List of States

List of Street Names with maps in King City, California

#Street Name
1Abrams Cir
2Airline Hwy
3Alice Rd
4Amherst Dr
5Andrus St
6Appaloosa Way
7Argyle Rd
8Bassett St
9Beach Rd
10Bedford Ave
11Bedford Cir
12Beverly Ct
13Bikle Dr
14Bishop St
15Bitterwater Rd
16Bitterwater Rd
17Bluff Ave
18Bradley Dr
19Brighton Ave
20Broadway Cir
21Broadway Creek
22Broadway St
23Brumwell Ln
24Bullard Dr
25Bunte Rd
26Burch St
27Burns Rd
28Calcagno St
29Cambridge Ave
30Cameron Ct
31Campbell Ave
32Canal Pl
33Canyon Creek Rd
34Carlson St
35Casey St
36Cherry Canyon Rd
37Chestnut Ave
38Coast Ridge Trail
39Coleman Canyon Rd
40 Collins St
41Cone Peak Rd - Los Padres National Forest
42Copley St
43County Road G13
44Crop Field Cattle
45Crown Ave
46Davis Canyon
47Davis Canyon Rd
48Davis Ct
49Del Venturi Rd
50Division St
51Don Bates Way
52E San Antonio Dr
53Earl Bernice Ct
54Ellis St
55Elsa Cir
56Enfield Rd
58Forden Dr
59Forest Route 21s02
60Forest Route 21s03 - Los Padres National Forest
61Forest Route 22s01 - Los Padres National Forest
62Forest Route 22s05 - Los Padres National Forest
63Forest Route 23s01
64Forest Route 23s02
65Freeman Flat Rd
66Gabilan Rd
67Gorda Mt Rd
68Grandma Flats Rd
69Grove Pl
70Guidici Rd
71Hall Cir
72Hamilton Canyon
73Hamilton Canyon Rd
74Haven Dr
75Heirloom Pl
76Indians Rd - Los Padres National Forest
77Industrial Way
78Infantry Rd
79Javelin Ct
80 Jayne St
81Jolon Dump Rd
82Jorgenson Flats Rd
83Keats Ave
84Kings Pl
85Lambourne Ct
86Lameron Ct
87Leeds Ave
88Legacy Dr
89Lewis Creek Rd
90Lewis St
91Lingfield Ct
92Little Creek Ct
93Livingston Ave
94Lon Sing Ave
95Lonoak Rd
96Lonoak Rd
97Los Burros Rd
98Los Burros Spur Rd - Los Padres National Forest
99Luckett St
100Lynn St
101Lyons St
102Meadowbrook Dr
103Mesa Verde Rd
104Metz-king City Rd
105Meyer St
106Mill Creek Rd
107Milpitas Rd
108Mission Rd
109Monroe Canyon Rd
110Monroe Cyn Rd
111Monterey County Route 4004
112N Fork Rd
113N Mildred Ave
114N Russ Ave
115N San Lorenzo Ave
116N Vanderhurst Ave
117Nacimiento-fergusson Rd
118Nantucket Way
119Oak Hills Rd
120Oasis Rd
121Oasis Rd
122Oxford Ave
123Pacific Valley Station - Los Padres National Forest
124Palomino Ct
125Palomino Rd
126Patterson St
127Pettie Rd
129Pettitt Rd
130Pine Canyon Rd
131Pine Creek Pl
132Pine Meadow Ct
133Pine Meadow Dr
134Pine Meadow Pl
135Plasket Ridge Rd - Los Padres National Forest
136Plaskett Ridge Rd
137Prewitt Ridge Rd
138Primative Campground Rd
139Queen St
140Reich St
141Rio Vista Ct
142River Dr
143Royal Dr
144Rte 25
145S Coast Ridge Rd
146S Golf Dr
147S Mildred Ave
148S Russ Ave
149S San Lorenzo Ave
150S Vanderhurst Ave
151Salmon Creek Rd
152Sam Jones Rd
153San Miguelito Loop Rd
154Sandown Ct
155Sandown St
156Sandringham St
157Santa Lucia Rd
158Sherwood Ave
159Shetland Dr
161Soberanes St
162Spreckels Rd
163Spruce Dr
164Sulphur Springs Rd
165Sun Valley Dr
166Sussex Cir
167Sussex Ct
168Sussex Way
169Sycamore St
170Teague Ave
171Thompson Canyon Rd
172Thorpe Ave
173Ulrey St
174Us Highway Forest Route 22s01 - Los Padres National Forest
175Usf Route 20s05
176Usf Route 23s14 - Los Padres National Forest
177Van Etten Ave
178Van Nort St
179Via Canada
180Villa Dr
181Vineyard Dirt Rd
182Vineyard Fields
183Vista Pl
184Vivian St
185Walnut Pl
186Wellington Ave
187Wentworth Ct
188Wentworth St
189White Oak Ct
190White Oak Dr
191Wildhorse Canyon Rd
192Wildhorse Rd