List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Hueneme, California

#Street Name
110th Ave
212th Ave
315th Ave
419th Ave
51st Ave
620th Ave
721st St
824th Ave
925th Ave
1027th Ave
1129th Ave
1232nd Ave
1334th Ave
1435th Ave
1536th Ave
1641st St
174th Ave
184th Pl
195th Pl
205th St
216th Pl
226th St
237th Pl
247th St
258th Ave
268th Cir
278th Pl
28Abalone Cove
29Acorn Rd
30Adak St
31Addor St
32Amy Pl
33Anchor Ave
34Ann Ave
35Barnacle Cove
36Baybridge Ct
37Beach Haven Way
38Beachport Dr
39Blue Dolphin Dr
40 Bluewater Way
41Bolker Dr
42Bolker Way
43Brighton Blvd
44Broderick Way
45Cabin Cove
46Camelia Dr
47Captains Ave
48Cargo Rd
49Castle Way Ct
50Cindy Pl
51Coats St
52Corvette St
53Courtyard Dr
54Cove Dr
55Crossjack St
56Dahl Ave
57Discovery Cove
58Dock Rd
59Dockson Pl
60E Alta Green
61E Bay Blvd
62E Bolker Cir
63E Bowling Green
64E C St
65E Carmel Green St
66E Elfin Green
67E Fiesta Green
68E Garden Green
69E Scott St
70Edgerton Pl
71Elfin Green
72Endicott Pl
73Evergreen Ln
74Evergreen Square
75Explorer Cove
76Farley St
77Fleet St
78Florence Ave
79Foghorn Cove
80 Forest Loop Dr
81Galleon Ave
82Gill Ave
83Gold Cove
84Goodspeed St
85Guadalcanal St
86Halyard St
87Harboa Rd
88Harbor Lights Ln
89Harris St
90Hawk Dr
91Helen St
92Homoja Dr
93Hudson Ln
94Hurricane Cove
95Industrial Ave
96Ironside Cove
97Islip Rd
98Jacklight Cove
99Jane Dr
100Jelley Dr
101Jelly Ct
102Jerry Dr
104Jill Pl
105Joan Dr
106Joyce Dr
107Kayak Cove
108Kern Cir
109Las Palomas Dr
110Lehman Rd
111Leyte St
112Liberty Cove
113Lido Blvd
114Lighthouse Way
115Lillian Dr
116Lyons St
117Macdonald Ln
118Madera Cir
119Mainsail Ct
120Maplewood St
121Maplewood Way
122Marina Village
123Mariner Cove
124Mckeehan Dr
126Missile Way
127Moranda Pkwy
128Morning Breeze Ln
129Munda Dr
130Myrna Dr
131Myrna Joyce Dr
132N 2nd St
133N 3rd St
134N 5th St
135N Bolker Cir
136N Guam Dr
137N Ventura Rd
138Neptune Pl
139Northstar Cove
140Oak Ct
141Obers Pl
142Ocean Breeze Dr
143Ocean Ct
144Outlook Cove
145Pacific Cove Dr
146Pacific Rd
147Parks St
148Parsons Dr
149Patterson Rd
150Paul Dr
151Pearl Ct
152Pearson Rd
153Pelican Pointe Ct
154Pennsylvania Rd
155Perry Dr
156Pirate Cove
157Pleasant Valley Canal Rd
158Polaris Way
159Ponoma St
160Port Huenene Fishing Pier
161Quarters A
162Reed Way
163Reef Cir
164Rockman Way
165Rousseau St
166Rudder Ave
167S Guam Dr
169Salsa St
170San Nicolas Cir
171Seabluff Dr
172Seacove Ct
173Seadrift Ct
174Seafoam Ct
175Seamist Ct
176Seashore Ct
177Seaside Dr
178Seaspray Way
179Seaview St
180Seawind Way
181Sextant Ave
182Shell Harbor Ln
183Shipside Rd
184Shoreview Dr
185Sparrow Dr
186Spinnaker Ave
187Sunfish Way
188Sunkist St
189Terrace View Pl
190Terrier Dr
191Terrier St
192Thayer Ln
193Tiller Ave
195Track 13 Rd
196Triton St
197Ukiah Pl
198Venice Rd
199Village Rd
200W Alta Green
201W Bay Blvd
202W Bolker Way
203W Bowling Green
204W Carmel Green
205W Carmel Green St
206W Delta Green
207W Elfin Green
208W Fiesta Green
209W Garden Green
210W Port Hueneme Rd
211W Rd
212Waterway Ln
213Wendy Pl
214Wheelhouse Ave
215Whitecap Ct
216Willowbrook Dr
217Yardarm Ave
218Yucca St