List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Castro Valley, California

#Street Name
1174th Ave
25 Canyons Pkwy
3Abbeywood Dr
4Acorn St
5Adair Dr
6Aegean Pl
7Agate Ct
8Aires Ct
9Alameda St
10Alana Rd
11Alborg Ct
12Alcorn Pl
13Alderbrook Ct
14Alexia Pl
15Alexis Pl
16Alexis Rd
17Almeda St
18Almond Ct
19Almond Hill Pl
20Almond Rd
21Alpha Ct
22Alta Mira Ct
23Alvertus Ave
24Anita Ave
25Anita Ct
26Annie Ct
27Apricot Ct
28Apricot Way
29April Ct
30Arcadian Ct
31Arcadian Dr
32Ashfield Ave
33Aspen Ave
34Audrey Dr
35August Ct
36Austin Ct
37Austin Ln
38Aylesbury Ct
39Badding Rd
40 Badger Ct
41Baker Rd
42Balkan Ct
43Barclay Ct
44Barclay Rd
45Barlow Dr
46Barnhill Ln
47Barrett Ct
48Bates Way
49Baywood Ave
50Beacon Hill Ct
51Beacon Hill Dr
52Beardsley St
53Bedford Dr
54Belle St
55Bellhurst Ct
56Bellhurst Ln
57Bellingham Dr
58Bentley Ct
59Berdina Rd
60Bernal St
61Betlen Ct
62Betlen Way
63Betrose Ct
64Blackberry Ln
65Blue Bird Ct
66Bonsai Pl
67Boulder Canyon Dr
68Bowie Way
69Bramble Ct
70Brandon Pl
71Brecon Ct
72Brent Ct
73Bret Harte Ct
74Briar Ridge Dr
75Brickell Way
76Bridge Ct
77Brierly Ct
78Brittany Ct
79Brom Cir
80 Brookdale Blvd
81Brookshire Dr
82Bruce Ct
83Brusk Ct
84Buren Pl
85Buti Park Ct
86Buti Park Dr
87Butterfield Dr
88Cady Ct
89Caldwell Ct
90Callahan Rd
91Cam Alta Mira
92Cam Dolores
93Cama Ln
94Camelot Ln
95Cameron St
96Canyon Ct
97Canyon Hill Ct
98Canyon Oaks Ct
99Canyon Ridge Pl
100Canyon Terrace Dr
101Cape Eden Pl
102Capricorn Ct
103Cardinal Ct
104Carleen Dr
105Carlton Ave
106Carlton Ct
107Carlwyn Ct
108Carlwyn Dr
109Carmel Dr
110Carnation Ln
111Carolyn St
112Carson Ln
113Carter Ln
114Casa La Cresta
115Castlebrook Dr
116Catalina Dr
117Cato Ct
118Cedar Brook Ct
119Ceekay Ct
120Century Ct
121Century Oaks Cir
122Century Oaks Ct
123Chabot View
124Chabot View Dr
125Chaparral Ln
126Chaparral Pl
127Chapparral Pl
128Charlene Way
129Charter Oaks Dr
130Chateau Ct
131Chesney Glen Dr
132Chloe Ct
133Christensen Ln
134Circle Ave
135Clemans Dr
136Clement Dr
137Clifford Ct
138Clifton Way
139Cloverfield Ct
140Cohoe Ct
141Cold Water Dr
142Columbia Dr
143Congress Way
144Conley Downs Dr
145Conrad Ct
146Corey Way
147Corte Rubiolo
148Cottage Ct
149Cotton Ct
150Craig Ct
151Crane Ave
152Crawford Pl
153Crescent Ave
154Crest Ave
155Crestfield Cir
156Crestfield Ct
157Crestfield Dr
158Crestview Ct
159Crestwood Dr
160Cristy Way
161Cross Rd
162Crow Canyon Pl
163Crow Canyon Rd
164Crow Creek Rd
165Crown Ct
166Cull Canyon Rd
167Cunningham Ct
168Cypress Ranch Rd
169Dalmatia Pl
170Danielle Way
171Darcrest Ct
172David St
173Dawe Ave
174Dawn View Ct
175De Souza Pl
176Dellhaven Ct
177Denise Ln
178Denison Pl
179Denning Ct
180Dolores St
181Dominic Ct
182Dominic Dr
183Dominic Ln
184Dorson Ln
185Dubin Ct
186Dunnigan Ct
187Durrwood Ct
188Durwood Ct
189E Castro Valley Blvd
190E Cavendish Dr
191E Lyndon Loop
192E View Ct
193Eagle St
194Earl Dr
195Easy St
196Eden Canyon Rd
197Eden View Pl
198Edgewood Cir
199Edwards Ln
200Edwin Markham Dr
201Ehle St
202El Caminito Ct
203Elaine Ct
204Elbridge Ct
205Elrod Dr
206Elvira Pl
207Emerald Ct
208Emily Ct
209Eugene Terrace
210Ewing Ct
211Ewing Rd
212Fairweather Ct
213Farley St
214Feather Ct
215Ferdinanda Pl
216Fern Way
217Fleetwood Ave
218Foggy Glen Dr
219Forest Cir
220Forest Ct
221Forest Glen Pl
222Forest Pl
223Fox Ridge Dr
224Foxboro Dr
225Fraga Rd
226Francis Ct
227Fremery Ct
228Gail Dr
229Ganic St
230Gannet Ln
231Gannett Pl
232Garland Ct
233Garnet Ct
234Garrison Ave
235Gary Dr
236Gem Ave
237Gem Ct
238Giannini Ct
239Giannini Way
240Giovana Way
241Glenwood Dr
242Gliddon St
243Gold Creek Dr
244Gold Hills Dr
245Gold Ridge Dr
246Gordon Rd
247Grassland Dr
248Greenacre Rd
249Greenhills Ave
250Greenridge Ct
251Greenridge Rd
252Greenview Ct
253Greenville Pl
254Greenwood Cir
255Grenadier Pl
256Grey Fox Dr
257Grovenor Dr
258Gyen St
259Hackberry Pl
260Haley Dr
261Hallmark Ct
262Hannah Ct
263Hastings Way
264Heidi St
265Helton Ct
266Helton St
267Henson Pl
268Hertlein Pl
269Heyer Ave
270Heyer Heights
271Heyer Ln
272Heyer Pl
273Hidden View Pl
274High Pine Way
275High Ridge Pl
276Highland Dr
277Highwood Rd
278Hillsborough Dr
279Hillside Dr
280Hillside Ln
281Hillside Pl
282Hinton Ct
283Hinton St
284Hobert St
285Hoffman Way
286Holland Pl
287Holloway Canyon Ct
288Huber Dr
289Hunters Knolls
290Huntington Ct
291Idena Ave
292Independent School Rd
293Ione Ave
294Irma Way
295James Pl
296Jamison Way
297Jaydine St
298Jaymark Ct
299Jeep Trail
300Jeffer St
301Jeffrey Ct
302Jennifer Dr
303Jensen Ranch Rd
304Jensen Rd
305Jerald Ct
306Jesse Ct
307Jessee Ct
308Jill Way
309John Ct
310John Dr
311Joseph Dr
312Josh Pl
313Judy St
314Justco Ln
315Kahlert Ave
316Kahlert St
317Karris Ln
318Kathleen Ave
319Katrina Ct
320Kenmore Ct
321Kerr St
322Kingston Way
323Kinney Ct
324Kipling St
325Kit Fox Pl
326Kit Ln
327Knight Dr
328Knoll Way
329Knox St
330Knuppe Pl
331Krolop Rd
332La Casa Ln
333La Costa Ave
334La Don Ct
335Laird Ct
336Lake Chabot Ln
337Lakecrest Ct
338Lakemont Pl
339Lakeridge Rd
340Lamar Loop
341Lamont Ct
342Lamson Rd
343Langon Pl
344Lantana Ct
345Laredo Rd
346Lariat Ln
347Larimer Way
348Laurelwood Dr
349Leavitt Ct
350Leila St
351Lemas Pl
352Lenard Dr
353Lenard Pl
354Lenross Ct
355Leroy Dr
356Lessley Ave
357Lindsay Ln
358Link Ct
359Lobert St
360Lockridge Way
361Lodi Way
362Lomond Way
363Lone Oak Pl
364Longmont Loop
365Lorena Ave
366Lorena Cir
367Lorena Pl
368Louise Ct
369Loukos Pl
370Lucerne Ct
371Luella Pl
372Lux Ave
373Lux St
374Lynette St
375Lynwood Ct
376Mabel Ave
377Mabel Pl
378Madison Ave
379Madison Ln
380Maffey Dr
381Magdalena Pl
382Magee Way
383Malabar Ave
384Malabar Pl
385Mancini Dr
386Manter Ct
387Manter Rd
388Marciel Ct
389Maria Ct
390Marques Ct
391Marshall Ln
392Massachusetts Ave
393Massachusetts St
394Masterson Pl
395Mayberry Dr
396Mayflower Dr
397Mcloud Ave
398Meadowood Rd
399Meadowview Dr
400Meg Ct
401Mel Ln
402Melissa Ln
403Merrill Pl
404Mesa Verde Way
405Michaels Ct
406Middleton Ave
407Midsummer Ln
408Mikemary Ct
409Miller Rd
410Milmar Blvd
411Milton Ave
412Mira Vista Dr
413Mira Vista Pl
414Miramar Ave
415Miramonte Ave
416Modesto St
417Monte Verde Ct
418Morales Ct
419Morton Pl
420Mountain Ct
421Mountain Ln
422Moyers St
423Mt Diablo Ct
424Mt Hood Way
425Mt Jasper Dr
426Mt Lassen Dr
427Mt Olympus Dr
428Mt Rushmore Cir
429Mt Shasta Ct
430N Canyon Ct
431Nando Ct
432Nash Way
433Natalie Ct
434Nedra Way
435New Haven Way
436Newgate Dr
437Nichandros St
438Nicole Pl
439Norbridge Ave
440Nordell Ave
441Noree Ct
442Normandy Ct
443Nugget Canyon Dr
444Nunes Ave
445Oak Canyon Pl
446Oak Tree Ln
447Oakcrest Dr
448Oaks Cir
449Oakshire Pl
450Ogilvie Dr
451Old Dublin Rd
452Oleander Way
453Omega Ave
454Onyx Ct
455Orange Ave
456Outlook Ct
457Pacific Terrace Ct
458Palo Verde Rd
459Palomares Rd
460Paradise Knolls
461Parker Rd
462Parkview Rd
463Parsons Ave
464Parsons Ct
465Patio Dr
466Patton Dr
467Pepper St
468Peppertree Ln
469Pergola Ct
470Perrich Ave
471Pheasant Woods Dr
472Pico Pl
473Pinecrest Ct
474Pinehaven Pl
475Pineridge Rd
476Pineville Cir
477Pinon Canyon Ct
478Pion Canyon Ct
479Plymouth Dr
480Pomar Vista Ave
481Pomar Vista St
482President Dr
483Presidio Ct
484Princenton Pl
485Princeton Pl
486Proctor Ln
487Proctor Rd
488Quail Ave
489Quail Hollow Pl
490Queen Ct
491Queen St
492Rahlves Dr
493Rancho Palomares Dr
494Rancho Palomares Pl
495Ranspot Dr
496Ravenwood Pl
497Rawhide Way
498Ray Ave
499Reading Ave
500Reamer Rd
501Recreation Rd
502Redwood Ct
503Redwood Glen
504Reedley Way
505Regent Way
506Remco St
507Renton Way
508Ridge Crest Ct
509Riffel Ct
510Riverbank Ave
511Rizzo Ave
512Roberto St
513Robey Dr
514Robin Ln
515Rockhurst Rd
516Rolando Ave
517Rollinghills Ct
518Rollinghills Way
519Rothman Ct
520Roxy Way
521Rustic Dr
522Rutledge Rd
523S Crest Ave
524Sabina Ct
525Salem Rd
526Salvia Dr
527Samson Way
528San Franciscan Dr
529San Miguel Ave
530San Simeon Pl
531Sandy Rd
532Santa Maria Ave
533Santos Amaro Pl
534Sapphire St
535Sargent Ave
536Schlosser Ct
537School Way
538Schuster Ave
539Seaview Ave
540Seaview Pl
541Secret Meadow Ct
542Secret Meadow Dr
543Secret Meadows Ct
544Secret Meadows Dr
545September Ct
546Seven Hills Rd
547Severini Ln
548Shadow Creek Cir
549Shadow Ridge Dr
550Shady Spring Rd
551Shamrock Way
552Shauna Ct
553Sheffield Pl
554Sheldon Ct
555Sherwood Ct
556Silver Birch Dr
557Silver Canyon Ct
558Silver Fox Pl
559Simsbury Rd
560Skarlatos Pl
561Skyfarm Dr
562Slopeview Ct
563Solitaire Ct
564Somerset Ave
565Sontura Ct
566Sorani Ct
567Sorani Way
568Sprague Ct
569Springbrook Ln
570Spyglass Ct
571Stanfield Ct
572Stanton Ave
573Stanton Heights Ct
574Stanton Hill Ct
575Stanton Hill Rd
576Stanton Pl
577Star Ct
578Stein Way
579Stevens St
580Stone Canyon Dr
581Strobridge Ave
582Strong Way
583Sugarbush Pl
584Summer Pl
585Summercrest Ct
586Summercrest Dr
587Summerglen Pl
588Summerglen Terrace
589Summerhill Pl
590Summerpark Pl
591Summerpointe Pl
592Summerridge Dr
593Summit Ct
594Sun Ridge Ct
595Sunshine Pl
596Swallow Ct
597Swallow Ct
598Sweet Ln
599Sweetbriar Pl
600Sydney Cir
601Sydney Way
602Talbot Ln
603Tamera Ct
604Tamera Ln
605Tanglewood Dr
606Terry Ct
607Terry Way
608Theresa Ct
609Thornbury Ave
610Thousand Oaks Dr
611Timco Ct
612Timco Way
613Tinder Ct
614Titan Pl
615Titan Way
616Todd Ct
617Toddika Ln
618Toledo St
619Toledo Way
620Topaz Ct
621Totten St
622Trailside Ct
623Tree Ln
624Trenton Dr
625Troost Ct
626Trumpet Ct
627Tuxedo Ct
628Tyee Ct
629Tyee St
630Tyler Ct
631Tyler Ln
632Valley Oak Dr
633Vannoy Ave
634Vannoy Ct
635Vaughn Ave
636Vegas Ave
637Vergil Ct
638Vergil St
639Vernetti Way
640Vernon Ct
641Veronica Ave
642Vestal Ave
643View Point Rd
644Villareal Dr
645Vincent Ct
646Vineyard Rd
647Vivian St
648W Cavendish Dr
649W Lyndon Loop
650W Ridge Ct
651Walker Ct
652Walnut Rd
653Watson St
654Watters Ct
655Watters Dr
656Westbury Rd
657Whispering Pine Ct
658Wicks Ln
659Wilbeam Ave
660Wilbeam Ct
661Wildrose Ln
662Wildwood Pl
663Willow Glen Pl
664Winifred Dr
665Wintergreen Pl
666Wisteria Ln
667Wisteria St
668Witcher St
669Woodbury Dr
670Woodside Way
671Wooster Ct
672Wyndale Ct
673Wyndale Dr
674Xenie Ct
675Yaffe Dr
676Yeandle Ave
677Young Ave
678Yuma Pl
679Yuma St
680Zack Way
681Zeno St