List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Pasadena, California

#Street Name
1Adena St
2Afton St
3Alder Ln
4Alegria Ave
5Anderson Pl
6Anita Dr
7Annandale Rd
8Arlington Dr
9Armada Dr
10Arroyo View Dr
11Asbury Dr
12Ashley Dr
13Ashtabula St
14Atchison St
15Ave 64
16Ave 64
17Avoca Ave
18Avocado Ave
19Backus Ave
20Baldwin Alley
21Banbury Alley
22Bancroft Way
23Barhite St
24Bartlett Alley
25Belday Rd
26Bella Vista Ave
27Bellefontaine Pl
28Bellefontaine St
29Bellmore Way
30Belvidere St
31Bersa St
32Blake St
33Bradford St
34Bradley St
35Braemar Rd
36Brandon St
37Brentnal Rd
38Brigden Rd
39Brightside Ln
40 Brocadero Pl
41Brookmere Rd
42Buckeye St
43Burleigh Dr
44Busch Garden Ln
45Busch Pl
46Butter Creek Dr
47Calderwood Ln
48California Terrace
49Calvert Rd
50Cam Silvoso
51Canyon Close Rd
52Canyon Wash Dr
53Carriage House Rd
54Carter Alley
55Cartwright St
56Castle Ln
57Central Ct
58Chamberlain Rd
59Chateau Rd
60Cherry Dr
61Cheviotdale Dr
62Chevron Ct
63Christiansen Alley
64Chula Vista Pl
65Club Rd
66Congress Pl
67Continental Ct
68Cooley Pl
69Coronet Ave
70Court Terrace
71Covington Pl
72Crawford Alley
73Cricklewood Path
74Crofton Way
75Culver Alley
76Cypress Way
77Dane Alley
78Daveric Dr
79Del Monte St
80 Deodar Cir
81Doremus Rd
82Dudley Alley
83E Bell St
84E Claremont St
85E Colorado Blvd
86E Corson St
87E Del Mar Blvd
88E Elizabeth St
89E Glenarm St
90E Green St
91E Ladera St
92E Lexington St
93E Maple St
94E Mountain St
95E Orange Grove Blvd
96E Penn St
97E Rio Grande St
98E Topeka St
99Eaton Canyon Dr
100Eaton Dr
101Edgecliff Ln
102Edgehill Pl
103El Circulo Dr
104El Encanto Dr
105El Nido Ave
106El Portolo
107Elgin Alley
108Ellington Ln
109Ellis St
110Elm Ln
111Elmira St
112Elmwood Dr
113Estado St
114Esther St
115Everts St
116Exchange Alley
117Fern Dr
118Florence Dr
119Ford Pl
120Fox Ridge Dr
121Fremont Dr
122Frontage Rd
123Gladys Ct
124Gladys St
125Glen Ave
126Glen Ct
127Glen Summer Rd
128Glenover Dr
129Glenullen Dr
130Grace Terrace
131Grandview St
132Greenhill Rd
133Harkness Ave
134Hartwood Point Rd
135Hastings Heights Ln
136Hastings Ranch Dr
137Havendale Dr
138Heather Square
139Hermosa Rd
140Herr Alley
141Hickory Ln
142Highland St
143Hillside Terrace
144Holly Vista Dr
145Hugus Alley
146Huntington Garden Dr
147Idaho St
148Jane Pl
149Juniper Dr
150Kinclair Dr
151Kinneloa Ranch Rd
152Kirkwood Ave
153Krake Alley
154La Tierra St
155La Vereda Rd
156Laguna Rd
157Lakeview Rd
158Larmona Dr
159Las Lunas St
160Las Palmas Rd
161Laurel Bay Dr
162Laurita Ave
163Leeds Alley
164Leonard V Pieroni St
165Lida St
166Linda Glen Dr
167Linda Ridge Ln
168Linda Ridge Rd
169Linda Vista Ave
170Lindaloa Ln
171Lockehaven St
172Lola Ave
173Lomora Ave
174Longwood Ln
175Los Altos Dr
176Lunada Ln
177Lundy Ave
178Madia St
179Madrillo Ct
180Magna Vista St
181Malcolm Dr
182Manford Way
183Manzanita Ave
184Maple St
185Maple Way
186Margaret Dr
187Marianna Rd
188Market Alley
189Martelo Ave
190Mataro St
191Maylin St
192Mc Cormick Alley
193Mead Alley
194Medford Rd
195Melrose Alley
196Mercantile Pl
197Mesa Verde Rd
198Mesaloa Ln
199Meyerloa Ln
200Michener Alley
201Miller Alley
202Mira Vista Terrace
203Mullan Alley
204N Arroyo Blvd
205N Arroyo Pkwy
206N Bonnie Ave
207N Carmelo Ave
208N Dominion Ave
209N Garfield Ave
210N Kinneloa Ave
211N Legge Alley
212N Leighton Alley
213N Mentor Ave
214N Meridith Ave
215N Oak Ave
216N Oak Knoll Ave
217N Oakland Ave
218N Orange Grove Blvd
219N Rosemead Blvd
220N San Marino Ave
221N Sierra Madre Blvd
222N Villa Heights
223N Vinedo Ave
224Newton Alley
225Ninde Pl
226Norwood Dr
227Oakdale St
228Old House Rd
229Oneida Dr
230Orange Grove Pl
231Paladora Ave
232Palisade St
233Palm Terrace
234Park Roadway B
235Parkview Ave
236Pear Orchard Ln
237Pegfair Ln
238Pepperhill Rd
239Picadilly Path
240Pine Bluff Dr
241Pleasant Way
242Plumosa Dr
243Plymouth Dr
244Poplar Ln
245Primavera St
246Prime Ct
247Progress Ln
248Prospect Blvd
249Prospect Terrace
250Queensberry Rd
251Ramona St
252Rancheros Rd
253Redwood Dr
254Reiter Dr
255Rexford Ave
256Richland Pl
257Ridgewood Ln
258Riviera Dr
259Robincroft Dr
260Rockwood Rd
261Romney Dr
262Rose Bowl Dr
263Rosewalk Way
264Rosewood Ln
265Rutan Way
266S Arroyo Blvd
267S Arroyo Pkwy
268S Daisy Ave
269S El Molino Ave
270S Fair Oaks Ave
271S Hill Ave
272S Kinneloa Ave
273S Oak Ave
274S Oakland Ave
275S San Rafael Ave
276S Sierra Madre Blvd
277S St John Ave
278S Vinedo Ave
279Salvia Canyon Rd
280San Miguel Rd
281San Palo Pl
282San Pasqual St
283Santa Barbara St
284Seco St
285Selkirk St
286Sewell Alley
287Sierra Grande St
288Sierra Madre Villa Ave
289Sierra View Rd
290Sisson Alley
291Skycrest Dr
292Smith Alley
293Solita Rd
294Spruce Ln
295Stanton St
296Startouch Dr
297State Route 159
298Switzer Alley
299Syndicate Alley
300Tamarac Dr
301Temple Alley
302Thompson Dr
303Thorndike Rd
304Tierra Alta Dr
305Titley Ave
306Toolen Pl
307Townsend Pl
308Tyler Alley
309Valley Lights Dr
310Villa Heights Rd
311Villa Highlands Dr
312Villa Knolls Dr
313Vine Alley
314Vineyard Pl
315Vista Ave
316Vosburg St
317W Bellevue Dr
318W California Blvd
319W Claremont St
320W Colorado Blvd
321W Eureka St
322W Glenarm St
323W Green St
324W Holly St
325W Mountain St
326Wabash St
327Walworth Ave
328Washburn Rd
329Wellington Ave
330Wenger Alley
331Westgate St
332Westminster Dr
333Wheeler Ln
334Whitefield Rd
335Wicks Rd
336Wierfield Dr
337Wigmore Dr
338Windover Dr
339Woodlyn Rd
340Wynn Rd
341Wyoming St