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List of Street Names with maps in Newman, California

#Street Name
2Amy Dr
3Anderson Rd
4Angelina Ave
5Armash Ct
6Azevedo Rd
7Balsam Dr
8Balsam Way
9Banff Dr
10Barrington Ave
11Basil Ct
12Bell Rd
13Bennett Valley Ct
14Big Ben Ct
15Black Mountain Ln
16Blue Bonnet Dr
17Blue Spruce Way
18Blue Teal Way
19Bluebill Ct
20Bobolink Ave
21Bobolink Ct
22Bonanza Dr
23Brant Ct
24Brookhaven Dr
25Bunting Ln
26Canal School Rd
27Canvasback Ct
28Canyon Brook Ln
29Canyon Creek Ct
30Canyon Creek Dr
31Canyon View Dr
32Canyonlands Way
33Carlsbad Caverns Ct
34Castellona Dr
35Caton Dr
36Cattail Ct
37Cedar Mountain
38Chukar Way
39Cinnamon Ln
40 Cinnamon Teal Way
41Circle Ln
42Clairmont Dr
43Clear Creek Ct
44Clove Ct
45Coelho Ct
46Corgiat Ct
47Corgiat Dr
48Crabapple Way
49Creek Ct
50Creek Park Dr
51Crevison Ct
52Crevison Peak Dr
53Crow Hill Dr
54Crow Mountain Dr
55Decoy Ln
56Denali Park Ct
57Diehl Rd
58Draper Rd
59Driskell Ave
60Duck Blind Cir
61Dutch Corner Dr
62E Ike Crow Rd
63E Inyo Ave
64E Stuhr Rd
65Eastin Rd
66Elyar Mountain Ct
67Fig Ln
68Flanders Ct
69Flour Mill Dr
70Foxglove Ave
71Foxglove Ct
72Freitas Rd
73Geranium Ln
74Gibralter Ln
75Glacier Bay Ln
76Gloucester Ct
77Golden Eye Ct
78Goldenrod Ln
79Grackle Ct
80 Grand Canyon Way
81Grand Teton Ct
82Great Basin Dr
83Great Falls Rd
84Green Teal Way
85Grousehedge Way
86Hagerman Peak Dr
87Hale Rd
88Hallowell Rd
89Hardin Rd
90Harvey Rd
91Haycastle Ct
92Hidden Canyon Way
93Hills Ferry Rd
94Hodel Ln
95Hot Springs Ct
96Hoyer Rd
97Inyo Ave
98Jensen Rd
99Jorgensen Rd
100Kaya Dr
101Kern St
102L B Crow Rd
103Labrador Ct
104Lady Slipper Ln
105Langston St
106Lee Ave
107Leslie Ave
108Lewis Rd
109Lochbrea Ct
110Lochbrea Pl
111Lucca Dr
112Lucille Ave
113Lundy Rd
114Lupine St
115Magpie Ct
116Marapole Ct
117Marapole Ln
118Mariposa St
119Marquez St
120Mcclintock Rd
121Medlin Rd
122Merced St
123Merganser Ct
124Mesa Verde Ln
125Monville Way
126Moorehead Rd
127Moreno Ave
128Moreno Ln
129Mt Diablo Ct
130Mt Rainier Ct
131Mt Rushmore Dr
132Mt Stakes Ct
133N St
134Napoli Dr
135Northampton Ct
136Northampton Way
137Nova Ct
138Novella Dr
139Oak Canyon Dr
140Orchard Creek Dr
141Orchard Creek St
142Orchard Hills Ct
143Orestimba Peak Dr
144Orestimba Rd
145Osburn Park Rd
146Oxalis Dr
147Park Cir
148Parliament Ct
149Parliament Way
150Patchett Dr
151Patrick Ct
152Patrick Dr
153Peloquin Ct
154Pete Miller Rd
155Pine Ct
156Pintail Ct
157Pointer Way
158Prince Rd
159Prince Rd
160Prince St
161Pump Rd
162Q St
163R St
164Ranee Ct
165Real Ave
166Real Ct
167Red Creek Rd
168Red Lion Ct
169Red Lion Way
170Red Teal Dr
171Redwood Way
172Rodeo Grounds Ct
173Rodeo Grounds Way
174Rose Park Dr
175Rosetta Dr
176Ruddy Ct
177Ruddy Dr
178Ruth Ave
179S St
180San Marco Way
181Sandy Creek Dr
182Scooter Ct
183Scott Rd
184Shenandoah Park Ct
185Sherman Pkwy
186Shields Rd
187Shiells Rd
188Silva Ave
189Sloate Ct
190Soho Way
191Southington Way
192Splendido Ct
193Sprig Ct
194Spring Ct
195St Helena Dr
196Stephens Ave
197Stockbridge Dr
198Stoneglen Dr
199Strands Ct
200Strawbridge Dr
201Stuhr Rd
202Sullivan Rd
203Sumac Ln
204Sunny Creek Way
205Sweet Gum Ln
206Sydney Ave
207T St
208Tamarack Ct
209Taylor Ave
210Tivoli Dr
211Tower Way
212Tulare St
213Upper Oak Flat Rd
214Upper Rd
215W Ike Crow Rd
216W Mariposa St
217W Marshall Rd
218W Rd
219W Sanches Rd
220W Stuhr Rd
221W Tulare Ave
222W Tulare St
223Wagenheim Rd
224Walnut Creek Dr
225Walshford Ct
226Waxwing Ct
227Waxwing Ln
228Whitechurch Way
229Wisteria Way
230Wood Duck Ct
231Wood Duck Way
232Yellowstone Park Ct
233Yolo St
234Yosemite Park Rd