List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Los Angeles County, California

#Street Name
1165th St E
2165th St W
3166th St
4170th St E
5172nd St E
6180th St E
7180th St W
8195th St E
9200th St E
10201nd St E
11205th St E
12210th St E
13231st St
14260th St E
153 Points Rd
16405 S Onramp
1740th St E
18Abilene Way
19Agoura Rd
20Alaga Ave
21Alamo Ave
22Alburtis Ave
23Albury Ave
24Allgeyer Ave
25Alta Pasa Dr
26Amar Rd
27Andreo Ave
28Angeles Crest Hwy
29Antelope Valley Fwy
30Arcadia Ave
31Ardath Ave
32Ardine St
33Arrington Ave
34Arrow Hwy
35Arroyo Blvd
36Artesia Blvd
37Artesia Fwy
38Atkinson Ave
39Ave R-8e
40 Avenue A
41Avenue C
42Aviation Way
43Avis Ave
44Ayon Ave
45Babia St
46Baker Canyon Rd
47Bald Mountain Ct
48Baldwin Park Blvd
49Bass Rock Rd
50Bayview Dr
51Bear Ave
52Beaty Ave
53Beauty Vista Ln
54Bellflower Blvd
55Benfield Ave
56Bension Dr
57Berrian St
58Birchleaf Ave
59Blackthorne Ave
60Bloomfield Ave
61Bluefield Ave
62Boley St
63Brea Canyon Cut Off Rd
64Brea Canyon Rd
65Briargate Ln
66Bridle Trail
67Briggs Ave
68Buell St
69Bulldog Mtwy
70Bunker Ave
71Burgess Ave
72Burke St
73Burro Rd
74Butterfield Stage Rd
75Cabana Ave
76Cache St
77Calera Ave
78Calva St
79Cameron Dr
80 Candlewood St
81Canehill Ave
82Caprock Rd
83Carfax Ave
84Carmenita Rd
85Casimir Ave
86Castana Ave
87Cecelia St
88Cerise Ave
89Chadsey Dr
90Chambord Rd
91Chanera Ave
92Cimarron Ave
93Citrus Edge St
94Clarkson Ave
95Coke Ave
96Cold Canyon Rd
97Colima Rd
98Columbia St
99Commerce Center Dr
100Conquista Ave
101Copco Ave
102Copper Hill Dr
103Cord Ave
104Cordary Ave
105Corley Dr
106County Highway N1
107County Highway N9
108Cranbrook Ave
109Crossroads Pkwy N
110Curtis Ave
111Daines Dr
112Dakota Dr
113Daleside Ave
114Dalewood Ave
115Danecroft Ave
116Daphne Ave
117Dawson Ave
118Decosta Ave
119Dollison Dr
120Don Julian Rd
121Doty Ave
122Doublegrove St
123Downey Ave
124Drill Rd
125Dry Canyon Cold Creek Rd
126Dubesor St
127Duff Ave
128Durango Ln
129Durfee Ave
130Dusty Trail
131E 166th St
132E 221st Pl
133E 60th Pl
134E 72nd St
135E Alondra Blvd
136E Andre St
137E Arrow Hwy
138E Ave K
139E Ave O
140E Ave P
141E Ave S
142E Avenue L
143E Avenue T
144E Badillo St
145E Brisbane St
146E Burnett St
147E California Blvd
148E Calle Baja Dr
149E Canton St
150E Carson St
151E Cashdan St
152E Compton Blvd
153E Duarte Rd
154E Duell St
155E El Sur St
156E Gale Ave
157E Garvey Ave
158E Gladstone St
159E Las Tunas Dr
160E Lauren Ct
161E Laxford Rd
162E Linfield St
163E Mission Rd
164E Nelson Ave
165E Nevada St
166E Norwood Pl
167E Sierra Madre Ave
168E Sierra Madre Blvd
169E Walnut Dr N
170E Woodbury Rd
171E Woodson St
172E Workman Ave
173Eastwood Ave
174Edderton Ave
175Edgeview Dr
176Edna Pl
177Eglise Ave
178El Caminito St
179El Monte Ave
180Elaine Ave
181Elizabeth Lake Rd
182Elmont Ave
183Emperor Ave
184Encino Dr
185Escondido Canyon Rd
186Euler Rd
187Fairmont Ave
188Fairmount Ave
189Fairplex Dr
190Fano St
191Far Hills Rd
192Farrell Rd
193Faysmith Ave
194Firmona Ave
195Fonthill Ave
196Foster Rd
197Fostoria St
198Fox Park Dr
199Francisquito Ave
200Franklin Pkwy
201Franks Way
202Frazier Mountain Park Rd
203Freeman Ave
204Freer St
205Freeway Dr
206Fullerton Rd
207Gaines Way
208Galatea St
209Gardendale St
210Garstang Rd
211Garvey Ave
212Ghent St
213Gidley St
214Glenshaw Dr
215Gondar Ave
216Granada Ave
217Grantland Dr
218Greenberry Dr
219Greenleaf Ave
220Gretta Ave
221Grevillea Ave
222Gridley Rd
223Gundry Ave
224Hacienda Rd
225Hackett Ave
226Halifax Rd
227Hampstead Rd
228Harrah Rd
229Haskett Rd
230Hasty Ave
231Hawthorne Blvd
232Henrietta Ave
233Herondo St
234Hidden Highland Rd
235Hillside Rd
236Hilltop Terrace
237Homerest Ave
238Homet Rd
239Hospers Rd
240Indian Peak Rd
241Indianview Rd
242Inglewood Ave
243Inverness Dr
244Iroquois Ave
245Jackson Ave
246Janetdale St
247Janlor Dr
248Jaylee Dr
249Jersey Ave
250Joella St
251Johnson Rd
252Jonnie Dr
253Josie Ave
254Joycedale St
255Judith St
256Juniper Hills Rd
257Junipero Ave
258Kewen Dr
259Kings Canyon Rd
260Kirkwall Rd
261Klinedale Ave
262Knoxville Ave
263Kornblum Ave
264La Canada Verdugo Rd
265La Crescenta Ave
266Ladoga Ave
267Laidlaw Ln
268Lake Hughes Rd
269Lakeland Rd
270Lakewood Blvd
271Lancaster Rd
272Landau Pl
273Lang Station Rd
274Laramie Way
275Larkin Dr
276Las Tunas Dr
277Leafdale Ave
278Leffingwell Rd
279Lewis Hill Dr
280Lewis Hill Rd
281Lindsay Canyon Rd
282Live Oak Canyon Rd
283Live Oak St
284Loch Avon Dr
285Loch Lomond Dr
286Loftus Dr
287Loma Metisse Rd
288Long Beach Fwy
289Longden Ave
290Longworth Ave
291Lorita Ln
292Los Amigos St
293Los Coyotes Diagonal
294Los Nietos Rd
295Lost Hills Rd
296Lost Valley Ranch Rd
297Lowman Ave
298Lynoak Dr
299Maldonado Pl
300Mamers Rd
301Manhattan Ave
302Manhattan Beach Blvd
303Manzanar Ave
304Maplegrove St
305Mariposa Ln
306Marquardt Ave
307Martino Ct
308Mathews Ave
309Maxson Rd
310Mayflower Ave
311Mayland Ave
312Mcbean Pkwy
313Mcnab Ave
314Merritt Hill Dr
315Merritt Hill Rd
316Mesa Grande Rd
317Michillinda Ave
318Mildas Dr
319Millbury Ave
320Millergrove Dr
321Mission St
322Montana Ln
323Montrose Ave
324Mooney Dr
325Mt Baldy Rd
326Mt Lukens Truck Trail
327Munz Ranch Rd
328Mureau Rd
329N Alamo Way
330N Altadena Dr
331N Ardilla Ave
332N Azusa Ave
333N Baldwin Ave
334N Banewell Ave
335N Broadmoor Ave
336N Calera Ave
337N Calvados Ave
338N Conlon Ave
339N Craig Ave
340N Crest Dr
341N Duxford Ave
342N El Molino Ave
343N Ellen Dr
344N Enid Ave
345N Fair Oaks Ave
346N Fenimore Ave
347N Frijo Ave
348N Garey Ave
349N Glenfinnan Ave
350N Lakewood Blvd
351N Lang Ave
352N Lark Ellen Ave
353N Long Beach Blvd
354N Los Coyotes Diagonal
355N Marengo Ave
356N Michillinda Ave
357N Mountain Ave
358N New Ave
359N Nora Ave
360N Oakbank Dr
361N Orange Ave
362N Peck Rd
363N Puente Ave
364N Ranger Dr
365N Shadydale Ave
366N Valley Center Ave
367N Viceroy Ave
368N White Ave
369N Yaleton Ave
370Navarro Ave
371Nearwood Rd
372New Ave
373New York Dr
374Nipomo Ave
375Norcross Dr
376Normandy Dr
377Northam St
378Norwalk Blvd
379Oak Meadow Rd
380Oat Mountain Mtwy
381Ocana Ave
382Ocean View Blvd
383Offley Ave
384Old El Mirage Rd
385Old Mill Rd
386Old Ridge Route
387Old Windmill Rd
388Oliva Ave
389Oneonta Alley
390Orange Ave
391Orlando Rd
392Orr And Day Rd
393Pal Mal Ave
394Pales Rd
395Palm Pl
396Palo Sola Truck Rd
397Palo Verde Ave
398Palo Verde Dr
399Paramount Blvd
400Parkway Calabasas
401Pass And Covina Rd
402Passons Blvd
403Pathfinder Rd
404Peaceful Valley Rd
405Peck Rd
406Penn Mar Ave
407Pepperwood Ave
408Persimmon Ave
409Pico Canyon Rd
410Pimenta Ave
411Pine St
412Pioneer Blvd
413Piuma Ave
414Placerita Canyon Rd
415Placid Dr
416Poplar Pl
417Potrero Grande Dr
418Proctor Ave
419Pruitt Dr
420Ramera Mountain Way
421Rancho Rd
422Randolph Pl
423Reyes Adobe Way
424Ridge Route Rd
425Ringwood Ave
426Rio Lobo Way
427Rivera Rd
428Riverside Ave
429Rocky Peak Rd
430Rockyford Rd
431Rose Hills Rd
432Roselle Ave
433Rosemead Blvd
434Roseton Ave
435Rowher Canyon Rd
436Royal Oaks Dr
437Rte 126
438Rte 138
439Rte 18
440Rte 23
441Rte 72
442Ruhland Ave
443Rye Canyon Rd
444S Baldwin Ave
445S Buford Ave
446S Cookacre Ave
447S Frailey Ave
448S Gibson Ave
449S Indian Hill Blvd
450S Inglewood Ave
451S Lime Ave
452S Lone Hill Ave
453S Los Robles Ave
454S Michillinda Ave
455S Mountain Ave
456S Oak Knoll Ave
457S Tarrant Ave
458S Valley Center Ave
459S Visalia Ave
460S White Ave
461S Williams Ave
462Saddle Peak Rd
463Saddle Rd
464San Anseline Ave
465San Francisquito Canyon Rd
466San Gabriel Blvd
467San Gabriel River Fwy
468San Gabriel River Mid Trail
469San Jose Ave
470Sand Canyon Rd
471Sand River Rd
472Santa Ana St
473Santa Carlotta St
474Santa Fe Springs Rd
475Santa Gertrudes Ave
476Santa Rosa Ave
477Saranac Dr
478Sark Pl
479Schmidt Rd
480Schueren Rd
481Seaman Ave
482Searchlight Ranch Rd
483Seminole Ave
484Sesmas St
485Shaver St
486Shoemaker Ave
487Shrode Ave
488Sideview Dr
489Sierra Creek Rd
490Siesta Ave
491Silver Puffs Dr
492Silver Spur Rd
493Soledad Canyon Rd
494Somerset Blvd
495Songfest Dr
496Spencer St
497Spinning Ave
498Stanhurst Ave
499State Route 19
500Stewart And Gray Rd
501Stokes Canyon Rd
502Stonehouse Rd
503Studebaker Rd
504Stunt Rd
505Sultana Ave
506Summershade Dr
507Sunrise Hills Rd
508Sunshine Ave
509Surrey Ct
510Susana Ave
511Tagus St
512Tamar Dr
513Tapia Canyon Rd
514Tecumseh Ave
515Temple Ave
516Temple City Blvd
517Tenaya Ave
518Tenterdon St
519The Strand
520Thelen Rd
521Traymore Ave
522True Ave
523Trumball St
524Tudor St
525Val St
526Valencia Blvd
527Valley Line Rd
528Valley View Ave
529Valyermo Rd
530Van Wig Ave
531Vasquez Canyon Rd
532Verdugo Blvd
534Via Colusa
535Via La Selva
536Via Pasqual
537Via Rivera
538Via Sonoma
539Via Victoria
540Vientos Dr
541Vista Coyote Rd
542Voorhees Ave
543Voss Rd
544W 134th Pl
545W 166th St
546W Arrow Hwy
547W Artesia Blvd
548W Ave A
549W Ave L6
550W Ave M-4
551W Ave M-8
552W Avenue M12
553W Badillo St
554W Bonita Ave
555W Clarion Dr
556W Duarte Rd
557W Gladstone St
558W Glendon Way
559W Grovecenter St
560W Las Tunas Dr
561W Norwood Pl
562W Puente Ave
563W Ritner St
564W San Bernardino Rd
565W Sierra Madre Ave
566W State St
567Walnut Creek Pkwy
568Webb Canyon Rd
569Weeks Dr
570Westman Ave
571Whites Canyon Rd
572Whitesell St
573Whitewood Ave
574Wilkie Ave
575Williams Ave
576Willow Ave
577Windrush Rd
578Winthrop Dr
579Woodbluff Rd
580Woodhue St
581Woodridge Ave
582Workman Mill Rd
583Wright Rd