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List of Street Names with maps in Capitola, California

#Street Name
142nd Ave
243rd Ave
344th Ave
445th Ave
546th Ave
647th Ave
748th Ave
849th Ave
97 Gables Way
10Albert Ln
11Alma Ln
12Auto Plaza Dr
13Balboa Ave
14Bay Ave
15Beverly Ave
16Blue Gum Ave
17Burlingame Ave
18Cabrillo St
19Callas Ln
20Capitola Ct
21Carl Ln
22Central Ave
23Cherry Ave
24Chittenden Ln
25Clares St - Brown Ranch Market Place
26Cliff Ave
27Columbus Dr
28Commons Ct
29Coronado St
30Cortez St
31Courtyard Dr
32Crossroads Loop
33Crystal St
34Dazzle Ln
35Deanes Ln
36Del Monte Ave
37Derby Ave
38Diamond St
39Eastwind Cir
40 Edmund Ln
41El Camino Medio St
42El Salto Dr
43Elinor St
44Emerald St
46Fairview Ave
47Fanmar Way
48Francesco Cir
49Garnet St
50Gilroy Dr
51Grace St
52Grand Ave
53Grove Ln
54Gull Cove Way
55Hill St
56Hollister Ave
57Jade St
58Jewel St
59Junipero Ct
60Kennedy Dr
61Laurence Ave
62Lawn Way
63Lincoln Ave
64Livermore Ave
65Loma Ave
66Macdonald Ln
67Magellan St
68Mccormick Ave
69Mccormick Ct
70Mockingbird Ln
71Monterey Ave
72Oak Dr
73Oakland Ave
74Opal St
75Orchid Ave
76Pilgrim Dr
77Ponselle Ln
78Preakness Ave
79Prospect Ave
80 Reposa Ave
81Riverview Dr
82Rosedale Ct
83Ruby Ct
84Sacramento Ave
85Saxon Ave
86Sea Pines Ct
87Sellars Ct
88Sills Ct
89Sir Francis Ave
90Sir Francis Ct
91Strawberry Ln
92Sunset Dr
93Sutherland Ct
94Sutherland Ln
95Swallow Ln
96Terrace Way
97Topaz St
98Trotter St
99Viga Ct
100Virgil Ln
101Warbler Ln
102Wesley St
103Westwind Cir
104Wharf Rd
105Windward Ln
106Younger Ave
107Younger St