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List of Street Names with maps in Parkway-South Sacramento, California

#Street Name
117th Ave Yosemite Avenue Alley
21st Pkwy
32nd Pkwy
43rd Pkwy
541st Ave
642nd Ave
742nd St O Dea Dr Alley
843rd St 44th St Alley
944th Ave
1046th Ave
114th Pkwy
125th Pkwy
136th Pkwy
14A Pkwy
15Alix Pkwy
16Altair Pkwy
17Apostolo Cir
18Arleta Ct
19Art Pkwy
20Astron Pkwy
21Austin Way
22B Pkwy
23Baker Ave
24Bouts Pkwy
25Bowling Dr
26Bradhill Ln
27Brooklyn Ave
28Bruning Ct
29C Pkwy
30Camellia Ln
31Casa Danielle Cir
32Chevy Chase Way
33Circle Pkwy
34Clover Field Way
35Clover Glen Way
36Clover Manor Way
37Connector St
38Cora Ct
39Corvet Way
40 Court Pkwy
41Cuny Ave
42D Pkwy
43Daystar Ct
44Del Norte Blvd
45Del Norte Blvd
46Dewey Blvd
47Dingman Cir
48Doreen Way
49Durer Pkwy
50E Nichols Ave
51El Cerrito Way
52Enrico Blvd
53F Pkwy
54Falconer Way
55Florin Creek Ct
56Forest Pkwy
57Frank Ct
58Fruitridge Rd & Sampson Blvd (eb)
59Fruitridge Road Apostolo Cir Alley
60Fruitridge Road O Dea Dr Alley
61Galaxy Pkwy
62Garibaldi St
63Giusti Ct
64Goes Pkwy
65Gordon Dr
66Goya Pkwy
67H Pkwy
68Heater Way
69Hillmont Ln
70Hobnail Way
71Howard Ave
72Howard Ave 48th St Alley
73Howard Ave Stockton Blvd Alley
74I Pkwy
75Iowa Ave
76J Pkwy
77K Pkwy
78Kelly Way
79Kiessig Ave
80 L Pkwy
81Lantana Ave
82Laurine Way
83Le Donne Dr
84Lincolnshire Dr
85Lippi Pkwy
86Livingston Way
87Manet Pkwy
88Manhattan Cir
89Marburn Ct
90Masonry Ave
91Masonry Way
92Mc Kellar Ave
93Melavic Ct
94Melavic Way
95Mello Ct
96Morningstar Dr
97Muhen Rd
98Nina Way
99North Pkwy
100Nova Pkwy
101O Dea Dr 44th St Alley
102O Dea Dr Iowa Ave Alley
103Odea Dr
104Orinda Way
105Palma Pkwy
106Persimmon Ave
107Planet Pkwy
108Plater Ct
109Rizzo Ct
110Roosevelt Ave
111Sampson Blvd Dewey Boulevard Alley
112Satellite Pkwy
113Sierra Vista Ave
114Siskiyou Ave
115Sky Pkwy
116South Pkwy
117Southeast Pkwy
118Southwest Ave
119Spica Pkwy
120Sprucewood Ct
121Stallon Way
122Steiner Dr
123Stillman Park Cir
124Summit Way
125Sweetwater Ave
126Trinity Ct
127Underwood Way
128Uranus Pkwy
129Ursa Pkwy
130Vista Ave
131Wesley Ave
132West Pkwy
133Wire Dr
134Yosemite Ave Parker Avenue Alley