List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oildale, California

#Street Name
12nd Nor St
2American Cir
3Beardsley Ave
4Belle Ave
5Belmont Ave
6Bendix St
7Berry Meadow Way
8Big Creek Way
9Boughton Dr
10Brush Creek Ave
11Cale Ct
12Cedarwood Ln
13Cherry Laurel Ct
14Cinnamon Ln
15Cleargrove Ct
16Colin B Kelly Dr
17Cooper Ave
18Covey Ave
19Cramer St
20Crystal Ct
21Dani Rose Ln
22Deerbrook St
23Devore Ave
24Diane Dr
25Divot Ln
26Dogwood Ln
27E Highland Dr
28E Linda Vista Dr
29E Mccord Ave
30Edwin Dr
31El Tejon Ave
32Fernwood Ln
33Floral Meadow Dr
34Florence Ln
35Freedom Way
36Frontier Dr
37Gladstone St
38Glenneden Ave
39Glory Way
40 Gold Meadow Dr
41Golfer's Ln
42Hank Rd
43Hickerson Dr
44High Meadow Way
45Iris St
46Jesse D Rd
47Johns St
48Karen Anne Way
49Keith Gregory Way
50Kiltie Way
51Love Ln
52Lowell Dr
53Mammoth Ave
54Maplewood Dr
55Mary Kay Ln
56Mcarthur Pl
57Mccord Ave
58Mccray St
59Mckelvey Ave
60Metzler St
61Mobiletown Dr
62Monroe Ct
63Moon Meadow Dr
64Moon Meadow Way
65Muir Dr
66N Chester Ave Exd
67N Chester Frontage Ave
68Nita Ln
69Obsidian Ct
70Olive Gardens Ln
71Orrick Ct
72Palmwood Dr
73Par Ln
74Park Meadows Ave
75Patriot Pl
76Plymouth Ave
77Rainbow Ct
78Riley Way
79River Meadow Ln
80 Roberts Ln Service
81Rutherford St
82S Granite Rd
83S Plymouth Ave
84S Regal St
85Scofield Dr
86Sequoia Dr
87Serve Ln
88Sharon Pl
89Skye Dr
90Smoke Tree Ln
91Sousa Ln
92Summerview Dr
93Teakwood Dr
94Teakwood Ln
95Tee Ln
96Tennis Dr
97Torrey Pine Ln
98Torrey Pines St
99Vine Ave
100W China Grade Loop
101W Day Ave
102Wainwright Dr
103Wells Ave
104Willow Dr
105Wilson Ave
106Wingland Dr
107Woodstock Ln