List of States

List of Street Names with maps in La Presa, California

#Street Name
1Adriana St
2Akard St
3Alacena Ct
4Alene St
5Apricot Ln
6Aqua View Ct
7Arapaho St
8Arran Ave
9Arvin Ct
10Atlantis St
11Avenida Angulia
12Avenue A
13Avenue F
14Avocado St
15Avon Ln
16Banock St
17Baranca Ct
18Barneveld St
19Bassett Ct
20Bellwood Ct
21Berkview Ln
22Berkwood Dr
23Bigford St
24Bluffview Ct
25Bluffview Rd
26Bonita Bluffs Ct
27Bonneyville Dr
28Bonnie Jean Pl
29Bote Ct
30Brady Ave
31Brady Ct
32Brampton St
33Broadview St
34Brucker Ave
35Bruma Ct
36Cacus St
37Cambon Ct
38Cambon St
39Camino Lago Vista
40 Camp Ct
41Capistrano Ave
42Carissa Ln
43Carrera Ct
44Celestial Waters Dr
45Central Ct
46Chaffin Pl
47Charise Ct
48Chestnut St
49Christiana St
50Clamath St
51Clearwater Ct
52Clytie Ln
53Colbert Dr
54Concepcion Ave
55Cornwall St
56Correa Ln
57Corte Gacela
58Corte Ganzo
59Corte Pato
60Corte Pellejo
61Corte Quezada
62Costa Lago St
63Coushatta Ln
64Crestmore Ave
65Crofton St
66Danancy Ct
67Darby St
68Dathe St
69Davenrich St
70Delrose Ave
71Demona Pl
72Docena Dr
73Dorchester St
74Eileen St
75Elkelton Pl
76Ellenwood Cir
77Encela Ln
78Enfield St
79Eric Ln
80 Eucalyptus St
81Faxon St
82Folkestone St
83Frederick St
84Galeon Ct
85Galopago St
86Garwood Ct
87Gilford Ct
88Gilford St
89Gowin St
90Granite View Ln
91Greenridge Ave
92Gremlin Way
93Harness St
94Hawkins Way
95Helix Ct
96Helix Pl
97Helix Vista Dr
98Hiel St
99Highview Ln
100Hillslope Ave
101Holt St
102Hotz St
103Huron St
104Ildica Ct
105Ildica Way
106Ivanho St
107Jamie Ct
108Jana Ct
109Janice St
110Jaylee Ave
111Joan St
112Johns View Way
113Jula Ct
114Kari Ct
115Kelburn Ave
116Kelso St
117Kirsten Pl
118Knob Hill Dr
119Kurdson Way
120La Barca St
121La Larga Vista
122La Mesa Ave
123La Mesa Cove
124La Presa Ave
125Lake Bluffs Cir
126Lake Breeze Ct
127Lakeview Ave
128Lance Ave
129Lang Ave
130Langdon Ln
131Larga Vista Ct
132Lechuza Ln
133Leigh Ave
134Lemon St
135Linaza Ln
136Lobo Ln
137Lockland Ct
138Loma View Ct
139Luther Dr
140Maclay St
141Margaret Ct
142Maria Ave
143Maya St
144Meadow Dr
145Mesa View Way
146Milburn Ave
147Mitra Ct
148Monaghan Ct
149N Slope Terrace
150Nina Ct
151Omega St
152Orville St
153Osage Dr
154Oso Rd
155Outinda St
156Paden Dr
157Panorama Ridge Ct
158Paraiso Ave
159Pecos St
160Pesca Ct
161Phire Pl
162Piedmont St
163Piel Pl
164Portola Ave
165Prather Pl
166Presioca St
167Purdy St
168Quarry Rd
169Quarry View Way
170Rangeview St
171Ranza Rd
172Redfield St
173Ridgeway Ct
174Rinda Ln
175Rosedale Pl
176Rosedale Way
177Rover St
178Rudy Rd
179Ruxton Ave
180Sacramento Ave
181Safford Ave
182Samantha Ln
183San Andres St
184San Bernardino Ave
185San Diego St
186San Francisco St
187San Juhn St
188San Miguel St
189Smokey Ln
190Solandra Ln
191Spring Vista Way
192St George Ct
193St George St
194Stansbury St
195Stoneridge Dr
196Sweetwater Dr
197Sweetwater Ln
198Sweetwater Pl
199Sweetwater Rd
200Sweetwater Res Rd
201Sweetway Ct
202Tarango Pl
203Tarleton St
204Terracina Cir
205Terrakappa Ave
206Terrarama Ave
207Terraspiro Ave
208Thayer Dr
209Tokaj Ct
210Tokaj Ln
211Tokaj Rd
212Tokaj Way
213Valencia Ln
214Valencia Pl
215Vallata Ct
216Vallata Ln
217Valley Dr
218Vecino Ct
219Verbena Ln
220Verde Ridge Ct
221Verde Ridge Rd
222Via Tapia
223Vista Del Oro Way
224Walbollen St
225Water View Ct
226Waterview Ln
227Wolford Dr
228Woodhaven Dr