List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Joshua Tree, California

#Street Name
11st St E
21st St W
3Adobe Dr
4Alta Loma Dr
5Alta Mesa Dr
6Alta Mura Dr
7Alturas Dr
8Appian Way
9Aster Pl
10Bartlett Mountain Rd
11Begonia Pl
12Benji Ave
13Blair Ln
14Bonair Ave
15Canuga Trail
16Capilla Dr
17Carot Rd
18Cascade Rd
19Celesta St
20Center Ave
21Chesapeake Dr
22Chollita Rd
23Chung Dr
24Commercial St
25Conejo Ave
26Conuge Trail
27Cowan Ln
28Crest Cir Dr
29Cummins Way
30Del Lori Ln
31Del Oro
32Demesne Rd
33Dennis Ave
34Desert Acres Rd
35Desert Air Rd
36Desert Shadow Rd
37Desert Way
38Division St
39Doggie Trail
40 Dorothy Ln
41Duvall Dr
42E Pkwy
43Easterly Dr
44Easterly Pl
45El Cajon Dr
46El Reposo Cir
47El Reposo St
48Elwood St
49Encina Rd
50Fairfax Rd
51Fairmount Dr
52Falcon Way
53Fascination Rd
54Firestone Rd
55Flamingo Ave
56Flamingo Rd
57Fleur Dr
58Fountain Blvd
59Foxy Flats Rd
60Gateway Pl
61Gold Nugget Rd
62Golden St
63Grace Rd
64Granada Dr
65Grand View Cir
66Granville Rd
67Hallee Rd
68Heron Ave
69Hi View Dr
70Highland Dr
71Holiday Way
72Hollinger Rd
73Jadeite St
74Jericho Way
75Joshua Cove Dr
76Joshua Trail
77Juniper Rd
79Kelly Cir
80 Kessler Pl
81Koehler Rd
82La Brasia Rd
83La Collina
84La Jolla Dr
85La Mirada Trail
86Laferney Ave
87Lancaster St
88Latham Trail
89Lind Ln
90Little Rd
91Littlefield Rd
92Manana Ave
93Marigold Ln
94Mars Dr
95Mars Ln
96Mcdowell St
97Mcgarry Rd
98Mile Square Rd
99Mohican Trail
101Monument Rd - Joshua Tree National Park
102Mt Lassen Ave
103Neptune Ave
104Nutters Pl
105Old Vine Rd
106Onaga Ct
107Orion Rd
108Penacook Trail
109Petunia Dr
110Plaza Rd
111Plute Trail
112Pole Rd
113Porter Blvd
114Prescott Trail
115Quail Springs Rd
116Rabbit Run
117Reagan Rd
118Red Horse Run
119Rice Ave
120Rock Haven Rd
121Rocking Chair Rd
122Rockwood Rd
123Rocky Ridge Rd
124Rocky Vista St
125Saddleback Rd
126Sahara Terrace
127San Angelo Ave
128Sandalwood Trail
129Scenic Rd
130Shadow Mountain Ave
131Shadow Ranch Ave
132Sherwood Rd
133Starfire Rd
134Starlight St
135Stonehill Ave
136Stoney Crest Dr
137Sun Gold Ave
138Sun Mesa Rd
139Sun Ray Rd
140Sunburst Cir
141Sunburst Dr
142Sunburst St
143Sunever Rd
144Sunflower Rd
145Sunkist Rd
146Sunny Rd
147Sunnyhill Rd
148Sunset Rd
149Sunview Ave
150Tacoma Ct
151Torres Ave
152Tortuga Trail
153Trentwood Dr
154Uphill Rd
155W Pkwy
156Wagon Wheel Rd
157Wahl Terrace
158Walpi Dr
159Weaver Way
160Wesley Rd
161White Feather Rd
162Wilson Terrace
163Wilton Rd
164Wren Rd