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List of Street Names with maps in Durham, California

#Street Name
17 Mile Rd
27 Mile Rd
3Ackerman Ave
4Adams Ranch Rd
5Adobe Rd
6Aguas Frias Rd
7Almond View Ct
8Applegate Ln
9Archer Ranch Rd
10Athena Way
11Aubby Ct
12Aubry Ct
13Blacks Ln
14Blaser Ln
15Bree Ct
16Bremner Ct
17Brinson Ln
18Brown St
19Burdick Rd
20Campbell St
21Carolmark Ct
22Cartwright St
23Chayote Dr
24Colm Ave
25Comanche Creek Ln
26Corbett Ct
27County Road 48
28Cuesta Ct
29Cummings Ln
30Cummings Rd
31Currier Rd
32Delrita Ln
33Dillon Ct
34Domon Ln
35Duckling Dr
36Duncan Rd
37Durham St
38Durham-dayton Hwy
39Durnel Dr
40 Dwyer Ct
41El Bandito Ln
42Elk St
43Emily Way
44Epperson Way
45Esquon Rd
46Estates Dr
47Etta Ln
48Faber St
49Ferson Rd
50Fimple Rd
51Florida Ln
52Formosa Way
53Frank Marion Ln
54Frederick Ln
55G Warren Dr
56Gage Rd
57Gala Ln
58Garden Creek Rd
59Garden Rd
60Goodspeed St
61Gorrill Ln
62Grainland Rd
63Guenther Way
64Hamlin Rd
65Hanlon Rd
66Harris Ranch Rd
67Harter Rd
68Harvest Ln
69Hearnow Ln
70Heavy Horse Ln
71Hensley St
72Holland Ave
73House Ave
74Hutton Way
75Hwy 48
76Hwy 48
77Hyer Ct
78Jeni Ann Ct
79Jones Ave
80 K V Ln
81Kailua Ln
82Kay Lee Dr
83Keenan Ct
84Konning Ave
85Koyo Ln
86La Rose Ct
87La Rue Ln
88Lasell Ln
89Laura Ln
90Lemm Rd
91Los Cabos Lot A Dr
92Lott Rd
93Marichert Ct
94Marsh Ct
95Marybill Ranch Rd
96Mcanarlin Ave
97Mello Way
98Mesa Rd
99Metzger Ct
101Miva Rd
102Morgan Creek Ln
103Nakia Ct
104Nelson Rd
105Nikki Creek Ln
106Norfield Ave
107Nut Buggy Ln
108Nut Tree Dr
109Nutbuggy Dr
110Oroville-chico Hwy
111Owen Ln
112Pasatiempo Dr
113Pepsi Way
114Peterson Estates Dr
115Pintail Ln
116Pratt Ave
117Pratt Grant Rd
118Prut Rd
119Putney Dr
120Quadra Ct
121Reinemer Rd
122Renz Rd
123Reo Ct
124Roble Rd
125Sacramento St
126Sakely Ln
127Sandhill Ct
128Sarah Ann Ct
129Serviss St
130Skillin Estates Dr
131Skillin Ln
132Skyway Ave
133Snoe Way
134Southwind Ct
135Springwood Ln
136Stanford Ln
137State St
138Sterling Creek Ln
139Stillwater Dr
140Sullivan Way
141Sutter St
142Sycamore Ln
143Tabby Ln
144Taylor Ave
145Teal Ln
146Tracy Ranch Rd
147Trades Way
148Troxel Rd
149Troxel Way
150Turner Ln
151Turntree Ct
152University Farm Rd
153Van Ness Way
154Via Calle Ct
155Via Verde
156Vista Ln
157Wacker Dr
158Warnock Way
159White Dr
160White Oak Dr
161Widgeon Ln
162Wilma Way