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List of Street Names with maps in Inyokern, California

#Street Name
12nd L A Aqueduct
23 Pines Canyon Rd
33 Pines-canyon
4Agnew Ave
5Alzado Ct
6Argo St
8Ash Ave
9Atamian Rd
10Athel Ave
11Black Mountain Blvd
12Buckel Ave
13Burro Ave
14Cactus Ave
15Canyon Ave
16Cappy Ave
17Casper Ave
18Coso Ave
19Coyote Trail Ave
20Crash Rd
21Crestview St
22Deodar Rd
23Dera Ave
24Dera St
25Desert Holly Dr
26E Patrice Ave
28Freedom Ct
29Grand View Dr
30Grandpas Rd
31Greasewood Ave
32Hazen Ave
33Hicks Ave
34Howell State Route
35Jackie Dr
37Janice St
38Jay Ct
39Jennifer Ln
40 Jujube Ave
41Juube Ave
42Kelsey Ct
43Kennedy Meadows Rd
44Kip St
45Lassiter Rd
46Leliter Rd
47Longhorn Ave
48Lupine Rd
49Marvin Gardens St
50Mercury St
51Mesquite St
53Monache Mountain Ave
54Moonwind St
55Mountain View Ave
56N Big Horn St
57N Crestview St
58N Fae St
59N Hawk St
60N Mirage St
61N Moonwind St
62N Nadine St
63N Oriole St
64N Owens Peak St
65N Quail St
66Nadine St
67Neal Ranch Rd
68Norman Ct
69Oriole St
70Owens Peak St
71Panorama Trail Ave
72Paradise Cove Ave
73Pebble Beach Ave
74Pinion Ridge Rd
75Pinion Village Rd
76Plains Ave
77Pollock St
78Ponderosa Rd
79Poole Ave
80 Poplar Ln
81Rail Ave
82Riverview Ln
83Road Apple Rd
84Sacatar Ranch Rd
85Saddle St
86Sandy St
87Seibenthal Rd
88Shelly Ct
89Solo Rd
90Solsburg St
91Steve St
92Sumac Rd
93The Other Rd
94Tumbleweed St
95Up The Hill Rd
96Valley Ave
97Walden Ave