List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Dos Palos, California

#Street Name
1Agatha Canal
2Alleyne Ave
3Almond St
4Almond St W
5Angle Ave
6Aqua Vista St
7Arroya Ave
8Arroyo Canal
9Aubrey Ave
10Auxiliary Drain Ditch
11Aviator Ave
12Azusa Ave
13Barcellos Rd
14Batten Rd
15Batton Rd
16Bennett Ave
17Blossom Ave
18Blossom St
19Branch No 3 Canal
20Branch No 4 Canal
21Branch No 5 Canal
22Branco Rd
23Brannon Ave
24Brannon Ave
25Brazil Rd
26Britto Rd
27Bryant Ave
28Cadet St
29California Ave
30Carey St
31Carlucci Rd
32Carmellia Ave
33Carmellia Ave
34Catrina Rd
35Christian Ave
36Clement Ave
37Cole St
38Coloney St
39Colony Main Canal
40 Colony St
41Comer Ave
42Conner Ave
43Coughlin Ct
44Cozzi Ave
45Crowe Ct
46Custer Ave
47Custer Ave
48Cypress Rd
49Dairy Field Lift Ditch
50Dairy Ln
51Davidson Ave
52Deepwell Rd
53Delta Canal
54Dixon Rd
55Dixon Rd
56Dora St
57Dos Palos Ave
58Dos Palos Canal
59E Blossom St
60E Ditch
61Eggleston Ave
62Eggleston Ct
63Elgin Rd
64Elva Ave
65Emory Rd
66Erskine Ave
67Eucalydtus Rd
68Eucalyptus Rd
69Evans Ave
70Evelyn Ln
71Fairfax Ave
72Folsom Ave
73Frank Ave
74Galvez Ave
75Geis St
76General Ave
77George St
78George St W
79Globe Ave
80 Golden Gate Ave
81Grandville Ave
82Grandville Rd
83Hammonds Cir
84Hanlon Ave
85Harris Ave
86Helm Canal
87Hobart Rd
88Hobart Rd
89Hudson Ave
90Hume Ave
91Hutchins Rd
92Indiana Ave
93Indiana Rd
94Ione St
95Island Rd
96Island Rd
97Jerrold Ave
98Jones St
99Julip Ave
100Juniper St
101Kathy Ave
102Laguna Canal
103Laguna Rd
104Leonard Ave
105Levy Rd
106Linden Rd
107Lodi Rd
108Loma Ave
109Loma Rd
110Loop Ditch No 2
111Lorraine St
112Lynn Ave
113Mabel Ave
114Madera Ave
115Marguerite St
116Mcdonald Ave
117Merced St
118Merrill Ave
119Merrill Ave
120Mesa St
121Middle Ditch
122Midway Canal
123Miller Ave
124Millux Ave
125Mint Rd
126Mint Rd
127Mitchell Ave
128Moore Ct
129Mumby Ave
130N Bryant Ave
131N Bypass River Ditch
132N Elgin Ave
133N Leonard Ave
134N Lynn Ave
135N Newcomb Ave
136Nero Ave
137Nidever Ave
138Norton Ave
139Noth By-pass Lift Ditch
140Nylander St W
141Olive St
142Oliver St
143Palm Ave
144Palo Alto St
145Pick Anderson Rd
146Pine Ave
147Plum St
148Plum St W
149Poso Waste No 2
150Redfern Ave
151Reynolds Ave
152River Ditch
153Riverside Canal
154Roxbury Rd
155S Eli Ave
156S Esther Ave
157S Mccloud Ct
158S Mccullough Ave
159S Mcdonald Ave
160S Mcgee Ave
161S Mcpherson Ave
162S Mctaggart Ave
163S Pick Anderson Lift Ditch
164San Bruno Ave
165San Juan Canal
166San Juan Rd
167San Luis Drain
168San Roberto St
169Santa Rita Grade
170Santa Rita St
171Santos St
172Shain Ave
173Sharon Ln
174Shell Ave
175Shirley Ct
176Skinner St
177Sorg Dr
178Stearman St
179Stocking St
180Swift Ave
181Temple Ave
182Thomas St
183Tipton Dr
184Val Ave
185Val Ave
186Valeria Ave
187Valeria Ave
188Valeria St
189Valeria St W
190Venice Rd
191Venice St
192W Almond St
193W Canal Ave
194W Carmellia Ave
195W Carmellia Ave
196W Catrina Rd
197W Dairy Ln
198W Denton And Leak Rd
199W Eli Ct
200W Lux Ave
201W Mccurdy St
202W Mcginty St
203W Mcintyre St
204W Mckenzie St
205W Oxalis Ave
206Wild Duck Rd
207Wilkinson St
208Willis Rd
209Willson Ave S
210Wilson Ave
211Wood Ct