List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oakland, California

#Street Name
1100th Ave
2101st Ave
3102nd Ave
4103rd Ave
5104th Ave
6105th Ave
7106th Ave
8107th Ave
9108th Ave
10109th Ave
1110th Ave
1210th St
1311th Ave
1412th Ave
1512th St
1613th Ave
1713th St
1814th Ave
1914th St
2015th Ave
2115th St
2216th Ave
2316th St
2417th Ave
2517th St
2618th Ave
2718th St
2819th Ave
2919th St
301st Ave
311st St
321st St
3320th Ave
3420th St
3521st Ave
3621st St
3722nd Ave
3822nd St
3923rd Ave
40 23rd Ave Ovp
4123rd St
4224th Ave
4324th St
4425th Ave
4525th St
4626th Ave
4726th St
4827th Ave
4927th St
5028th Ave
5128th St
5229th Ave Ovp
5329th St
542nd Ave
5530th Ave
5630th St
5731st Ave
5831st St
5932nd St
6033rd Ave
6133rd St
6234th Ave
6334th St
6435th Ave
6535th St
6636th Ave
6736th St
6837th Ave
6937th St
7038th Ave
7138th St
7239th Ave
7339th St
7440th Ave
7540th St Way
7641st Ave
7741st St
7841st St
7942nd Ave
80 42nd St
8144th Ave
8244th St
8345th Ave
8446th Ave
8546th St
8647th Ave
8748th Ave
8849th Ave
8949th St
904th Ave
9150th Ave
9250th St
9351st Ave
9451st St
9552nd Ave
9652nd St
9753rd Ave
9854th Ave
9955th Ave
10055th Ave
10156th Ave
10256th St
10357th Ave
10457th St
10558th Ave
10658th St
10759th St
1085th Ave
10960th Ave
11060th St
11161st Ave
11261st Pl
11362nd Ave
11463rd Ave
11563rd Ave
11664th Ave
11764th Ave Pl
11865th Ave
11966th Ave
12066th Ave
12167th Ave
12268th Ave
12369th Ave
12469th Ave
1256th Ave
12670th Ave
12771st Ave
12871st Ave
12972nd Ave
13073rd Ave
13173rd Ave
13274th Ave
13375th Ave
13476th Ave
13577th Ave
13678th Ave
13779th Ave
1387th Ave
1397th St
1407th St
14180th Ave
14281st Ave
14382nd Ave
14483rd Ave
14584th Ave
14685th Ave
14786th Ave
14887th Ave
14988th Ave
15089th Ave
1518th Ave
15290th Ave
15391st Ave
15492nd Ave
15593rd Ave
15694th Ave
15795th Ave
15896th Ave
15997th Ave
16098th Ave
16198th Ave
16299th Ave
16399th Ave Ct
1649th Ave
165A St
166Abbey St
167Abbott Dr
168Aberfoil Ave
169Acacia Ave
170Acalanes Dr
171Access Road 19
172Access Road 23
173Access Road 38
174Acton Pl
175Ada St
176Adelaide St
177Adell Ct
178Agnes St
179Aileen St
180Air Cargo Rd - Oakland International Airport (oak)
181Air Cargo Way - Oakland International Airport (oak)
182Airport Access Rd
183Airport Access Rd
184Airport Dr
185Airport Dr - Oakland International Airport (oak)
186Aitken Dr
189Alan Shepard Way Oakland International Airport (oak)
190Alaska St
191Albert St
192Alcala Ave
193Alder St
194Alexander Ct
195Algiers St
196Alhambra Ave
197Alhambra Ct
198Alhambra Ln
199Alice St
200Alicia St
201Alida Ct
202Alida St
203Aliso Ave
204Allendale Ave
205Allman St
206Alma Ave
207Alma Pl
208Almaden Ln
209Almanza Dr
210Alpine Terrace
211Alta Rd
212Alta Vista Ave
213Altamont Ave
214Altura Pl
215Alvarado Pl
216Alvingroom Ct
217Ambler Ln
218Amelia St
219Amy Dr
220Anair Way
221Andeer Path
222Andrew Way
223Angelo Ave
224Annerley Rd
225Antioch Ct
226Anza Ave
227Apgar St
228Apple St
229Apricot St
230Aqua Vista St
231Aquarius Way
232Arbon Path
233Arcadia Ave
234Archmont Pl
235Arden Pl
236Arden Way
237Ardley Ave
238Ardmore Ave
239Argyle St
240Arimo Ave
241Arizona St
242Arkansas St
243Armanino Ct
244Armour Dr
245Army Base
246Arrowhead Dr
247Arrowhead Dr
248Arroyuelo Ave
249Arthur St
250Ascot Ct
251Ascot Dr
252Ascot Ln
253Ascot Pl
254Ashbrook Ct
255Ashmount Ave
256Ashmount Way
257Ashton Ave
258Asilomar Cir
259Asilomar Dr
260Aspen Pl
261Aspinwall Rd
262Aster Ave
263Athens Ave
264Athol Ave
265Atlas Ave
266Attu St
267Atwell Ave
268Auseon Ave
269Avenal Ave
270Avoca Ave
271Avon St
272Avonoak Ct
273Ayala Ave
274Azalea Ln
275B St
276Bacon Rd
277Bagshotte Dr
278Balboa Dr
279Baldwin St
280Balfour Ave
281Balmoral Dr
282Balsam Way
283Banning Dr
284Bantry Ave
285Barbara Rd
286Barmied Pl
287Barner Ave
288Barner Pl
289Barrett St
290Barrows Rd
291Barry Pl
292Bartlett St
293Bataan Ave
294Bates Rd
295Baxter St
296Bay Forest Ct
297Bay Forest Dr
298Bay Forest Pl
299Bay Pl
300Bayo St
301Bayview Ave
302Beach St
303Beacon St
304Beaconsfield Pl
305Beal Ave
306Beatie St
307Beauforest Dr
308Beaumont Ave
309Beaumont Ave
310Beechwood Dr
311Belap Path
312Belfast Ave
313Belgrave Pl
314Bell Waver Way
315Bella Vista Ave
316Bellaire Pl
317Belmont St
318Belvedere St
319Bemis St
320Benevides Ave
321Bennett Pl
322Benson St
323Bergedo Dr
324Berlin Way
325Berneves Ct
326Bernhardt Dr
327Besito Ave
328Best Ave
329Biehs Ct
330Bienati Way
331Binnacle Hill
332Birch Ct
333Birdsall Ave
334Bishop Ct
335Bishops Ct
336Blachford Ct
337Blaine St
338Blair Ave
339Blandon Rd
340Blenheim St
341Blossom St
342Blue Rock Ct
343Blythen Way
344Boden Way
345Boehmer St
346Boeing St
347Bona St
348Bond St
349Bonham Way
350Bonnington Ct
351Booker St
352Boston Ave
353Boulevard Way
354Bowles Pl
355Bowling Dr
356Boyd Ave
357Boyer St
358Braemar Rd
359Brandon St
360Brandy Rock Way
361Brann St
362Brentford St
363Brentwood Pl
364Brentwood Rd
365Briar Cliff Rd
366Bridge Ave
367Bridgeview Dr
368Brighton Ave
369Bristol Blvd
370Broadmoor View
372Broadway Terrace
373Brockhurst St
374Bromley Ave
375Brook St
376Brookdale Ave
377Brookfield Ave
378Brooklyn Ave
379Brookpark Rd
380Brookwood Pl
381Brookwood Rd
382Brown Ave
383Bruce St
384Brunell Dr
385Brunell Pl
386Bruns Ct
387Buckeye Ave
388Buckingham Blvd
389Buckley Ct
390Buell St
391Buena Ventura Ave
392Bullard Dr
393Buna St
394Burckhalter Ave
395Burdeck Ct
396Burdeck Dr
397Burgos Ave
398Burk St
399Burlington St
400Burlwood Ave
401Burma Rd
402Burr St
403Burton Dr
404Butters Dr
405Byron Ave
406Bywood Dr
407C St
408Cabot Dr
409Cabrillo Pl
410Cairo Rd
411Calafia Ave
412Calandria Ave
413Calcot Pl
414Caldecott Ln
415Caldecott Tunnel
416Calderwood Ct
417Caldwell Rd
418California St
419Calmar Ave
420Caloden Ln
421Caloden St
422Calvert Ct
423Calvert Ct
424Cam Lenada
425Camden St
426Camelford Ct
427Camelford Pl
428Camellia Pl
429Camino Lenada St
430Camisa Cir
431Campbell St
432Campbell Village Ct
433Canning St
434Canon Ave
435Canyon Oaks Dr
436Canyon View Ln
437Capell St
438Capistrano Dr
439Capital St
440Capp St
441Capricorn Ave
442Captains Cove
443Capwell Dr
444Carberry Ave
445Carisbrook Dr
446Carisbrook Ln
447Carlsen St
448Carlston Ave
449Carlton St
450Carmel St
451Carrington St
452Carrington Way
453Carroll St
454Carter St
455Cary Ave
456Cary Ct
457Casa Ct
458Castello St
459Casterline Rd
460Castle Dr
461Castle Dr
462Castle Ln
463Castle Park Way
464Castlewood St
465Castro St
466Caswell Ave
467Cathy Ln
468Catron Dr
469Cavendish Ln
470Cavour St
471Center St
472Cerrito Ave
473Cessna St
474Chabot Crest
475Chabot Ct
476Chabot Rd
477Chadbourne Way
478Chamberlin Ct
479Chambers Dr
480Chambers Ln
481Champion St
482Chandler St
483Chapman St
484Chappell Pl
485Charing Cross Rd
486Chariot Ln
487Charleston St
488Chase St
489Chatham Rd
490Chatsworth Ct
491Chaumont Path
492Chelsea Dr
493Chelton Dr
494Chelton Ln
495Cheney Ave
496Cherokee Ave
497Chestnut Ct
498Chetwood St
499Chico Ct
500Chimney Rock
501Chungking St
502Church St
503Circle Hill Dr
504City Hall Plaza
505Clairepointe Way
506Clara St
507Clarendon Crescent
508Clarewood Dr
509Clarewood Ln
510Clarewood Mall
511Clarke St
512Clemens Rd
513Clemente Dr
514Cleveland Cascade
515Cleveland St
516Cliffland Ave
517Clifton St
518Clifton St
519Clipper Hill
520Clive Ave
521Clover Dr
522Coach Dr
523Cochrane Ave
524Colbourn Pl
525Cole St
526Colgett Dr
527Coliseum Way
528Collins Dr
529Collins Dr
530Coloma St
531Colorados Dr
532Colton Blvd
533Columbian Dr
534Commerce Way
535Commonwealth Dr
536Comstock Way
537Congress Ave
538Connector Trail
539Contra Costa Pl
540Contra Costa Rd
541Cooke St
542Coolidge Ave
543Coolidge Ct
544Coolidge Terrace
545Coral Rd
546Cordova St
547Cornwall Ct
548Coronado Ave
549Corregidor Ave
550Cortereal Ave
551Cortez Ct
552Corvair St
553Cosgrave Ave
554Cotter St
555Cotton St
556Country Club Dr
557Courtland Ave
558Courtland Ave
559Covent Ln
560Covington St
561Crane Way
562Cranford Way
563Creed Rd
564Creekside Cir
565Creighton Way
566Crescent St
567Crestmont Dr
568Crittenden St
569Crockett Pl
570Crofton Ave
571Crosby Ave
572Crown Ave
573Crown Ridge Ct
574Croxton Ave
575Crystal Ridge Ct
576Culver Ct
577Culver St
578Cunningham St
579Curran Ave
580Curran Way
581Curtis St
582Custer St
583Cuthbert Ave
584Dakota St
585Dale Pl
586Damuth St
587Danbury St
588Dante Ave
589Darien Ave
590Darnby Dr
591Dashwood Ave
592Date St
593Davenport Ave
594Davidson Way
595Davis St
596Dawes St
597De Havilland St
598Deering Ct
599Deering St
600Deerwood Ave
601Defremery Ave
602Del Monte St
603Delaware St
604Delmer St
605Delmont Ave
606Dennison St
607Denny St
608Denslowe St
609Denton Pl
610Derby Ave
611Desmond St
612Detroit Ave
613Diablo Dr
614Diaz Pl
615Dickson Ct
616Diesel St
617Dimond Ave
618Dingley St
619Dolores Ave
620Dolphin St
621Doncaster Pl
622Donna Way
623Doran Dr
624Dorisa Ave
625Dorothy Pl
626Douglas Ave
627Dover St
628Dover St
629Dowling St
630Downey Pl
631Drake Dr
632Drake Ln
633Drake Pl
634Dreyer Pl
635Drury Ct
636Dublin Ave
637Dulwich Rd
638Duncan Way
639Dunkirk Ave
640Dunsmuir Ave
641E 10th St
642E 12th St
643E 15th St
644E 16th St
645E 17th St
646E 18th St
647E 19th St
648E 20th St
649E 21st St
650E 22nd St
651E 23rd St
652E 24th St
653E 25th St
654E 25th St Way
655E 26th St
656E 27th St
657E 28th St
658E 29th St
659E 30th St
660E 31st St
661E 32nd St
662E 33rd St
663E 34th St
664E 36th St
665E 38th St
666E St
667Ealing Ln
668Earhart Rd
669Earl St
670East Cir
671East Ct
672Eastlake Ave
673Eastlawn St
674Eastman Ave
675Eastmont Mall
676Eastwood Ct
677Ec Reems Ct
678Echo Ave
679Eden Ln
680Edenvale Pl
681Edes Ave
682Edge Dr
683Edgemont Way
684Edgemoor Pl
685Edgerly St
686Edgewater Dr
687Edgewater Dr
688Edgewood Ave
689Edward White Way - Oakland International Airport (oak)
690Edwards Ave
691El Camile Ave
692El Camille Ave
693El Caminito
694El Caminito St
695El Carmello Cir
696El Centro Ave
697El Dorado Ave
698El Embarcadero
699El Monte Ave
700El Paseo Dr
701El Patio St
702El Verano St
703Elbert St
704Elderberry Dr
705Elinora Ave
706Elizabeth St
707Ellen St
708Elliot St
709Ellita Ave
710Elmar Ave
711Elmhurst Ave
712Elmview Dr
713Elmwood Ave
714Elrod Ave
715Elsinore Ave
716Elston Ave
717Elston Ct
718Elverton Dr
719Elvessa St
720Elwood Ave
721Elysian Fields Dr
722Elysian Pl
724Embarcadero Cove
725Emerald St
726Emerson St
727Emerson Way
728Empire Rd
729Encina Ave
730Encina Way
731Engineer Rd
732Englewood Dr
733Enos Ave
734Enterprise Way
735Entrada Ave
736Entranda Ave
737Erba Path
738Erie St
739Escher Dr
740Espinosa Ave
741Estepa Dr
742Ettie St
743Ettrick St
744Eucalyptus Path
745Euclid Ave
746Eustice Ave
747Evans Ave
748Everett Ave
749Everett Ave
750Evers Ave
751Evirel Pl
752Excelsior Ave
753Exeter Dr
754Faculty Village Rd - Mills College
755Fair Ave
756Fairbairn Ave
757Fairbanks Ave
758Fairchild St
759Fairfax Ave
760Fairhill Ct
761Fairlane Dr
762Fairmount Ave
763Fairway Ave
764Fallbrook Way
765Fallon St
766Farallon Way
767Farnam St
768Farrell St
769Favor St
770Fenham St
771Fern St
772Fernhoff Ct
773Fernhoff Rd
774Fernwood Dr
775Ferro St
776Ferry St
777Field St
778Fieldbrook Pl
779Fieldbrook Rd
780Filbert St
781Fisher Ave
782Fitzgerald St
783Fitzpatrick Rd
784Flagg Ave
785Fleet Rd
786Fleming Ave
787Flintridge Ave
788Flintridge Ln
789Flora St
790Florence Ave
791Florence Terrace
792Florida St
793Florio St
794Fontaine Ct
795Fontaine St
796Foothill Blvd
797Foothill Pl
798Foothill Way
799Ford St
800Forest Hill Ave
801Forest St
802Forestland Way
803Fortune Way
804Foster Ave
805Fox Hills Ct
806Frances St
807Frank H Ogawa Plaza
808Franklin St
809Frazier Ave
810Frederick St
811Freight St
812Fremont St
813Fremont Way
814Fresno St
815Frisbie St
816Frontage Rd
817Frontage Rd
818Frye St
819Fullington St
820Funston Pl
821Galindo St
822Galvin St
823Gannon Rd
824Garden St
825Gardenia Pl
826Garland Ave
827Garnet St
828Gaskill St
829Gaspar Dr
830Gateview Dr
831Gelston St
832Genoa St
833Genoa St
834Georgia St
835Geranium Pl
836Ghormley Ave
837Gibraltar Rd
838Gilbert St
839Girvin Dr
840Glascock St
841Gleason Way
842Glen Artney St
843Glen Ave
844Glen Eden Ave
845Glen Manor Pl
846Glen Oaks Way
847Glen Park Rd
848Glenarms Dr
849Glenbrook Dr
850Glencourt Dr
851Glendome Cir
852Glendora Ave
853Glendora Path
854Glenfield Ave
855Glenly Rd
856Glenview Ave
857Glenwood Ave
858Glenwood Glade
859Golden Gate Ave
860Golden Gate Way
861Golf Links Rd
862Gordon St
863Goss St
864Gould St
865Gouldin Rd
866Grace Ave
868Graeagle St
869Graffian St
870Graham Pl
871Gramercy Pl
872Granada Ave
873Grand Ave
874Grand View Dr
875Grande Vista Ave
876Grande Vista Pl
877Grass Valley Ct
878Grass Valley Rd
879Gravenstein St
880Gray St
881Green Acre Rd
882Greenbrier St
883Greenly Dr
884Greenridge Dr
885Greenview Dr
886Greenwood Ave
887Gregory Pl
888Gregory St
889Griffin St
890Grisborne Ave
891Grizzly Terrace Dr
892Grosvenor Pl
893Grove Shafter Fwy
894Grumman St
895Guido St
896Gunn Dr
897Gwin Ct
898Gwin Rd
899Haddon Pl
900Haddon Rd
901Hageman Ave
902Hageman Ave
903Hale Ave
904Halliday Ave
905Hamilton Pl
906Hamilton St
907Hamline Ave
908Hampel St
909Hanly Rd
910Hannah St
911Hanover Ave
912Hansom Dr
913Harbor View Ave
914Harbord Ct
915Harbord Dr
916Harding Way
917Hardy St
918Harmon Ave
919Harold St
920Harper St
921Harrington Ave
922Harrison St
923Harvard Rd
924Harvey Ave
925Harwood Ave
926Hassler Way
927Havenscourt Blvd
928Haverhill Dr
929Hawkins Dr
930Hawks Hill Ct
931Hawley St
932Hawthorne Ave
933Hayes St
934Hazelwood Ct
935Heafey Rd
936Hearst Ave
937Heartwood Dr
938Heather Ridge Way
939Hedge Ct
940Hedge Ln
941Hegenberger Ct
942Hegenberger Expy
943Hegenberger Loop
944Hegenberger Pl
945Hegenberger Rd
946Helen Ct
947Helen St
948Hellman St
949Hemlock Ln
950Hemlock St
951Hemphill Pl
952Henrietta St
953Henry St
954Hermann St
955Hermosa Ave
956Heron Dr
957Herrier St
958Herriott Ave
959Herzog St
960Hesket Rd
961Hickory St
962High Knoll Dr
963High St
964Hill Rd
965Hillcroft Cir
966Hillen Dr
967Hiller Dr
968Hiller St
969Hillgirt Cir
970Hillgrade Ct
971Hillmont Dr
972Hillsborough St
973Hillside St
974Hilltop Crescent
975Hilltop Crescent
976Hillview St
977Hillwood Pl
978Hilton St
979Holland St
980Hollywood Ave
981Holman Rd
982Holmes Ave
983Holway Ct
984Holway St
985Holyrood Dr
986Holyrood Manor
987Home Pl E
988Home Pl W
989Homeglen Ln
990Homewood Dr
991Hood St
992Hoover Ave
993Hopkins Pl
994Howard St
995Howe St
996Howell St
997Hubert Rd
998Hudson St
999Hughes Ave
1000Humboldt Ave
1001Humphrey Pl
1002Hunter Ave
1003Hunter Ct
1004Huntington St
1005Hwy 77
1006Hyacinth Ave
1007Hyde St
1008Idlewood St
1009Independence Way
1010Independent Rd
1011Indian Way
1012Industrial St
1013International Blvd
1014Interstate 980
1015Inyo Ave
1016Iris St
1018Irving Ave
1019Irving St
1020Irwin Ct
1021Isabella St
1022Isleton Ave
1023Ivanhoe Rd
1024Ivy Dr
1025Jacobus Ave
1026James Ave
1027Jayne Ave
1028Jean St
1029Jefferson St
1030Jensen St
1031Jewel Ct
1032Joaquin Miller Ct
1033Joaquin Miller Rd
1034John St
1035Johnson Cir
1036Johnston Dr
1037Jones Ave
1038Jordan Rd
1039Jordon Rd
1040Judd Pl
1041Judd St
1042Julie Ann Way
1043Kaiser Plaza
1044Kales Ave
1045Kansas St
1046Kaphan Ave
1047Kaplolani Rd - Mills College
1048Kearney Ave
1049Kelleher Ave
1050Keller Ave
1051Kelton Ct
1052Kempton Ave
1053Kempton Way
1054Kenmore Ave
1055Kennedy St
1056Kent Rd
1057Kentwood Ct
1058Kenwyn Rd
1059Kerrigan Dr
1060Kerwin Ave
1061Keswick Ct
1062Kevin Ct
1063Key Ct
1064Kimberley Ct
1065Kimberlin Heights Dr
1066King St
1067Kingsland Ave
1068Kingsland Pl
1069Kingsley Cir
1070Kingsley St
1071Kingwood Rd
1072Kirkham Ct
1073Kirkham St
1074Kirkham Way
1075Kirkland Ct
1076Kitchener Ct
1077Kitty Ln
1078Knight St
1079Knoll Ave
1080Knoll Ridge Way
1081Knowland Ave
1082Koford Rd
1083Krause Ave
1084Krohn Ln
1085Kuhnle Ave
1086La Cresta Ave
1087La Cuesta Ave
1088La Prenda Dr
1089Lacey Ave
1090Laguna Ave
1091Laguna Way
1092Lagunitas Ave
1093Laird Ave
1094Lake Park Ave
1095Lakeshore Ave
1096Lakeside Dr
1097Lamp St
1098Lancaster St
1099Lane Ct
1100Langley St
1101Larkspur Rd
1102Larry Ln
1103Larry Ln
1104Larson St
1105Las Aromas
1106Las Aromas St
1107Las Flores Ct
1108Las Vegas Ave
1109Latimer Pl
1110Laurel Ave
1111Lauriston Ct
1112Laverne Ave
1113Lawlor St
1114Lawton Ave
1115Leach Ave
1116Leamont Ct
1117Lee St
1118Leet Dr
1119Legion Ave
1120Leighton St
1121Leimert Blvd
1122Leimert Pl
1123Lenox Ave
1124Leo Way
1125Leona Creek Dr
1126Leona Dr
1127Leona St
1128Lesser St
1129Lester Ave
1130Lewis St
1131Lexford Pl
1132Libby Ct
1133Liese Ave
1134Liggett Dr
1135Lincoln Way
1136Lincolnshire Dr
1137Linda Ave
1138Link St
1139Linnet Ave
1140Linwood Ave
1141Lion Way
1142Lisbon Ave
1143Live Oak Rd
1144Livingston St
1145Locarno Path
1146Lochard St
1147Locksley Ave
1148Lockwood St
1149Lodge Ct
1150Logan St
1151Loma Vista Ave
1152Loma Vista Way
1153London Rd
1154Longcroft Dr
1155Longfellow Ave
1156Longridge Rd
1157Longwalk Dr
1158Loomis Ct
1159Lorenzo Ave
1160Louise St
1161Louisiana St
1162Louvaine Ave
1163Lowell St
1164Lowrey Rd
1165Lucas Ave
1166Lundholm Ave
1167Lusk St
1168Lyman Rd
1169Lynde St
1170Lyndhurst St
1171Lyon Ave
1172Macarthur Blvd
1173Maccall St
1174Maddux Dr
1175Madeline St
1176Madera Ave
1177Madrone Ave
1178Magee Ave
1179Magellan Dr
1180Maggior Ct
1181Maggiora Ct
1182Maggiora Dr
1183Magnolia St
1184Maiden Ln
1185Majestic Ave
1186Makin Rd
1187Malat St
1188Malcolm Ave
1189Maldon St
1190Mall Ct
1191Malta Ct
1192Manchester Dr
1193Mandalay Rd
1194Mandana Blvd
1195Mandana Cir
1196Mandela Pkwy
1197Mangels Ave
1198Manila Ave
1199Manoa St
1200Manor Crest
1201Manuel Ct
1202Manzanita Dr
1203Maple Ave
1204Marden Ln
1205Margarido Dr
1206Margarita Ave
1207Marie Way
1208Marin Way
1209Marion Ave
1210Mariposa Ave
1211Maritime St
1212Mark St
1213Marlin Cove
1214Marlow Dr
1215Marr Ave
1216Marsh Pl
1217Marshall St
1218Marvin Ct
1219Masonic Ave
1220Masonic Pl
1221Masterson St
1222Mastlands Dr
1223Mather St
1224Mathieu Ave
1225Mattis Ct
1226Mauritania Ave
1227Mavis St
1228Maxwell Ave
1229May Ct
1230Maybelle Ave
1231Maybelle Way
1232Maydon Ct
1233Mayfield Path
1234Maynard Ave
1235Maywood Ave
1236Mazuela Dr
1237Mcandrew Dr
1238Mcauley St
1239Mcclary Ave
1240Mcclelland St
1241Mcclure St
1242Mccormick Ave
1243Mcdonell Ave
1244Mcelroy St
1245Mcgurrin Rd
1246Mcintyre St
1247Mckillop Rd
1248Mckinley Ave
1249Mcmillan St
1250Mead Ave
1251Meadow St
1252Medau Pl
1253Meldon Ave
1254Melville Dr
1255Melville Ln
1256Melvin Ct
1257Melvin Rd
1258Mendocino Ave
1259Mendoza Dr
1260Mera St
1261Merced Ave
1262Merlin Ct
1263Merriewood Cir
1264Merriewood Dr
1265Merrimac St
1266Merritt Ave
1267Miami Ct
1269Midcrest Rd
1270Middle Harbor Rd
1271Middleton Dr
1272Middleton St
1273Midvale Ave
1274Midway St
1275Miles Ave
1276Miles Ave
1277Miller Ave
1278Miller Pl
1279Millsbrae Ave
1280Millsview Ave
1281Milton St
1282Minna Ave
1283Mira Vista Ave
1284Mirasol Ave
1285Mission Hill
1286Mission Hills St
1287Mitchell St
1288Modesto Ave
1289Modoc Ave
1290Mokelumne Ave
1291Monadnock Way
1292Monan St
1293Monroe Ave
1294Montana St
1295Montclair Ave
1296Monte Cresta Ave
1297Montecito Ave
1298Montell St
1299Monterey Blvd
1300Montgomery St
1301Monticello Ave
1302Montwood Way
1303Monzal Ave
1304Moonlight Ct
1305Moore Dr
1306Moorpark St
1307Morcom Ave
1308Morcom Pl
1309Morgan Ave
1310Morken St
1311Morley Dr
1312Morningstar Cir
1313Morpeth St
1314Morrell Ln
1315Morrill Ct
1316Morrison Ave
1317Morse Dr
1318Moss Ave
1319Moss Ln
1320Moss Way
1321Motor Pool Way
1322Mott Pl
1323Mountain Blvd
1324Mountain Blvd
1325Mountain Gate Way
1326Mountain Valley
1327Mountain Valley St
1328Mountain View Ave
1329Moyer Pl
1330Munson Way
1331Murillo Ave
1332Murmansk St
1333Myers St
1334Myrtle St
1335Mystic St
1336N Hill Ct
1337N Mall
1338N Rockridge Blvd
1339Nairobi Pl
1340Napa St
1341Nattress Way
1342Navy Roadway
1343Neil Armstrong Way - Oakland International Airport (oak)
1344Neva Ct
1345Nevada Dr - Tahoe National Forest
1346Nevil St
1347Newton Ave
1348Ney Ave
1349Nicol Ave
1350Norgren St
1351Normandie Ave
1352North Cir
1353North St
1354Northgate Ave
1355Northrup St
1356Northvale Rd
1357Northwood Ct
1358Norton Ave
1359Norwood Ave
1360Novelda Dr
1361Noyo St
1362Oak Crest Dr
1363Oak Grove Ave
1364Oak Hill Cir
1365Oak Hill Rd
1366Oak Hill Rd
1367Oak Knoll Blvd
1368Oak St
1369Oakdale Ave
1370Oakland Ave
1371Oakleaf St
1372Oakmore Pl
1373Oakmore Rd
1374Oakport St
1375Oakview Dr
1376Oakwood Ct
1377Oakwood Dr
1378Observation Pl
1379Observatory Ave
1380Occidental St
1381Ocean View Dr
1382Octavia St
1383Ohanneson Rd
1384Old Quarry Loop
1385Old Redwood Rd
1386Old Toll Bridge Rd - Tahoe National Forest
1387Olive St
1388Oliver Ave
1389Opal St
1390Orange St
1391Orchard Meadow Rd - Mills College
1392Orinda Vista Dr
1393Ormindale Ct
1394Orral St
1395Osborne Ct
1396Oscar Ave
1397Ostrander Rd
1398Outlook Ave
1399Oval Rd
1400Over St
1401Overdale Ave
1402Overlake Ct
1403Overmoor St
1404Packard St
1405Pali Ct
1406Palisade Dr
1407Palm Ave
1408Palmer Ave
1409Palmetto St
1410Paloma Ave
1411Pampas Ave
1412Panama Ct
1413Paramount Rd
1414Pardee Dr
1415Pardee Ln
1416Park Blvd
1417Park Blvd Way
1418Park Ln
1419Park View Terrace
1420Parker Ave
1421Parkridge Dr
1422Partridge Ave
1423Patterson Ave
1424Patton St
1425Paxton Ave
1426Pearmain St
1427Pebble Beach Dr
1428Pedestrian Way
1429Peerless Ct
1430Pelham Pl
1431Pembroke Ct
1432Pendleton Way
1433Penniman Ave
1434Penniman Ct
1435Peralta Oaks Ct
1436Peralta Oaks Dr
1437Peralta St
1438Perkins St
1439Perkins Way
1440Peroly Ct
1441Perry Pl
1442Peterson St
1443Petroleum St
1444Phaeton Dr
1445Phelps St
1446Picardy Dr
1447Picardy Dr N
1448Picardy Dr S
1449Piedmont Avenue
1450Pier St
1451Pierpoint Ave
1452Pierson St
1453Pine Hills Ct
1454Pine Hills Dr
1455Pine Hills Dr
1456Pine Hills Ln
1457Pine Needle Dr
1458Pine St
1459Pinecrest Dr
1460Pinehaven Rd
1461Pinewood Rd
1462Pippin St
1463Pleasant St
1464Pleasant Valley Ave
1465Pleasant Valley Ct
1466Pleasant Valley Ct N
1467Pleasant Valley Ct S
1468Pleitner Ave
1469Plymouth St
1470Poirier St
1471Poplar Ct
1472Poplar St
1473Portal Ave
1474Porter St
1475Portland Ave
1476Portwood Ave
1477Potomac St
1478Potter St
1479Prentiss Pl
1480Prentiss St
1481Preservation Park Way
1482Presley Way
1483Prince Royal Ct
1484Prince St
1485Princeton St
1486Proctor Ave
1487Prospect Ave
1488Prospect Steps
1489Prune St
1490Pueblo Dr
1492Quigley Ln
1493Quigley Pl
1494Quigley St
1495Racine St
1496Radnor Rd
1497Ramona Ave
1498Rampart St
1499Rand Ave
1500Randolph Ave
1501Randwick Ave
1502Ransom Ave
1503Rashida Muhammad St
1504Ravenwood Ln
1505Rawson St
1506Rawson St
1507Raymond St
1508Reata Pl
1509Redding Pl
1510Redding St
1511Redondo Ave
1512Regatta Dr
1513Reinhardt Dr
1514Renwick St
1515Reposo Dr
1516Rettig Ave
1517Rettig Pl
1518Revere Ave
1519Rhoda Ave
1520Rich St
1521Richards Rd
1522Richmond Blvd
1523Ridgemont Ct
1524Ridgemont Dr
1525Ridgemoor Rd
1526Ridgeway Ave
1527Ridgewood Ln
1528Ridgewood Way
1529Rifle Ln
1530Rilea Way
1531Rincon Dr
1532Rio Vista Ave
1533Rishell Dr
1534Rising Hill Ct
1535Ritchie St
1536Robin Hood Way
1537Robinson Dr
1538Robledo Dr
1539Robley Terrace
1540Rockingham Ct
1541Rockridge Blvd
1542Rockridge Blvd S
1543Rockridge Pl
1544Rockwell St
1545Rocky Point Ct
1546Roderick Rd
1547Roland Way
1548Romany Rd
1549Rosal Ave
1550Rose Ave
1551Rosecrest Dr
1552Rosedale Ave
1553Rosemount Rd
1554Ross Cir
1555Ross St
1556Rossmoor Ave
1557Rossmoor Ct
1558Rotondo Path
1559Roxbury Ave
1560Royal Ann St
1561Royal Oak Rd
1562Royal St
1563Rubin Dr
1564Ruby St
1565Rudsdale St
1566Rugby Ct
1567Russell Ave
1568Russet St
1569Rusting Ave
1570Ruth Ave
1571Rutherford St
1572Ruthland Rd
1573Rydal Ct
1574S Coliseum Way
1575S Elmhurst Ave
1576S Hill Ct
1577S Mall
1578Saddle Brook Ct
1579Saddle Brook Dr
1580Sage Rd
1581Salisbury St
1582Sally Ride Way - Oakland International Airport (oak)
1583Samaria Ln
1584San Antonio Way
1585San Carlos Walk
1586San Francisco Ct
1587San Juan St
1588San Leandro St
1589San Luis Ave
1590San Pablo Ave
1591San Sebastian Ave
1592Sanborn Dr
1593Sanford St
1594Santa Clara Ave
1595Santa Ines Ct
1596Santa Maria Ct
1597Santa Ray Ave
1598Santa Rita St
1599Santa Rosa Ave
1600Santa Ynez Ct
1601Sarazen Ave
1602Saroni Dr
1603Sausal St
1604Savannah Ct
1605Sayre Dr
1606School St
1607Schooner Hill
1608Schyler St
1609Scotia Ave
1610Scott St
1611Scout Rd
1612Scoville St
1613Seacor Ct
1614Selkirk St
1615Seminary Ct
1616Sequoyah Rd
1617Sequoyah View Ct
1618Sequoyah View Dr
1619Sereno Cir
1620Serramar Dr
1621Sextus Rd
1622Shadow Mountain
1623Shafter Ave
1624Shasta Ave
1625Shaw St
1626Shawnee Ct
1627Shay Dr
1628Sheffield Ave
1629Sheldon St
1630Shelterwood Dr
1631Shepherd Canyon Rd
1632Shepherd St
1633Sherwick Dr
1634Sherwood Dr
1635Shetland Ave
1636Shetland Ct
1637Shirley Dr
1638Shone Ave
1639Shorey St
1640Short Hill Rd
1641Short St
1642Siena Dr
1643Siesta Ln
1644Sigourney Ave
1645Sikorsky St
1646Silverwood Ave
1647Simmons St
1648Sims Dr
1649Simson St
1650Skyline Blvd
1651Skyline Blvd
1652Skyline Cir
1653Skyline Trail
1654Skypoint Ct
1655Skyway Ln
1656Slope Crest Dr
1657Smith Ln
1658Snake Rd
1659Snell St
1660Snell St
1661Snowdown Ave
1662Sobrante Rd
1663Solano Way
1664Somerset Dr
1665Somerset Rd
1666Sonia St
1667Sonoma Way
1668Sotelo Ave
1669South Ct
1670Southwood Ct
1671Spencer St
1672Springfield St
1673Spy Glass Hill
1674St Andrews Rd
1675St Cloud Ct
1676St Elmo Dr
1677St Paul Ct
1678Stacy St
1679Stanley Ave
1680Stanley Pl
1681Stantonville Ct
1682Stantonville Dr
1683Star Ave
1684Stark Knoll Pl
1685Starview Ct
1686Starview Dr
1687Staten Ave
1688Stauffer Ct
1689Stauffer Pl
1690Stearns Ave
1691Steele St
1692Steinmetz Way
1693Stella St
1694Sterling Dr
1695Stinson St
1696Stockbridge Dr
1697Stone St
1698Stoneford Ave
1699Stonemason Ct
1700Stoneridge Ct
1701Stonewall-panoramic Trail
1702Storer Ave
1703Stow Ave
1704Stuart St
1705Summit St
1706Sun Valley Dr
1707Sunkist Dr
1708Sunnyhills Rd
1709Sunnymere Ave
1710Sunnyside St
1711Sunnyslope Ave
1712Sunset Ave
1713Sunset Trail
1714Sunshine Ct
1715Surrey Ln
1716Surryhne St
1717Suter St
1718Swainland Rd
1719Swan Way
1720Sycamore St
1721Sylhowe Rd
1722Sylvan Ave
1723Taft Ave
1724Talbot Ave
1725Tamarisk Dr
1726Tanglewood Path
1728Tartan Way
1729Tartarian St
1730Tate Terrace
1731Taurus Ave
1732Telegraph Ave
1733Templar Pl
1734Teralynn Ct
1735Terminal St
1736Terrabella Pl
1737Terrabella Way
1738Terrace St
1739Tevis St
1740Texas St
1741Thackeray Dr
1742The Short Cut
1743The Turn
1744Thermal St
1745Thomas Ave
1746Thompson St
1747Thorndale Dr
1748Thousand Oaks
1749Thousand Oaks St
1750Thunderbird Ct
1751Tidewater Ave
1752Tiffin Rd
1753Tobruk St
1754Tompkins Ave
1755Topanga Dr
1756Totterdell St
1757Town Square Pl
1758Townsend Ave
1759Toyon Pl
1760Trafalgar Pl
1761Transit St
1762Trask St
1763Treasure Hill
1764Trestle Glen Rd
1765Trinidad Ave
1766Truitt Ln
1767Truman Ave
1768Tulagi St
1769Tulip Ave
1770Tully Pl
1771Tunis Rd
1772Turner Ave
1773Turnley Ave
1774Turtle Creek St
1775Twin Oaks Way
1776Twitter Ct
1777Tyrrell St
1778Underhills Rd
1779Uranus Ave
1780Urkraine St
1781Valant Pl
1782Valdez St
1783Vale Ave
1784Valentine St
1785Valle Vista Ave
1786Vallecito Pl
1787Valley St
1788Valley View Rd
1789Van Buren Ave
1790Van Dyke Ave
1791Van Mourik Ave
1792Van Sicklen Pl
1793Vancleave Way
1794Venetia Rd
1795Vermont St
1796Vernon St
1797Vernon Terrace
1798Verona Path
1799Verrada Rd
1800Veteran Way
1801Via Rialto
1802Vicente St
1803Vicente Way
1804Vicksburg Ave
1805Victor Ave
1806Victory Ct
1807View Crest Dr
1808View Pl
1809View St
1810Viewcrest Ct
1811Viewcrest Dr
1812Village Cir
1813Villanova Dr
1814Villanova Dr
1815Villanova Ln
1816Viola St
1817Viona Ave
1818Virden Ave
1819Virginia Ave
1820Virginia Ave
1821Virgo Rd
1822Virmar Ave
1823Vista Ct
1824Vista Del Mar Ct
1825Vista St
1826Voltaire Ave
1827W Grand Ave
1828W Macarthur Blvd
1829Wadean Pl
1830Wake Ave
1831Wakefield Ave
1832Walavista Ave
1833Waldeck Ct
1834Walker Ave
1835Wallace St
1836Walter Ave
1837Ward Ln
1838Warehouse Rd
1839Warfield Ave
1840Warner Ave
1841Warren Ave
1842Warren Fwy
1843Warren Fwy
1844Warwick Ave
1845Washington Street
1846Water St
1847Waterhouse Rd
1848Wattling St
1849Waverly St
1850Wawona Ave
1851Wayne Ave
1852Wayne Pl
1853Weaver Pl
1854Webster Pl
1855Wee Blythen
1856Weld St
1857Weldon Ave
1858Wellington St
1859Wentworth Ave
1860Werner Ct
1861Wesley Ave
1862Wesley Way
1863West Ln
1864West St
1865West St
1866Westall Ave
1867Westfield Way
1868Westminster Dr
1869Westover Dr
1870Westview Dr
1871Westwood Way
1872Weybridge Ct
1873White Ct
1874Whitecliff Ct
1875Whitmore Pl
1876Whitmore St
1877Whitney St
1878Whittle Ave
1879Whittle Ct
1880Wickson Ave
1881Wilbur St
1882Wild Currant Way
1883Wilda Ave
1884Wilding Ln
1885Wilkie St
1886William St
1887Willis Ct
1888Willowbank Ct
1889Wilshire Blvd
1890Wilson Ave
1891Wilson Pl
1892Wilton Dr
1893Wilton Dr
1894Windward Hill
1895Winthrope St
1896Wisconsin St
1897Wistar Rd
1898Wood Ct
1899Woodbine Ave
1900Woodcliff Ct
1901Woodcrest Cir
1902Woodhaven Way
1903Woodminster Ln
1904Woodmont Way
1905Woodrow Dr
1906Woodruff Ave
1907Woodside Glen Ct
1908Worden Way
1909Worth St
1910Wrenn St
1911Wright St
1912Wyman Pl
1913Wyman St
1914Yankee Hill
1915Ygnacio Ave
1916York St
1917Yuba Ave
1918Zephyr Dr
1919Ziegler Ave
1920Zinn Dr
1921Zorah St