List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Fresno County, California

#Street Name
1Auberry Rd
2Ave 432
3Avenal Cutoff Rd
4Avenue 392
5Bear Mountain Rd
6Bob's Flat Trail
7Camden St
8Canal Rd
9Coalinga Rd
10Colorado Rd
11County Highway J1
12County Highway J19
13Cove Rd
14Cranmore Ln
15Davis Ave
16Drive 254
17Dunlap Rd
18E Adams Ave
19E American Ave
20E Clarkson Ave
21E Davis St
22E Ericksen Ave
23E Klepper Ave
24E Trimmer Springs Rd
25Elwood Rd
26Englehart Ave
27Excelsior Ave
28Friant Footage
29Golden State Hwy
30Greeley Fire Rd
31Hill Valley Rd
32Hogback Rd
33Hopewell Rd
34Hwy 145
35Hwy 198
36Hwy 198
37Hwy 201
38Hwy 245
39Hwy 33
40 Hwy 63
41Johnson Ave
43Little Panoche Rd
44Little Wild Horse
45Lodge Rd
46Madera Ave
47Maxon Rd
48Millerton Rd
49Mossy Rock Ln
50N Biola Ave
51N Del Rey Ave
52N Elwood Rd
53N Indianola Ave
54N Mccall Ave
55Nicholas Rd
56Old Stage Ln
57Ormsby St
58Porter Ave
59Powerhouse Rd
60Quail Hollow Ln
61Redhawk Ln
62Road 27
63Road 56
64Road 80
65Ross Ave
66Rte 145
67Rte 198
68Rte 269
69Rte 33
70Rte 63
71Rusty Spur Ln
72S Academy Ave
73S Amador Ave
74S Amador Rd
75S Amber Ave
76S Bethel Ave
77S Butte Ave
78S Calaveras Ave
79S Camden Ave
80 S Crawford Ave
81S Del Rey Ave
82S Derrick Ave
83S Frankwood Ave
84S Greenwood Ave
85S Highland Ave
86S Hills Valley Rd
87S Hudson Ave
88S James Rd
89S Lac Jac Ave
90S Lassen Ave
91S Leonard Ave
92S Levee Rd
93S Mccall Ave
94S Mendocino Ave
95S Monson Ave
96S Napa Ave
97S Newmark Ave
98S Ohio Ave
99S Rio Vista Ave
100S Riverbend Ave
101S Ross Ave
102S San Bernardino Ave
103S San Diego Ave
104S San Mateo Ave
105S Siskiyou Ave
106S Smith Ave
107S Sonoma Ave
108S Stanislaus Ave
109S Trinity Ave
110S Tuolumne Ave
111S Van Horn Ave
112S Washoe Ave
113S Yuba Ave
114S Zediker Ave
115Santa Fe Grade
116Skyline Rd
117Smith Mountain Lookout Rd
118State 99
119State Route 41
121Trimmer Springs Rd
122Trinity Ave
123Turkey Track Ln
124Vincent Fire Rd
125Visalia Rd
126W Cadillac Ave
127W Cerini Ave
128W Cole Ave
129W Dorris Ave
130W Dorris St
131W Elkhorn Ave
132W Excelsior Ave
133W Ford Ave
134W Goodrich Ave
135W Jeffrey Ave
136W Kamm Ave
137W Kent Ave
138W Laguna Ave
139W Marmon Ave
140W Mitchell Ave
141W Paige Ave
142W Palmer Ave
143W Panoche Rd
144W Stutz Ave
145W Tornado Ave
146W Tractor Ave
147Watts Valley Rd
148Wellbarn Rd
149West Side Fwy
150Whispering Springs Ln
151White Deer Rd