List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Long Beach, California

#Street Name
126th Way
255th Pl
367th Pl
469th Pl
5Ackerfield Ave
6Adriatic Ave
7Agate Ave
8Airport Ln
9Alamitos Ave
10Alamo Ct
11Alberan Ave
12Alby Pl
13Aloha Cir
14Amebco Rd
15Anaheim Pl
16Aquarium Way
17Aquarius St
18Armourdale Ave
19Artesia Ln
20Ashbrook Ave
21Autrilla Scott Ln
22Avalon Ct
23Ave Estoril
24Azure Bay
25Azure Way
26Baltic Ave
27Barry Dr
28Bay Shore Ave
29Beechley Ave
30Belhurst Ave
31Bennett Ave
32Berner St
33Beth St
34Biona Ct
35Bird Way
36Bixby Hill Rd
37Bixby Station Rd
38Bixby Terrace Dr
39Bixby Village Dr
40 Boathouse Ln
41Bonito Ave
42Boyar Ave
43Brayton Ave
44Brook Ave
45Carob Rd
46Carrack Ave
47Carroll Park E
48Carroll Park N
49Carroll Park W
50Carson Blvd
51Caspian Ave
52Cedar Ave
53Cedar Walk
54Charity Ln
55Charlemagne Ave
56Chatwin Ave
57Claremore Ave
58Claremore Ln
59Cll Marseille
60Coachella Ave
61Coral Ln
62Cordoba Ct
63Cordova Walk
64Coronado Ave
65Corsica Cir
66Corso Di Napoli
67Corso Di Oro
68Cortner Ave
69Corvo Ct
70Costa Del Sol Way
71Countryside Ln
72Crystal Ct
73Dairy Ave
74Daisy Ave
75Daisy Ave E
76Damar St
77Dana Pl
78Daroca Ave
79De Forest Ave
80 Del Rey Ct
81Delta Ave
82Deukmejian Dr
84Donald Douglas Dr
85Donna St
86Douglas Center
88E 69th Way
89E Abbeyfield St
90E Allington St
91E Andy St
92E Arbor St
93E Artesia Blvd
94E Atherton Dr
95E Atlas Way
96E Bacarro St
97E Bailey Way
98E Barbanell St
99E Barcelona Pl
100E Barker Way
101E Bayard St
102E Bayshore Walk
103E Belen St
104E Belice St
105E Beverly Way
106E Bixby Hill Rd
107E Brittain St
108E Broadway
109E Brockwood St
110E Burlinghall Dr
111E Cade St
112E Calderwood St
113E Campo Walk
114E Carburton St
115E Carita St
116E Carroll Park S
117E Cartagena St
118E Cedar Turn St
119E Cereza Way
120E Cobre Way
121E Columbia St
122E Conant St
123E Coolidge St
124E Coralite St
125E Crest Cir
126E Curry St
127E Cypress Ct
128E Cypress Way
129E Daggett St
130E Dayman St
131E De Leon St
132E De Ora Way
133E Deborah St
134E Don Julio St
135E Donald Douglas Dr
136E Driscoll St
137E El Carmen St
138E El Cedral St
139E El Jardin St
140E El Parque St
141E El Paseo Ct
142E El Paseo St
143E El Prado Ave
144E El Progreso St
145E El Roble St
146E Ellis St
147E Emerald Cove Dr
148E Espanita St
149E Esther St
150E Fairbrook St
151E Ferro St
152E Flagstone St
153E Fountain St
154E Freeland St
155E Garford St
156E Gilman St
157E Goldfield Ave
158E Greenmeadow Rd
159E Hanbury St
160E Harco St
161E Harcourt St
162E Hedda St
163E Hellman St
164E Hullett St
165E Huntdale St
166E Jacinto Way
167E Janice Dr
168E Janice St
169E Keever Ave
170E Keever Pl
171E Keynote St
172E Killdee St
173E Kinmount St
174E La Cara St
175E La Jara St
176E La Pasada St
177E La Reina Way
178E Lanai St
179E Las Lomas St
180E Leigh Ct
181E Littlefield St
182E Livingston Dr
183E Los Arcos St
184E Los Coyotes Diagonal
185E Los Flores St
186E Los Santos Dr
187E Louise St
188E Lowena Dr
189E Luray St
190E Mantova St
191E Maple Way
192E Marina View Dr
193E Marita St
194E Marker Ln
195E Marshall Pl
196E Massachusetts St
197E Mayfield St
198E Mckenzie St
199E Metz St
200E Mezzanine Way
201E Midway St
202E Monita St
203E Naples Canal
204E Naples Plaza
205E Neapolitan Ln
206E Neece St
207E Norton St
208E Oakbrook St
209E Oxholm St
210E Pageantry St
211E Parapet St
212E Parkcrest St
213E Pavo St
214E Peabody St
215E Peace St
216E Phillips St
217E Pleasant St
218E Plenty St
219E Pluribus St
220E Plymouth St
221E Poinsettia St
222E Ransom St
223E Rhea St
224E Ridgewood St
225E Ring St
226E Ritchie St
227E Riviera Walk
228E Rogene St
229E Roosevelt Rd
230E Roper St
231E Rosebay St
232E Rosina St
233E Roxanne Way
234E Salt Lake St
235E Scott St
236E Scrivener St
237E Sea Breeze Dr
238E Seaside Walk
239E Seaside Way
240E Shaw St
241E Sheri Ln
242E Shire Way
243E Shoreline Dr
244E Silva St
245E Somerset Pl
246E South St
247E Spaulding Ct
248E Spaulding St
249E Spaulding Way
250E Sunset St
251E Tehachapi Dr
252E The Toledo
253E Token St
254E Torin St
255E Trimble Ct
256E Tula St
257E Turbo St
258E Ulen St
259E Valeport Ave
260E Vera Crest Dr
261E Vera Ct
262E Vermont St
263E Vernon St
264E Vesuvian Walk
265E Via Almendro
266E Via Barola
267E Via Wanda
268E Walkerton St
269E Walnut Way
270E Wardlow Rd
271E Wesley Dr
272Earl Ave
273Eastondale Ave
274Easy Ave
275Edison Ave
276Edith Way
277Ellen St
278Elm Rd
279Empire Landing
280Faculty Ave
281Fairbanks Ave
282Falcon Ave
283Farnham Ave
284Farolito Ave
285Fashion Ave
286Fenter Ave
287Footes Alley
288Foreman Ave
289Frontenac Ct
290Gale Ave
291Gardenia Ave
292Garibaldi Ln
293Garner St
294Garnett Pl
295Gary Ave
296Gold Star Dr
297Golden Stairs
298Greenway St
299Grisham Ave
300Gundry Ct
301Hanan Dr
302Harbor Scenic Way
303Harvey Way
304Henderson Ave
305Hile Ave
306Holly Ave
307Hotel Ct
308Hula Hula
309Hullett Turn
310Hwy 22
311Interstate 605
312Iva St
313Jackrabbit Ln
314Jaymills Ave
315John K Dr
316Johnson Ave
317Kallin Ave
318Kallin Way
319Karen Ave
320Kay St
321Kaylor Ave
322Kennebec Ave
323Kilroy Airport Way
324Kingfisher Ct
325Kona Ln
326La Verne Ave
327Laguna Pl
328Lakeview Ave
329Lanai St
330Laurinda Ave
331Lausinda Ave
332Lave Ave
333Lees Ave
334Lemon Ave
335Leslie Ave
336Lewis Ave
337Lexington Pl
338Liberty Ct
339Lido Ln
340Lilly Ave
341Lime Ave
342Linares Ave
343Linden Dr
344Lindero Ave
345Locust Ave
346Long Beach Blvd
347Long Beach Grand Prix Circuit
348Lorelei Ave
349Los Alamitos Cir
350Los Altos
351Los Altos Ave
352Los Coyotes Dia
353Los Santos Dr
354Lugger Way
355Madrid Ln
356Magnolia Rd
357Mahanna Ave
358Maine Ave
359Malaga Pl
360Manila Ave
361Marber Ave
362Marbora Ct
363Marietta Ct
364Marina Park Ln
365Marina Parking Dr
366Mariner Way
367Marion Way
368Marna Ave
369Marna Ave
370Mars Ct
371Marwick Ave
372Matney Ave
373Medford Ct
374Miguel Way
375Minerva Ct
376Minerva Park
377Mira Mar Ave
378Molino Ave
379Monica Ave
381Muriel Ave
382N Alboni Pl
383N Almond Ct
384N Ancona Dr
385N Atlantic Pl
386N Attica Dr
387N Banner Dr
388N Bellflower Blvd
389N Bentree Ave
390N Bentree Cir
391N Britton Dr
392N Business St
393N Cedar Ave
394N Chatwin Ave
395N Colorado Pl
396N Cordova Walk
397N Corinthian Walk
398N Crystal Ct
399N Cypress Way
400N Del Rey Ct
401N Eliot Ln
402N Elm Ave
403N Falcon Ave
404N Geneva Walk
405N Ginevra Walk
406N Giralda Walk
407N Gold Star Dr
408N Greenbrier Rd
409N Hammond Ave
410N Harbor Ave
411N Harbor Scenic Dr
412N Henderson Ave
413N Hidden Ln
414N Holly Glen Dr
415N Jade Cove Dr
416N Karen Way
417N La Vere Dr
418N Lee Ave
419N Lewis Ave
420N Liberty Ct
421N Lime Ave
422N Loma Ave
423N Lomina Ave
424N Loreta Walk
425N Marietta Ct
426N Marron Ave
427N Marwick Ave
428N Myrtle Ave
429N Norse Way
430N Novara Dr
431N Nylic Ct
432N Ocana Ave
433N Oregon Ave
434N Palmer Ct
435N Paramount Blvd
436N Pepperwood Ave
437N Radnor Ave
438N Rafael Walk
439N Regway Ave
440N Rio Ave
441N Rutgers Ave
442N San Pablo Ct
443N San Vicente Ave
444N Sand Piper Dr
445N Sea Isle Dr
446N Silver Shoals Dr
447N Solano Ct
448N St Marys Ct
449N Studebaker Rd
450N Syracuse Walk
451N Terraine Ave
452N Tolbert Ave
453N Treasure Island Ln
454N Tribune Ct
455N Trimble Ct
456N Viking Way
457N Waite Ct
458N Walton St
459N Zona Ct
460Naples Canal
461Naples Ln
462Naples Plaza
463Napoli Ct
464Neopolitan Ln
465Netherly Ave
466Newton Ave
467Nieto Ave
468Nylic Ct
469Opal Pl
470Orchid Ln
471Orcutt Ave
472Oregon Ave
473Orleans Way
474Orlena Ave
475Outer Traffic Cir
476Outer Way
477Pacific Ave
478Pali Walk
479Palm Rd
480Palmer Ct
481Paoli Way
482Parima St
483Park Ln
484Parsons Landing
485Parsons Landing Bay
486Pattiz Ave
487Pepper Dr
488Peralta Ave
489Pico Ave
490Pier D Ave W
491Pier E Ave
492Pier G Way E
493Pier J Way
494Pine Rd
495Pittsfield Ct
496Polynesian Dr
497Pomona Ave
498Providence Ct
499Pso Dorado
500Queens Hwy
501Queensway Dr
502Quincy Ave
503Reservoir Dr E
504River Ave
505Riviera Cir
506Rivo Alto Canal
507Rodloy Ave
508Roper St
509Rose Ave
510Rose Pl
511Roswell Ave
512Roswell Ave
513Roycroft Ave
514Ruth Ave
515S 15th Pl
516S 46th Pl
517S 53rd Pl
518S 67th Pl
519S Charlemagne Ave
520S Dana Pl
521S Harbor Scenic Dr
522S Ocean Manor Pl
523S Pico Ave
524S Pine Ave
525Sam Johnson Rd
526San Francisco Ave
527San Gabriel Ave
528Sandcastle Ct
529Seabright Ave
530Seacliff Cir
531Seacrest Ct
532Seawind Dr
533Sebren Ave
534Senasac Ave
535Sepulveda Fwy
536Seville Way
537Shipway Ave
538Shoreline Village Dr
539Sloop St
540Spinnaker Bay Dr
541St Joseph Ave
542St Louis Ave
543Stanton Pl
544Stearnlee Ave
545Stearns St
546Stoneham Ct
547Syracuse Walk
548Taper St
549Taylor St
550Technology Pl
551Terrylynn Cir
552Tevis Ave
553The Pike
554The Promenade N
555The Toledo
556Tiki Walk
557Tile Ave
558Tivoli Dr
559Tobruk Ct
560Topaz Ct
561Topside Ct
562Trailer Park Access Rd
563Tremont Ave
564Tribune Ct
565Tula St
566Tulane Ave
567Ultimo Ave
568Umatilla Ave
569Venetia Dr
570Verde Ct
571Via Alcalde Ave
572Via Esplanade
573Via Goleta
574Via Martin
575Victoria St
576Vina Ave
577Virgil Walk
578Virginia Vista Ct
579Volk Ave
580Vuelta Grande Ave
581W 26th Way
582W 32nd Trail
583W American Ave
584W Arlington St
585W Bronce Way
586W Cameron St
587W Canton St
588W Carolyn Pl
589W Columbia St
590W Coolidge St
591W Cowles St
592W Cypress Ct
593W Dameron St
594W Devon Pl
595W Esther St
596W Gaylord St
597W Harcourt St
598W Heath St
599W Lincoln St
600W Louise St
601W Maddox St
602W Melrose Way
603W Nardo Way
604W Ocean Blvd
605W Panorama Dr
606W Patterson St
607W Peace St
608W Pier E St
609W Regal Way
610W Roble Way
611W Seaside Way
612W Shoreline Dr
613W Terrylynn Pl
614W Trafford St
615W Van Camp St
616W Via Plata St
617W Wardlow Rd
618W Wilma Pl
619W Woodland Rd
620Waite Ct
621Walk Of 1000 Lights
622Wehrle St
623West W Ocean Boulevard Bridge
624White Ave
625Windjammer Ct
626Windsor Way
627Windward St
628Winslow Ave
629Winward Dr
630Wise Ave
631World Trade Center
632Wyatt Way
633Ximeno Ave