List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Eureka, California

#Street Name
110th St
212th St
314th St
414th St Exd
515th St
616th St
717th St
818th St
923rd St
102nd St
114th St
124th St
135th St
148th St
159th St
16A St
17Abrahamsen Ct
18Adams Rd
19Albee St
20Alder St
21Alfred Cir
22Allard Ave
23Allen Ct
24Alora Ln
25Alpha St
26Alpine Ct
27Alto St
28Amelia St
29Amigo Ct
30Andrew St
31Apple Valley Ln
32Artino Ct
33Artino St
34Austin Ave
35Austin St
36Avery Ln
37Avery St
38Azalea Ln
39Azalea Way
40 B St
41Bacchetti Ct
42Bacchetti Dr
43Bailey St
44Bainbridge St
45Barnum Ln
46Barnum St
47Barscape Ln
48Barview Ct
49Bass Ln
50Bassford Rd
51Bay Pointe Ct
52Bayshore Way
53Bayview Ln
54Beauchamp Rd
55Bell Terrace Rd
56Berta Rd
57Bettie Ln
58Bingen Ave
59Black Snag Rd
60Blue Blossom Ln
61Bongio Ct
62Boyle Dr
63Brandon Ln
64Brennan St
65Brian Ln
66Brier Ln
67Brightwood Ln
68Broadway St
69Browns Rd
70Bryant St
71Buhne Dr
72Buhne St
73Burrill St
74Butte Dr
75C St
76California St
77Campton Rd
78Canyon Dr
79Carolyn Ct
80 Carron Dr
81Carson St
82Carter Ln
83Chad Ln
84Charles Pl
85Charles Timmons Ln
86Cherry Ct
87Chester St
88Chestnut St
89Chope St
90Christensen Way
91Christie St
92Cindy Ln
93Circle Dr
94Clark St
95Cleveland St
96Clover Dr
97Clover Ln
98Cod St
99Cole Ave
100Commercial St
101Cooper Ln
102Copper Ln
103Cottage St
104County Ln
105Cousins St
106Crab St
107Crane St
108Crestview Dr
109Crestview Pl
110Crow's Point
111Crows Point Dr
112Cummings Rd
113D St
114Dakota St
115Dana Ln
116Dartmouth Dr
117Dauber Ln
118David Ave
119David Ct
120Davis Ct
121Dean Ln
122Dean St
123Deerfoot Ln
124Del Norte St
125Del Norte St
126Devoy Rd
127Dias Ln
128Dickson Dr
129Dolbeer St
130Dollison St
131Donna Dr
132Dowler Dr
133Dr Ted Loring Dr
134Duck St
135East Ave
136Eastwood Dr
137Edgewood Rd
138Eggert Rd
139Eich Rd
140Elizabeth St
141Elk River Ct
142Elk River Rd
143Elk St
144Emerald Ct
145Emerson Ct
146Erie St
147Essex St
148Eureka Ave
149Everding St
150Fairfield St
151Fairway Dr
152Fellman Rd
153Felt Rd
154Felt St
155Fern Dr
156Fern St
157Flora Pl
158Florence Pl
159Ford Ln
160Forest Creek Ln
161Forest Knoll Ln
162Forest Lake Ct
163Forest Lake Dr
164Fort Ave
165Fort St
166Frank Ave
167Frank St
168Frederick Dr
169Freese Ave
170Gallagher Ln
171Garland St
172Gates St
173Gatliff Ave
174Gibson Ave
175Gibson Dr
176Girard Ct
177Glatt St
178Glen St
179Glenwood St
180Golden W Ct
181Grange Rd
182Grant St
183Greenpoint Rd
184Gregory Ln
185Gross St
186Grotto St
187H St
188Halibut Ave
189Harbor View Dr
190Hardy Dr
191Hartman Ln
192Harvard Dr
193Harwill Ct
194Haven Hill Rd
195Hawthorne St
196Hayden Ln
197Hayes St
198Heather Ln
199Heaven Ln
200Heiser Ln
201Hemlock St
202Henderson St
203Herrick Ave
204Herring St
205Hidden Meadows Ln
206Higgins St
207High St
208Highland Ave
209Highland Cir
210Highland Pl
211Hiler St
212Hilfiker Ln
213Hill Ave
214Hill St
215Hillcrest Ave
216Hillsdale St
217Hillside Ct
218Hilltop Ln
219Hodgson St
220Hoover St
221Howard Heights Dr
222Howard Heights Rd
223Howard St
224Howell St
225Humboldt Hill Rd
226Humboldt St
227Huntoon St
228I St
229Ian Ct
230Ingley St
231Iowa St
232Irving Dr
233Isaac Ct
234J St & Humboldt St
235Jacobs Ave
236Jay Ln
237Jersey Ave
238Jessica Ln
239John Hill Rd
240Kellog Pl
241Kilgore St
242Kincaid Ct
243King Salmon Ave
244Kipling Dr
245Kirkby Ln
246Kluck Ln
247Koster St
248L St
249La Pointe Rd
250Langlois Ln
251Laurel St
252Lentell Rd
253Leonard Dr
254Leppek Ct
255Linda Ln
256Linda Rd
257Lindale Ct
258Linton Ave
259Linton St
260Lissa Dr
261Little California St
262Lloyd St
263Loma Ave
264London Ln
265Long St
266Longview Dr
267Longview Rd
268Lowell St
269Lucia Ave
270Lundbar Pl
271Lundblade Dr
272M St
273Mabelle Ave
274Madison Ave
275Madison St
276Madrone Ave
277Madsen Pl
278Manzanita Ave
279Maple Ln
280Marina Way
281Marsh Rd
282Martin Way
283Masterson Pl
284Matthew Cir
285Mccullen Ave
286Mcdonald St
287Mcfarlan St
288Mclean St
289Meadow Ct
290Meadow Ln
291Meyers Ave
292Middlefield Ln
293Mike Ln
294Minette Ln
295Misty Hill Rd
296Mitchell Heights Dr
297Mitchell Rd
298Montecito Way
299Morgan Pl
300Mountain View Ln
301Muncie St
302Munson Ct
303Munson St
304Nancy Ct
305Nedra Ave
306Nedra St
307Nevada St
308New St
309Newell Ln
310Nigel Ln
311Noe Ave
312Norman Ct
313North St
314Notre Dame Dr
315Nunes Ln
316O St
317O'neil Ln
318Oak St
319Old Forest Ln
320Old Stage Coach Ln
321Old Stump Ln
322Ole Hansen Rd
323Opera Alley
324Oregon St
325P St
326Pacific Ln
327Pacific Lumber Camp Rd
328Papke Ct
329Park St
330Parkwood Blvd
331Patricia Dr
332Patrions Ct
333Pearl St
334Pelicans Pouch Ct
335Pennsylvania Ave
336Perch St
337Pialorsi Ct
338Pidgeon Point Rd
339Pigeon Point Rd
340Pine St
341Pinecrest Ct
342Pole Cat Ln
343Polecat Ridge Ln
344Pomeroy Hollow Rd
345Ponderosa Ct
346Pound Rd
347Prairie Ave
348Princeton Dr
349Prindan Ln
350Progress Ave
351Progress St
352Prospect Ave
353Pryor Ln
354Pryor St
355Purdue Dr
356Q St
357Quail Valley Rd
358Quaker St
359R St
360Railroad St
361Randall St
362Randolph St
363Randy Rd
364Ridgecrest Dr
365Ridgecrest Pl
366Ridgeway Ln
367Roane Ave
368Robbie Ln
369Robin Hood Ln
370Robin Ln
371Rockway Ln
372Rolica Cir
373Rudy St
374Russ St
375Russell St
376Ryan Ct
377S Broadway St
378S Hillsdale St
379Sauter Ln
380Sea Ave
381Searles St
382Seaview Dr
383Sequoia Ln
384Severt Ln
385Short St
386Siler Ln
387Siler St
388Silva Ave
389Silver Tip Ln
390Simpson St
391Skyline Dr
392Snug Alley
393Sole St
394Sonoma St
395Soule St
396South Ave
397Spears Rd
398Spring St
399Spruce St
400St Francis Ct
401Stanford Cir
402Starlund Ct
403Startare Dr
404Steel Ln
405Steele Ln
406Stephanie Ct
407Stewart St
408Summer St
409Summit Ridge Dr
410Summit St
411Sunny Ave
412Sunnyside Ave
413Sunset Rd
414Sutters Ln
415Swanlund Ln
416T St
417Tanglewood Dr
418Teal Ln
419Temple Cir
420Terrace Way
421Tess Ct
422Thistle Ridge Rd
423Timber Ridge Ln
424Togo St
425Tomlinson St
426Tooby Rd
427Torgersen Rd
428Torgerson Rd
429Tower Dr
430Tracey Ct
431Tremont St
432Trinity St
433Truesdale St
434Tydd St
435Tykris Ln
436U St
437Utah St
438V St
439Valley Dr
440Vernon St
441Viale Ave
442View Ln
443Viewer Alley
444Vigo St
445Vine St
446W 14th St
447W 15th St
448W 2nd St
449W 3rd St
450W 4th St
451W 5th St
452W 6th St
453W 7th St
454W Buhne St
455W Carson St
456W Cedar St
457W Church St
458W Clark St
459W Creighton St
460W Del Norte St
461W Dollison St
462W Everding St
463W Grant St
464W Grotto St
465W Harris St
466W Hawthorne St
467W Henderson St
468W Huntoon St
469W Long St
470W New St
471W Russ St
472W Simpson St
473W Sonoma St
474W St
475W Trinity St
476W Wabash Ave
477W Washington St
478W Waterfront Dr
479W Wing Ln
480Wabash Ave
481Wales Ln
482Walford Dr
483Washington St
484Waterfront Dr
485Watson Dr
486Watson St
487Weiler Rd
488Well Ct
489Wellington Ave
490Wellington St
491Wells Dr
492Wells Way
493West Ave
494Westgate Dr
495Whittier Ct
496William St
497Willow St
498Windmill Ln
499Windsor St
500Wisteria Ln
501Wolf Ln
502Wood St
503Woodgulch Rd
504Woodland Way
505Woodside Dr
506Worthington Dr
507Wrigley Rd
508X St
509Y St
510Yale Cir
511Zanes Rd
512Zanone Rd
513Zeck Ln