompanyPennsylvaniaBuilding
924Upper Burrell Township SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
925Upper Burro CanyonColoradoValley
926Upper Burro Canyon PondNew MexicoLake
927Upper Burro Canyon SchoolColoradoSchool
928Upper Burro Canyon WellNew MexicoWell
929Upper Burro Creek WildernessArizonaReserve
930Upper Bushman LakeMichiganLake
931Upper Bushnell DrawWyomingValley
932Upper Bushnell ReservoirWyomingLake
933Upper Buss TankArizonaLake
934Upper Butcher BarIdahoBar
935Upper Butler ReservoirOregonLake
936Upper Butte SpringUtahSpring
937Upper Buzzard SchoolKentuckySchool
938Upper Buzzard WindmillTexasLocale
939Upper Byers DamVirginiaDam
940Upper Byers LakeVirginiaLake
941Upper Byrds Creek School (historical)WisconsinSchool
942Upper Cabeza TankNew MexicoLake
943Upper Cabin CreekWyomingStream
944Upper Cabin Creek Hydroelectric DamColoradoDam
945Upper Cabin Creek Hydroelectric ReservoirColoradoLake
946Upper Cabin Creek ReservoirColoradoReservoir
947Upper Cabin RunWest VirginiaStream
948Upper Cabin Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
949Upper Cabin SpringMontanaSpring
950Upper Cabin TankArizonaLake
951Upper Cache Creek RapidsIdahoRapids
952Upper Cache Creek RapidsOregonRapids
953Upper Cactus FlatCaliforniaFlat
954Upper Cains Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
955Upper Calabasas DamArizonaDam
956Upper Calf Creek FallsUtahFalls
957Upper Calf Creek TankArizonaLake
958Upper California Landing (historical)AlabamaLocale
959Upper Camel LakeMinnesotaLake
960Upper Cameron LakeMississippiLake
961Upper Camp BirdColoradoLocale
962Upper Camp BranchKentuckyStream
963Upper Camp BranchVirginiaStream
964Upper Camp Creek BridgeWest VirginiaBridge
965Upper Camp Creek CemeteryOklahomaCemetery
966Upper Camp Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
967Upper Camp LakeColoradoLake
968Upper Camp LakeColoradoLake
969Upper Camp LakeMinnesotaLake
970Upper Campaign SpringArizonaSpring
971Upper Campbell LakeOregonLake
972Upper CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
973Upper Campground (historical)OregonLocale
974Upper Campground CemeteryArkansasCemetery
975Upper Camuesa CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
976Upper Canada LakeArkansasLake
977Upper Canada PondRhode IslandReservoir
978Upper CanalIdahoCanal
979Upper CanalUtahCanal
980Upper CanalUtahCanal
981Upper Canal ReservoirOregonLake
982Upper CaneKentuckyPopulated Place
983Upper Cane BranchVirginiaStream
984Upper Cane Creek CemeteryAlabamaCemetery
985Upper Cane Creek ChurchAlabamaChurch
986Upper Cane Island CemeteryArkansasCemetery
987Upper Caney CampgroundLouisianaLocale
988Upper Caney DamLouisianaDam
989Upper Caney LakeLouisianaLake
990Upper Caney School (historical)KentuckySchool
991Upper Canjilon LakesNew MexicoLake
992Upper Canjilon Lakes Picnic AreaNew MexicoLocale
993Upper Cannon LakeIdahoLake
994Upper Canondel Buey TankNew MexicoReservoir
995Upper Canterbury BridgeWest VirginiaBridge
996Upper Canton Bar (historical)AlabamaBar
997Upper CanyonAlaskaValley
998Upper Canyon Creek CampgroundArizonaLocale
999Upper Canyon Creek MeadowsCaliforniaFlat
1000Upper Canyon Creek TankArizonaLake
1001Upper Canyon Creek TankArizonaReservoir
1002Upper Canyon LakeOklahomaLake
1003Upper Canyon Lake DamOklahomaDam
1004Upper Canyon Water TankNew MexicoLake
1005Upper CaptivaFloridaPopulated Place
1006Upper Captiva Fire DistrictFloridaBuilding
1007Upper Capuchin SchoolTennesseeSchool
1008Upper Card Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
1009Upper Cardelli DitchNevadaCanal
1010Upper Cardinal LakeGeorgiaReservoir
1011Upper Cardinal Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1012Upper Carlton CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
1013Upper Carmen RiverAlaskaStream
1014Upper Carmichael LakeGeorgiaLake
1015Upper Carmichael Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1016Upper Carola SchoolMissouriSchool
1017Upper Carp River FallsMichiganFalls
1018Upper Carpp LakeMontanaLake
1019Upper Carrizo WellArizonaWell
1020Upper Carroll LakeUtahLake
1021Upper Cart Hollow SpringsUtahSpring
1022Upper Carter Bloomary Forge (historical)TennesseeLocale
1023Upper Carter LakeMississippiLake
1024Upper Carter Pond DamMontanaDam
1025Upper Carter Pond Fishing Access SiteMontanaLocale
1026Upper Carters PondMontanaLake
1027Upper Cascade FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1028Upper Cascade LakeNew YorkLake
1029Upper Cascade LakeNew YorkReservoir
1030Upper Cass School (historical)IllinoisSchool
1031Upper Castanea ReservoirPennsylvaniaLake
1032Upper Castanea Reservoir DamPennsylvaniaDam
1033Upper Castle CreekCaliforniaStream
1034Upper Castor RiverMissouriStream
1035Upper Cat Point BridgeVirginiaBridge
1036Upper Cat PondNew YorkLake
1037Upper Cat TankNew MexicoLake
1038Upper Cataract FallsIndianaFalls
1039Upper Cataract LakeColoradoLake
1040Upper Cathedral LakeWashingtonLake
1041Upper Cathedral LakeWyomingLake
1042Upper Cato LakeGeorgiaReservoir
1043Upper Cato Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1044Upper Cattle Gulch SpringMontanaSpring
1045Upper Cause BarAlabamaBar
1046Upper Cave Creek SpringNew MexicoSpring
1047Upper Cave RidgeVirginiaRidge
1048Upper Ccc PoolMinnesotaReservoir
1049Upper Ccc PoolMinnesotaReservoir
1050Upper Cedar CreekIdahoStream
1051Upper Cedar Creek CemeteryTexasCemetery
1052Upper Cedar HollowTexasValley
1053Upper Cedar LakeMontanaLake
1054Upper Cedar PointMarylandCape
1055Upper CemeteryArkansasCemetery
1056Upper CemeteryAlabamaCemetery
1057Upper CemeteryConnecticutCemetery
1058Upper CemeteryMaineCemetery
1059Upper CemeteryNew YorkCemetery
1060Upper Centennial Control DamArizonaDam
1061Upper Centennial FlatCaliforniaFlat
1062Upper Centennial SpringCaliforniaSpring
1063Upper Center Hill SchoolSouth CarolinaSchool
1064Upper Center Point CanalIdahoCanal
1065Upper Center School (historical)IllinoisSchool
1066Upper Chadwick CreekKentuckyStream
1067Upper Chain LakeMaineLake
1068Upper Chain LakeUtahLake
1069Upper Chain Lake DamUtahDam
1070Upper Champion MineMontanaMine
1071Upper Chandler PondMassachusettsLake
1072Upper Chandler Pond DamMassachusettsDam
1073Upper Chapin Street Historic DistrictMassachusettsPark
1074Upper Charcoal TankArizonaLake
1075Upper Charette LakeNew MexicoLake
1076Upper Charlebois DitchNevadaCanal
1077Upper Charleston CanalUtahCanal
1078Upper Charrette School (historical)MissouriSchool
1079Upper Chatauqua MineColoradoMine
1080Upper Chateaugay LakeNew YorkLake
1081Upper Chavez TankArizonaLake
1082Upper Cheat Post Office (historical)West VirginiaPost Office
1083Upper Checats LakeAlaskaLake
1084Upper Cherry Creek DitchMontanaCanal
1085Upper Cherry Creek RanchOregonLocale
1086Upper Cherry Creek School (historical)TennesseeSchool
1087Upper Cherry Log CemeteryGeorgiaCemetery
1088Upper Cherry SpringArizonaSpring
1089Upper Cherry SpringNevadaSpring
1090Upper Cherry SpringOregonSpring
1091Upper Cherum SpringArizonaSpring
1092Upper Chesapeake Corporate CenterMarylandLocale
1093Upper Chesapeake Medical CenterMarylandHospital
1094Upper Chesnut LakeSouth CarolinaReservoir
1095Upper Chestnut FlatsTennesseeFlat
1096Upper Chetco Charter SchoolOregonSchool
1097Upper Chetco Rural Fire Protection DistrictOregonBuilding
1098Upper Chetco TrailOregonTrail
1099Upper Chewaucan MarshOregonFlat
1100Upper Chical AcequiaNew MexicoCanal
1101Upper Chical LateralNew MexicoCanal
1102Upper Chical WindmillNew MexicoLocale
1103Upper Chichester Township BuildingPennsylvaniaBuilding
1104Upper Chichester Township Police DepartmentPennsylvaniaBuilding
1105Upper Chicken Cock BarAlabamaBar
1106Upper Chicosa ReservoirColoradoReservoir
1107Upper Chieftain MineColoradoMine
1108Upper Chimney Creek ReservoirOregonLake
1109Upper Chimney DitchUtahCanal
1110Upper Chimney SpringNevadaSpring
1111Upper China WindmillTexasLocale
1112Upper Chinns DamColoradoDam
1113Upper Chinns ReservoirColoradoReservoir
1114Upper Chippokes CreekVirginiaStream
1115Upper Chiquito CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
1116Upper ChloeKentuckyPopulated Place
1117Upper Chloe CreekKentuckyStream
1118Upper Chloe Creek School (historical)KentuckySchool
1119Upper Chocolay FallsMichiganFalls
1120Upper Chosas TankNew MexicoReservoir
1121Upper Chosas TankNew MexicoReservoir
1122Upper Christiana DivisionDelawareCensus
1123Upper Christy Lake (historical)KansasReservoir
1124Upper Church DitchColoradoCanal
1125Upper Church LakeColoradoLake
1126Upper Church Lakes DamColoradoDam
1127Upper Churchill StreamMaineStream
1128Upper Chush FallsOregonFalls
1129Upper Cibolo Community CemeteryTexasCemetery
1130Upper Cienega CorralArizonaLocale
1131Upper Cienega SpringArizonaSpring
1132Upper Circle LakeLouisianaLake
1133Upper Circle Seven WellNew MexicoWell
1134Upper City Island (historical)TennesseeIsland
1135Upper City LakeTexasLake
1136Upper City Lake DamTexasDam
1137Upper City ParkOregonPark
1138Upper City ReservoirIowaReservoir
1139Upper Claar ChurchPennsylvaniaChurch
1140Upper Clam LakeWisconsinLake
1141Upper Clapboard Island LedgeMaineBar
1142Upper Clark HollowUtahValley
1143Upper Clark ReservoirOregonLake
1144Upper Class HallPennsylvaniaBuilding
1145Upper Clay SpringUtahSpring
1146Upper Clayhole ReservoirsArizonaLake
1147Upper Clayhole ValleyArizonaValley
1148Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 1 DamOklahomaDam
1149Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 1 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1150Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 10 DamOklahomaDam
1151Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 10 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1152Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 11 DamOklahomaDam
1153Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 11 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1154Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 12 DamOklahomaDam
1155Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 12 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1156Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 13 DamOklahomaDam
1157Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 13 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1158Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 14 DamOklahomaDam
1159Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 14 DamOklahomaDam
1160Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 14 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1161Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 14 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1162Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 15 DamOklahomaDam
1163Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 15 DamOklahomaDam
1164Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 15 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1165Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 15 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1166Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 16 DamOklahomaDam
1167Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 16 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1168Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 17 DamOklahomaDam
1169Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 17 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1170Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 18 DamOklahomaDam
1171Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 18 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1172Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 2 DamOklahomaDam
1173Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 2 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1174Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 20 DamOklahomaDam
1175Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 20 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1176Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 22 DamOklahomaDam
1177Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 22 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1178Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 23 DamOklahomaDam
1179Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 23 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1180Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 24 DamOklahomaDam
1181Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 24 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1182Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 25 DamOklahomaDam
1183Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 25 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1184Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 28 DamOklahomaDam
1185Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 28 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1186Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 3 DamOklahomaDam
1187Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 3 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1188Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 30 DamOklahomaDam
1189Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 30 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1190Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 31 DamOklahomaDam
1191Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 31 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1192Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 32 DamOklahomaDam
1193Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 32 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1194Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 33 DamOklahomaDam
1195Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 33 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1196Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 34 DamOklahomaDam
1197Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 34 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1198Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 35 DamOklahomaDam
1199Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 35 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1200Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 36 DamOklahomaDam
1201Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 36 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1202Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 37 DamOklahomaDam
1203Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 37 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1204Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 38 DamOklahomaDam
1205Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 38 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1206Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 4 DamOklahomaDam
1207Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 4 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1208Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 40 DamOklahomaDam
1209Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 40 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1210Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 41 DamOklahomaDam
1211Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 41 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1212Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 42 DamOklahomaDam
1213Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 42 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1214Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 43 DamOklahomaDam
1215Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 43 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1216Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 45 DamOklahomaDam
1217Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 45 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1218Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 46 DamOklahomaDam
1219Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 46 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1220Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 47 DamOklahomaDam
1221Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 47 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1222Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 48 DamOklahomaDam
1223Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 48 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1224Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 49 DamOklahomaDam
1225Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 49 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1226Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 50 DamOklahomaDam
1227Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 50 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1228Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 51 DamOklahomaDam
1229Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 51 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1230Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 52 DamOklahomaDam
1231Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 52 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1232Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 53 DamOklahomaDam
1233Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 53 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1234Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 54 DamOklahomaDam
1235Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 54 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1236Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 6 DamOklahomaDam
1237Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 6 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1238Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 7 DamOklahomaDam
1239Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 7 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1240Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 8 DamOklahomaDam
1241Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 8 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1242Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 9 DamOklahomaDam
1243Upper Clear Boggy Creek Site 9 ReservoirOklahomaLake
1244Upper Clear Boggy Number 19 DamOklahomaDam
1245Upper Clear Boggy Number 19 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1246Upper Clear Boggy Number 26 DamOklahomaDam
1247Upper Clear Boggy Number 26 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1248Upper Clear Boggy Number 27 DamOklahomaDam
1249Upper Clear Boggy Number 27 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1250Upper Clear CreekNebraskaStream
1251Upper Clear Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
1252Upper Clear LakeLouisianaLake
1253Upper Clear LakeMinnesotaLake
1254Upper Clear LakeTexasReservoir
1255Upper Clearwater CampgroundWashingtonLocale
1256Upper Cliff Elementary SchoolNew JerseySchool
1257Upper Cliff LakeCaliforniaLake
1258Upper Clifton BendTexasBend
1259Upper Clifty CreekKentuckyStream
1260Upper Clinch River Number Eight DamVirginiaDam
1261Upper Clint LateralTexasCanal
1262Upper Clipper MineColoradoMine
1263Upper Clover Fork DivisionKentuckyCensus
1264Upper Clover Fork School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1265Upper Clover RanchNevadaLocale
1266Upper Clover TankArizonaLake
1267Upper Cloverfork Fire DepartmentKentuckyBuilding
1268Upper Club LakeTexasLake
1269Upper Club Lake DamTexasDam
1270Upper Clyde DitchNew MexicoCanal
1271Upper Co TankArizonaLake
1272Upper Coal CreekMontanaStream
1273Upper Coal Pit SpringIdahoSpring
1274Upper Coal RiffleOregonRapids
1275Upper CoalburgAlabamaPopulated Place
1276Upper Coalport School (historical)KentuckySchool
1277Upper Cochran RapidsOregonRapids
1278Upper Coffee Pot CampgroundIdahoLocale
1279Upper Coffin LakeMontanaLake
1280Upper Cogdill LakeColoradoLake
1281Upper Cohoe LakeAlaskaLake
1282Upper Cold LakeMontanaLake
1283Upper Cold SpringNew MexicoSpring
1284Upper Cold Stream PondsMaineLake
1285Upper Cole Camp SpringsNevadaSpring
1286Upper Colly School (historical)KentuckySchool
1287Upper Colonial DamNorth CarolinaDam
1288Upper Colonial LakeNorth CarolinaReservoir
1289Upper ColoniasNew MexicoPopulated Place
1290Upper Colony ChurchKentuckyChurch
1291Upper Columbia AcademyWashingtonSchool
1292Upper Columbia CrossingTexasLocale
1293Upper Comer Cemetery (historical)PennsylvaniaCemetery
1294Upper Como CampgroundMontanaLocale
1295Upper Concord School (historical)KentuckySchool
1296Upper Cone SpringsNevadaSpring
1297Upper Coney LakeColoradoLake
1298Upper Conklin TankArizonaLake
1299Upper Connecticut Valley HospitalNew HampshireHospital
1300Upper Continental Ski TrailMontanaTrail
1301Upper Cook SpringArizonaSpring
1302Upper Cool CreekWashingtonStream
1303Upper Coombs IslandMaineIsland
1304Upper Coon Creek CemeteryTennesseeCemetery
1305Upper Coon Creek SchoolTennesseeSchool
1306Upper Coon MountainCaliforniaSummit
1307Upper Coon Mountain ShelterCaliforniaLocale
1308Upper Cooney TankNew MexicoLake
1309Upper Coots LakeGeorgiaLake
1310Upper Coots Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1311Upper Copper CreekWisconsinStream
1312Upper Copper LakeMontanaLake
1313Upper Copper LakeAlaskaLake
1314Upper Corkscrew LakeMontanaLake
1315Upper Cormorant LakeMinnesotaLake
1316Upper Corn Creek TankArizonaLake
1317Upper CornersPennsylvaniaLocale
1318Upper Corners CemeteryNew YorkCemetery
1319Upper Cornsilk 374 Land TractNorth CarolinaArea
1320Upper Cornwall WellArizonaWell
1321Upper CorralNevadaLocale
1322Upper CorralNew MexicoLocale
1323Upper Corral CanyonArizonaValley
1324Upper Corral CanyonUtahValley
1325Upper Corral Canyon TankNew MexicoLake
1326Upper Corral Creek School (historical)MontanaSchool
1327Upper Corrales Riverside DrainNew MexicoCanal
1328Upper Cosique AcequiaNew MexicoCanal
1329Upper Cottonwood CanyonNew MexicoValley
1330Upper Cottonwood Creek Wildlife AreaCaliforniaPark
1331Upper Cottonwood DamWyomingDam
1332Upper Cottonwood ReservoirColoradoReservoir
1333Upper Cottonwood ReservoirWyomingReservoir
1334Upper Cottonwood School (historical)MontanaSchool
1335Upper Cottonwood School (historical)MontanaSchool
1336Upper Cottonwood School (historical)MontanaSchool
1337Upper Cottonwood SpringArizonaSpring
1338Upper Cottonwood SpringArizonaSpring
1339Upper Cottonwood SpringMontanaSpring
1340Upper Cottonwood SpringNevadaSpring
1341Upper Cottonwood SpringNew MexicoSpring
1342Upper Cottonwood SpringNew MexicoSpring
1343Upper Cottonwood TankNew MexicoReservoir
1344Upper Cottonwood TroughsUtahLocale
1345Upper Cougar CampOregonLocale
1346Upper County Elementary SchoolMarylandSchool
1347Upper Coutee ShoalsTennesseeBar
1348Upper Cove Creek SpringArizonaSpring
1349Upper Cove RunWest VirginiaStream
1350Upper Cove SpringWest VirginiaSpring
1351Upper Covington FlatCaliforniaFlat
1352Upper Cow CampColoradoLocale
1353Upper Cow LakeOregonLake
1354Upper Cow ReservoirOregonLake
1355Upper Cowart LakeGeorgiaLake
1356Upper Cowart Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1357Upper Cowcamp SpringNevadaSpring
1358Upper Cowlitz SchoolWashingtonLocale
1359Upper Cox Brook Covered BridgeVermontBridge
1360Upper Cox Canyon SpringArizonaSpring
1361Upper Cox Canyon Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew MexicoBuilding
1362Upper Coyanosa DrawTexasValley
1363Upper Coyote Creek DamNew MexicoDam
1364Upper Coyote Creek SawmillNew MexicoLocale
1365Upper Coyote MeadowCaliforniaFlat
1366Upper Coyote ReservoirNevadaLake
1367Upper Coyote ReservoirOregonLake
1368Upper Coyote Ridge TrailCaliforniaTrail
1369Upper Coyote SpringNevadaSpring
1370Upper Coyote WellNew MexicoWell
1371Upper Craborchard School (historical)OhioSchool
1372Upper Crabtree CemeteryNorth CarolinaCemetery
1373Upper Cracker Box School (historical)MontanaSchool
1374Upper Craig Draw ReservoirColoradoLake
1375Upper Craigs Creek Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
1376Upper Cramer LakeIdahoLake
1377Upper Cranberry LakeMaineLake
1378Upper Cranberry PondNew YorkLake
1379Upper Crane SchoolKentuckySchool
1380Upper Cranks Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
1381Upper Crater LakeWyomingLake
1382Upper Craven DamColoradoDam
1383Upper Craven ReservoirColoradoLake
1384Upper CreekNorth CarolinaStream
1385Upper CreekNorth CarolinaStream
1386Upper CreekNorth CarolinaStream
1387Upper CreekWest VirginiaStream
1388Upper Creek MineAlabamaMine
1389Upper Creek Post Office (historical)West VirginiaPost Office
1390Upper Creek School (historical)AlabamaSchool
1391Upper Crest EstatesMarylandPopulated Place
1392Upper Crooked LakeArkansasLake
1393Upper Crooked RiffleOregonRapids
1394Upper Crooked Shoal BranchKentuckyStream
1395Upper Crosno SchoolMissouriSchool
1396Upper Cross BankFloridaBar
1397Upper CrossingArizonaLake
1398Upper CrossingIdahoPopulated Place
1399Upper CrossingOregonLocale
1400Upper CrossingCaliforniaCrossing
1401Upper Crossing SpringArizonaSpring
1402Upper CrossroadsMarylandPopulated Place
1403Upper Crossroads CemeteryMarylandCemetery
1404Upper Crossroads ChurchMarylandChurch
1405Upper Crossroads Post Office (historical)MarylandPost Office
1406Upper Croton WindmillTexasLocale
1407Upper Crow Creek SpringNevadaSpring
1408Upper Crow Hills Pond DamMassachusettsDam
1409Upper Crows Nest CampsiteMaineLocale
1410Upper Crowsfoot SpringOregonSpring
1411Upper Crystal LakeColoradoLake
1412Upper Crystal SpringIdahoSpring
1413Upper Crystal Springs ReservoirCaliforniaLake
1414Upper Cullen LakeMinnesotaLake
1415Upper CumberlandKentuckyPopulated Place
1416Upper Cumberland ChurchTennesseeChurch
1417Upper Cumberland Council Boy Scout CampTennesseeLocale
1418Upper Cumberland Regional AirportTennesseeAirport
1419Upper Cumberland SchoolKentuckySchool
1420Upper Cummings CemeteryIndianaCemetery
1421Upper Cummings ReservoirCaliforniaLake
1422Upper Curry BranchWest VirginiaStream
1423Upper Curry CemeteryWest VirginiaCemetery
1424Upper Curry ChurchKentuckyChurch
1425Upper Curtis GlacierWashingtonGlacier
1426Upper Cut Meat SegmentSouth DakotaCivil
1427Upper CutoffAlabamaChannel
1428Upper Cutoff CreekArkansasStream
1429Upper Cutoff SloughIllinoisLake
1430Upper Cynth GapGeorgiaGap
1431Upper Cypress SpringArizonaSpring
1432Upper Cyrus SpringOregonSpring
1433Upper Daily CreekMontanaStream
1434Upper DairyIdahoLocale
1435Upper Dale SchoolIdahoLocale
1436Upper Dallas LateralCaliforniaCanal
1437Upper DamArizonaDam
1438Upper DamArkansasDam
1439Upper DamArkansasDam
1440Upper DamMainePopulated Place
1441Upper DamPennsylvaniaDam
1442Upper DamPennsylvaniaDam
1443Upper DamPennsylvaniaDam
1444Upper DamPennsylvaniaDam
1445Upper DamPennsylvaniaDam
1446Upper DamTexasDam
1447Upper DamWyomingDam
1448Upper DamMaineDam
1449Upper DamMaineDam
1450Upper DamMaineDam
1451Upper DamMaineDam
1452Upper DamMaineDam
1453Upper DamMaineDam
1454Upper DamMaineDam
1455Upper Dam (historical)MaineDam
1456Upper Dam LakeMichiganReservoir
1457Upper Dam PondNew YorkLake
1458Upper Dam PondRhode IslandLake
1459Upper Dam Pond DamRhode IslandDam
1460Upper Dam Post OfficeMainePost Office
1461Upper Daniels Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
1462Upper Danielson DamOklahomaDam
1463Upper Danielson LakeOklahomaReservoir
1464Upper Danville LandingLouisianaLocale
1465Upper DarbyPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1466Upper Darby BridgeOhioBridge
1467Upper Darby Company 3 Fire StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
1468Upper Darby LibraryPennsylvaniaBuilding
1469Upper Darby Post OfficePennsylvaniaPost Office
1470Upper Darby Senior High SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
1471Upper Darby Township BuildingPennsylvaniaBuilding
1472Upper Darby Township Police StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
1473Upper Dark Hollow TrailVirginiaTrail
1474Upper Davidson WindmillTexasLocale
1475Upper Davis DamOregonDam
1476Upper Davis Pond Dam D-1677South CarolinaDam
1477Upper Davis SpringNevadaSpring
1478Upper Davisson Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1479Upper Dayton ViewOhioPopulated Place
1480Upper Dead Cow SpringArizonaSpring
1481Upper Dead RiverMississippiStream
1482Upper Deadman Group CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
1483Upper Deadman SpringNevadaSpring
1484Upper Deadman SpringNevadaSpring
1485Upper Deadman TankArizonaLake
1486Upper DeadwaterMaineChannel
1487Upper DeadwaterMaineLake
1488Upper DeadwaterMaineLake
1489Upper DeadwaterMaineLake
1490Upper DeadwaterMaineLake
1491Upper DeadwaterMaineLake
1492Upper DeadwaterMaineSwamp
1493Upper Deadwater PondMaineLake
1494Upper Deadwater PondMaineLake
1495Upper Deadwood Guard Station (historical)IdahoLocale
1496Upper Dean LakeMinnesotaLake
1497Upper Dean State Wildlife Management AreaMinnesotaPark
1498Upper Death ValleyUtahBasin
1499Upper Debris BasinUtahBasin
1500Upper Deckers Creek Structure Four DamWest VirginiaDam
1501Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number Five DamWest VirginiaDam
1502Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number One DamWest VirginiaDam
1503Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number Seven DamWest VirginiaDam
1504Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number Six DamWest VirginiaDam
1505Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number Three DamWest VirginiaDam
1506Upper Deckers Creek Structure Number Two DamWest VirginiaDam
1507Upper Deckers Creek Wildlife Management AreaWest VirginiaPark
1508Upper Declaration TrailIdahoTrail
1509Upper Dee Creek MineMontanaMine
1510Upper Deep BayNew YorkBay
1511Upper Deep CreekNew JerseyGut
1512Upper Deep Creek DamIdahoDam
1513Upper Deep Creek ReservoirIdahoLake
1514Upper Deep Creek School (historical)MontanaSchool
1515Upper Deep Creek SpringUtahSpring
1516Upper Deep Freeze Ski TrailNew MexicoTrail
1517Upper Deep HoleRhode IslandLake
1518Upper Deer CreekMontanaStream
1519Upper Deer Creek CanyonWyomingValley
1520Upper Deer Creek ChurchIndianaChurch
1521Upper Deer Creek ChurchIndianaChurch
1522Upper Deer Creek ChurchIowaChurch
1523Upper Deer Creek WellMontanaWell
1524Upper Deer FlatIdahoFlat
1525Upper Deer FlatIdahoFlat
1526Upper Deer Flat Fire DepartmentIdahoBuilding
1527Upper Deerfield Emergency Medical ServicesNew JerseyBuilding
1528Upper Deerfield PreschoolNew JerseySchool
1529Upper Deerfield Township Fire Company Station 1 Deerfield StreetNew JerseyBuilding
1530Upper Deerfield Township Fire Company Station 2 Seabrook Fire And RescueNew JerseyBuilding
1531Upper Deerfield Township Fire Company Station 3 Carlls CornerNew JerseyBuilding
1532Upper Deerwood LakeSouth CarolinaLake
1533Upper Deerwood Lake DamSouth CarolinaDam
1534Upper Delaware Scenic And Recreation RiverNew YorkPark
1535Upper DellsWisconsinValley
1536Upper Demlow LakeWisconsinLake
1537Upper Dempsey BranchWest VirginiaStream
1538Upper Dempsey BranchWest VirginiaStream
1539Upper Denneys Gap GraveyardKentuckyCemetery
1540Upper Dents Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1541Upper Derbec SpringCaliforniaSpring
1542Upper Derby LakeColoradoLake
1543Upper Derby Lake DamColoradoDam
1544Upper Des Lacs LakeNorth DakotaLake
1545Upper Desdemona ShoalOregonChannel
1546Upper Desert TankColoradoLake
1547Upper Devil CreekKentuckyStream
1548Upper Devil Hole School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1549Upper Devils LakeWisconsinLake
1550Upper Devils PeakCaliforniaSummit
1551Upper Devils TankNew MexicoLake
1552Upper Dewey LakeAlaskaLake
1553Upper Dewey Lake DamAlaskaDam
1554Upper Dewey ReservoirAlaskaReservoir
1555Upper Dezarn HollowKentuckyValley
1556Upper Diablo TankArizonaReservoir
1557Upper Diamond LakeColoradoLake
1558Upper Dianne LakeFloridaLake
1559Upper DickKentuckyPopulated Place
1560Upper Dick Creek MineMontanaMine
1561Upper Diehl LakeOhioLake
1562Upper DiggingsVermontSummit
1563Upper DiliaNew MexicoPopulated Place
1564Upper Dill BranchKentuckyStream
1565Upper Dillman TankArizonaLake
1566Upper Dillworth BenchWyomingRidge
1567Upper Dingley PondMaineLake
1568Upper Dinkey Creek CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
1569Upper Dinwoody LakeWyomingLake
1570Upper Disaster FallsColoradoFalls
1571Upper Distill SpringArizonaSpring
1572Upper DitchMontanaCanal
1573Upper DitchOregonCanal
1574Upper Diversion DamNebraskaDam
1575Upper Divide TankNew MexicoLake
1576Upper Doame LakeAlaskaLake
1577Upper Doane ValleyCaliforniaValley
1578Upper Doane Valley TrailCaliforniaTrail
1579Upper Doctor Green TrailPennsylvaniaTrail
1580Upper Doe LakeFloridaLake
1581Upper Doe Run CemeteryMissouriCemetery
1582Upper Doe Run SchoolMissouriSchool
1583Upper Dog BluffSouth CarolinaCliff
1584Upper Dog Bluff LandingSouth CarolinaLocale
1585Upper Dog CanyonNew MexicoValley
1586Upper Dog CanyonTexasValley
1587Upper Dog Creek School (historical)MontanaSchool
1588Upper Dog PondOklahomaLake
1589Upper Dog TankNew MexicoLake
1590Upper Dog Town TankNew MexicoLake
1591Upper Dog Valley TankArizonaLake
1592Upper Dome DamColoradoDam
1593Upper Dome MineColoradoMine
1594Upper Dome ReservoirColoradoLake
1595Upper Domingo Ski TrailNew MexicoTrail
1596Upper Dominici CreekCaliforniaStream
1597Upper Doniphan DamMissouriDam
1598Upper Donnally BranchWest VirginiaStream
1599Upper Donohoe DamPennsylvaniaDam
1600Upper Double BranchKentuckyStream
1601Upper Double BranchKentuckyStream
1602Upper Double BranchKentuckyStream
1603Upper Double BranchNorth CarolinaStream
1604Upper Double R SpringArizonaSpring
1605Upper Douglas LakeKentuckyLake
1606Upper Downtown Canton Historic DistrictOhioPark
1607Upper Dowry CreekNorth CarolinaStream
1608Upper Doyle ReservoirColoradoReservoir
1609Upper Doyle WindmillColoradoLocale
1610Upper DrainTexasCanal
1611Upper DrawWyomingValley
1612Upper Draw ReservoirWyomingLake
1613Upper DrewMainePopulated Place
1614Upper Drift Creek SlideOregonSlope
1615Upper Drift Fence TankNew MexicoLake
1616Upper Driftwood Election PrecinctNebraskaCivil
1617Upper Drummond WaterholeOregonSpring
1618Upper Dry Creek SpringNevadaSpring
1619Upper Dry Fork DamMontanaDam
1620Upper Dry Fork ReservoirMontanaLake
1621Upper Dry Fork SchoolKentuckySchool
1622Upper Dry Gulch CanyonUtahValley
1623Upper Dry HollowPennsylvaniaValley
1624Upper Dry Lake Number 1OregonLake
1625Upper Dry Lake Number 2OregonLake
1626Upper Dry Pasture TankArizonaLake
1627Upper Dry RunPennsylvaniaStream
1628Upper Dry Run School (historical)OhioSchool
1629Upper Dry Susie SpringNevadaSpring
1630Upper Dry TankNew MexicoReservoir
1631Upper Dry ValleyIdahoValley
1632Upper Dry ValleyNevadaValley
1633Upper Dry Valley ChurchMissouriChurch
1634Upper Dry Valley School (historical)MissouriSchool
1635Upper DublinPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1636Upper Dublin ChurchPennsylvaniaChurch
1637Upper Dublin High SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
1638Upper Dublin Public LibraryPennsylvaniaBuilding
1639Upper Dublin Shopping CenterPennsylvaniaLocale
1640Upper Dublin Township HallPennsylvaniaBuilding
1641Upper Dublin Township Police StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
1642Upper Duck HoleNew YorkBay
1643Upper Duck TankNew MexicoLake
1644Upper Dugan BluffMissouriCliff
1645Upper Dugger FordGeorgiaCrossing
1646Upper Dugout CreekNebraskaStream
1647Upper Dugout Creek ReservoirOregonLake
1648Upper Dugout SpringUtahSpring
1649Upper Duhme SpringsColoradoSpring
1650Upper Duncan Creek DamIdahoDam
1651Upper Duncan ReservoirOregonLake
1652Upper Dunnville BottomsWisconsinBend
1653Upper Dutch CreekKansasStream
1654Upper Dutch Creek SchoolWisconsinSchool
1655Upper Dutch DiggingsCaliforniaMine
1656Upper Dutch TankNew MexicoLake
1657Upper DutchtownPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1658Upper Eagan MineTennesseeMine
1659Upper Eagle CreekLouisianaStream
1660Upper Eagle Creek CorralArizonaLocale
1661Upper Eagle Creek School (historical)WisconsinSchool
1662Upper Eagle LakeWashingtonLake
1663Upper Eagle Nest LakeArkansasLake
1664Upper Eagle Point CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
1665Upper Earl ParkArizonaFlat
1666Upper East Bend BottomKentuckyBend
1667Upper East Diamond TankNew MexicoLake
1668Upper East Fork Shoofly ReservoirIdahoLake
1669Upper East Ragged PondMaineLake
1670Upper East Side Historic DistrictNew YorkPark
1671Upper East Side SchoolMaineSchool
1672Upper East TankNew MexicoReservoir
1673Upper East Tumbo River FallsMichiganFalls
1674Upper Eau Claire LakeWisconsinLake
1675Upper Ebbs SpringUtahSpring
1676Upper Ebeemee LakeMaineLake
1677Upper Echo LakeCaliforniaLake
1678Upper Ed Lee DamColoradoDam
1679Upper Ed Lee ReservoirColoradoReservoir
1680Upper Eddeeleo LakeOregonLake
1681Upper Eddy Creek MineMontanaMine
1682Upper Eddy Creek MineMontanaMine
1683Upper Eddy PondVermontReservoir
1684Upper Eddy Pond DamVermontDam
1685Upper Edwards 591 DamCaliforniaDam
1686Upper Egg LakeMinnesotaLake
1687Upper Eggleston LakeColoradoLake
1688Upper Eighteenmile LakeMichiganLake
1689Upper Eighteenmile WellWyomingWell
1690Upper Eighth CouleeMontanaValley
1691Upper Eightmile School (historical)OregonSchool
1692Upper Elbow PondMaineLake
1693Upper Elco SchoolIllinoisSchool
1694Upper Elder LakeGeorgiaLake
1695Upper Elder Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1696Upper Elders DamGeorgiaDam
1697Upper Elders LakeGeorgiaReservoir
1698Upper Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool
1699Upper Elementary SchoolIowaSchool
1700Upper Elementary SchoolMichiganSchool
1701Upper Elementary SchoolMichiganSchool
1702Upper Elementary SchoolMichiganSchool
1703Upper Eliza Lake (historical)IllinoisLake
1704Upper Elk CreekKentuckyStream
1705Upper Elk CreekVirginiaStream
1706Upper Elk CreekCaliforniaStream
1707Upper Elk Creek Site 10 DamOklahomaDam
1708Upper Elk Creek Site 10 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1709Upper Elk Creek Site 11 DamOklahomaDam
1710Upper Elk Creek Site 11 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1711Upper Elk Creek Site 12 DamOklahomaDam
1712Upper Elk Creek Site 12 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1713Upper Elk Creek Site 13 DamOklahomaDam
1714Upper Elk Creek Site 13 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1715Upper Elk Creek Site 14 DamOklahomaDam
1716Upper Elk Creek Site 14 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1717Upper Elk Creek Site 15 DamOklahomaDam
1718Upper Elk Creek Site 15 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1719Upper Elk Creek Site 16 DamOklahomaDam
1720Upper Elk Creek Site 16 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1721Upper Elk Creek Site 17 DamOklahomaDam
1722Upper Elk Creek Site 17 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1723Upper Elk Creek Site 18 DamOklahomaDam
1724Upper Elk Creek Site 18 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1725Upper Elk Creek Site 19 DamOklahomaDam
1726Upper Elk Creek Site 19 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1727Upper Elk Creek Site 20 DamOklahomaDam
1728Upper Elk Creek Site 20 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1729Upper Elk Creek Site 21 DamOklahomaDam
1730Upper Elk Creek Site 21 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1731Upper Elk Creek Site 22r DamOklahomaDam
1732Upper Elk Creek Site 22r ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1733Upper Elk Creek Site 23a DamOklahomaDam
1734Upper Elk Creek Site 23a ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1735Upper Elk Creek Site 23b DamOklahomaDam
1736Upper Elk Creek Site 23b ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1737Upper Elk Creek Site 23c DamOklahomaDam
1738Upper Elk Creek Site 23c ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1739Upper Elk Creek Site 23d DamOklahomaDam
1740Upper Elk Creek Site 23d ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1741Upper Elk Creek Site 25 DamOklahomaDam
1742Upper Elk Creek Site 25 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1743Upper Elk Creek Site 26 DamOklahomaDam
1744Upper Elk Creek Site 26 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1745Upper Elk Creek Site 27 DamOklahomaDam
1746Upper Elk Creek Site 27 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1747Upper Elk Creek Site 28 DamOklahomaDam
1748Upper Elk Creek Site 28 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1749Upper Elk Creek Site 32 DamOklahomaDam
1750Upper Elk Creek Site 32 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1751Upper Elk Creek Site 33 DamOklahomaDam
1752Upper Elk Creek Site 33 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1753Upper Elk Creek Site 34 DamOklahomaDam
1754Upper Elk Creek Site 34 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1755Upper Elk Creek Site 37 DamOklahomaDam
1756Upper Elk Creek Site 37 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1757Upper Elk Creek Site 38 DamOklahomaDam
1758Upper Elk Creek Site 38 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1759Upper Elk Creek Site 39 DamOklahomaDam
1760Upper Elk Creek Site 39 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1761Upper Elk Creek Site 4 DamOklahomaDam
1762Upper Elk Creek Site 4 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1763Upper Elk Creek Site 40 DamOklahomaDam
1764Upper Elk Creek Site 40 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1765Upper Elk Creek Site 41 DamOklahomaDam
1766Upper Elk Creek Site 41 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1767Upper Elk Creek Site 5 DamOklahomaDam
1768Upper Elk Creek Site 5 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1769Upper Elk Creek Site 6 DamOklahomaDam
1770Upper Elk Creek Site 6 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1771Upper Elk Creek Site 8 DamOklahomaDam
1772Upper Elk Creek Site 8 ReservoirOklahomaReservoir
1773Upper Elk HollowWest VirginiaValley
1774Upper Elk LakeWashingtonLake
1775Upper Elk MeadowsOregonFlat
1776Upper Elk SchoolKentuckySchool
1777Upper Elk School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1778Upper Elk ValleyNebraskaBasin
1779Upper Elkhorn CampMontanaLocale
1780Upper Elkhorn Creek School (historical)KentuckySchool
1781Upper Elkhorn MineMontanaMine
1782Upper Elliot LakeMontanaLake
1783Upper Ellis ChurchWest VirginiaChurch
1784Upper Ellis PlaceMontanaPopulated Place
1785Upper Ellis PondMaineLake
1786Upper Ellison LakeTexasReservoir
1787Upper Ellison Lake DamTexasDam
1788Upper Elm CreekTexasStream
1789Upper Elochoman Census Designated PlaceWashingtonCensus
1790Upper Elochoman ValleyWashingtonValley
1791Upper Elwha DamWashingtonDam
1792Upper Embankment DrainIdahoStream
1793Upper Embarras Woods Nature PreserveIllinoisPark
1794Upper Emerald LakeCaliforniaLake
1795Upper Emigrant SpringCaliforniaSpring
1796Upper EmiliePennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1797Upper Empire LakeOregonLake
1798Upper Enchantment LakesWashingtonLake
1799Upper Encino SpringNew MexicoSpring
1800Upper End CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
1801Upper End CampgroundOregonLocale
1802Upper End TankTexasLake
1803Upper English LakeCaliforniaLake
1804Upper Enterprise DamUtahDam
1805Upper Enterprise ReservoirUtahLake
1806Upper Entranas East Trick TankNew MexicoLake
1807Upper Entranas West Trick TankNew MexicoLake
1808Upper Erma Bell LakeOregonLake
1809Upper Erskine LakeNew JerseyLake
1810Upper Erskine Lake DamNew JerseyDam
1811Upper Essex CemeteryVirginiaCemetery
1812Upper Essex ChurchVirginiaChurch
1813Upper Estero DamCaliforniaDam
1814Upper Evans LakeMichiganLake
1815Upper ExeterPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1816Upper Exeter Census Designated PlacePennsylvaniaCensus
1817Upper FairfaxWashingtonPopulated Place
1818Upper FairfieldNew YorkPopulated Place
1819Upper Fairfield CemeteryNew YorkCemetery
1820Upper Fairforest Baptist ChurchSouth CarolinaChurch
1821Upper Fairforest CemeterySouth CarolinaCemetery
1822Upper FairmountMarylandPopulated Place
1823Upper Fairmount CemeteryMarylandCemetery
1824Upper Fairmount Post OfficeMarylandPost Office
1825Upper FairviewPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
1826Upper Fairview SchoolIdahoLocale
1827Upper Fairview SpringNevadaSpring
1828Upper Fall BranchKentuckyStream
1829Upper Fall BranchTennesseeStream
1830Upper Fall Creek SpringIdahoSpring
1831Upper Fall River ChurchKansasChurch
1832Upper Falling BranchTennesseeStream
1833Upper FallsCaliforniaFalls
1834Upper FallsMaineFalls
1835Upper FallsMarylandPopulated Place
1836Upper FallsMontanaFalls
1837Upper FallsNew HampshireFalls
1838Upper FallsNew YorkFalls
1839Upper FallsNew YorkFalls
1840Upper FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1841Upper FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1842Upper FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1843Upper FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1844Upper FallsNorth CarolinaFalls
1845Upper FallsOregonFalls
1846Upper FallsAlaskaFalls
1847Upper FallsUtahFalls
1848Upper FallsVirginiaFalls
1849Upper FallsWashingtonFalls
1850Upper FallsWashingtonFalls
1851Upper FallsWest VirginiaFalls
1852Upper FallsWest VirginiaPopulated Place
1853Upper FallsWyomingFalls
1854Upper FallsMichiganFalls
1855Upper FallsMichiganFalls
1856Upper FallsMichiganFalls
1857Upper FallsMichiganFalls
1858Upper FallsMichiganFalls
1859Upper FallsCaliforniaFalls
1860Upper Falls Census Designated PlaceWest VirginiaCensus
1861Upper Falls Covered BridgeVermontBridge
1862Upper Falls Creek LakeGeorgiaLake
1863Upper Falls Creek LakeMontanaLake
1864Upper Falls Creek Lake DamGeorgiaDam
1865Upper Falls DamWashingtonDam
1866Upper Falls Deschutes RiverOregonFalls
1867Upper Falls LakeWashingtonLake
1868Upper Falls MineTennesseeMine
1869Upper Falls Of The Yellowstone RiverWyomingFalls
1870Upper Falls PlaygroundMassachusettsLocale
1871Upper Falls Post OfficeMarylandPost Office
1872Upper Falls ReservoirWashingtonReservoir
1873Upper Falls SpringArizonaSpring
1874Upper Far Out Ski TrailMontanaTrail
1875Upper FarmMaineLocale
1876Upper FarmOregonLocale
1877Upper Farm Hill CreekMichiganStream
1878Upper Feds Creek School (historical)KentuckySchool
1879Upper Feeder PondNew YorkLake
1880Upper Feeley Lake 97-045 DamCaliforniaDam
1881Upper Fencepost TankTexasLake
1882Upper FerryMaineLocale
1883Upper FerryMarylandCrossing
1884Upper Ferry (historical)ArkansasCrossing
1885Upper Ferry (historical)MissouriCrossing
1886Upper Ferry (historical)OhioCrossing
1887Upper Ferry AcresMarylandPopulated Place
1888Upper Ferry CemeteryMaineCemetery
1889Upper Ferry EstatesMarylandPopulated Place
1890Upper Field BranchAlabamaStream
1891Upper Field HollowMississippiValley
1892Upper Field TankTexasLake
1893Upper Fifteenmile SpringMontanaSpring
1894Upper Fifth LakeMinnesotaLake
1895Upper Fire LakeAlaskaLake
1896Upper First Creek School (historical)MissouriSchool
1897Upper First Creek SpringOregonSpring
1898Upper First LakeWisconsinLake
1899Upper First Saint John PondMaineLake
1900Upper Fish LakeIndianaLake
1901Upper Fish LakeNevadaLake
1902Upper Fish LakeAlaskaLake
1903Upper Fish ValleyCaliforniaValley
1904Upper Fisher Long DitchOregonCanal
1905Upper Fishermans TrailCaliforniaTrail
1906Upper Fishhook CanyonArizonaValley
1907Upper Fishook Research Natural AreaIdahoPark
1908Upper Fishtrap CemeteryOregonCemetery
1909Upper Fishtrap LakeMontanaLake
1910Upper FivemileOhioPopulated Place
1911Upper Fivemile CreekWest VirginiaStream
1912Upper Flag IslandMaineIsland
1913Upper Flag PondTexasLake
1914Upper Flannagan PondMassachusettsReservoir
1915Upper Flannagan Pond DamMassachusettsDam
1916Upper FlatLouisianaLake
1917Upper Flat BranchMississippiStream
1918Upper Flat ChurchIowaChurch
1919Upper Flat Fork School (historical)TennesseeSchool
1920Upper Flat Hollow SchoolTennesseeSchool
1921Upper Flat LakeIllinoisLake
1922Upper Flat PondIllinoisLake
1923Upper Flat SpringArizonaSpring
1924Upper Flatbush CemeteryMichiganCemetery
1925Upper FlatsNorth CarolinaBasin
1926Upper FlatsWest VirginiaPopulated Place
1927Upper Flats-white Church CemeteryWest VirginiaCemetery
1928Upper Flattop HillTexasSummit
1929Upper Flatwillow School (historical)MontanaSchool
1930Upper Fletcher LakeCaliforniaLake
1931Upper Flint PondMassachusettsLake
1932Upper Flint Pond DamMassachusettsDam
1933Upper Flint RunWest VirginiaStream
1934Upper Flood LakeMaineLake
1935Upper Florence LakeWashingtonLake
1936Upper Flowage 2wp988 DamWisconsinDam
1937Upper Flying E DitchWyomingCanal
1938Upper Foote Creek FlatsWyomingFlat
1939Upper Ford Guard StationMontanaLocale
1940Upper Ford HillMarylandSummit
1941Upper Ford LakeSouth CarolinaLake
1942Upper Fords Creek Rural Fire DepartmentIdahoBuilding
1943Upper ForecourtNew YorkPark
1944Upper Forest MountainArizonaSummit
1945Upper Forestburg (historical)South DakotaLocale
1946Upper Forge BranchTennesseeStream
1947Upper Forge HollowTennesseeValley
1948Upper ForkTennesseeStream
1949Upper Fork Clear CreekMontanaStream
1950Upper Fork Clear CreekMontanaStream
1951Upper Fork Cool Spring BranchKentuckyStream
1952Upper Fork Twelvemile CreekAlaskaStream
1953Upper Forked LakeArkansasLake
1954Upper ForniCaliforniaPopulated Place
1955Upper Fort Creek ReservoirOregonLake
1956Upper Four CornersMassachusettsPopulated Place
1957Upper Four TankArizonaLake
1958Upper Fourmile DrawTexasValley
1959Upper Fourmile LakeColoradoLake
1960Upper Fourmile SpringMontanaSpring
1961Upper Fourmile SpringWyomingSpring
1962Upper Fourth Of July SpringNew MexicoSpring
1963Upper Fox Creek DitchMontanaCanal
1964Upper Fox Headwaters State Natural AreaWisconsinPark
1965Upper Fox HollowOhioPopulated Place
1966Upper Fox LakeWashingtonLake
1967Upper Foxtail LakeNevadaReservoir
1968Upper Francis CemeteryUtahCemetery
1969Upper Francis PondNew YorkLake
1970Upper Franklin 6-027 DamCaliforniaDam
1971Upper Franklin Canyon ReservoirCaliforniaReservoir
1972Upper Franklin Canyon ReservoirCaliforniaReservoir
1973Upper Franks Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1974Upper Freehold Regional Elementary SchoolNew JerseySchool
1975Upper Fremont GlacierWyomingGlacier
1976Upper Fremont Lake CampgroundWyomingLocale
1977Upper French CreekWisconsinPopulated Place
1978Upper French Creek School (historical)WisconsinSchool
1979Upper French Gulch WindmillArizonaLocale
1980Upper French Island School (historical)WisconsinSchool
1981Upper French ValleyCaliforniaValley
1982Upper FrenchvilleMainePopulated Place
1983Upper Frenchville Post OfficeMainePost Office
1984Upper Frijole TankNew MexicoLake
1985Upper Frijoles CrossingNew MexicoPopulated Place
1986Upper Frijoles FallsNew MexicoFalls
1987Upper Frio Canyon TankArizonaReservoir
1988Upper Frisco Hot SpringsNew MexicoSpring
1989Upper Frisco PondOklahomaLake
1990Upper Frozen LakeWyomingLake
1991Upper FruitlandNew MexicoPopulated Place
1992Upper Fruitland Census Designated PlaceNew MexicoCensus
1993Upper Fulton Park PondConnecticutLake
1994Upper Funston MeadowCaliforniaFlat
1995Upper Furbee School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
1996Upper Galestina CanyonNew MexicoValley
1997Upper Galestina Number 7 ReservoirNew MexicoLake
1998Upper Galestina Number One A ReservoirNew MexicoLake
1999Upper Galice RiffleOregonRapids
2000Upper Gallina River TrailNew MexicoTrail
2001Upper Gallinas CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
2002Upper Gangway LedgeMaineBar
2003Upper GapSouth CarolinaGap
2004Upper GapWest VirginiaGap
2005Upper Gap CreekTennesseeStream
2006Upper Gap Creek ChurchTennesseeChurch
2007Upper Gap Creek SchoolTennesseeSchool
2008Upper Gar LakeIowaLake
2009Upper Gar Lake State Game Management AreaIowaPark
2010Upper Garcia Canyon SpringNew MexicoSpring
2011Upper Garden BranchKentuckyStream
2012Upper Gardner MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2013Upper Garfield Mountain LakeWashingtonLake
2014Upper Gate CanyonNew MexicoValley
2015Upper Gate Pond (historical)MassachusettsLake
2016Upper Gato TankTexasLake
2017Upper Gavilan WindmillNew MexicoLocale
2018Upper Gaylor LakeCaliforniaLake
2019Upper Geelick School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2020Upper Genesee LakeWisconsinLake
2021Upper Gentian PondNew HampshireLake
2022Upper George PondArizonaReservoir
2023Upper Georges BranchWest VirginiaStream
2024Upper Georges Creek School (historical)OhioSchool
2025Upper Geyser BasinWyomingBasin
2026Upper Gila DitchNew MexicoCanal
2027Upper Gila Site Number 10 DamNew MexicoDam
2028Upper Gila Site Number 11 DamNew MexicoDam
2029Upper Gila Site Number Eight DamNew MexicoDam
2030Upper Gila Site Number Four DamNew MexicoDam
2031Upper Gila Site Number Nine DamNew MexicoDam
2032Upper Gila Site Number One DamNew MexicoDam
2033Upper Gila Site Number Seven DamNew MexicoDam
2034Upper Gila Site Number Six DamNew MexicoDam
2035Upper Gila Site Three DamNew MexicoDam
2036Upper Gila Valley Site Number 12 DamNew MexicoDam
2037Upper Gilleland Creek Wastewater Treatment FacilityTexasLocale
2038Upper Gillis WindmillTexasLocale
2039Upper GillmoreKentuckyPopulated Place
2040Upper Gills RockNew HampshireSummit
2041Upper Gilmore School (historical)KentuckySchool
2042Upper Gimmel FieldNevadaArea
2043Upper Girard LakeOhioLake
2044Upper Girdner School (historical)MissouriSchool
2045Upper Gisborough Tract (historical)District of ColumbiaCivil
2046Upper Gish MineMontanaMine
2047Upper Glade CampCaliforniaLocale
2048Upper Glade CampCaliforniaLocale
2049Upper Glade RunWest VirginiaStream
2050Upper Glady School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2051Upper GlasgowPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2052Upper Glaston LakeMontanaLake
2053Upper Glendora Cut-offMississippiBend
2054Upper Glengarry MineMontanaMine
2055Upper Glenn MineCaliforniaMine
2056Upper Glidden LakeIdahoLake
2057Upper GloucesterMainePopulated Place
2058Upper Gloucester Post OfficeMainePost Office
2059Upper Goat Camp SpringArizonaSpring
2060Upper Goat Canyon TankNew MexicoLake
2061Upper Goat TankTexasLake
2062Upper Gold King MineColoradoMine
2063Upper Golden LakeWyomingLake
2064Upper Golden Trout LakeCaliforniaLake
2065Upper Goldwater LakeArizonaLake
2066Upper Golf LateralCaliforniaCanal
2067Upper Gooch ValleyCaliforniaValley
2068Upper Goodall Heath DamMaineDam
2069Upper Goodin BranchKentuckyStream
2070Upper Goodwin BranchKentuckyStream
2071Upper Goose BayouFloridaBay
2072Upper Goose CreekNorth CarolinaStream
2073Upper Goose Egg LakeOregonLake
2074Upper Goose IslandMaineIsland
2075Upper Goose LakeIdahoLake
2076Upper Goose LakeTexasReservoir
2077Upper Goose LakeUtahReservoir
2078Upper Goose LakeWashingtonLake
2079Upper Goose Lake DamUtahDam
2080Upper Goose Pen PoolMichiganLake
2081Upper Goose PondMassachusettsLake
2082Upper Goose PondNew YorkLake
2083Upper Gooseberry SpringMontanaSpring
2084Upper Gordon LandingAlabamaLocale
2085Upper Gorge Pp 6-042 DamCaliforniaDam
2086Upper Gospel LakeIdahoLake
2087Upper Gospel Lake ViewpointIdahoLocale
2088Upper Gould BarnCaliforniaBuilding
2089Upper Government TankArizonaLake
2090Upper Government Wash CoveNevadaBay
2091Upper Grace LakeWashingtonLake
2092Upper Grand BayouLouisianaGut
2093Upper Grand CouleeWashingtonValley
2094Upper Grand Gulf LandingMississippiLocale
2095Upper Grand LagoonFloridaPopulated Place
2096Upper Grand Lagoon Census Designated PlaceFloridaCensus
2097Upper Grand RiverLouisianaStream
2098Upper Grand River School (historical)LouisianaSchool
2099Upper Grand Wash CliffsArizonaCliff
2100Upper Grandfather Falls 2wp357 DamWisconsinDam
2101Upper Granite LakeWashingtonLake
2102Upper Granite Loop TrailWyomingTrail
2103Upper GranitevilleVermontPopulated Place
2104Upper Grant School (historical)MontanaSchool
2105Upper Grants RanchUtahLocale
2106Upper Grants Ranch TrailUtahTrail
2107Upper Grapes SpringCaliforniaSpring
2108Upper Grapevine CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2109Upper Grapevine SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
2110Upper Grapevine School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2111Upper Grapevine SpringArizonaSpring
2112Upper Grapevine SpringNew MexicoSpring
2113Upper Grassy BranchNorth CarolinaStream
2114Upper Grassy Branch SchoolKentuckySchool
2115Upper Grassy ForkTennesseeStream
2116Upper Grassy SchoolKentuckySchool
2117Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Eight DamWest VirginiaDam
2118Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Five DamWest VirginiaDam
2119Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Four DamWest VirginiaDam
2120Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Nine DamWest VirginiaDam
2121Upper Grave Creek Structure Number One DamWest VirginiaDam
2122Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Seven DamWest VirginiaDam
2123Upper Grave Creek Structure Number Three DamWest VirginiaDam
2124Upper Graveyard MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2125Upper Gravois Church (historical)MissouriChurch
2126Upper Gray Rock LakeCaliforniaLake
2127Upper Greasewood Trading PostArizonaLocale
2128Upper Greasy SchoolKentuckySchool
2129Upper GreenMassachusettsPopulated Place
2130Upper Green Creek CemeteryTexasCemetery
2131Upper Green HillAlabamaPopulated Place
2132Upper Green IslandsMaineIsland
2133Upper Green Lake DamWisconsinDam
2134Upper Green Point DamOregonDam
2135Upper Green ValleyCaliforniaValley
2136Upper Greenbrier ChurchWest VirginiaChurch
2137Upper Greenbrier School (historical)VirginiaSchool
2138Upper Greens CoveMarylandBay
2139Upper Greenwood LakeNew JerseyPopulated Place
2140Upper Greenwood LakeNew JerseyLake
2141Upper Greenwood Lake DamNew JerseyDam
2142Upper Greenwood Lake Volunteer Ambulance CorpsNew JerseyBuilding
2143Upper Gregory Creek ReservoirOregonLake
2144Upper Gresham LakeWisconsinLake
2145Upper Grey Cloud IslandMinnesotaIsland
2146Upper Grindstone SpringWisconsinSpring
2147Upper Grinnell LakeMontanaLake
2148Upper Grinnell PointRhode IslandCape
2149Upper Grottos CampgroundColoradoLocale
2150Upper Group MinesColoradoMine
2151Upper Grouse CampgroundIdahoLocale
2152Upper Grouse ValleyCaliforniaBasin
2153Upper Groveton DamNew HampshireDam
2154Upper Guess Fork SchoolVirginiaSchool
2155Upper Guide LeveeLouisianaLevee
2156Upper Guilford LakeConnecticutLake
2157Upper GulchColoradoValley
2158Upper Gulch SpringNevadaSpring
2159Upper Gulf RunWest VirginiaStream
2160Upper Gull LakeMinnesotaLake
2161Upper Gumboot LakeCaliforniaLake
2162Upper Gut Ache TankNew MexicoLake
2163Upper Gwynedd Township HallPennsylvaniaBuilding
2164Upper Gwynedd Township Police HeliportPennsylvaniaAirport
2165Upper Gwynedd Township Police StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
2166Upper Gwynedd Waste Water Treatment FacilityPennsylvaniaBuilding
2167Upper Gwynne Farm CemeteryOhioCemetery
2168Upper Gypsum Wash CoveNevadaBay
2169Upper Hackberry WindmillTexasLocale
2170Upper Hacket DamWyomingDam
2171Upper Hacket ReservoirWyomingReservoir
2172Upper Hadlock PondMaineLake
2173Upper Haiwee SpringCaliforniaSpring
2174Upper Haizlip LakeGeorgiaLake
2175Upper Haizlip Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2176Upper Half Moon CampgroundWyomingLocale
2177Upper Halfway LakeAlaskaLake
2178Upper Hall LandingAlabamaLocale
2179Upper Halls BranchKentuckyStream
2180Upper Hamakua DitchHawaiiCanal
2181Upper Hanagita LakesAlaskaLake
2182Upper Hancock LakeColoradoLake
2183Upper HandPennsylvaniaLake
2184Upper Hand SpringSouth DakotaSpring
2185Upper Hanley CanalOregonCanal
2186Upper Hannagan SeepArizonaSpring
2187Upper Hannah BranchKentuckyStream
2188Upper Hannum Creek AirportAlaskaAirport
2189Upper Hanover CanalWyomingCanal
2190Upper Hansen ReservoirMontanaLake
2191Upper Hanson LakeMinnesotaLake
2192Upper Hanson SpringMontanaSpring
2193Upper Harbor KeyFloridaIsland
2194Upper Hard Times LandingMississippiLocale
2195Upper Harden CreekIdahoStream
2196Upper Hardwick CreekKentuckyPopulated Place
2197Upper Harker LakeNorth DakotaLake
2198Upper Harper SpringAlabamaSpring
2199Upper Harrison LakeNebraskaLake
2200Upper Harry LakeGeorgiaLake
2201Upper Harry Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2202Upper Hart PondConnecticutReservoir
2203Upper Hart Pond DamConnecticutDam
2204Upper Hartman RanchCaliforniaLocale
2205Upper Harvey CoveMaineBay
2206Upper Hatch LakeMinnesotaLake
2207Upper Hathan BogMaineSwamp
2208Upper Haul OverVirginiaChannel
2209Upper Haunted Canyon SpringArizonaSpring
2210Upper Haw KnobNorth CarolinaSummit
2211Upper Hawkins LakeGeorgiaLake
2212Upper Hawkins Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2213Upper Hawkins ReservoirOregonLake
2214Upper Hay Creek FlowageWisconsinSwamp
2215Upper Hay LakeMinnesotaLake
2216Upper Hazard Canyon TrailCaliforniaTrail
2217Upper Hazard LakeIdahoLake
2218Upper Heath CreekWest VirginiaStream
2219Upper Heaton Creek ChurchTennesseeChurch
2220Upper Hector SchoolKentuckySchool
2221Upper Heglar SpringIdahoSpring
2222Upper Helemano Ditch TunnelHawaiiTunnel
2223Upper Helemano ReservoirHawaiiReservoir
2224Upper Hell For Certain SchoolKentuckySchool
2225Upper Hell GateMaineChannel
2226Upper Hell HoleCaliforniaBasin
2227Upper HellholeCaliforniaValley
2228Upper Hells Hole SpringArizonaSpring
2229Upper Helton ChurchVirginiaChurch
2230Upper Helton Missionary Baptist ChurchTennesseeChurch
2231Upper Helton School (historical)TennesseeSchool
2232Upper Hembrillo SpringNew MexicoSpring
2233Upper Henderson CampsiteTennesseeLocale
2234Upper Henderson WellNew MexicoWell
2235Upper Hepsida ChurchMissouriChurch
2236Upper Herlihy ReservoirOregonLake
2237Upper Hermana LateralColoradoCanal
2238Upper Herring CoveMaineBay
2239Upper Herring LakeMichiganLake
2240Upper Hickory Hills LakeOhioReservoir
2241Upper Hickory Hills Lake DamOhioDam
2242Upper Hidden Simmons GonzalesArizonaSummit
2243Upper Hidden SpringTexasSpring
2244Upper Higgins CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2245Upper High Creek CanalUtahCanal
2246Upper High Park Ski TrailMontanaTrail
2247Upper High Rock CanyonNevadaValley
2248Upper HighlandOregonPopulated Place
2249Upper Highland DitchColoradoCanal
2250Upper Highland LakeMassachusettsReservoir
2251Upper Highland LakeNew JerseyLake
2252Upper Highland Lake DamNew JerseyDam
2253Upper Highline DamColoradoDam
2254Upper Highline ReservoirColoradoReservoir
2255Upper Hightower CemeteryGeorgiaCemetery
2256Upper Hightower ChurchGeorgiaChurch
2257Upper Hightower SchoolGeorgiaSchool
2258Upper Highway TankArizonaLake
2259Upper Highway Tank DamArizonaDam
2260Upper Highwood CemeteryMontanaCemetery
2261Upper Highwood Church (historical)MontanaChurch
2262Upper Highwood School (historical)MontanaSchool
2263Upper HillMarylandPopulated Place
2264Upper HillMassachusettsPopulated Place
2265Upper Hill CemeteryMontanaCemetery
2266Upper Hill SchoolIndianaSchool
2267Upper HillvillePennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2268Upper Hinkle BranchTennesseeStream
2269Upper Hitt LakeGeorgiaReservoir
2270Upper Hitt Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2271Upper Hiwanka LakeWisconsinLake
2272Upper Hoback CanyonWyomingValley
2273Upper Hodge LandingKentuckyPopulated Place
2274Upper Hoffman LakeColoradoLake
2275Upper Hoffman WindmillColoradoLocale
2276Upper Hog BranchKentuckyStream
2277Upper Hog Canyon SpringArizonaSpring
2278Upper Hog Canyon TankArizonaLake
2279Upper Hog PenGeorgiaBend
2280Upper Hog Pen BluffGeorgiaCliff
2281Upper Hog Pen SpringCaliforniaSpring
2282Upper Hogpen SpringIdahoSpring
2283Upper Hoh River TrailWashingtonTrail
2284Upper Holcomb ValleyCaliforniaValley
2285Upper Holding RavineArizonaArroyo
2286Upper Holding TankArizonaReservoir
2287Upper Holdup TankNew MexicoLake
2288Upper Hole ReservoirOregonLake
2289Upper Hole TankArizonaLake
2290Upper Holland Creek ChurchTennesseeChurch
2291Upper Holland LakeMontanaLake
2292Upper Holleman Island (historical)TennesseeIsland
2293Upper Hollenbeck SpringOregonSpring
2294Upper HollowvilleNew YorkPopulated Place
2295Upper Holly CreekTennesseePopulated Place
2296Upper Holly Creek ChurchTennesseeChurch
2297Upper Holly LakeWisconsinLake
2298Upper Hollywood 6-029 DamCaliforniaDam
2299Upper Holmes LakeMichiganLake
2300Upper Holmes LakeMichiganLake
2301Upper Holmes LateralIdahoCanal
2302Upper HolmesburgPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2303Upper Holson CreekOklahomaStream
2304Upper Holter LakeMontanaLake
2305Upper Homestake LakeColoradoLake
2306Upper Homestake Number 1 MineMontanaMine
2307Upper Homestake Tailings PondColoradoReservoir
2308Upper Homestake Tailings Pond DamColoradoDam
2309Upper Homestead SpringArizonaSpring
2310Upper Hondo Canyon ProspectNew MexicoMine
2311Upper Honey BranchWest VirginiaStream
2312Upper Honey Creek CemeteryOhioCemetery
2313Upper Honey Run School (historical)OhioSchool
2314Upper Honeymoon LakeCaliforniaLake
2315Upper Hood BranchKentuckyStream
2316Upper Hood River ValleyOregonValley
2317Upper Hooked LakeArkansasLake
2318Upper Hooper IslandMarylandIsland
2319Upper Hope Station ChurchSouth CarolinaChurch
2320Upper Hopkins LakesCaliforniaLake
2321Upper Horicon 2wp629 DamWisconsinDam
2322Upper Horn MesaNew MexicoSummit
2323Upper HorrellArizonaLocale
2324Upper Horse Camp ReservoirOregonLake
2325Upper Horse CanyonCaliforniaValley
2326Upper Horse CreekKentuckyPopulated Place
2327Upper Horse Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2328Upper Horse Creek School (historical)WisconsinSchool
2329Upper Horse FlatsUtahFlat
2330Upper Horse Hollow SpringUtahSpring
2331Upper Horse MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2332Upper Horse Tank Number OneArizonaReservoir
2333Upper Horse Tank Number TwoArizonaLake
2334Upper Horseshoe BendNew MexicoBend
2335Upper Horseshoe School (historical)OhioSchool
2336Upper Horsethief LakeCaliforniaLake
2337Upper Horton LakesCaliforniaLake
2338Upper Hot Brook LakeMaineLake
2339Upper Hot Creek RanchNevadaLocale
2340Upper Hot Creek Ranch SpringNevadaSpring
2341Upper Hot Fudge Ski TrailMontanaTrail
2342Upper Hotel LakeColoradoLake
2343Upper Hotel Lake DamColoradoDam
2344Upper House DamColoradoDam
2345Upper House LakeTexasReservoir
2346Upper House Lake DamTexasDam
2347Upper House ReservoirColoradoLake
2348Upper House WellNew MexicoWell
2349Upper Howard CampOregonLocale
2350Upper Howard CreekKentuckyStream
2351Upper Howard Creek Baptist Church (historical)KentuckyChurch
2352Upper Howell 622-003 DamCaliforniaDam
2353Upper Hudson LakeGeorgiaLake
2354Upper Hudson Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2355Upper Hudson MeadowWyomingFlat
2356Upper Hudson PondMaineLake
2357Upper Hull SpringArizonaSpring
2358Upper Humboldt CemeteryKansasCemetery
2359Upper Hunt LakeMinnesotaLake
2360Upper Hunt LakeMinnesotaReservoir
2361Upper Hunt Lake DamMinnesotaDam
2362Upper Huntington CanyonUtahValley
2363Upper Huntington CreekUtahStream
2364Upper Hurrican Creek School (historical)TennesseeSchool
2365Upper HurricaneKentuckyLocale
2366Upper Hurricane BranchVirginiaStream
2367Upper Hurricane ReservoirVermontReservoir
2368Upper Hurricane ValleyArizonaValley
2369Upper Hyde SpringArizonaSpring
2370Upper Hydro DamWisconsinDam
2371Upper Ichpair CreekMontanaStream
2372Upper Idaho Falls Number One DamIdahoDam
2373Upper Idaho Falls Number Two DamIdahoDam
2374Upper Imboden School (historical)MissouriSchool
2375Upper Independence CreekCaliforniaStream
2376Upper Independence TrailIdahoTrail
2377Upper Indian CreekIndianaStream
2378Upper Indian CreekKentuckyPopulated Place
2379Upper Indian CreekKentuckyPopulated Place
2380Upper Indian Creek ReservoirMontanaLake
2381Upper Indian Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2382Upper Indian Fork School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2383Upper Indian Fork School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2384Upper Indian LakeCaliforniaLake
2385Upper Indian Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2386Upper Indian SchoolKentuckySchool
2387Upper Indian SpringArizonaSpring
2388Upper Indian SpringNevadaSpring
2389Upper Indian SpringNevadaSpring
2390Upper Indian SpringUtahSpring
2391Upper Indian SpringsNevadaSpring
2392Upper Indian TankNew MexicoLake
2393Upper Indian United Baptist ChurchMissouriChurch
2394Upper Indian WellNew MexicoLocale
2395Upper Indiana ChurchIndianaChurch
2396Upper Ingram SchoolTennesseeSchool
2397Upper InletWisconsinStream
2398Upper Iowa Access Wildlife AreaIowaPark
2399Upper Iowa Canoe AccessIowaLocale
2400Upper Iowa RiverIowaStream
2401Upper Iowa River BridgeIowaBridge
2402Upper Iowa UniversityIowaSchool
2403Upper Irish Valley School (historical)WisconsinSchool
2404Upper Iron Works (historical)Rhode IslandLocale
2405Upper Ironwood TankArizonaLake
2406Upper Isabel LakeMontanaLake
2407Upper IslandNew JerseyIsland
2408Upper IslandLouisianaIsland
2409Upper Island Creek School (historical)KentuckySchool
2410Upper Island LakeColoradoLake
2411Upper Island LakeOregonLake
2412Upper Island LakeWisconsinLake
2413Upper Island PointNorth CarolinaCape
2414Upper Island PondMaineLake
2415Upper Island Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2416Upper J H D CampWyomingLocale
2417Upper Jack Creek ReservoirOregonLake
2418Upper Jack Springs CampColoradoLocale
2419Upper Jackass Flat CampgroundIdahoLocale
2420Upper Jacks CreekKentuckyStream
2421Upper Jacks Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2422Upper Jacks Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2423Upper Jacobs Water HoleNevadaSpring
2424Upper Jade LakeWyomingLake
2425Upper Jamison CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2426Upper Jamison Recreation SiteCaliforniaLocale
2427Upper Jaramillo SpringNew MexicoSpring
2428Upper Jarvis RangeOregonChannel
2429Upper JayNew YorkPopulated Place
2430Upper Jb Williams Pond DamNorth CarolinaDam
2431Upper Jean LakeAlaskaLake
2432Upper Jean LakeWyomingLake
2433Upper Jefferson LakeWashingtonLake
2434Upper Jellico ChurchTennesseeChurch
2435Upper Jeptha LakeMichiganLake
2436Upper Jerry LakeMississippiLake
2437Upper Jerry RunPennsylvaniaStream
2438Upper Jesse Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2439Upper Jew-jon LakeArkansasLake
2440Upper Jim River TankArizonaReservoir
2441Upper Jo-mary LakeMaineLake
2442Upper Jo-mary StreamMaineStream
2443Upper Jocko LakeMontanaLake
2444Upper Joe ForkKentuckyStream
2445Upper Joe Green CabinCaliforniaLocale
2446Upper Joes ValleyUtahValley
2447Upper Joes Valley Guard StationUtahLocale
2448Upper John Brown MineColoradoMine
2449Upper John Day Rapids (historical)OregonRapids
2450Upper John G ReservoirIdahoLake
2451Upper Johnson LakeWashingtonLake
2452Upper Johnson MineTennesseeMine
2453Upper Johnson ValleyCaliforniaValley
2454Upper Jonathan RunWest VirginiaStream
2455Upper Jones Canyon ReservoirOregonLake
2456Upper Jones ForkKentuckyStream
2457Upper Jones Fork School (historical)KentuckySchool
2458Upper Jones LakeWisconsinSpring
2459Upper Jones Recreation SiteOregonLocale
2460Upper Jones TractCaliforniaCivil
2461Upper Jones ValleyCaliforniaValley
2462Upper Jones ValleyNebraskaBasin
2463Upper Jones WellNew MexicoWell
2464Upper Jones WindmillTexasLocale
2465Upper Jordan LakeWashingtonLake
2466Upper Juan Miller CampgroundArizonaLocale
2467Upper Juan Miller Picnic AreaArizonaPark
2468Upper Jug Creek ReservoirIdahoReservoir
2469Upper July RunWest VirginiaStream
2470Upper JumpUtahFalls
2471Upper Jump CanyonArizonaValley
2472Upper Jump SpringsArizonaSpring
2473Upper Junction TankArizonaLake
2474Upper Juniper ReservoirNew MexicoReservoir
2475Upper Juniper ReservoirOregonLake
2476Upper Juniper SpringTexasSpring
2477Upper Juniper SpringsTexasSpring
2478Upper JutlandMarylandPopulated Place
2479Upper Kaimu HomesteadsHawaiiCivil
2480Upper KaiserGuamPopulated Place
2481Upper Kalskag Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlaskaBuilding
2482Upper Kanab CreekUtahStream
2483Upper Kanawha Valley Christian SchoolWest VirginiaSchool
2484Upper Kane Spring ReservoirOregonLake
2485Upper Kaubashine LakeWisconsinLake
2486Upper KeatonKentuckyPopulated Place
2487Upper Keechi CreekTexasStream
2488Upper Keene BroadMarylandChannel
2489Upper Keener LickWest VirginiaStream
2490Upper Keeney SpringOregonSpring
2491Upper Keesey MineMontanaMine
2492Upper Kelly CemeteryKentuckyCemetery
2493Upper Kelly LakeWisconsinLake
2494Upper Kelly SpringArizonaSpring
2495Upper Kennebec Ambulance ServiceMaineBuilding
2496Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial High SchoolMaineSchool
2497Upper Kent School (historical)IllinoisSchool
2498Upper Kents LakeUtahLake
2499Upper Kents Lake Number One DamUtahDam
2500Upper Kentucky FallsOregonFalls
2501Upper Kern Creek SpringOregonSpring
2502Upper Kesick DamNew JerseyDam
2503Upper Ketchikan LakeAlaskaLake
2504Upper Keys DivisionFloridaCensus
2505Upper Kiamichi River WildernessOklahomaReserve
2506Upper Kickapoo CreekTexasStream
2507Upper KiddervilleNew HampshirePopulated Place
2508Upper Kilgore PondMaineLake
2509Upper Killey LakeAlaskaLake
2510Upper KilnsNew YorkLocale
2511Upper Kimbaberly MineUtahMine
2512Upper Kimball LakeWisconsinLake
2513Upper Kimball LakeNew HampshireReservoir
2514Upper Kimball Lake DamNew HampshireDam
2515Upper Kimball PondNew HampshireLake
2516Upper Kimball SeepUtahSpring
2517Upper KimberlyUtahPopulated Place
2518Upper King And Queen ChurchVirginiaChurch
2519Upper King And Queen Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
2520Upper King And Queen Rescue SquadVirginiaBuilding
2521Upper King And Queen Rescue SquadVirginiaBuilding
2522Upper King And Queen Volunteer Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
2523Upper King Shoals RunWest VirginiaStream
2524Upper Kings BridgeGeorgiaBridge
2525Upper Kings CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2526Upper Kings Creek MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2527Upper Kings Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2528Upper Kings PondGeorgiaLake
2529Upper KingstonAlabamaPopulated Place
2530Upper Kinney LakeCaliforniaLake
2531Upper Kinney Lake 513-006 DamCaliforniaDam
2532Upper Kinnickinnic 112 ReservoirWisconsinReservoir
2533Upper Kintla LakeMontanaLake
2534Upper Kipapa Ammunition Storage SiteHawaiiMilitary
2535Upper Kirby RapidsIdahoRapids
2536Upper Kirby RapidsIdahoRapids
2537Upper Kittanning DamPennsylvaniaDam
2538Upper Klamath LakeOregonLake
2539Upper Klamath National Wildlife RefugeOregonPark
2540Upper Klondike PondPennsylvaniaReservoir
2541Upper Knapp Creek School (historical)WisconsinSchool
2542Upper Knickerbocker DamPennsylvaniaDam
2543Upper Knob LakeIdahoLake
2544Upper Kobuk CanyonAlaskaValley
2545Upper Kohanza DamConnecticutDam
2546Upper Kohanza LakeConnecticutLake
2547Upper Kolob PlateauUtahPlain
2548Upper La Cinta WindmillNew MexicoLocale
2549Upper La JaraNew MexicoPopulated Place
2550Upper La Junta CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
2551Upper La Manga WindmillNew MexicoLocale
2552Upper La PosadaNew MexicoPopulated Place
2553Upper Labarge Box CanyonArizonaValley
2554Upper Labarge SpringArizonaSpring
2555Upper Labell ReservoirMontanaReservoir
2556Upper LagoonConnecticutLake
2557Upper LagoonConnecticutLake
2558Upper Lagoon PondMassachusettsLake
2559Upper Lagrange Landing (historical)TennesseeLocale
2560Upper Lagunitas CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
2561Upper LakeArkansasLake
2562Upper LakeAlabamaLake
2563Upper LakeColoradoLake
2564Upper LakeCaliforniaLake
2565Upper LakeCaliforniaPopulated Place
2566Upper LakeCaliforniaArea
2567Upper LakeGeorgiaLake
2568Upper LakeMinnesotaLake
2569Upper LakeMississippiLake
2570Upper LakeMontanaLake
2571Upper LakeMontanaLake
2572Upper LakeNevadaLake
2573Upper LakeNew JerseyLake
2574Upper LakeNew YorkLake
2575Upper LakeNew YorkLake
2576Upper LakeNew YorkLake
2577Upper LakeNorth CarolinaLake
2578Upper LakeOregonLake
2579Upper LakeOregonLake
2580Upper LakePennsylvaniaLake
2581Upper LakeTexasLake
2582Upper LakeAlaskaLake
2583Upper LakeVirginiaLake
2584Upper LakeWisconsinLake
2585Upper LakeMichiganLake
2586Upper LakeMichiganLake
2587Upper LakeCaliforniaLake
2588Upper LakeWisconsinReservoir
2589Upper LakeTexasReservoir
2590Upper LakeMinnesotaLake
2591Upper Lake - Green Acres EstatesArkansasLake
2592Upper Lake AveryTexasLake
2593Upper Lake Avery DamTexasDam
2594Upper Lake BexleyVirginiaLake
2595Upper Lake BlethenWashingtonLake
2596Upper Lake Branch Lake County LibraryCaliforniaBuilding
2597Upper Lake CampgroundMontanaLocale
2598Upper Lake Census Designated PlaceCaliforniaCensus
2599Upper Lake ChapperalMissouriLake
2600Upper Lake Chapperal DamMissouriDam
2601Upper Lake CohassetNew YorkLake
2602Upper Lake CreekWashingtonStream
2603Upper Lake DamGeorgiaDam
2604Upper Lake DamTexasDam
2605Upper Lake Elementary SchoolCaliforniaSchool
2606Upper Lake Fork SpringIdahoSpring
2607Upper Lake GeorgeGeorgiaLake
2608Upper Lake GeorgeAlaskaLake
2609Upper Lake George DamGeorgiaDam
2610Upper Lake Goldwater DamArizonaDam
2611Upper Lake GraceMinnesotaLake
2612Upper Lake GulchColoradoValley
2613Upper Lake High SchoolCaliforniaSchool
2614Upper Lake LouiseFloridaLake
2615Upper Lake MaryArizonaLake
2616Upper Lake Mary DamArizonaDam
2617Upper Lake Middle SchoolCaliforniaSchool
2618Upper Lake MohawkNew JerseyLake
2619Upper Lake PhippsConnecticutLake
2620Upper Lake PhippsConnecticutReservoir
2621Upper Lake Phipps Dam Number 1ConnecticutDam
2622Upper Lake Phipps Dam Number 2ConnecticutDam
2623Upper Lake Post OfficeCaliforniaPost Office
2624Upper Lake RancheriaCaliforniaCivil
2625Upper Lake Royer DamMarylandDam
2626Upper Lake School (historical)ArkansasSchool
2627Upper Lake SubstationCaliforniaLocale
2628Upper Lake ToxawayNorth CarolinaReservoir
2629Upper Lake Toxaway DamNorth CarolinaDam
2630Upper Lake Traverse State Wildlife Management AreaSouth DakotaPark
2631Upper Lake-clearlake Oaks DivisionCaliforniaCensus
2632Upper Lake-nice DivisionCaliforniaCensus
2633Upper Lakeshore MineMontanaMine
2634Upper Lakeview School (historical)MontanaSchool
2635Upper Lakeville LakeMichiganLake
2636Upper Lamar River Patrol StationWyomingLocale
2637Upper Lamarck LakeCaliforniaLake
2638Upper Lambert BarOregonBar
2639Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
2640Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department Station 2VirginiaBuilding
2641Upper Lancaster Volunteer Rescue SquadVirginiaBuilding
2642Upper Lancaster Volunteer Rescue SquadVirginiaBuilding
2643Upper Land CreekOregonStream
2644Upper Landers TrailMontanaTrail
2645Upper LandingLouisianaLocale
2646Upper LandingMainePopulated Place
2647Upper Landing CampgroundColoradoLocale
2648Upper Landing CreekVirginiaStream
2649Upper LandsawKentuckyPopulated Place
2650Upper Langston LandingFloridaLocale
2651Upper Lansdowne Golf CourseOhioLocale
2652Upper Last Chance SpringArizonaSpring
2653Upper LateralMontanaCanal
2654Upper Lateral Number FourCaliforniaCanal
2655Upper Lateral Number ThreeCaliforniaCanal
2656Upper Lateral Number TwoCaliforniaCanal
2657Upper Lateral Number Two And One HalfCaliforniaCivil
2658Upper Lateral Number Two And One HalfCaliforniaCanal
2659Upper Latham Creek Access PointGeorgiaPark
2660Upper Latham SpringNevadaSpring
2661Upper Latourell FallsOregonFalls
2662Upper Laurel BranchKentuckyStream
2663Upper Laurel ChurchNorth CarolinaChurch
2664Upper Laurel CreekKentuckyStream
2665Upper Laurel ForkNorth CarolinaStream
2666Upper Laurel ForkWest VirginiaStream
2667Upper Laurel ForkKentuckyPopulated Place
2668Upper Laurel RunWest VirginiaStream
2669Upper Laurel SchoolKentuckySchool
2670Upper Laurel School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2671Upper Laurel School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2672Upper Laurel School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2673Upper Laurel Volunteer Fire And Ambulance ServiceWest VirginiaBuilding
2674Upper LawnPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2675Upper Līhu‘e DitchHawaiiCanal
2676Upper Leacock Fire CompanyPennsylvaniaBuilding
2677Upper Lead King LakeWashingtonLake
2678Upper Lead Mountain DamMaineDam
2679Upper Lead Mountain PondMaineLake
2680Upper Leaf River Number 9 DamMississippiDam
2681Upper LeatherwoodWest VirginiaPopulated Place
2682Upper Leavry PondNew MexicoLake
2683Upper LedgeMaineBar
2684Upper Lee TrailArizonaLocale
2685Upper Lee Trick TankArizonaReservoir
2686Upper Left Hand Needle CreekColoradoStream
2687Upper Legion LakeSouth CarolinaLake
2688Upper Legion LakeSouth CarolinaReservoir
2689Upper Legion Lake Dam - Fort JacksonSouth CarolinaDam
2690Upper LehighPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2691Upper Lehman Creek CampgroundNevadaLocale
2692Upper Lemon Picnic AreaColoradoLocale
2693Upper Lena LakeWashingtonLake
2694Upper Lester CemeteryIllinoisCemetery
2695Upper Lettermen MineMontanaMine
2696Upper Letts LakeCaliforniaLake
2697Upper Level RunWest VirginiaStream
2698Upper Lewis RunVirginiaStream
2699Upper Lexington Number 2 MineMontanaMine
2700Upper LickOhioStream
2701Upper LickKentuckyStream
2702Upper Lick BranchKentuckyStream
2703Upper Lick BranchWest VirginiaStream
2704Upper Lick ForkKentuckyStream
2705Upper Lick ForkKentuckyStream
2706Upper Lick Fork SchoolKentuckySchool
2707Upper Lick Run School (historical)OhioSchool
2708Upper Lightning LakeMinnesotaLake
2709Upper Lillies SpringNew MexicoSpring
2710Upper Lime Mountain WellNevadaWell
2711Upper Limestone CreekIndianaStream
2712Upper Limestone SchoolSouth CarolinaSchool
2713Upper Limestone TankArizonaLake
2714Upper Limestone Tank DamArizonaDam
2715Upper Limestone Valley CreekCaliforniaStream
2716Upper Limited Ski TrailMontanaTrail
2717Upper Linden SpringArizonaSpring
2718Upper Lindgren LakeMinnesotaLake
2719Upper LisleNew YorkPopulated Place
2720Upper Lisle CemeteryNew YorkCemetery
2721Upper Lisle Road BridgeNew YorkBridge
2722Upper Little Beaver ReservoirColoradoLake
2723Upper Little Berger SchoolMissouriSchool
2724Upper Little Bighorn Canal Number TwoMontanaCanal
2725Upper Little Caillou Elementary SchoolLouisianaSchool
2726Upper Little CreekMississippiStream
2727Upper Little CreekKentuckyPopulated Place
2728Upper Little Creek School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2729Upper Little Creek School (historical)KentuckySchool
2730Upper Little Dry Creek WorkingNew MexicoMine
2731Upper Little Floyd TankArizonaReservoir
2732Upper Little Floyd TankArizonaReservoir
2733Upper Little Joe PondArizonaReservoir
2734Upper Little ParkArizonaFlat
2735Upper Little Pine SchoolNorth CarolinaSchool
2736Upper Little RiverNorth CarolinaStream
2737Upper Little RiverNorth CarolinaStream
2738Upper Little Swatara CreekPennsylvaniaStream
2739Upper Little Truckee CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2740Upper Little Willow School (historical)WisconsinSchool
2741Upper Little WindmillTexasLocale
2742Upper Little York LakeNew YorkLake
2743Upper Live Water SpringArizonaSpring
2744Upper Loch KatrineWashingtonLake
2745Upper Lockwood TankArizonaLake
2746Upper Loco WellNew MexicoWell
2747Upper Lodgepole MeadowIdahoFlat
2748Upper Logue HollowPennsylvaniaValley
2749Upper Logue RunPennsylvaniaStream
2750Upper Logunitas CampgroundNew MexicoLocale
2751Upper Lola Montez LakeCaliforniaLake
2752Upper Lolo Creek MineMontanaMine
2753Upper Lolo School (historical)MontanaSchool
2754Upper Loman WellNew MexicoLocale
2755Upper Lone Grave BayouLouisianaStream
2756Upper Lone Tree DamMontanaDam
2757Upper Lone Tree ReservoirMontanaReservoir
2758Upper Long BranchKentuckyStream
2759Upper Long BranchKentuckyStream
2760Upper Long Cane CemeterySouth CarolinaCemetery
2761Upper Long Cane Presbyterian ChurchSouth CarolinaChurch
2762Upper Long Canyon WindmillTexasLocale
2763Upper Long Cienega SpringArizonaSpring
2764Upper Long CreekNorth CarolinaStream
2765Upper Long Creek School (historical)TennesseeSchool
2766Upper Long Gulch SpringNevadaSpring
2767Upper Long Hollow TankArizonaLake
2768Upper Long LakeColoradoLake
2769Upper Long LakeCaliforniaLake
2770Upper Long LakeIndianaLake
2771Upper Long LakeWyomingLake
2772Upper Long LakeMichiganLake
2773Upper Long LakeWyomingLake
2774Upper Long Lake DamColoradoDam
2775Upper Long MeadowOregonFlat
2776Upper Long PondMassachusettsLake
2777Upper Long Pond DamMassachusettsDam
2778Upper Long Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2779Upper Long Run School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2780Upper Long TankNew MexicoReservoir
2781Upper Long TankArizonaReservoir
2782Upper Long ValleyCaliforniaValley
2783Upper Long Valley TankArizonaLake
2784Upper LongwoodNew JerseyPopulated Place
2785Upper Lookout MineMontanaMine
2786Upper Loon Creek-us Forest Service AirportIdahoAirport
2787Upper Loon LakeMinnesotaLake
2788Upper Lopez CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2789Upper Lord BrookMaineStream
2790Upper Lost Cabin MineMontanaMine
2791Upper Lost Camp SpringNevadaSpring
2792Upper Lost ParksUtahFlat
2793Upper Lost Valley SpringIdahoSpring
2794Upper Lostwood LakeNorth DakotaLake
2795Upper Louisville BendNebraskaBend
2796Upper LoveVirgin IslandsPopulated Place
2797Upper Lovett PlaceNew MexicoPopulated Place
2798Upper LowellOhioPopulated Place
2799Upper Lower Jordan Valley SpringNevadaSpring
2800Upper Lucky Canyon SpringArizonaSpring
2801Upper Lulu Adit MineMontanaMine
2802Upper Lyman DitchArizonaCanal
2803Upper Lynch CoveWashingtonBay
2804Upper Lynde Basin DamMassachusettsDam
2805Upper Lynde Basin ReservoirMassachusettsReservoir
2806Upper Lynncamp School (historical)West VirginiaSchool
2807Upper Lytle Creek RidgeCaliforniaRidge
2808Upper Lytle SpringArizonaSpring
2809Upper Macey School (historical)ArkansasSchool
2810Upper Macho WindmillNew MexicoLocale
2811Upper Machodoc CreekVirginiaStream
2812Upper Macintosh SchoolKentuckySchool
2813Upper MacopinNew JerseyPopulated Place
2814Upper Macungie Township SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
2815Upper Madera WindmillTexasLocale
2816Upper Madison ChurchWest VirginiaChurch
2817Upper Madison LandingAlabamaLocale
2818Upper Madison School (historical)MontanaSchool
2819Upper Maggie SpringNevadaSpring
2820Upper Magill ProspectTennesseeMine
2821Upper Magpie ReservoirMontanaReservoir
2822Upper Magpie Reservoir DamMontanaDam
2823Upper Magpie SpringMontanaSpring
2824Upper Magruder Branch ParkMarylandPark
2825Upper Magurrewock DamMaineDam
2826Upper Magurrewock MarshMaineReservoir
2827Upper Mahoney LakeAlaskaLake
2828Upper Mailbox ParkColoradoFlat
2829Upper Main CanalCaliforniaCanal
2830Upper Main Street Historic DistrictConnecticutPark
2831Upper Makefield Police StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
2832Upper Malay TankArizonaLake
2833Upper Malina LakeAlaskaLake
2834Upper Mambo Ski TrailMontanaTrail
2835Upper Mangrum School (historical)ArkansasSchool
2836Upper Manhattan SpringOregonSpring
2837Upper Manistee River State Forest CampgroundMichiganLocale
2838Upper Maple SpringCaliforniaSpring
2839Upper MaraisWisconsinLake
2840Upper Mare Water WellNew MexicoWell
2841Upper Marilyn LakeOregonLake
2842Upper Marion High SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
2843Upper Marion Middle SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
2844Upper Mark IslandMaineIsland
2845Upper MarlboroMarylandPopulated Place
2846Upper Marlboro Branch LibraryMarylandBuilding
2847Upper Marlboro CourthouseMarylandBuilding
2848Upper Marlboro PoliceMarylandBuilding
2849Upper Marlboro Post OfficeMarylandPost Office
2850Upper Marlboro Town HallMarylandBuilding
2851Upper Marlton LakeNew JerseyReservoir
2852Upper Marr TankNew MexicoLake
2853Upper Marrs SpringNew MexicoSpring
2854Upper Marsh CreekWyomingStream
2855Upper Marsh Creek Boat RampWyomingLocale
2856Upper Marsh Creek ChurchKentuckyChurch
2857Upper Marsh Creek Recreation SiteWyomingLocale
2858Upper Marsh Creek Recreation SiteWyomingLocale
2859Upper Marsh Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2860Upper Marsters Spring Recreation SiteOregonLocale
2861Upper Marten LakeAlaskaLake
2862Upper Martine BarOregonBar
2863Upper Martinez Creek Wastewater Treatment FacilityTexasLocale
2864Upper Martinez TankArizonaLake
2865Upper Martins Fork School (historical)KentuckySchool
2866Upper Marys River Dam SiteNevadaLocale
2867Upper Mash RapidsWest VirginiaRapids
2868Upper Mason LakeMontanaLake
2869Upper Mason PondMaineReservoir
2870Upper Massapoag PondMassachusettsReservoir
2871Upper Matecumbe KeyFloridaIsland
2872Upper Matilija CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2873Upper Matlock FordMissouriLocale
2874Upper Mattawamkeag LakeMaineLake
2875Upper Mattole SchoolCaliforniaSchool
2876Upper Maxwell MineColoradoMine
2877Upper Mayville DamWisconsinDam
2878Upper Mayville Millpond 172WisconsinReservoir
2879Upper Mcbride SpringArizonaSpring
2880Upper Mcbride SpringCaliforniaSpring
2881Upper Mccabe LakeCaliforniaLake
2882Upper Mccain SpringsOregonSpring
2883Upper Mccammon IslandTennesseeIsland
2884Upper Mccarley CemeteryOhioCemetery
2885Upper Mccauley TankArizonaLake
2886Upper Mccotter BayNorth CarolinaBay
2887Upper Mccutcheon SpringNevadaSpring
2888Upper Mcdermit SpringArizonaSpring
2889Upper Mcdermitt Creek ReservoirOregonLake
2890Upper Mcdougal RanchWyomingLocale
2891Upper Mcgee Creek CampgroundCaliforniaLocale
2892Upper Mcguire CreekMontanaStream
2893Upper Mckay School (historical)OregonSchool
2894Upper Mckellars PondNorth CarolinaReservoir
2895Upper Mckenzie Rural Fire Protection DistrictOregonBuilding
2896Upper Mckinley CrossingAlaskaCrossing
2897Upper Mckinney TankArizonaLake
2898Upper Mckittrick Canyon Research Natural AreaNew MexicoPark
2899Upper Mcnally PondMaineLake
2900Upper Mcnally Pond DamMaineDam
2901Upper Mcnulty ReservoirOregonLake
2902Upper Mcveigh School (historical)KentuckySchool
2903Upper MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2904Upper MeadowCaliforniaFlat
2905Upper MeadowNevadaFlat
2906Upper MeadowUtahFlat
2907Upper MeadowVermontFlat
2908Upper Meadow CemeteryMassachusettsCemetery
2909Upper Meadow ReservoirOregonLake
2910Upper Meadow TrailWest VirginiaTrail
2911Upper Medicine Creek Dam 370NebraskaDam
2912Upper Medicine Creek Dam 390-bNebraskaDam
2913Upper Medicine Creek Reservoir 3NebraskaReservoir
2914Upper Medicine Lodge LakeWyomingLake
2915Upper Medio WindmillNew MexicoLocale
2916Upper Meeker CanalNebraskaCanal
2917Upper Melakwa LakeWashingtonLake
2918Upper Meloy SummitNevadaGap
2919Upper Melton Landing (historical)TennesseeLocale
2920Upper Memorial LakeFloridaLake
2921Upper Menton LakeMinnesotaLake
2922Upper Merced Pass LakeCaliforniaLake
2923Upper Merchants LakeNorth CarolinaLake
2924Upper Merchants Lake DamNorth CarolinaDam
2925Upper Merion Baptist ChurchPennsylvaniaChurch
2926Upper Merion High SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
2927Upper Merion Middle SchoolPennsylvaniaSchool
2928Upper Merion Police Pistol-rangePennsylvaniaBuilding
2929Upper Merion Public Service GaragePennsylvaniaBuilding
2930Upper Merion Township BuildingPennsylvaniaBuilding
2931Upper Merion Township Community CenterPennsylvaniaBuilding
2932Upper Merion Township LibraryPennsylvaniaBuilding
2933Upper Merion Township ParkPennsylvaniaPark
2934Upper Merion Township Police StationPennsylvaniaBuilding
2935Upper MerryallConnecticutPopulated Place
2936Upper Merryall CemeteryConnecticutCemetery
2937Upper Mesa FallsIdahoFalls
2938Upper Mesa TankArizonaLake
2939Upper Mesa TankNew MexicoLake
2940Upper Mesquite Canyon SpringArizonaSpring
2941Upper MeyersvilleTexasPopulated Place
2942Upper Miami BendMissouriBend
2943Upper Mianus PondConnecticutLake
2944Upper Mianus Pond DamConnecticutDam
2945Upper Michigan DamColoradoDam
2946Upper Michigan DitchColoradoCanal
2947Upper Michigan ReservoirColoradoLake
2948Upper Midas SpringNevadaSpring
2949Upper MiddleNorth CarolinaBar
2950Upper Middle Branch PondMaineLake
2951Upper Middle GroundRhode IslandBar
2952Upper Middle InletWisconsinStream
2953Upper Middle TankArizonaLake
2954Upper Middlesex Volunteer Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
2955Upper Middlesex Volunteer Fire DepartmentVirginiaBuilding
2956Upper MiddletownPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2957Upper Midland Ski TrailNew MexicoTrail
2958Upper Midnight Channel RangeNorth CarolinaChannel
2959Upper Midway DamOregonDam
2960Upper Midway ReservoirOregonLake
2961Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences CenterWisconsinBuilding
2962Upper Milford ChurchPennsylvaniaChurch
2963Upper Milford SchoolWyomingLocale
2964Upper MillNew JerseyPopulated Place
2965Upper MillPennsylvaniaPopulated Place
2966Upper MillWashingtonPopulated Place
2967Upper Mill (historical)ConnecticutLocale
2968Upper Mill BranchVirginiaStream
2969Upper Mill CemeteryGeorgiaCemetery
2970Upper Mill CreekWest VirginiaStream
2971Upper Mill Creek MineColoradoMine
2972Upper Mill Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2973Upper Mill Creek SchoolKentuckySchool
2974Upper Mill Creek SchoolMissouriSchool
2975Upper Mill Creek SchoolWyomingSchool
2976Upper Mill Creek School (historical)MontanaSchool
2977Upper Mill DamPennsylvaniaDam
2978Upper Mill DamNew HampshireDam
2979Upper Mill PondConnecticutLake
2980Upper Mill Pond DamConnecticutDam
2981Upper Mill Pond FallsMichiganFalls
2982Upper Mill RunWest VirginiaStream
2983Upper Millecoquins RiverMichiganStream
2984Upper Miller Creek Patrol StationWyomingLocale
2985Upper MillpondConnecticutLake
2986Upper MillpondConnecticutLake
2987Upper MillpondMassachusettsLake
2988Upper MillpondMassachusettsLake
2989Upper Millpond DamMassachusettsDam
2990Upper Millpond DamConnecticutDam
2991Upper Millpond DamConnecticutDam
2992Upper Mills Creek LakeCaliforniaLake
2993Upper Millstone School (historical)KentuckySchool
2994Upper Milton LakeMinnesotaLake
2995Upper Mimbres Post Office (historical)New MexicoPost Office
2996Upper Mimbres Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew MexicoBuilding
2997Upper Miner LakesMontanaLake
2998Upper MingoWest VirginiaPopulated Place
2999Upper Mint SpringTennesseeSpring
3000Upper Miocene CanalCaliforniaCanal
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