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List of Street Names with maps in Firebaugh, California

#Street Name
112th St
213th St
31st Lift Canal
4Alder Way
5Allardt Dr
6Ash St
7Beehive Dr
8Berenda Rd
9Borboa Ln
11Broadview Ln
12Canal St
13Cardella St
14Cardiel Ave
15Chowchilla Canal Rd
16Cline St
17Clyde Fannon Rd
18Cordel Ave
19Corregidor Ave
20Courtney Ave
21Courtney Ave
22Cypress Way
23Deboer Cir
24Del Rio Ave
25Diaz St
26Dodderer St
27Dogwood Way
28E Cardella St
29Eagle Field Rd
30Eastside Ct
31Eastside Rd
32Elm St
33Enrico Ave
34Father Craig St
35Gomes Dr
36Grayson Cir
37Guerra St
38Helm Canal Rd
39Indart St
40 Jenson Ave
41Key Ave
42Landucci Dr
43Leyva Ave
44Leyva Ct
45Little Rancho Rd
46Logue St
47Lowe Ct
48Manes St
49Mcclain St
51Mendoza Dr
52Miller Ln
54Municha Ave
55N Brannon Ave
56N Cambria Ave
57N Dos Palos Rd
58N Fairfax Ave
59N Helm Canal Rd
60N Jerrold Ave
61N Lyon Ave
62N Lyons Ave
63N Millux Ave
64N Millux Rd
65N Oxford Ave
66N Prince Ave
67N Russell Ave
68N San Diego Ave
69N San Diego Ave
70N Washoe Ave
73Pamona Ct
74Pamona Rd
75Panoche Access Rd
76Panoche Rd
77Paul Negra Rd
78Poplar Way
79Poso Canal Rd
80 Powers Ct
81Prince Ave
82Rabe St
83Ramirez Dr
84Rebecchi Cir
85Rebecchi St
86Rev Kantor St
87River Dr
88River Ln
89Road 5 1/2
90Road 8 1/2
91S Brannan Ave
92S Fairfax Ave
93S Russell Ave
94Sablan Ave
95Saipan Ave
96Sharnon Rd
97Sierras Ln
98Spruce St
99Storey Ave
100Thatcher Dr
101Thomas Conboy Ave
102Tri Cir Dr
103Trinis Trail
104Tucci St
105Valle De Paz Ave
106Vasquez Dr
107W Althea Ave
108W Brannon Ave
109W Cambria Ave
110W Courtney Ave
111W Eagle Ave
112W Locke Ave
113W Silaxo Ave
114Welty Ave
115Willow Way
116Yip St
118Zozaya St