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List of Street Names with maps in Kingsburg, California

#Street Name
110th Ave
211th Ave
311th Ct
412th Ave
512th Ave
614th Ave
715th Ave
816th Ave
917th Ave
1018th Ave
1119th Ave
1220th Ave
1321st Ave
1422nd Ave
1522nd Ct
1623rd Ct
1724th Ave
1824th Ct
1925th Ave
205 3/4 Ave
215th Ave Dr
226th Ave Dr
237 1/2 Ave
247th Ave Dr
258th Ave Dr
269th Ave Dr
27Aslan Way
28Ave 338
29Avenue D
30Avenue E
31Avenue F
32Azalea St
33Bangor Ave
34Barstow Ave
35Bellflower St
36Benicia Ave
37Bergren Ct
38Birch Ct
39Bonander Ave
40 Burris Park Dr
41Canal Dr
42Carolyn St
43Chico Ave
44Church St
45Clarkson Dr
46Clarkson Dr
47Clinton Ave
48Cody Ln
49Crum Ct
50Diane Ave
51Draper St
52E Caruthers Ave
53E Clarkson Ave
54E Swanson Ave
55Earl St
56Elkhorn Ave
57Elliot Ct
58Ellis St
59Elm Ct
60Erling Way
61Eulam St
62Fairway Ave
63Forest Dr
64Gilroy St
65Greenwood St
66Harold St
67Hemma St
68Indianola Ave
69Jasper Dr
70Kings River Dr
71Klepper St
72Lake St
73Laurel St
74Lewis St
75Lincoln St
76Lindquist St
77Lingonberry St
78Lungren Ct
79Lynn Ct
80 Madsen Ave
81Magnolia Ct
82Marell St
83Marion St
84Mariposa St
85Mehlert St
87Morgan Dr
88N 5 1/2 Ave
89N 6th Ave
90Nelson Ave
91Nelson Ave
92Nelson Way
93Nevada St
94Orange St
95Plumas St
96Quincy St
97Rafer Johnson St
98Rayser St
99Riverside St
100Riverwood Rd
101Road 12
102Road 16
103Road 33
104Road 34
105Road 8
106S 5th Ave
107S 7th Ave
108S Madsen Ave
109Sandell Ave
110Sierra Ct
111Sierra St
112Silverbrooke Cir
113Silverbrooke St
114Simpson St
115Skansen St
116Skyle Ln
117Smith Ave
118Smith St
119Solig St
120Sophia Ln
121Stroud Ave
122Swanson Ave
123Swanson Ave
124Swnason Ave
125Tamarack Ct
126Union St
127W Bratton St
128W Forest St
129W Lake St
130W Lindquist St
131W Meadow Ln
132W Orange St
133W Sunset St
134W Ventura
135Ward Dr
136Warkentin St
137Williams St
138Wilson Way
139Windsor Ct
140Windsor Dr
141Winter St