List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Murphys, California

#Street Name
13 Finger Jack
2Adams Ct
3Amber Way
4Anrey Ct
5Apple Blossom Dr
6Arden Ave
7Azalea Ct
8Big Flat Rd
9Big Trees Rd
10Black Bart Blvd
11Bret Harte Dr
12Brice Station Rd
13Broad View
14Broadview Ln
15Buckthorn Dr
16Burrows Ln
17Butte Mountain Rd
18Cabernet Ct
19Camp 9 Rd
20Camp 9 Rd - Stanislaus National Forest
21Canterwood Ln
22Canyon Ridge Ct
23Cedar Mt Rd
24Cedar Vista Dr
25Challenge Pass Rd
26Chardonnay Ct
27Cottage Cir
28Cougar Ridge Ct
29County Road 407
30Coyote Dr
31Crestview Rd
32Crider Ln
33Darby Ln
34Darby Russell Rd
35Diltz Ln
36Dogwood Dr
37Dolores Ln
38Dutch Kate
39E West Dr
40 El Camino Casale
41Emerald Creek Dr
42Ernest St
43Fairview Park Ct
44Fairway Ct
45Fairway Village Ct
46Falcon Mine Rd
47Folendorf Rd
48Forest Meadows Dr
49Forest View Ct
50Forest View Ln
51Foster Ct
52Foxglove Ct
53Franke Mine Rd
54French Gulch Rd
55Friendly Ct
56Fullen Rd
57Gallows Rd
58Gold St
59Grant Ln
60Green Meadow Ct
61Green Meadow Dr
62Green Tree Rd
63Hanford Ln
64Hanging Tree Rd
65Hanzanita Rd
66Heather Ct
67Heather Dr
68Hidden Treasure Mine Rd
69Hilltop Ct
70Indian Hills Ct
71Jenswold Blvd
72Joaquin Murieta
73Jones St
74Kenney Dr
75Kenny Dr
76Larkspur Ct
77Larkspur Ln
78Lashkoff Rd
79Lawrence St
80 Lockhart Blvd
81Log Cabin Dr
82Lone Dove Ln
83Lookout Ct - Stanislaus National Forest
84Lupine Ln
85Manzanita Point
86Manzanita Rd
87Meadowview Dr
88Mercer Cave Rd
89Mine Dump Butte Rd
90Mitchler St
91Mizpah Dr
92Mountain Jim
93Mt Davis Rd
94Murphys Creek Rd
95Murphys Grade Rd
96N Algiers St
97Nickerson Ln
98Nob Hill Rd
99Northwood Dr
100Nugget Dr
101Oak Canyon Rd
102Oak Tree Cir
103Oak Tree Ct
104Oakwood Dr
105Old Powerhouse Rd
106Oro St
107Pappalardo Promenade
108Pearson Psge
109Pennsylvania Gulch Rd
110Peppermint Dr
111Peppermint Ln
112Pinstock Flume
113Pippin Ct
114Possum Trail
115Prospector Ln
116Quiet Pl
117Ranch View Dr
118Rattlesnake Dr
119Red Apple Dr
120Redbud Ct
121Roaring Camp Dr
122Rocky Hill Rd
123Rome Ct
124S Algiers St
125Sanctuary Ln
126Sandalwood Dr
127Sandy Wash Rd
128Santa Domingo
129Scott St
130Shady Grove Ln
131Sheet Iron Jack
132Shelter Ln
133Sierra Vista Rd
134Skunk Ranch Rd
135Snowberry Ct
136Stella Dr
137Strawberry Hill Rd
138Sugarbush Ln
139Sunny Oak Ct
140Sunnyhills Ln
141Surrey Ct
142Sweetwater Dr
143Tanner Ct
144Tanner St
145Tohoe Dr
146Tom Bell Dr
147Utica Ditch Rd
148Utica Powerhouse Rd
149Vine Maple Dr
150Vineyard Terrace
151Vineyard Terrance Ct
152Wagon Wheel Rd
153Ward Dr
154Watkins St
155Wet Springs Rd
156Wild Lilac Ct
157Wild Oak Rd
158Williams St
159Wingdam Rd
160Woodland Dr
161Wylderidge Dr
162Wyldewood Dr
163Wynn Ln
164Youhill Trail