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List of Street Names with maps in Placer County, California

#Street Name
106 Fire Rd
2Anson Ln
3Applegate Rd
5Bald Hill Rd
6Ballantrae Way
7Balmoral Dr
8Barrister Dr
9Barton Rd
10Base Line Rd
11Bass Lake Rd
12Bell Rd
13Ben Taylor Rd
14Big Hill Rd
15Blackberry Ln
16Blind Doe Rd
17Blue Oaks Blvd
18Boole Rd
19Boyington Rd
21Brennans Rd
22Camp Beale Hwy
23Camp Far West Rd
24Cerro Vista Dr
25Cincinnati Ave
26Clearwater Dr
27Colwell Rd
28Coyote Creek Rd
29Crater Hill Rd
30Crescent Ct
31Crother Hills Rd
32Crother Rd
33Crystal View Ln
34Delmar Ave
35Diablo View Ln
36Douglas Blvd
37Duarte Rd
38E Catlett Rd
39El Dorado St
40 English Colony Way
41Eureka Rd
42Fair Way
43Fairway Dr
44Fairway View Dr
45Fiddyment Rd
46Flying Fish Mine
47Foresthill Rd
48Fowler Rd
49Fruitvale Rd
50Garden Bar Rd
51Geraldson Rd
53Golden Chain Hwy
54Gorman Ranch Rd
55Hadleigh Dr
56Haywire Ranch Rd
57Hector Rd
58Horseshoe Bar Rd
59Humphrey Rd
60Hwy 65
61Industrial Ave
62Interstate 80
63Karchner Rd
64Laird Rd
65Lake Arthur Rd
66Lake Clementine Rd
67Lincoln Way
68Little Creek Dr
69Locust Rd
70Lozanos Rd
71Magra Rd
72Mariposa Ave
73Mcelroy Rd
74Mckinney Ct
75Meadow Gate Rd
77Moore Rd
78Mosquito Ridge Rd
79Mt Vernon Rd
80 Muller Ln
81Narrow Gage Rd
82Naturewood Dr
83Nichols Dr
84Nicolaus Ave
85Old Auburn Rd
86Palladay Rd
87Peaceful Valley Rd
88Peer Rd
89Penryn Rd
90Petite Creek Dr
91Phillip Rd
92Pinecrest Dr
93Pinewood Way
94Placer Hills Rd
95Placer Rd
96Pleasant Grove Blvd
97Pleasant Ridge Rd
98Ponderosa Way
99Putcie Ln
100Radar St
101Rattlesnake Rd
102Riosa Rd
103Rippey Rd
104River Rd
105Robie Way
106Rock Springs Rd
107Rocklin Rd
108Rocky Hills Ct
109Roseville Bypass
110Rte 267
111Rte 28
112Rte 65
113Rte 89
114Rustic Woods Ct
115S Brewer Rd
116Scarborough Dr
117Shrimp Rd
118Sierra College Blvd
119Sierra Vista Ct
120Stanford Ranch Rd
121State Highway 193
122State Route 28
123Stormy Ridge Ct
124Sunrise Blvd
125Sunset Blvd W
126Swetzer Rd
127Tanus Cir
128Victory Way
129Virginiatown Rd
130Vista Ridge Dr
131W Lake Blvd
132W Sunset Blvd
133W Wise Rd
134Wheatland Rd
135Wise Rd
136Yankee Jims Rd
137Yonehiro Dr