List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Lake Isabella, California

#Street Name
12nd Los Angeles Aqueduct
26 N Rd
3Acorn - Sequoia National Forest
4Air Force Way
5Alclover Ct
6Alta Sierra Ave
7Alta Sierra Dr - Sequoia National Forest
8Andrew St
9Angler Ave
10Apollo Way
11Audrey Ave
12Bailey Ave
13Bakersfield-glenville Rd
14Balboa St
15Balsam Ave
16Barlow Dr
17Barlow Rd
18Basket Pass Rd - Sequoia National Forest
19Bass Dr
20Beechwood Ave
21Belt Rd
22Ben St
23Benton Way
24Bernie Dr
25Bird Spring Canyon Rd
26Bird Springs Rd
27Blake St
28Blue Mountain Rd
30Bouy St
31Breckenridge Ave
32Breckinridge Ave
33Bridle Ln
34Bronze Hill Rd
35Bryant Ln
36Bur Clover Rd
37Butterbredt Canyon Rd
38Buttercup Ln
39Cabin Ln
40 Cameron St
41Canebrake Rd
42Cannon Way
43Canyon View Rd
44Carver Ranch Rd
45Cascade Way
46Cattail Ct
47Cedar Creek
48Cedar Pl
49Ceed Ln
50Chain Ave
51Chipmunk Pl
52Cholla St
53Christian Ln
54Claire St
55Clear Creek
56Clear Rd
57Clinton Way
58Coffee Creek
60Commercial Ave
61Connejo Ave
62Cook Peak Rd
63Cortez Way
64Cortina Dr
65Cottonwood Ln
66Cougar Rd
67Couger Trail - Sequoia National Forest
68County Road 495
69County Road 517 - Sequoia National Forest
70Cox Rd
71Crestview Ave
72Crestview Ln
73Curran Ave
74Curran Way
75Cyrus Canyon Rd
76Dailey Rd
77Dawn Pl
78Dead Ox Creek
79Deadrich Ave
80 Deer Creek Rd
81Deer Dr
82Deerbrush Ave
83Delva Dr
84Democrat Rd - Sequoia National Forest
85Dollar St
86Dove Ct
87Doyle Ranch Rd
88Dunivent Rd
89Dunlap Rd
90Dunlop Rd
91Dutch Flat Rd
92E Sawkill Rd - Sequoia National Forest
93E Sawmill Rd
94Eagle Ranch Rd
96Edith Ave
97Elizabeth Norris Rd
98Erskine Creek
99Erskine Ln - Sequoia National Forest
100Falcon Dr
101Family Cir Dr
102Fawn Dr - Sequoia National Forest
103Fay Creek Rd
104Ferrell Ln - Sequoia National Forest
105Ferrell Rd
106Firwood Ct
107Flat Frog Rd
108Flicker Rd
109Foothills Loop
110Ford St
111Forest Route 23s16 - Sequoia National Forest
112Forest Route 24s07 - Sequoia National Forest
113Forest Route 25s04 - Sequoia National Forest
114Forest Route 25s21 - Sequoia National Forest
115Forest Route 26524 - Sequoia National Forest
116Forest Route 26s03
117Forest Route 26s06
118Forest Route 26s07 - Sequoia National Forest
119Forest Route 26s08 - Sequoia National Forest
120Forest Route 26s20 - Sequoia National Forest
121Forest Route 26s24 - Sequoia National Forest
122Forest Route 27s02 - Sequoia National Forest
123Forest Route 27s03 - Sequoia National Forest
124Forest Route 28s05
125Forest Route 28s06
126Forest Route 28s07 - Sequoia National Forest
127Forest Route 28s17 - Sequoia National Forest
128Forest Route 28s27 - Sequoia National Forest
129Forest Route 28s27a - Sequoia National Forest
130Forest Route 28s27b - Sequoia National Forest
131Forest Route 28s43 - Sequoia National Forest
132Forest Route 28s47 - Sequoia National Forest
133Forest Route 28s62 - Sequoia National Forest
134Forest Route 29s05 - Sequoia National Forest
135Forest Trail Route 34e31 - Sequoia National Forest
136Foxtail Pine Dr
137Fran Ct
138Fred St
139Frog Creek
140Fulop St
141Fulton Creek
142Garcia Rd
143Geneva Ct
144Genie Pl
145Gibbs Rd
146Glacier Gluch
147Glen Oak Rd
148Glezen Ln
149Goat Ranch Rd
150Godmother Ln
151Golden Spur St
153Grace Ave
154Granite Rd
155Gray Fox Ln
156Greenhorn Summit-kernville Rd
157Grey Fox Rd
159Hall Ct
160Hansen Ct Dr
161Harnage St
162Harold Ln
163Hatton Ave
164Henry Dr
165Heritage Way
166Higham Ave
167Hinkle Ln
168Hinson St
169Hub Cir
170Hughes Rd
171Hungry Gulch Rd
172Huth St
173Indian Oak Ct
174Irma Dr
175Irwin Ave
176Janice Ave
177Jay Way - Sequoia National Forest
178Jeffery Way
179Jerry Ave
180Joan Ave
181Johns Rd
182Joshua Dr
183Joy St
184Juniper Point Rd
185Juniper Rd
186Kast Rd
187Kelso Creek
188Kem Ave
189Kernville Rd
190Keyesville Rd
191Keysville Rd
192Kneale Ave
193L Ave
194Lake Ridge Way
195Lakefair Ave
196Lakeland St
197Lakeside Dr
198Larkspur Rd
199Lazelle St
200Limestone Dr
201Linda Ave
202Linns Ct
203Lucerne Way
205Lynch Canyon Dr
206Lynx Dr
207Mananda Rd
208Marilyn St
209Mavilan Rd
210Mayfair Rd
211Mc Ivers Rd - Sequoia National Forest
212Mccray Rd
213Michael Rd
214Mobile Dr
215Moble Ln
216Monotti Creek
217Morella Rd
218Mulberry Ave
219Myers Way
220N Mcguire Ave
221N Nicguire Ave
223Nugget Ave
224Nunez Ln - Sequoia National Forest
225Oak Meadow Rd
226Oak Tree Estate Dr
227Oak Way - Sequoia National Forest
228Old Adobe Rd
229Old Canal Rd
230Old Ox Ct
231Old Ox Rd
232Old Statecrd 3 - Sequoia National Forest
233Ox Ct
234Paintbrush Ct
235Paocde W
236Park Ave
237Pasadena Ln
238Pascoe Rd
239Patricia Ct
240Paulsey Ln - Sequoia National Forest
241Pearl Harbor Dr
242Pecos Ave
243Pepperwood Dr
244Perdue Ave
245Pick Ax Rd
246Pine Hollow Ave
247Pine Ln
248Pinyon Creek
249Pinyon Jay St
250Pioneer Dr E
251Pioneer Dr W
252Piute Hill Rd
253Piute Rd
254Ponderosa Dr
255Poso Canal
256Poso Rd
257Prestun Dr
258Prinero Avenida
259Quail Canyon Rd
260Quail Run Rd
261Raccoon Dr
262Raccoon Ridge Rd
263Radiant Way
264Rafaela Trail
265Red Hill Rd
266Red Oak - Sequoia National Forest
267Redbud Ct
268Reeder Dr
270Renee St
272Restful Ln
273Reynolds Rd
274Richard St
275Road 710 - Sequoia National Forest
276Road No 622 - Sequoia National Forest
277Roberta Ave
279Ronita Ln
280Royce Rd
281Ruth Dr
282S Kendall Rd
283S Lobo Rd
284Sage Canyon Rd
285Sagebrush Rd
286Sample Ave
287Sandy Creek Fire Rd - Sequoia National Forest
288Sawmill Rd
290Schick Rd
291Schober Dr
292Scovern Ave
293Scovern Spring
294Scovern St
296Seclusion Rd
297Seco Dr
298Sequoia Rd - Sequoia National Forest
299Service Road 28s43 - Sequoia National Forest
300Shadow Mountain Dr
301Shadow Mountain Rd
302Shasta Ln
303Shields St
304Shirley Meadows Rd - Sequoia National Forest
305Sidney St
306Silver Fox Dr
307Southlake Dr
308Sphinx Ct
309Spring Canyon Rd
310Stage Coach Dr
311Stagecoach Dr
312Star Brite Dr
313Steensen St
314Sugar Pine Ct
315Suhre St
316Suzie Q Dr
317Sweetwater Dr
318Tare Ave
319Tera Bella Rd
320Thompson Ct
321Tice-eberle Rd
322Toyan Rd
323Trotts Trail
324Tule Rd
325Turner Ave
326Vista Del Lago Ln
327Wagon Wheel Dr
328Wallace Ln
329Ward Rd
330Ware Ct
331Warren Way
332Watugo Dr
333Webb Ave
335Weber Ln
336Wenyor Way
338Wesley Ave
339Wesley Rd
340White Crown Dr
341White Rye St
342Whites Mill Rd
343Whitewater River Rd
344Whitney Ln
345Wildlife Trail
346Wildmint Dr
347Wildwood D
348Williams Ct
349Williams Rd
350Winnie Ln
351Winter Rd
352Wofford Heights Blvd
353Yankee Canyon Dr
354Young Ave