List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Lathrop, California

#Street Name
13 Oaks Ln
2Adobe Way
3Agusta Dr
4Almond Orchard Way
5Alvord Oak Ln
6American Farms Ave
7Americana Way
8Amethyst Ct
9Andover Way
10Apple Grove Ave
11Applewood Ct
12Argillite Ave
13Aries Pl
14Arkose St
15Arroyo St
16Aspenwood Ave
17Atlantic Oak Ln
18Autumn Rain Dr
19Autumnwood Ave
20Avon Ave
21Avon St
22Aztec Ln
23Barbara Terry Blvd
24Barn Hill Ln
25Basalt Ct
26Baywood Way
27Bell Post Ln
28Bella Ct
29Bella Pl
30Bellchase Rd
31Bizzibe St
32Blackwood Ave
33Bloom Way
34Blue Oak Ln
35Blue Sky Dr
36Boulder Ave
37Bramblewood Ave
38Bramblewood Ct
39Briggs Ave
40 Brookfield Ave
41Brookhurst Blvd
42Brookwood Way
43Cadmia St
44Calcite Ave
45Cambridge Dr
46Camelback St
47Camish Pl
48Cannella Ct
49Cannella Dr
50Canoe Pass Ln
51Canyon Gate Ln
52Canyon Oak Ln
53Carleta Pl
54Carnaby Rd
55Casa Pl
56Casting Ln
57Castlewood Ave
58Cedar Ridge Ct
59Cedar Valley Dr
60Cedarbrook Way
61Chandra Way
62Chantilly Ct
63Charmaine Ct
64Cherry Hills Ct
65Christie Falls Way
66Christopher Way
67Claim Stake
68Cloudy Bay
69Club Dr
70Cobble Creek Way
71Cohen Rd
72Cold Springs St
73Colonial Trail
74Colony St
75Comet Ln
76Cottage Gate Ln
77Covered Bridge Way
78Craftsman Ct
79Craftsman Dr
80 Crescent Moon Dr
81Crescent Park Cir
82D'arcy Pkwy
83Daffodil Hill St
84Danbury Pl
85Dawn Oaks Ln
86De Lima Rd
87Deerwood Ave
88Del Mar
89Delta Ln
90Depot Ct
91Dera Way
92Derby Ln
93Derbychase Ln
94Dolomite St
95Dos Reis Rd
96Dry Creek Ct
97Dry Creek Pl
98E Gaar Ct
99E H St
100E L St
101Early Frost Ln
102Easy Ct
103Easy St
104El Rancho Dr
105Emerald Bay Ct
106Emory Oak Pl
107Englewood Way
108English Country Trail
109Epling Oak Ln
110Eton Way
111Evening Breeze Ln
112Fairview Way
113Farm House Rd
114Ferndale St
115Ferry Launch Ave
116Fiesta Dr
117Fillmore St
118Finchwood Dr
119Flagstone St
120Fleurette Ln
121Florence Ave
122Forrestwood Way
123Forty Niner Trail
124Four Corners Ct
125Fox Hatch Ln
126Gaar Ct
127Gail Dr
128Galena St
129Garden Glade St
130Gardner Ct
131Gardner Pl
132Garmetta Way
133Garry Oak Pl
134Gentle Winds Ln
135Gold Nugget Trail
136Golden Spike Trail
137Golden Valley Pkwy
138Goldstone Ct
139Goldstone St
140Granada St
141Granite Ave
142Grapevine Pl
143Grayson Rd
144Green Plaza
145Green Summers Ln
146Greenhill St
147Gypsum Way
149Halmar Ln
150Harbor Ct
151Havenwood St
152Hickory Oak Ln
153Hidden Cove Pl
154Hidden Well Ln
155Holly St
156Hollyhock Ct
157Homestead Ave
158Honey Comb Ln
159Honey Pl
160Hornfels Ave
161Howland Rd
162I St
163Indio St
164Inland Passage Way
165Iron Gate Ln
166Iron Horse Trail
167Iron Way
168J St
169Jack Ct
170Janice Pl
171Jasper St
172Johnson Ferry Rd
173Jonquil Dr
174Joya St
175Julie Ln
176K St
177Kilarney Ct
178Kilarney Dr
179Kirkwood Way
180Klo Rd
181Lagoon Way
182Landing Ln
183Larue Ct
184Late Harvest Pl
185Laurel Oak Ln
186Lazy Ridge Ave
187Leather Oak Rd
188Levee Ln
189Libby Ln
190Limestone Ave
191Lisa Ln
192Loganberry Way
193Lone Summit Ln
194Long Barn Dr
195Lorina Ct
196Lottie Way
197Madruga Rd
198Magnetite Ave
199Maharaja Dr
200Manila Rd
201Marble St
202Marsh Rd
203Matador Way
204Matthew Ct
205Maxwell Ln
206Mckee Blvd
207Merlson Ct
208Meteorite St
209Milestone Dr
210Mill Stone Way
211Millpond Ave
212Mingo Way
213Misty Woods Ln
214Moss Ln
215Mossdale Rd
216Mossy Point Way
217Mountain Oak Ln
218Murphy Pkwy
219N St
220Nestle Way
221New England Ave
222New Well Ave
223New Well Ct
224Noel Ln
225O St
226Oakhills St
227Oakmont St
228Obsidian St
229Old Wharf Ct
230Old Wharf Pl
231Olivine Ave
232Onyx Ave
233Opal St
234Ore Claim Trail
235Orlando Ln
236Osage Pl
237Outlook Ln
238Pacific Oak Ln
239Paddle Wheel Ln
240Pamela Ct
241Parkhaven St
242Patricia Pl
243Pecan Hollow Way
244Pennant Ave
245Peridot St
246Pheasant Downs Rd
247Pilgrim Ct
248Pine Valley Dr
249Pinecrest Ct
250Pinecrest St
251Pinewood Dr
252Pipestone St
253Platinum Ave
254Pony Express Way
255Prairie Dunes Dr
256Prairie Fire Ct
257Princeville St
258Quaker Ridge St
259Quartz Way
260Queirolo Rd
261Rabbit Ln
262Rail Way
263Ravenwood Ct
264Red Barley Ct
265Red Barn Pl
266Redstone St
267Reiger Dr
268Renaissance Ave
269Revere Ln
270River Islands Pkwy
272Rocky Harbor Rd
273Rosebriar Pl
274Rosewood St
275Rowne Centre Dr
276Ruby Ct
277Rusty Plow Ln
278Ryhiner Ln
279S Poppy Ct
280Sadler Oak
281Saguaro Ln
282Sand Bar Way
283Schooner Ln
284Schumard Oak Rd
285Scrub Oak Dr
286Sedona Ln
287Settler Trail
288Shadowberry Pl
289Shady Mill Way
290Shadywood Ave
291Shawn Ct
292Sheltered Cove E
293Sherrie Ct
294Shideler Pkwy
295Shilling Ave
296Shnoop Ct
297Showlow Ln
298Sierra Gold Trail
299Siltstone Ave
300Silver Creek Dr
301Silver Ct
302Skipper Ln
303Slate St
304Somoa Ln
305Southport St
306Spa Ln
307Spar St
308St Andrew St
309Stage Coach Dr
310Steamboat Ct
311Steven Pl
312Stewart Rd
313Stone Cellar Way
314Stonebridge Ln
315Stoneridge Ct
316Stratford Ave
317Strawberry Glen St
318Sugar Pine Dr
319Sunflower Dr
320Sunrise Pl
321Suzie Q Ln
322Sweet Grass Ln
323Sweetwater Ct
324Talc St
325Templeton Ln
326Thomsen Rd
327Tidewater Point
328Timber Creek Ln
329Toro Ln
330Towne Centre Dr
331Tracywood Ave
332Train Station Ct
333Travertine Ave
334Travertine Ct
335Trestle Point
336Tulip Tree Way
337Tumbleweed Ln
338Upper Pasture
339Upper Pasture Ct
340Valverde Ct
341Victorian Trail
342Vierra Rd
343Villa Real Ct
344Village Ave
345W Louise Ave
346W Nut Tree Ct
347W Stewart Rd
348Wagon Train Ct
349Walnut Burl Ln
350Warfield Rd
351Warren Ave
352Water Ln
353Water Mill St
354Waterman Ave
355Western Coach
356Wheat Field St
357Wild Oak Dr
359Williamstowne Dr
360Windwood Ave
361Winter Wheat Ln
362Wood Creek Ln
363Woodfield Dr
364Wynona Way
365Zalman Ln