List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Patterson, California

#Street Name
1Abelia Ln
2Acacia Ave
3Agadoni Ct
4Almond Ave
5Alpine Creek Dr
6Amador Creek Ln
7Amberina Ct
8Amberina Dr
9Amelia St
10American Eagle Ave
11Anemone Ct
12Angora St
13Angus St
14Annamarie Ave
15Apple Ave
16Apricot Ave
17Arambel Dr
18Ash Ave
19Ashwood Ln
20Azalea Dr
21Baldwin Rd
22Barros St
23Bartch Ave
24Beachwood Ln
25Bear Hollow Ct
26Bear Hollow Dr
27Beaver Creek Dr
28Beck Creek Ln
29Bella Flora Ln
30Bellflower Ct
31Bennett Dr
32Berlin Way
33Berrendas St
34Bertwood Ln
35Black Crow Ln
36Black Oak Dr
37Blewitt Rd
38Blue Flax Dr
39Blue Heron Dr
40 Boar Ct
41Boar Head Ln
42Boar Ln
43Bogdanich Pkwy
44Bonneau Ct
45Brahma St
46Brangus Ln
47Brook Hollow Dr
48Buckskin Way
49Bullfinch Dr
50Burkhard Rd
51Cabanel Ln
52Cabernet Ct
53California Oak Cir
54Calvinson Pkwy
55Carly Creek Dr
56Carmen Way
57Charbray Ct
58Chase St
59Chesterfield Ct
60Chesterfield Dr
61Chestnut Ave
62Cliff Swallow Dr
63Clover Ave
64Condit Ave
65Condor Ct
66Copper Mountain Rd
67Corn Flower Dr
68Cottonwood Ave
69Cougar Creek Dr
70Cox Rd
71Creek Ln
72Creekside Dr
73Curlew Ct
74D Arpino Ct
75Dahlia Ave
76Daisy Dr
77Damara Ct
78Daniel Rd
79Daylilly Ln
80 De Lash Ct
81Deer Hollow Dr
82Delphia Dr
83Demsey Ct
84Denis Ln
85Diablo Grande Pkwy
86Donkin Rd
87Dowitcher Dr
88Durer Dr
89Dylan Creek Dr
90E Las Palmas Ave
91E Marshall Rd
92E St
93Echo Ct
94Eider Dr
95El Cimino Dr
96Elfers Rd
97Elk Creek Ln
98Elm Ave
99Emily Ct
100Enrique Way
101Eucalyptus Ave
102Fairway Ct
103Fall Ave
104Fawn Lily Dr
105Fig Ave
106Finster St
107Flicker Ln
108Fountain Grass Dr
109Foxy Ct
110Franco Way
111Frank Cox Rd
112Franquette St
113Fruit Ave
114Gannet Ln
115Garden Patch Way
116Gardenia Ct
117Gaugin Way
118Gerber Ct
119Gnesa Dr
120Gold Creek Dr
121Goldfinch Ln
122Golf Canyon Ct
123Golf Canyon Dr
124Goshawk Ct
125Granite Creek Dr
126Grapevine Dr
127Grayson Rd
128Grebe Ln
129Griffiths Ct
130Griffiths Ln
131Guernsey St
132Gustafson Ave
133Hackney St
134Halley Ct
135Hammon Ct
136Hanna Dr
137Hannah Dr
138Hansen Ct
139Hartley St
140Hatfield Ct
141Heartland Ranch Ave
142Henley Pkwy
143Hickory Ave
144Hillstock Ct
145Hito Dr
146Hoffman Ct
147Holly Ave
148Holly Hock Cir
149Horizon Ln
150Hunter Creek Dr
151Ibis Dr
152Illusion Ct
153Image Ct
154Imperial Lily Dr
155Inaudi Ct
156Inaudi Dr
157Ingram Creek Rd
158Ittureria Dr
159Ivy Ave
160J St
161Jacks Pl
162Jake Creek Dr
163James Burke Ave
164Jasmine Dr
165Jersey Ln
166Jewel Flower Dr
167Juarez Ct
168Kern Creek Ln
169Kestrel Dr
170Keystone Blvd
171Keystone Pacific Pkwy
172Khalsa Rd
173Kingfisher Dr
174Kinglet Ln
175Kinshire Way
176Kirkwall Way
177Klopping Ct
178Knutson St
179Koster Rd
180La Lynn Dr
181La Maria Way
182Laird St
183Lavender Ln
184Leather Creek Ln
185Lemon Ave
186Lemon Blossom Ln
187Leverton Dr
188Lilac Ave
189Little Fawn Canyon Rd
190Locust Ave
191Lodge Creek Ln
192Logan Way
193Lola Ct
194Lola Ln
195Longhorn Ln
196Loquat Ave
197Lorelei Ln
198Loreli Ln
199M St
200Mac Duff Way
201Mackilhaffy Dr
202Mackilhaffy Pl
203Madrone Ln
204Magnolia Ave
205Mallard Creek Ct
206Marguerite Ln
207Marigold Dr
208Marisa Dr
209Marsh Wren Dr
210Martha St
211Mary Jane Ave
212Mayette St
213Mcmurphy Ct
214Mcnaughton Ct
215Meadow Creek Dr
216Meghan Dr
217Mendocino Creek Dr
218Mertz Ct
219Mesa Creek Dr
220Mesquite Dr
221Messer Pl
222Millwood Dr
223Minnear Rd
224Minnie St
225Miraggio Dr
226Mirror Ct
227Mistletoe Ave
228Moe Dr
229Monet Way
230Moonflower Ct
231Morab Ct
232Moray Ct
233Moray Way
234Morning Glory Dr
235Morton Davis Cir
236Morton Davis Dr
237Mt Oso Rd
238Mulberry Ave
239N 1st St
240N 2nd St
241N 3rd St
242N 4th St
243N 5th St
244N 6th St
245N Del Puerto Ave
246N El Circulo Ave
247N Hartley St
248N Mccracken Rd
249N Rd
250N Salado Ave
251Needham Rd
252New Forest Way
253Nicastro Dr
254Noble Park Cir
255Nordell Pl
256Northmead Way
257Nostalgia Ave
258Nubian St
259Oak Flat Rd
260Oakwood Ln
261Oasis Ln
262Old Las Palmas Ave
263Olive Ave
264Orange Ave
265Orange Blossom Ln
266Orkney Dr
267Osprey Dr
268Ossie St
269Paint Way
270Palomino Way
271Panoz Cir
272Panoz Ct
273Panoz Rd
274Paradise Ave
275Paramatta Dr
276Park Center Dr
277Pasa Felix Dr
278Payne St
279Peach Blossom Ln
280Penguin Ct
281Pennyroyal Ct
282Peregrine Dr
283Periwinkle Dr
284Perrett Ct
285Perrett Rd
286Petrel Way
287Philomena Ct
288Phlox Dr
289Pine Creek Ln
290Pipit Dr
291Pitscottie Ln
292Placer Creek Dr
294Plover Ct
295Plumeria Dr
296Pomegranate Ave
297Pomelo Ave
298Poplar Ave
299Poppy Ave
300Portrait Ln
301Primavera Way
302Prune Ave
303Puffin Ct
304Quince Ave
305Raines Rd
306Red Robin Dr
307Reflections Ave
308Renzo Ln
309Ridge Creek Ln
310Roadrunner Dr
311Rock Creek Ln
312Rogers Ct
313Rogers Rd
314Romanov Ct
315Rosemary Dr
316Roxanne Dr
317Russ Ct
318S 2nd St
319S 3rd St
320S 4th St
321S 5th St
322S 6th St
323S 8th St
324S Del Puerto Ave
325S El Circulo Ave
326S Hartley St
327S Salado Ave
328Saffron Way
329Salado Creek Dr
330Samantha Creek Dr
331Sand Trap Ct
332Sanderling Dr
333Sarazen Ct
334Sarazen Ln
335Sarazen Pl
336Scarlet Ln
337Schneider Ln
338Sears Dr
339Seasons Dr
340Sequoia Ave
341Shasta Creek Ct
342Shearwater Dr
343Shirlinda Way
344Shorthorn St
345Shrub Oak Dr
346Sierra Creek Ct
347Skimmer Dr
348Smith St
349Snake Creek Dr
350Snow Creek Ln
351Spanish Barb Way
352Sparrow Hawk Ln
353Speno Dr
354Sperry Ave
355Spooner Ct
356Spring Ave
357Squash Creek Ln
358Stakes St
359Stark Rd
360Steel Creek Dr
361Stone Creek Ln
362Stonechat Ln
363Summer Ln
364Summer Phlox Ln
365Sunflower Dr
366Susan St
367Sutter Creek Ct
368Swan Dr
369Sweet Briar Dr
370Sweet Pea Dr
371Sweetwood Ln
372Sycamore Ave
373Tarland Ln
374Teal Ct
375Tee Box Ct
376Tenbrink Ln
377Tern Way
378Tersk Ct
379Thoroughbred St
380Thrush Dr
381Tiedeman Rd
382Tiree Pl
383Tissot Dr
384Toggenberg St
385Torvend Way
386Totman Ct
387Toyon Ln
388Traina Dr
389Trout Creek Ln
390Tulip Ln
391Tuscany Ct
392Tyler Ct
393Tyler St
394Unidad Ct
395Valley View Pl
396Van Gogh Ln
397Varietal Ct
398Vicki Lynn Ln
399Vineyard Ave
400Vintner Cir
401W Hamilton Rd
402W Las Palmas Ave
403W Stanislaus Rd
404Walker Ranch Pkwy
405Walnut Ave
406Walnut Ct
407Wanzia Ct
408Wanzia Ln
409Warbler Ln
410Ward Ave
411Washburn St
412Weber Ave
413Westfield Ln
414Westfield Pl
415Wigeon Ln
416Wild Boar Pl
417Wilson St
418Winter Ln
419Wolfpack Ct
420Wood Creek Dr
421Woodcreeper Ct
422Yamamoto Way
423Yancey Ct
424Yellowhammer Dr
425Yolo Creek Ln
426Zacharias Rd
427Zinnia Ct