List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Jamestown, California

#Street Name
110th St
23rd Ave
34th Ave
45th Ave
56th Ave
66th St
77th Ave
87th St
98th Ave
108th St
119th Ave
129th St
13Agusta Ln
14Alley Dr
15Antone Ave
16App St
17Bell Mooney Rd
18Bench Dr
19Big Creek Ct
20Black Bart Dr
21Blue Oak Ct
22Buck Brush Dr
23Buckeye Ct
24Calamity Jane Ln
25Cara Ln
26Cemetery Rd
27Chabroullian Rd
28Chicken Ranch Rd
29Chili Hill Ave
30Cindy Ct
31Circle Dr
32Clio Ct
33Clubhouse Dr
34Constance Ln
35Daly Ct
36Dante Dr
37Diamond Lil Way
38Donovan St
39Dutch Mine Rd
40 Egan Rd
41Enterprise Dr
42Fallen Leaf Dr
43Fernwood Dr
44Field Stone Ln
45French Flat Rd
46Friendship Hill Rd
47Golden Dove Ln
48Golden Horseshoe Rd
49Golden Oaks Dr
50Golf Links Rd
51Green Springs Rd
52Greenwood Way
53Harney Dr
54Harvard Mine Rd
55High School Rd
56Hitchcock Ct
57Holman Mountain Rd
58Jacksonville Rd
59Janine Dr
60Jeanese Dr
61Jeni Ct
62Jim Brady Rd
63Joan Ct
64Johnny Dr
65Jumper Mine Rd
66Justin Ct
67Kanaka Dr
68Karlee Ln
69Kirks Rd
70Klein St
71Lake Dr
72Lakefront Dr
73Leila Ln
74Lemon Drop Ln
75Lohman Dr
76Lone Bend Rd
77Lulu Mine Rd
78Malcolm Dr
79Mammoth Mine Rd
80 Margaret Dr
81Marion Dr
82Marla Dr
83Martha Ln
84Mckibbon Dr
85Mill Villa Rd
86Mill Vista Cir
87Montezuma Rd
88Morehus Oak Ct
89Mountain Oak Ct
90Nelson Dr
91Nelson Rd
92Nichols Cir
93North Dr
94Oak Creek Ct
95Oak Leaf Ct
96Oakmont Ct
97Old Don Pedro Rd
98Olif Kahl Rd
99Omega Mine Rd
100Outlook Dr
101Park Ave
102Patton Ct
103Peppermint Cir
104Petticoat Jct Dr
105Pin Oak Ct
106Pioneer Cir Dr
107Placer St
108Poolside Dr
109Preston Ln
110Pulpit Rock Rd
111Quartz Alley
112Quartz St
113Rail Vista Ln
114Railbed Rd
115Red Oak Dr
116Resevoir Rd
117River Oak Ct
118Rolling Hills Blvd
119Rolling Oaks Dr
120Rosebud Dr
121Ruth Ridge Rd
122S 5th Ave
123Seco St
124Shady Dawn Ln
125Shaw S Flat Jamestown Rd
126Shell Rd
127Shotgun Creek Dr
128Shotgun Creek Rd
129Sierra Ave
130Silver Pine Dr
131Silver Pine Ln
132Silver Pine Rd
133Sims Rd
134Smoke St
135Stamp Mill Loop Rd
136Steiner Dr
137Stent Cut Off Rd
138Sullivan St
139Suzanne Ct
140Table Mountain Rd
141Tarantula Mine Rd
142Thistle Down Rd
143Tulloch Dam Rd
144Tulloch Rd
145Twin Oak Dr
146Twin Oaks Dr
147Twist Rd
148Victoria Pl
149Victoria Way
150View Estates Ln
151Vista Dr
152Wahine Dr
153Well House Dr
154Wigwam Rd
155Wild Oak Dr
156Williamson Rd
157Willow St
158Wind Mill Ln
159Woods Way