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List of Street Names with maps in Friant, California

#Street Name
1211 Rd
23 Gate Rd
3Andrew Johnson Rd
4Anza Ct
5Anza Dr
6Aqua Vista Rd
7Balboa Ct
8Blue Water Bay Ln
9Bluff View Ave
10Brighton Crest Dr
12Bugg Ave
13Burroughs Ave
14Cabrillo Dr
15Capitan Ave
16Converse Ave
18E Belcher Ave
19E Marcus St
20Eastmere Ln
21El Lado Rd
22Fairway Oaks Ln
23Fine Gold Dr
24Flemming Ave
25Flint Ct N
26Flint Dr
27Friant Rd
28Galileo Ct
29Galileo Dr
30Glenhaven Ln
31Golden Hill Ln
32Granite Ave
33Green Meadow Ln
34Hidden Lake Blvd
35High Water Rd
36Hildreth Rd
38Lake View Dr
39Long Gold Rd
40 Lost Lake Rd
41Madero Ave
42Mary Rebecca Ln
43Masters Dr
44Mesa View Ave
45N Fork Rd
46N Fork Rd
47Northfork Rd
48O'neal Rd
49O'neals Rd
50Oak Glen Ln
51Old Oaks Stage Pl
52Pahmit Rd
53Parkcliffe Ln
54Parker Ave
55Perkins Ave
56Perkins Rd
57Prado Way
58Ralston Ridge
59Ralston Way
60Ranch Rd
61Reclamation Ave
62Red Tail Rd
63Road 145
64Road 200
65Road 206
66Road 206
67Road 210
68Road 211
69Road 216
70Road 8066
71Rolling Oaks Dr
72Root Ave
73Rose Of Sharon Ln
74San Joaquin River Trail
75Sierra Oaks Ln
76Sky Harbour Dr
77Sky Harbour Rd
78Sky Lake Dr
79Sulphur Springs Dr
80 Sunny Hill
81Table Mountain Rd
82The Village Ln
83Treasure Ln
84Trestle Glen Ln
85Via Bella Vita
86Via Bellaggio
87Via Mira Bella
88Waldby St
89Wall St
90Westmere Ln
91Winchell Cove Rd